How to become a good mistress: Tips and tricks

Woman is a combination of vests of elements. From the calm and peaceful elements of air, to the burning touch of a hot flame. Woman is a vessel of passion, contradictions and desires. The woman is welcome, which is for a man one of the incarnations of the most frank fantasies and dreams.

You often noticed that the beauties do not always address the opposite sex? And some frankly not attractive women have dizzying success in men.

An ideal mistress is impossible to be born, but to become her completely for almost every woman. Even in those long-standing, covered by the dawn of the history of the men, they adored women who can arrange to themselves, to create antines of sensuality and mysteriousness, to implement all sorts of fantasies and ideas in sexual relations. Remember at least Geish. A professional mistress was to satisfy a man in all plans. Physically and spiritually. The girls passed the strictest selection to become a skillful priestess, possess not only beautiful appearance, but also excellent education, the ability to conduct a dialogue and even play on traditional musical instruments.

In different stages of human development there were women who overshadow their magnificence and heart. Recall at least the Kurtisanok, the brightest of them Diana de Poitiers, who lived in the fifteenth century. This lady, with his mind, a chain of sexuality and charisma, was able to keep at the short leash of the King of France Heinrich II, right up to the death of the king was fascinated by a woman. Have you already understood for yourself what you want to succeed in the art of seduction? Then you need to follow certain rules.

Competent feeding itself, a pledge of a third of success. Woman is not a means of meeting the needs of a man. This, above all, formed psychologically and physically personality, with a certain psychotype and a model of behavior in society. Men love women who know their price. Do not think that, playing in a weak link in your tandem with a man, you will be welcome to them. You must adapt to the mood of the partner. But do not fade. Waving in difficult situations. More often repeat your man, what is it extraordinary, strong, brave.


Your appearance is your trump card

No matter how much you wanted to wear a soft cozy bathrobe and build a direct bundle on my head, it's not worth doing this in the presence of a man. After all, he "loves" eyes, and you must keep yourself in shape, beautiful underwear, good makeup, slender figure. From you should smell perfumes that excite it, you should look not just tidy, but stunningly. Not only in a male society, but in general in life. Then the success will be expected.

The man does not like the radical appearance in the form of a piercing or a large number of tattoos on the body. Remember Marilyn Monroe? This is an exemplary imitation sample for you. Modest, but screaming sexuality. Follow the latest fashion trends and draw inspiration into them. First of all, you must have well-groomed hair, skin and nails, you must carefully monitor the common and intimate hygiene, if possible, visit the beauty salons.

Learn and know.

One beauty is not enough to cause delight. Of course, at the initial stage of relationships, you keep a man with sex and your attractive appearance. But then he will be happy and he will want new sensations. Men do not like pacifiers. You should be able to competently build your thoughts, express your opinion, possess knowledge to high-quality conversation.

It is possible to be interested in the latest business trends, read something about hunting or fishing, maybe your beloved is interested in astronomy, and you could discuss one of the works of Stephen Hawking. Even if you are not particularly interesting, you still need to understand what hobbies and preferences from your man. Then you will be easier to strengthen your connection. Man feeling that you are interested in the same way and he will imbued with you.


No modesty in sex.

Sex is not just a missionary pose a couple of times a week. If you want to keep a man you must learn new techniques and posture of sex. If he asks you to try anal sex, you should not refuse him immediately. Perhaps you will discover new faces of pleasure. Try role-playing games, or change the setting. Even if you do not get numerous orgasms, do not show this to your man.

The first rule of strong binding, maintain love. Each of your sexual contact should be bright and saturated. Show how you like the Prelude, let me understand that you passionately want sex with this person. Change the poses for sex, create an entourage with muffled light and aromatic candle, have different sets of erotic linen, use devices or sex toys if your partner loves to experiment in bed.

Tell me "no" bad mood.

Do not demand care from the family. Even if you feel bad and scrape cats, it is impossible to show this man. Your problems remain only purely yours. Helling complaints he can constantly and houses from his wife. You are a kind of hangout for him from sometimes grave and burdened by the life of family relationships. Be good with him, gentle, say affectionate words. Do not pull out information from it if it is in the depressed mood. Do not demand every day from my wife.

You must become for him the ideal of femininity and beauty. The man himself, unobtrusively pushing you, should come to the realization of what he wants to get away from the spouse. You must have a mystery, do not open up a man completely. Men are hunters in nature. Who will like mining, herself brings themselves? Try to surprise the lover, make small surprises, gifts. A man must see the holiday in you. Fountain of energy, cheerfulness, and not despondency or tears.


Do not show financial interest.

This is one of the main rules. Let a man give you gifts, flowers, decorations, but clearly realize that it is not worth thanking anything. Especially at the initial stage of development of relations. Let me understand the chosen one that you do not need money, and you yourself can afford something to buy. But do not refuse gifts, with time when attachment to each other will be stronger, you can get the desired hints.

