Add wife to my husband: how to find out, signs on the body, test, how to come to the female infidelity

Creamers of wife husband: more than 15 changes in relations and its behavior

Women's innocence

"It is stronger than betray, I'm afraid just not to know about treasures. It is terribly to love a person who does not deserve this, "said Vladimir Vysotsky.

In each relationship there are difficult times. But sometimes a change of wife husband can occur in an absolutely prosperous family. Knowing the main habits of his beloved person, showing some observation, it can be removed on clean water.

How to recognize betrayal: in appearance

Exterior of the wrong wife

Fashionable external comparison of changing and faithful wife

The behavior of his wife, which regularly changes her husband, is changing, especially if infidelity is constant.

It is enough to show observation and you can see the changes that are not connected with your husband. Important moment - constancy. If the behavior of the spouse only once was unusual, most likely, there is nothing wrong with that.

The first signs for which one can determine what treason has occurred:

  1. The emergence of incomprehensible smells. For example, the aroma of male spirits.
  2. She more carefully refers to her body. Shugaring, depilation has become its permanent satellites.
  3. Irritation on the face and inflammatory process. Touch the lover's bristles to the tender skin can leave its consequences.
  4. The spouse begins to follow more. For example, if she used to go to the store without makeup, now it does not happen.

First of all, it is possible to determine treason by how the lady of the heart began to follow its appearance.

how to find out that the wife changes

How to determine in physiology: Signs are very strict

There is a strange opinion that women's treason does not happen. There is or revenge for the fact that men are not near at the right time, or "answer" on male treason, or a new love. In any case, physiological signs make themselves known:

  1. The name of the lover. The lady can pronounce it not only during intimate proximity, but also in the process of fulfilling household works or during sleep.
  2. It becomes completely indifferent to her husband's caress.
  3. After meeting, the spouse can come home in a distinguished dress, with disheveled hairstyle.
  4. On the lady body, such consequences of passion like bruises or sanks can appear. It can talk about the presence of an opponent. Sexy games often leave traces on the body of a woman.
  5. Sometimes for the presence of a lover, even the most imperceptible changes in behavior indicate. The kisses and compliments do not pay attention or responds negatively. It spends less time to put a house in order, tries as soon as possible to go to the meeting.

The girl begins to compare in the thoughts of his lover and her husband. Often loses exactly the spouse. The lover seems smarter, beautiful, sexy. He is the best partner in love, consoles it much more often. Comparison always indicates the presence of an opponent.


Phone as a real proof over his spouse bullying

It is impossible to accuse a person undeservedly if there is no evidence. Do not confuse the attacks of jealousy with a real fact, believing all sorts of gossip that can come from relatives or friends.

The phone in the modern world has become a very important companion of each person. All telephone conversations, messages remain in the phone's memory.

A woman who changes will best try to keep the phone with you.

Of course, this may be familiar to her reaction, but for some such behavior is significantly different from the usual one. Increased control can be in the event that a message should come, or it is becoming stuck that the spouse will see an unexpected call.

You can try to track its calls in two ways:

  1. View the call log, while the wife sleeps or moved somewhere.
  2. Ask the mobile operator to print calls that were made from her phone number.

Through the phone it is easy to calculate the lover, but you should not solve the problem with him with fists.

Signs of female treason

Intimate details of "left" combat capability

You can determine the presence of another man in my wife in the bottom linen. For example, it began to acquire more often and more beautiful lace linen. She began to wear him not in the evening before meeting with her husband, but before work or campaign with girlfriends in a cafe.

It can also be suspicable that underwear, which she dressed only for special evenings with her husband, began to wear on other days.