Do not complain about your financial problems, do not cry in front of a man. And if you had, for example, financial assistance, it is not necessary to get involved and ask for money again and again. A man considers you too mercantile and scared relationships. Know what is all given to you by your partner, it is not your property, but its willingness.

Try too to give something in response. It's wrong if you give gold jewelry, and you are in response a cheap deodorant.

Not cunning rules, isn't it? But they will lead you to success, and you can become an ideal mistress for your man. You will be admired, you will be desired, the partner will feel strong binding not only at the sexual level, but also on the psychological level. Relationships will be fixed. And that it is important that you can feel completely differently, liberated, sexually and majestically. To become the only thing for a man is not so difficult, and this is quite the forces of every woman.

What to do mistress

No matter how much you want to have the best qualities of mistress, this is the art that many women cannot bring to perfection. There are various ways that you need to use, so as not to fail. If you like this type of bumping relationship with a man whose heart belongs to someone else, and you want to know what you need to make a mistress, you got into the right place.

More and more women are satisfied with the relationship with married men, and we are definitely not here to judge you. But if you strive to become a mistress, while not knowing what you should do, continue to read.

Secrecy i

As a mistress, you must measure the fact that there will be few dates in the city. He cannot take a chance to stumble upon his wife, family or friends while he is on a date with you. It would immediately mean death and serious consequences for his marriage.

If you are lucky enough to live in different cities, then your chances are much higher. But if you live in one area with him and his wife, he should not encounter someone when he is with you. That is why most of your dates will consist of gatherings or pool at home or trips outside the city, so get used to it. Fill your refrigerator with food and drinks, make your sofa as comfortable as possible, and oh, yes, do not forget about the bedroom toys. It will be a long night.

Always look flawless 2

Like his mistress, you want to be the one who is not his wife. This means that you should always try to look like it is impeccable, regardless of the situation. This guy holds you on the side, because you bring something that is not from his wife, so you need to play this role.

as a mistress not to deliver discomfort

He should never see you without makeup, in baggy sports pants and your hair in a tangled beam. Even if you are relaxing at home, you need to make sure that you always look beautiful, with great hair, full of makeup and clothing, which will completely betray him. In fact, he does not care what you can offer him a rich inner world (I know it is rude, but it is true), so your appearance is what really matters. Make sure you always look good and it will continue to return again and again.

Never leave anything behind 3

Many lovers spoil everything, gaining courage and leaving baubles in the house and a guy car. If you want his wife to fight you, go ahead and leave the "bread crumbs" behind.

The most common are hair gum, which remain inside the cupboard, earrings left on the bedside table, or underwear abandoned under the bed. If you really care about the guy and do not want to create any problems between him and his wife, make sure you have gathered all your things before you leave. If you accidentally leave something, immediately inform about it. He will be able to hide evidence before their wife finds, and he will definitely thank you for the help. Good job!

Get ready to spend vacation alone 4

what to do if you are a mistress

You are not his wife, so you have no privilege to spend your vacation or any major holidays. In fact, you may not even get an SMS or a phone call from it to these special days. But this is the life of the mistress, and it passes with a closed territory.

When the new year comes, he will be at home with his wife while you are sitting at home in the bathroom and watch the irony of fate on the tablet. And Valentine's Day is the worst! While he is pressed towards his wife in a restaurant overlooking the city, watering it with dozens of roses and her favorite candies, you take part in the event "free for single girls until 10:00" in nightclubs in the city center. This is a damn feeling, but this is the life you chose.

Do not expect anything 5

You must keep your expectations understated. Do not expect that he will call and say that he will do it, you look forward to it to your home on a certain day, don't even dream about planning a date, and definitely do not expect from him that he will ever leave his wife.

Your time as his mistress will definitely be short-lived, but if you like his company, and he shakes your world between sheets, do not let yourself prevent these relationships. Just do not treat him as a guy, and do not expect him to treat you as his main woman. You have two no relationship, and it will probably never change.

what do not make mistresses

Keep your mouth on the castle 6

Many mistresses finish with the fact that they reveal themselves, talked about their novel with someone who will listen. If you want to bring the situation with this person to a sudden and terrible end, tell everyone to know that you sleep with him. Ultimately, the words will reach his wife, and you will have big problems.

What to do to be the best mistress, which he ever had? You must learn to keep your lips closed. When friends ask you why you can not touch, do not tell them that your maritarian will come to make you a sensual massage. You need to come up with how to lie. And, unfortunately, you will begin to straighten up pretty well with your family and friends. But it will cost until you keep it in your life, right?

Stay happy 7

At some point, many mistresses begin to worry because of their current position. It is not enough to just have a piece of men, and they begin to demand more than his time, more attention. But since he is married and devoted to another, your words will always be ignored.

You knew that he was married when you met him (well, at least we hope that you knew about it), so you can't change the situation now. It's too late. Keep your position and stay on your way.