You can check my wife on repeated treason by such basic signs:

  1. A woman buys beautiful underwear, began to walk in sexy stockings, but does not try to please her her husband. Do not invent this excuse.
  2. Torn underwear. Even in shorts you can suspect infidelity. If the wife came home happy, and the briefs (or bra and other clothes) are broken, perhaps it happened in a rustling of passion, which has nothing to do with her husband.
  3. The woman first of all after the arrival home is in a hurry to visit the bathroom. This may be due to the fact that it is trying to eliminate the smell or disguise the traces of the crime. By the way, men argue that the smell of sex is special and cannot be confused with any other aroma. Ask to go to the bathroom after it. Pay attention to the traces on the body. If the spouse does not let her husband, most likely, she hides something.
  4. You can offer my wife to have sex immediately after she returned home. It is unlikely that the lady wants after meeting with his beloved and welcome man to have sex with her husband.
  5. Changes in sex. The spouse can become much more closed, abandoning intimate proximity. Or, on the contrary, experiencing conscience remorse, will try to fulfill all the desires of her husband.
  6. Lack of kisses. Often a woman may not give up sex, but kisses get much less or they are missing.

Even one month can be determined, whether the woman changes.

Very often, menstruation is the cause of non-intimate intimacy. But sometimes the ladies use this cause and announce the problem. It is clear that a woman cannot repeat several times a month.

Scientists have repeatedly conducted research to determine the relationship between the sexual desire of a woman and the menstrual cycle. It turns out that this is largely affected by hormonal changes in the body. There are 4 main reasons:

  1. Temperament. In many ways, sexual interest depends on the temperament of a woman. But it may differ depending on the menstrual cycle.
  2. Hormonal changes. During the ovulation period, the libido women rises. Especially often it happens in women after childbirth.
  3. Emotions. Women are very dependent on emotional binding. The lady can abandon the proximity of both due to the lack of interest in his husband and with increasing interest in the lover.
  4. Menstruation. Each organism is individual. In some women there is an increase in interest immediately after the cessation of menstruation and after 16 days, that is, after the onset of ovulation.

If the wife refuses for a month from sex, then this is the reason to think about what she has a lover.

Abortion from the lover, disclaimer in the family of the culprit

Abortion refers to surgical intervention. The consequences of such a step can be diverse. Some women make an operation and can never have children, others, on the contrary, have not yet come to this question to the gynecologist. There are no diseases that a woman pays for such an act. They can be both psychological and physical. According to some people and medical signs, you can learn with accuracy or suspect that the wife secretly made an abortion, because the child was from the lover.

There are several types of abortion. In early terms, a drug abortion is carried out: the doctor prescribes the use of drugs that can provoke premature interruption of pregnancy. After a time, no doctor will be able to determine the presence of this type of abortion when inspecting. The only thing that may indicate this fact is the availability of a record in the card and only if the woman does not lead a new medical card or simply will not eliminate the pages.

The most dangerous are the consequences of mechanical intervention. There may be damage to the uterus. After vacuum abortion, negative manifestations are hormonal background. A woman has a malfunction in the menstrual cycle.

The husband can learn about abortion if you turn to the doctor who has a survey. Also, any doctor can set after inspection whether surgical intervention was performed. But not one specialist cannot accurately determine the timing when it happened.

Is love possible at a distance or there it goes to mystery

Work in another city or country, trips; The relatives who live far - all this can cause the separation of two lovers. The verification of the wife for loyalty is complicated because of this, but also possible.

Signs for which you can identify changing wives at a distance:

  1. Emotional communication is very important for women. It is necessary to pay attention to how often the spouse calls, talks about his life or tries to finish the conversation as soon as possible.
  2. Some fine sex representatives suffer from conscience remorse because of their betrayal. In this case, they seek to bring their guilt with gifts or try to satisfy the spouse after returning, which is strange if it did not happen before.
  3. The time of rapid technologies helps to communicate with loving people regardless of the distance. For example, using Skype can be born at any time of the day, as well as call unexpectedly with the aim of seeing female loyalty.
  4. After the novel, a wife can go back disappointed and drive anger on her husband. It can happen because she does not want to be separated from his beloved man and it is unpleasant to return to the family.

So the girl behaves, which changes at a distance.

How else can you check the loyalty of the second half

Signs of treason

You can guess about the hidden treason of the girl and on other "symptoms":

  1. Lack of joint plans. When people love each other, they try to be together and plan something. Talk and determine how she sees a further future.
  2. Whether the companion is divided with its secrets. If it became much less to tell what happens in her life is a reason to think about it.
  3. She began to appear new expensive gifts. Perfume, cosmetics, linen, decorations - All this can be gifts from the new lover.
  4. The wife began to come much later from work. She had urgent things. It justifies its absence in that at work a large number of problems or girlfriend urgently needs support.
  5. Inattention. She is inattentively listening to her husband says. She stopped disturbing what to happen in the life of the spouse.
  6. The wife is no longer divided by problems. All questions began to solve themselves.
  7. Guests began to appear in the house, because the lady does not want to remain alone with his spouse.

Signs of treason

Let's sum up - is there an alarm

You can make sure that the opponent can be convinced after an honest answer to the following questions of a short test "Whether the wife changes me":

  1. Was the attitude towards you much colder lately?
  2. Does your second half rejoice when you leave home for a few days?
  3. Is the spouse often delayed at work?
  4. Are you relaxing on vacation together or separately?
  5. Is it sharing with your problems with you, how was it before?

If there are more answers positive, then you need to talk to your spouse. Moreover, it is worth tune in to the conversation, if about 10 or more signs of female infidelity have been revealed.

In some clinics, special tests for detecting sperm or highlights from the vagina on clothing are carried out. You can learn about it from the video:

Program - Young girls or ladies of Balzakovsky age

Woman fall in love at any age. It depends on humans and circumstances, but no from age.

If the girl marries not in love, then over time she begins to look for these feelings on the side. If the feelings over time disappear due to inexpensive, undeserved prison and disappointments, the appearance of the opponent is only a matter of time.

There is a crisis of "middle age." It concerns not only men, but also women. She again wants to be beautiful, desirable and beloved.

Therefore, signs of treason of women and in 40 years can be detected by the listed methods.

How to catch her surprise

Some suspicions are not enough. Must be the facts of treason. To catch a wife in treason and not to give her a chance to be justified in the following ways:

  1. Suddenly back from the business trip.
  2. Find direct evidence. For example, it may be a correspondence on the phone or on social networks.
  3. On the phone you can set geodata. Thus, you can control its location.
  4. Pull the call on the phone. For example, a wife can wake up at night in order to talk to his beloved.

Why the chosen one appears

No need to think that all wives change. But if this happened, it is worth thinking about the reasons.

Nothing is just like that. There are different reasons for treason:

  1. The desire of novelty.
  2. Hard financial position.
  3. Revenge. Retaining after treason husband.
  4. Examples among loved ones, friends or parents.
  5. The consequences of alcohol intoxication. In most cases, treason arise after holidays, feasts.
  6. Insufficient attention from her husband. Some women dream so much so that they gave flowers again, cared and made compliments that they even go to betray.

Eyes of psychologists to whom some husbands come with the words "suspect a spouse in treason", women's infidelity is the search for emotional intimacy, heat, support, but not new sexual relations unlike spouses.

Several stories of women's change:

History of treason of womenHistory of treasonHistory of female treasoncheating wife

According to statistics, women exhibit infidelity much less often than men. But with regard to how they change, there are practical differences, because they do it no less passionately. The problem is that the wives leave their families for the sake of lovers more often than men.

If the wife confessed to treason, it is best to calmly talk to understand the reason and how to act further. Of course, how to behave after the exposure of the wife, she admits in infidelity or not, "he decides, but do not descend to physical or emotional violence.

Possible reasons

The reasons may be mass:

  • Lack of interest. Favorite, becoming his wife, ceased to disturb. Not interesting, as before, what she does and says. The lobgetation of the appearance of the beloved is dulling feelings. But if a woman does not see admiration in her husband's eyes, then she can go to look for adventures on the side.
  • Sex, or rather, the lack is the main reason to make sure that women have that in women. Often after five years in marriage, sexual attraction to each other is dulled, but sex instincts do not disappear. If the last few weeks of sexual discharge was not, and this woman suits it, then it is worth thinking.
  • Revenge. If a man had a novel, it's not to be surprised, but some wives will not arrange hysteria, scandal and beat the dishes, and quietly and without noise will follow the example of a husband. Often there are women who have long been married. High percentage - wife 40 years old.
  • The control. Sometimes the jealies themselves pushing the woman to treason. Total surveillance, claims and accusations in mythical treason pushed the woman to the idea that even if the charges would be deserved.
  • Tell me who is your friend? If their girlfriends are married and loyalty is frivolous and constantly broadcast or talk about a variety of passionate novels and cheerful adventures, then this is a call. Even if the wife does not change now, but encourages such a behavior of the girlfriends, then it is possible for her normally. And it is difficult to stay from the temptation, especially when the friendships are able to exaggerate and tear.

Indirect signs of treason

Men are inattentive to the external change of their halves, and after all, by modifications it is possible to calculate the betrayal of his wife. There are about 15 points.

  • First feature: Wife vitates in the clouds. Pensive, dreamy look, wandering smile, wet eyes. It laughs, then crying, not explaining the causes of smelting emotions.
  • The woman began to carefully follow the appearance. The new hairstyle is always painted, stitched into the fitness center, beautiful underwear.
  • Previously, the wife challenged the phone, without thinking, at the prominent place, and now he does not let out of the hands, passwords of social networks are replaced, secrets appeared - a serious reason to think about it. Now it does not chat with a girlfriend on the phone with you, and removes the bathroom and responds in telephone conversations. Even worse, the wife sometimes decided to stay at the girlfriend or sisters with overnight. At the right moment, nor to a girlfriend, nor to the wife will not get through and only after some time the wife calls back from a mobile phone.
  • Favorite began to linger more often at work, meet with girlfriends outside the house, there were social hobbies, although before the wife loved to spend time with his family. The offer to meet with work reacts negatively.
  • Sexual behavior has changed. Having loved another man, a woman often tries to remove from married obligations. A lot of reasons appear, why the sex will be necessary tomorrow, only not now: the woman is tired, the head got sick, something is upset and so on. Sex himself changes, the woman leads in bed as before.
  • There was criticality, irritability. The wife of "saws" a husband because of trifles, makes a charm of claims, not thanks for good, but notes bad.
  • Indifference. A woman is indifferent when a man returns home, his well-being is progressing at work, it ceased to worry, whether a man pays attention to other women.
  • Admiration to others. A mysterious colleague appears in the conversation, a friend's husband, who turns out to be both smart, and olfactory, and hardworking. At the same time, the wife either clarifies that with this man she has only friendly, friendly relations and as a man he does not attract it. This does not mean that the wife is already changing, but still it is worth alert.


For the accusation of his wife in treason of indirect signs. Therefore, you need to pay attention to physiological signs. So, how to find out if the body was treason?

  • The girl once again delayed at work. When the wife comes home, look at her appearance: disheveled hairstyle, tights with arrows, remembered clothes, swelling lips - signs of treason.
  • It is worth looking at the face. Women after touching the male bristle is irritation. If you were kisses with another man, it will be noticeable.
  • With close contact with the lover, a woman absorbs his smells. Men's toilet water, body smell, if they are strangers - noticeable. If there was sex, then the woman specifically smells: it is the smell of lubricant and sperm. But if the wife does not smell anything, as if recently came out of the shower, strange. How to check without giving an unusual interest? Meet your wife in the doorway, hug, kiss, breathe aroma of skin, hair, body.
  • If the wife coming home went to the shower, offer your help: to lose your back. After sex will be redness, body bites, especially in the field of chest, hips, hands.

Proof of treason

But there are methods that allow up to 100% up to 100% in the infidelity of the girl. How to make sure that the wife changes?

  • Can I define treason on shorts? Yes. There is a special set of infidelity: within 72 hours after possible treason, the underwear of his wife should be taken and attributed it to the laboratory.

Fact: After sex from the genital organs, a liquid with sperm elements is released for three days.