What to do mistress

The sooner you understand that your situation does not change soon, the faster you will be on the way to preserve happiness. Your boyfriend will want to spend more time with you, because you are free from stress, without drama and you always have a smile on your face. Do you want to see him more than his wife, right? So give him the reason want to go.

Do not pursue it 8

When it comes to being a mistress, you must live in eternal state "ignorance is bliss." Of course, you know that he is married, but his wife should be the most distant thing from your mind at all times. If you are too passionate about the analysis of his marriage and are interested in his wife, you will end up going crazy.

If you want to remain a positive and satisfied with your situation, refrain from the persecution and cyber pursuit of his wife. Do not look for her name in Google, do not view her profile in VKontakte and, of course, do not shown by her at work to take a look at her during the lunch break. When you become obsessed with his wife, envy, this is definitely a recipe for a catastrophe. As a mistress, you obviously do not care about the borders, but the persecution of his wife is a line that should never cross.

Keep your social networks clean 9

as a mistress not to deliver trouble

What you should not make mistresses. Many mistresses fully spoil their position, being too brave in social networks. Not everyone needs to exchange information on the Internet, and when you are in a married man's relationship, you definitely need to keep your profiles in social networks clean.

If he buys you flowers, do not post a photo of a bouquet and do not mark it in the photo. In fact, you do not even have to follow him in social networks at all. Do not use his name and photos in your account, if you want to keep it in your life, and also do not hint at dates with other men. Although your boyfriend is likely to have a suspicion that you are not only committed to him, there is no need to set it on the show. So you will only create more problems for both. So put your account accounts. Configure the filters to limit the amount of information displayed, or completely delete your accounts.

Never call him home ten

If your boyfriend is one of the last people on Earth, who has a home phone, do not dare to call this number. Get it and try to contact him at home, which he divides with his wife. Doing it, you completely crossed the line.

There are certain rules that come along with the status of a mistress, and staying as far as possible from his real life is mandatory. What if you call, and his wife will answer, what will you do? She will definitely start asking him about a woman who called and asked him. Your boyfriend can be so upset by this that even can completely stop your relationship.

What makes mistress without trouble

Therefore, if you are satisfied with the fact that you are a woman on the side, be sure to remember this rule.

Do not communicate with him first eleven

In fact, you should not get involved with him at all. It is always inappropriate time to call or text message guy. Therefore, it is best to sit back and allow him to first contact you.

Let me call you, you will know that this is a safe time, and he is ready to speak. His wife is probably in another room, or maybe she ran into a grocery store. Let your conversation with it be easy, and use a brief conversation as an opportunity to assign a place and the time of your next date. As soon as the call ends, that's all. Do not send a subsequent text message. You do not want to risk the fact that his wife grabbed his phone and read the message?

Do not ask it 12

When you decide to be someone's mistress, you largely give up all the rules of ordinary dating and relationships. This means that you are not allowed to ask him questions about where he goes or with whom he is. As a mistress, you can not afford to learn what he does when he is far from you.

how to behave correctly

You must focus only on the time you both spend together. Therefore, the next time you want to ask him: "Why don't you call me?", Stop. He is not your husband, he is someone else, and he is not obliged to answer any questions anyway in any case. Get used to it because you will often be interested in what he does, but you will never get a direct answer from it. This is the life of the mistress!

Down with care thirteen

A man who has a mistress can deal with the problems of the house. That is why he decided to provoke a side affair with you first: you are cheerful, without drama, and you help him forget about the shit situation in which he lives at home. Therefore, when you together, you should not have a reason for disputes.

Being with you is like going to a tropical island with crystal blue water, magnificent sand and fruit drinks in abundance. All his concerns should be washed as soon as he sees you. At that moment, when he feels that you are stressing in his life, if the disputes will begin there, it will run away. Be a good mistress and leave the disputes to him and his wife.

Give him space 14

The guy should be difficult to live a double life. He has a difficult job, he must play the role of a loved husband, being at home, and then he should pay attention to you when the time comes.

Proper behavior of mistress

Since free time is not enough, let him come to you. Do not be so demanding if you have not seen it for a week, do not become aggressive with him when he cannot call you back. The guy needs a passage, and if you give him enough space for maneuver, it will make him craving for you even more. So be busy, meeting with other men or with your girlfriends. When he turns to you, he will appreciate the fact that you are not such a demanding mistress.

Never determine the relationship 15

And finally, to be a mistress means that the word "relationship" should not even enter your vocabulary. Since this guy already has a wife at home, finding in full-scale relationships with you is definitely not listed. He is not able to give you the attention you need, so you never have to dream about having a "relationship" with him. Definition of a relationship with a man who is married, it seems like you come with your food to a restaurant. It's pointless. In the end, you will be embarrassed when he reminds you that you are just his mistress.

Sex is an important component of any adult person. Do not make it harmful to health, and engage in madly pleasant. This article will tell how to make a man as pleasant as possible - bring it to orgasm.

How to excite a man


Any man will say that the girl engaged in self-improvement becomes much more attractive in his eyes. And the point here is not necessarily in the comprehension of unthinkable peaks of psychology or electrodynamics. Male likes when their companion love sex and cook well. Without these components, just nowhere. If with culinary art is still quite easy - the abundance of step-by-step recipes on the Internet will help any newcomer to become a confident hostess. That with the art of love everything is more complicated. In this case you will not do everything according to the recipe. The spark is important here.

So, you can make a man without physical contact with:

  1. Desire of ladies. They need no less weak floor to feel welcome. Often the passion of the partner acts much more exciting than to watch adult video. Therefore, to deliver a man's pleasure, you need to want this myself. Send at the end of the working day to him a message with the text "Cute, I am without panties", "I am lying on the bed, naked and blindfolded" or "I want you today on the table" and see how quickly he will get home. On the way, it will also be able to warm up himself with fantasies. It is very pleasant for men, when a cute and shy in life, a girl suddenly turns into bed in a real predator.
  2. Men love eyes, so every self-respecting girl should have beautiful sexy linger in his arsenal. Combination, belt with stockings, corset or classic version of panties and bra - choose to you. The underwear should be high quality and perfectly emphasize all the best sides of your shape.
  3. It is well heated by the interest of spouses to each other erotic photos. If you make courage and partner do not mind - resort to the services of a professional photographer. If there are reasons that interfer this, take pictures yourself. Wear beautiful underwear, make stacking and makeup. If there is a camera with a timer - the task is simplified to the impossibility. If there is no such gadget, the mirror and self-stick will come to the rescue. Give the will of your fantasy, liberate completely. Periodically make such photos and send the most successful to your man. He will certainly appreciate your efforts.
  4. Joint viewing of films with erotic content.
  5. Tell him about my erotic sleep or fantasy. Do not hesitate, do not hint. Speak directly in paints. When you see that he is already deceiving, tell me "I want you to take me as in a dream." For a man, it will be like a red rag for a bull.
  6. Ask to tell in detail about his fantasies. After listening to the story, propose to fulfill the dream. Buy a suit of the waitress or "Turn on" a bad girl. Do not hesitate and show fantasy, it is possible about some exciting ways he also does not know.

Things that excite men in

It is worth remembering that the expression "all men is the same" erroneous. It is impossible to assume that one preferences will definitely fall to taste to another. Nevertheless, there is a list of things that are actually actively operating on the most of the male population.


  • Emotional partners, in simple - hysterical. Hearing how a woman talks on elevated colors, a man often pursuing a question "I wonder, and in bed she also screams." For the same reason, they love angry ladies.
  • Girls in men's clothing. No, no, we are not talking about nursing girls with a short haircut and in the jeans "Boyfriend". He probably likes you, in his shirt on a naked body, preparing to him breakfast.
  • Animal print. Purchase the bedspread on the bed with a colors under the leopard or zebra. Men by nature hunters.
  • Slow sensual ladies. You can under the music.
  • Footprints from a swimsuit on a tanned body. Men consider them very intimate, smaller.
  • Short skirts and shorts. In which everything is visible. Remember that things are strictly for home use. Otherwise, you risk attracting unnecessary attention and then beat back from unnecessary fans.
  • Long dresses and skirts that are well described in the figure and leave the scope for rampant fantasy.
  • Sexy fragrance. Almost all men like the light fragrance of the female sweat. Not as after a trip to potatoes, namely the natural smell of the girl.
  • At the same time, in the air can unobtrusively smell the ylang-ylang, sandalwood, vanilla or sage. These are powerful aphrodisiacs.
  • Clothes and underwear of red. Guaranteed.
  • Sexy toys. Especially those that limit your freedom - handcuffs, rope, eye bandage, gag. Subconsciously, each man wants to have sex with a completely brilliant slave from which you can do everything to you. For the same reason, many men love when their half is in high spirits due to alcohol.
  • Female figure. Despite the fact that modern fashion inspires us about the beauty of just a trained body, men more like naturalness. Small round tummy, soft juicy ass. To engage in love with cyborg from the muscles will find little wishing.
  • Points. Parallel with a teacher.
  • Healthy appetite. In the sense of what sound. Well, they don't like men exhausted ladies with diet, which hurry how many calories in the lettuce sheet. But the girl who is capable of "crossing" himself is also not impressive. It is necessary to eat wisely.
  • Spontaneous sex. In the cinema, put the hand to him on the crotch. Gently stroke the member, "not specifically". Any place is an elevator, a fitting room, a ferris wheel.
  • Sex with a stranger. Purchase a wig, new spirits and not characteristic of your clothes. Suggest going to the car into the forest, breathe fresh air. It is guaranteed that he will turn into the nearest bushes, just rather to sit up.

How to deliver a man's pleasure B.

  1. The main rule in this matter is a proportion of fear and constraint. Discuss in advance the framework with him is permitted, to which you agree under certain conditions, and what is taboo for you. And when it comes to the sex completely relax and enjoy the process.
  2. The girl herself should have fun from what makes her man nice. Few who will like it if the lady will do blowjob with a melting grimace. Eliminate all the factors' worrying - send a man into a shower, turn off the light, spread member whipped cream. And enjoy.
  3. Normal man do not care what color varnish on your nails and how much he is in the trend this season. But the dirty and loud manicure will notice right away. And also the intimidate head, the hair is on the body where they should not be and so on. The males love girls who care for themselves.
  4. Why not try out erotic massage? Especially if the favorite came from work. He needs to relax, tune in to playful ways. Invite yourself to make him a massage.
  5. Do not be afraid of experiments. New posture, toys, depth or even the place of penetration - all this should periodically change.
  6. Feel free to your emotions. Stone, bite, scratch. For them, it is like praise and stimulus. But do not overdo it, from your screams, he should not think that you are bad.
  7. In no case, do not bane with the desire of the proximity while the English partner. But immediately after eating, too - they want to lie down. Optimally, in an hour or two after dinner.
  8. At the end, be sure to demonstrate the partner how much you liked. It is not necessary to pour it with compliments, leave all the house notes with the text "You are my best sex." Show him your happiness. Gently hugging, kiss. Tell me "Vaaau, I was so good" and always sincerely smile. After all, a satisfied woman is satisfied.

How to bring a man to orgasm =.

  • Be sure to lift the various techniques of the blowjob. Not susceptible to oral caressing units, the rest does this work and very much.
  • Try bringing your favorite to orgasm. Spend a warming prelude, put a man into bed. Lubricate your hands with a lubricant and aging to him. Use different movements, from the base to the head and back, commemorate your hands in the ring and make friction with two hands, pay attention to the bridle. His reaction will be your assistant. Baking breathing, moans and orgasm will prompt, whether you do everything right.
  • Kegel and Vombilding exercises. Posses and places it is certainly good. But even better, be able to use your vaginal muscles in the classic sexual intercourse.
  • I will be able to competently combine all tricks, not necessarily do in the specified sequence. Be bolder, experiment.

Test: Does your second half do not change?

Do you suspect your partner deceives you? Pass the test and learn whether you can drive your afternoon.

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Not all women dream of the role of his wife and mother. There are girls who do not want to burden themselves with household troubles, so think about how to become a mistress. Easy casual meetings are quite comfortable for a couple of times a week.

Features of the relationship with a married man

If you do not plan to fall in love with a man, you only need sex and small financial support, the married partner is the perfect option. It will not require your loyalty, report on each step, batch calls and SMS. But entering into an intimate connection with non-free cavalier, you automatically agree to some conditions:

  1. Be in second place. The first forever is engaged in his wife and children. This is not changed, which means almost all evenings, holidays and weekends you will be alone or you will have to look for another company. You can also forget about joint travel.
  2. You are not a favorite, but comfortable. You will adjust your schedule for the schedule of the lover's day, since you are free from relationships, and it is not. If your favorite can meet in the evening, you will have to cancel your plans. He will never postpone his affairs for you. You can meet only at a convenient time for it.
  3. You allow him to change. Of course, the lover will say that he has no sex with his wife, and he lives with her only for children or common property. There are many reasons. But most often it is a hoax, and your man has at least 2 sexual partners - you and his legitimate spouse. You can't prohibit with her relationship.
  4. Become a "vest". In some way, the mistress plays the role of a psychotherapist: a man complains of a grumpy and annoying wife, even if you don't want to listen about the marriage life of a beloved girl at all.
  5. Fight for attention . Even if you do not consider the lover in the role of the future spouse, you still have to fight for him with another woman, to go to the movies with you, stayed still a watch, stayed for the night, etc.
  6. Conspiracy. In such a relationship, it is very important. This means that you will rarely be together to get into public places, you will not be able to quickly call or write a message, do not go to the weekend.

Entering a relationship with a non-free man, weigh everything for and against. If a minor role suits you, and the pros will outweigh, then find out how to become a good mistress, and be happy.

Features of the relationship with a married man

Types of lovers of a married man

Misters who decided to share their bed with a married partner are divided into four types:

  1. The first is random victims. They either did not know about the presence of a spouse, or began to communicate from friendship, not supposed to end all sex. Such a connection stretches for a short time, as the mistress becomes sorry for his wife, she feels harmful conscience, shame, constant fear of exposure. As a rule, relations are completed on the initiative of the victim, and quite quickly.
  2. Second type - women of delilments. They dream to lead a man from the family to marry themselves. Such ladies are doing everything possible so that the spouse learns about treason. To do this, it is not necessary to call and tell everything directly, as it is unlikely that it will like the lover. Relievers specifically leave panties in a glove compartment of the car, dirty a lipstick shirt, too much splashing spirits so that the smell remains in the man, lay joint photos on social networks.
  3. Tritia type - contention women. They get some material benefits for sex - financial support, use of the apartment or machine, non-pay. The contents do not plan to pass the lover from the family, they are completely satisfied with the place occupied in his life.
  4. The last type is eternal mistress. Such girls do not attract the role of his wife, they do not want to become housewives and carry out routine domestic work. They are looking for easy relationships that will not lead to anything, so married cavalier fits them most. Such a person will not control, require a report on each step or arrange the scene of jealousy.

Advantages of the role of mistress

The role of the mistress is not the most prestigious and worthy. No matter how cool, this girl is a delibe, she sleeps with a married, and betrayal is fed by society. But for some there is a mistress profitable.

The main thing is freedom. A man, as a rule, does not control his mistress, does not call her day and night, does not interrogate where she spent the evening with. A woman does not depend on it and should not be reported to him, otherwise this relationship is easy to break.

The lack of domestic concerns can also be considered only a plus. The mistress should not obstore-dress up, cook food, keep the house in perfect purity. It is the responsibilities of his wife with which he constantly lives. The mistress takes care only about herself, the household problems of a married partner are not interested in her little.

In the life of the lady there are no relatives, mother-in-law, friends of the lover. You do not need to try anyone. Do not have to spend time on uninteresting meetings and talk. It is not necessary to congratulate on holidays, cook gifts, ride the weekend.

At the same time, attention and compliments from the beloved are provided. A man lives with his wife because of the duties, with his mistress, it is because he pulls it to her, he sincerely wants to become a gallant cavalier for her. Hence surprises, gifts, care.

Advantages of the role of mistress

Lovers have fun and fascinating time with each other. In short meetings there is no place for offense, quarrels, misunderstandings. They go to the cinema, eating in a cafe, walk, spend a lot of time in bed - just like a couple in love in a candidate-bought period.

An ideal mistress through the eyes of a man

Not everyone can become a mistress, as they just do not understand what a young man is waiting for a connection. ИDeal woman lover through the eyes of a man - this is:

  1. Confident, well-groomed. Since the main aspect is sex, it is necessary not only to dress beautifully, but also wearing beautiful and frank linen.
  2. Filed in sex. Naturalness is valued, the ability to bring a partner to orgasm and enjoy the process, readiness for sexual experiments and sex in unusual places.
  3. Initiative. The partner should feel the desire coming from you and know what they want.
  4. Without complexes. She knows about his shortcomings, but knows how to turn them into dignity, so it does not experience the small flaws.
  5. Cheerful, with a sense of humor. With such a girl you can spend time not only in bed, but also beyond.
  6. Gives pleasure to the partner. According to sexologists, ideal contact is possible only if each of the partners are ready to give more than to receive.
  7. Supports. Able to make a compliment, with understanding refers to problems and can give a useful advice. Does not hold aside, but listens and hears.

Not every knows how to be such an ideal mistress. The main thing is to have a great desire and sincere interest in a man, then it will be already done.

Rules of successful mistress

To become a successful mistress, you need to comply with certain rules, otherwise you can not build successful, happy and long relationships. What rules have an ideal mistress:

  • Do not fall in love. It will save you from jealousy, disappointment, depression. The goal of the mistress is to enjoy rare short meetings, to become a source of inspiration, and not to suffer in anticipation of beloved days and nights.
  • Do not try to replace your spouse. From you a man is waiting for no courtship for him, but good sex and support. Stretch-wash-cook for him will be a wife.

Rules of successful mistress

  • Quietly do our own business, hobby, do not forget about friends, parties, rides in nature, travel. If your own interests to move aside, the time will take place only in anticipation of the lover, and life will begin to spin around it. The outcome of such relations is discontent, scandals, quarrels, hysterics.
  • Adequately perceive cases associated with family. Immediately you need to understand that holidays, weekends, holidays lover will spend with relatives, wife and children. Rarely he can get even at night, not to mention a joint journey.
  • Not get used to. A man always returns to his wife, and the mistress remains alone.
  • Develop. If you are interested only as a sex toy, then a long connection will not last. If you can travel a long conversation, to laugh, discuss cases, get a good advice, then you are an ideal mistress for a married man. Perfect if you are able to understand the subject he is passionate about.
  • Be in good location. The beloved looked at the disgruntled and grumpy woman at home, he runs away from her. From you, he is waiting for a smile, affection, playfulness. If there is no mood at all, then it is better to postpone the meeting.
  • Forget about complexes and shy in bed. Become ready for experiments, sex in unusual places and a variety of poses.
  • Do not set before choosing. Most likely, he will not be in your favor.
  • Make a "nest" cozy. It does not matter, this is your own or removable apartment. The meeting place should be clean, underwear - fresh and pleasant for the body. You can add fragrance of perfume, candles, rose petals, twilight. The more comfortable there will be a man, the more time it will spend with you.
  • Protect. An unnecessary child has not yet been happier. Abortion is also not the most successful event development option. It is better to avoid pregnancy.

Sexy aspect

No matter how cool, and the best mistress is the one that is beautiful in sex. In such relations, the main aspect is intimate proximity. If you can not become perfect in bed, you can hardly see it again.

Be natural. Ahi-sighs and screams, simulating orgasm and other tricks do not remain unnoticed. A man feels deceived, unable to deliver true pleasure, humiliated.

Quality of perfect mistress

Be prepared for experiments. Visit sex shops to buy funny toys and erotic lingerie. Do not exclude extreme: sex in the fitting room, toilet, bushes or car will only warm up the interest of the lover. Try various poses and role-playing games. Do not forget that debauchery and seductiveness are your horse. It is unlikely that the wife agrees to become a sexual toy in bed.

Guess the desires of the partner. To quickly learn the most intimate erotic dreams, you can talk to these topics, and then incarnate them.

If you do not know how you become an ideal mistress, then just be active and liberated in bed. Seduct, seduce, show activity so that the partner sees your interest. Refuse sex only in comic shape to make more interest even more.

No requirements

It is impossible to make a man any requirements. Remember that you should be easily, easy, fun and interesting. When the partner begins to experience discomfort from communication - it breaks relations.

No need to ask him to divorce his wife. You originally knew that the beloved was incomprehensible, and were ready for such relationships. From his wife, he will leave only when it takes such a solution. Do not push it to it.

There are other secrets from the perfect mistress. For example, you do not need to require financial support, otherwise the lover may think that you need only for money. Even if it is true, the information should be given gradually and carefully. The man himself must suggest material assistance. In no case do not be completely dependent on it. If you are able to become self and know how to earn, then the man will appreciate you anymore and respect you.

Sexy mistress

Do not make you marry yourself. Do not build joint plans and do not discuss it with a lover.

Do not demand to spend more time together, rest on the weekend, stay overnight, go on vacation, meet New Year. His free time belongs to children, wife, parents. It is better to make your own plans to make you fun and without a beloved.

Errors that allow girls

In a relationship with a lover, it is worth avoiding the wrong action, as any trifle can lead to parting. A truly perfect mistress will never allow such stupid mistakes:

  1. Talk about the beloved family, threats to tell his wife the truth, the requirements to get away from her and try to marry themselves.
  2. Having a child to keep your beloved side.
  3. Start controlling, annoying calls, ask.
  4. Become hysterical, roll scandals, arrange disassembly.
  5. The requirement of gifts, money, colors.
  6. Failure to sex or intimate experiment.
  7. Ignoring, refusal to listen, interrupt, ridicule the problems.

If you do not know how to be an excellent mistress for a married man, then become a great sexual partner to him and the best friend at the same time. Sex should be delightful and diverse, and conversations are fascinating and interesting.

Every woman wants to find the very "magic tablet", which will allow her to learn all the secrets of the perfect mistress. But, unfortunately, such pills have not yet invented. Therefore, everyone has to learn on their own experience and from books. But we will try, yet, collect all the advice of psychologists and find out: how to become an ideal mistress?

Everything is your age

It is very important to understand that the possibilities depend on your age. A young girl is not sure to know where the men are located "buttons" by clicking on which she will love him to him until the end of his days. And an absolutely adult woman does not need to cost an obequious innocence, as it will be absolutely not to the place.

Perhaps the best option remained and remains to be yourself. Of course, not without tricks. But still.

What, in fact, want men

In fact, be that as it may, a man always wants to see a real woman who can become his wife and his mother for his children. And whatever passionate and insane in bed, his mistress was not, but if these qualities (in his opinion) are not in it, then nothing can be done with that.

Men, indeed, it is important that at home is always cozy. The concept of "comfort" includes not only clean floor and delicious hot dinner. Comfort is both mutual understanding, and comfort. Today there is a huge number of jokes about the fact that women often "strain" men with constant asks, jealousy, inexplicable and stupid tricks. So, the latter is what they definitely do not need.

Each man wants to feel support and be sure that it will be understood and will not betray. It is extremely important that the woman will respes them. Man - Head, Woman - Neck. No male representative will endure attempts to change it for a long time. If he is already an adult and held, he will require him to take it as it is. Not? Most likely, you will come across that it will simply disappear from your life.

For the woman itself, it is very important in time to evaluate whether it can be with a concrete man and take it this. If not, and there is an insurmountable desire to "break" it, then it is better not to start a relationship. With a similar approach, they will not lead to anything serious.

In the already established relationship for any man matters the level of confidence. It so happened that from their faithful, it is not always possible to achieve revelations. The strong floor is not inclined to tell everything, especially if they do not want to seem to the woman weak. If you are tormented by some questions, then wait for the right moment and ask them. The patience is important here. But reading messages in his phone, ask about what he had about every familiar categorically.

For any man is very important to take place. If he has not yet done everything to go, he needs sincere support, and not criticism and reproaches about his actions. It often happens that when he does not achieve sufficient success and choosing a woman "not on the shoulder" at the time of awareness of the difference between partners he leaves. No man can be with the one that is stronger and more independently in everything. You need to remember that whatever your favorite you can feel that he is a defender.

At the same time, sit on the neck of a man - no matter. Anyone would like to see the one that develops, reveals his own potential. Yes, he is a minider. Yes, she is the keeper of the hearth. But not stupid fool with inflated lips. Such, as a rule, become a temporary option, an intermediate paragraph. No one canceled the presence of intelligence.

Rules of perfect mistress

  1. The ideal mistress is good during night conversations, in the kitchen and, of course, in bed. About Bed Talk a little later. In the meantime, we will analyze what, outside of this intimate space, a woman needs to make focus to become an ideal mistress.
  2. A man needs not only sex. Sometimes he just needs to talk. If you do not correspond to the level of its intelligence and cannot support the conversation, say too much nonsense, then he will wish you less. A clever woman always excites stronger! But not the one that constantly shows that she is smarter. And the one that knows everything to the measure and does not emphasize his own superiority over a man.
  1. Share his interests. An ideal mistress knows exactly the hobbies of his man, supports him and in his free minutes he wares literature about his favorite football team, the ribbon of the last political news or historical facts of the First World War.
  2. For each person, his personal space is important. Men are very important attached to their own freedom and do not really want to be limited. So do not be obsessive and do not try to control your partner. It will only annoy it! If you really wonder, then just ask for dinner on how his day has passed. That a man considers it necessary, he will tell
  3. The perfect mistress is a mystery. If you are all telling a partner, then you will push it. It is important for him that every time he opened something new in you. And in no case do not tell him about your past relations. It is better to go carefully from the answer to such questions or crate with a naive smile that he is first. Well, the maximum is the second.
  4. Copy gestures and facial expressions of your partner. Certainly in moderation! Already long it is known that this is a sure way to arrange any person to yourself. Especially partner.
  5. Have a good taste. It is very important to dress beautifully without busting and by age. In fact, men pay attention to how dressed woman. And the more aesthetically and attractive her image, the stronger it attracts.
  6. No need to put a man constantly before choosing, forcing it to do what you want only. From this, he will only become anger and will be distinguished from you.
  7. And, of course, it is not necessary to put pressure on that your beloved will say three cherished words. He will do it exactly when he counts it right. As Karlson said: "Patience! Just patience! "
  8. Mantility - no. Men just scares it. They do not want to use them. Yes, it is important for them to take care of a woman. But this concern should not move any boundaries of reasonable.
  9. Well, of course, next to the perfect mistress, her partner feels like a real knight. He sees well that her eyes glow from happiness even in a pitch darkness, which makes his desire to make something stronger for her.

How to become an ideal mistress in bed?

In order to attract your man to get real pleasure in bed. This factor depends on how strong emotions you have a partner and how much you like yourself.

In order for sex to be, really, you have both good for you to learn how to enjoy the process. Do not dwell on how underwear on you. Did you ever say your man: "You know, you have such ugly underwear. Let's postpone this thing for another time! "? Hardly. The same applies to your excess weight, ugly scar and other internal complexes. The better you to treat yourself, the more your man hardened you.

And certainly you do not need to imitate orgasm. Better ask him to try something new thing that makes you. Men are exactly the same as important to be sincere in sex, as far as women. They really want to be exactly confident that their woman received a real pleasure, and not pretending.

Another important point is constrained. It is necessary to get rid of it. Feel free to come to contact, create the moments of the foreplay and even pester, play. You, perhaps, it seems excess. Perhaps in relationships outside the bed - yes. But here on the space sheet and the blankets are still as welcome.

In general, the complexes pinpoint a woman very much and prevent pleasure to both. They need to get rid of them. If you want to love yourself and stop worrying about your shape at the moments of change of posew, then love yourself what you are. But at the same time do not cease to care for the appearance. Go to the gym, make a manicure and pedicure, moisturizing and cleansing masks, intimate haircut. Perhaps your man will not refuse you if you forget to shave your feet and make laying. But the better the image, the stronger the desire.

Little to love yourself, no need to forget about the desires of the partner. An ideal mistress knows exactly what he wants. And it is not always possible to find out this by practice. Sometimes it is worth just asking and get an answer. Men never hide their secret fantasies and preferences, if they know that his girl will support most ideas.

By the way, scientists have proven that the more often the woman praises his man and fills his compliments, the better their relationship in bed. Yes, and sex itself happens more often. Speak him that today he is just gorgeous in his blue suit and, of course, praise what he was in bed. You often tell what you liked the most and in what moments your partner excited you most. He will definitely take it into service!

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