  • Polygraph or lies detector will deliver dots above i. If doubts do not dissipate, but there is no evidence, it is worth contacting the polygraphist. We advise to resort to this method if you lose sleep and peace. It is unlikely that a woman lives in this world, which will not insolize the proposal to go for a lie. After that, the divorce may occur and not because of the treason.
  • Detective agency. To organize a surveillance for the wrong wife in the 21st century is easier than simple. There would be money.
  • View correspondence on the social network, view phone calls, listen to telephone conversations, buy a special bug and put in the bag, pass the wife yourself. Spyware is unpleasant, and even if you do not find anything, the grains of distrust are sown and now you will constantly browse, listen and watch.
  • Strange, but sometimes a simple way works better than complex. Try just to ask the forehead and look at the reaction. Perhaps the wife has long been waiting for a hard conversation, and maybe even feeling a sense of guilt, and an unexpected question will make her confess.

Treason is proved

Before going to his wife in treason, it is worth a frankly talk to himself: whether you are ready to part, whether to divide property. Are you no guilt for you, in the fact that the spouse cooled to you and began to look at the side? Do you like her and after cheating or now you can not live with her under one roof? How serious was her novel? How to understand the act of my wife? What to do now?

First, sit down and talk. Find out how much these relationships outside the family are important to her. Then everything depends on what you feel: if the pain and resentment rearrange the former feelings to your beloved, then you need to diverge. Because permanent popkers still will not give back sincere love relationships.

It may be that the wife herself wants to go to the lover. And it is also necessary to be ready. For some, this blow may be heavier than treason. But if it is decided to stay together and continue to build family relationships, you will have to make serious efforts to restore confidence and understanding. It is possible to assume the help of a psychologist. But in any case, in marriage you have to change a lot. This complex traumatic situation is for everyone. The choice is yours.

How to recognize the change of wife on behavior?

It is necessary to understand that the spouse is incorrect, it is possible according to the changed behavior. Often a woman, a romantic relationship "on the side", quickly loses interest in what is happening in her own family, ranging from home affairs and hobby, ending with sex with her husband.

All the thoughts of the lady are busy new man. From them distracts the need to prepare food, maintain order in the house, engage in children. All this begins to noticeably annoy, the woman is trying to avoid the fulfillment of familiar homework, avoid the society of households, preferring to retire with the telephone or tablet.

To lead love correspondence, the wife can retire with the phone or laptop

However, some family ladies subconsciously trying to ride their guilt and hide the fact of treason, begin to behave unnaturally friendly and carefully. This is the second common extreme of the behavior of women who violated the promise to be loyal spouses.

IMPORTANT: Any explicit change in the behavior of his wife may be "first bell". But this does not mean that the betrayal has already happened. It is possible that a woman tired of life and uninteresting more spouse only decided to add bright colors to his own life.

Signs of women's treason: 15 points

The unexpected change in the appearance and behavior of the wife is not all that can hint at her infidelity. There are many other signs, and here are the most obvious of them:

  1. The phone is always with it, messages in social. Networks are hidden. If even an externally changed wife will not give out of himself, the phone will be kept as far as possible from her husband's eyes. If a woman is rewritten with a lover on the net, then passwords from the pages she will certainly change.
  2. Diet, fitness, swimming pool. The wife suddenly began to actively care for her, she really worries how she looks like. With that neither of course she sat on a diet or chosen to the gym. Well, but about the fact that the loose and touched woman urgently needed new dresses and several sets of openwork underwear can not even talk. Understand, she also will change the hairstyle, and manicure will do. Everything is simple. She needs to impress the new partner.
  3. Her best girlfriend is increasingly needed help. Today she is tearing to sit down the day with children, and next week - to help with sticking wallpaper. A few days later there is a urgest matter, with which a friend is not able to cope herself. In general, this girlfriend began to somehow appear too often in your life. But only she herself can not guess this, and all the stories about a friend can actually be covering. When the spouse once again goes to help, "it will be enough to make women a surprise and visit them. Maybe other evidence is no longer needed.
  4. The wife began to linger at work, visit the corporate parties, spend your free time in the new company. With such meetings, it returns in a raised mood, but it quickly flies at home.
  5. The wife began to criticize and compare, put in an example of other men, although before it all arranged.
  6. A woman is no longer striving to spend time together. There are no more cozy family evening sites in the kitchen for a cup of tea, she does not ask her husband about work, does not talk about their affairs.
  7. The wife stopped arguing and ask. She no longer proves her right. Socks scattered around the apartment is silently, and hanging on the same loop of the kitchen cabinet neatly silently silently in place.
  8. To visit friends and relatives, she now prefers to walk herself. Explains this to her husband in different ways, but the reasons do not go together necessarily are. Meet yourself in the evening also does not allow.
  9. She began to skip calls. Then suddenly it turns out that the phone "plugged", discharged or stayed at all. Of course, all this is not true.
  10. Courses advanced training, trainings, challenge at work - all this is to linger. Well, the phone, of course, will turn on only after the end of the "training".
  11. Woman to avoid looking. And if suddenly he will randomly meet with her husband, hurry to turn away or with a concerned look from the room.
  12. Her annoying any body contact. Delicate hugs and kisses remained in the past. If the husband expresses its discontent, the spouse offers to make a mistress.
  13. She complains about the lack of communication. He blames her husband, although herself also pushes him when the man's first attempt to establish relations.
  14. She no longer goes towards conversations and actions. All the actions of the husband are tight criticized or ridiculed. It seems that it does not matter to her, whether the family will continue.
  15. Changes in sex. Sophistic sex will not remain the same. The wife may not lose interest in the once-desired man at all, and maybe, on the contrary, suddenly show the initiative and offer a new pose or the game in bed. But it is worth talking separately.

One of the signs of female treason is indifference to her husband

How to recognize a change of wife on cowards?

Those who are looking for a way to recognize the grades of his wife on cowards, will be very surprised. Such a sign is neither tracks left on the underwear during sex, and the linen itself.

If the purchase of a new set at least once a week has become a regularity in recent times, most likely a woman often comes into sexual contact with those who want to impress. If this lucky is not a husband, then any other signs of treason become secondary.

Sexy underwear Wife can acquire in front of a new treason

Those men who are looking for a way to withdraw the wife "on clean water" in fact need to start at all on the other side, namely, from themselves. So far, the faithful once again "delayed at work", it is worth thinking why everything happened so.

Maybe the accomplished women's treason preceded her requests to be heard, beloved and desirable? After all, it is often the husbands pushing women in the arms of other people's men.

In many cases, women's treason occurs already at the moment when the husband turns away in a difficult moment, instead of substituting his shoulder. A woman needs male attention, and if she does not get him in the family, he will definitely get on the side.

Women's treason is not always a reason to destroy the family

Perhaps it is now that time has come to "collect stones"? And if it really is so, it will be right not to look for signs of treason of wife, but a frank conversation with his wife, who may still be able to save the family.

> How to learn how to grasp my wife in bed

How to determine the change of wife: first signs and calls

When conflict situations are often brewing in family relationships, then the husband often begins to jealous, and then suspect a spouse in treason. But living with guesses, with constant alarms is very hard. Are there any ways to know whether suspicions are valid and how to determine the change of wife? Let's talk about everything in more detail.

A married betrayal is a hard and unpleasant topic. And no matter who changed - husband or wife. The affected partner can not continue to live in guesses and doubts. It is better to find out everything, and then take any decision.

If the spouse began to suspect his wife, it is already impossible to stop. To break the relationship, without having reasonably difficult, so you need to be confident in your suspicions. There are general, the main signs of the treason of women.

It is worth watching for a while for his wife, and then draw conclusions. It may happen that suspicions are caused by an excessive jealousness of the spouse, and you can spoil the relationship, destroy the family. Therefore, be very attentive. We will try to tell what signs of the treason of his wife exist and how to properly decipher.

There are first signs of treason of women, judging by which one should already be alerted. And one of is a sharp improvement of appearance.

Most often it turns out that a woman lived for several years in marriage, does not care so carefully. In any case, in the presence of a husband, being at home. But basically it does not happen because the woman sobbed a spouse - she just relaxed a little. The first signs of treason include the following changes regarding appearance:

  • The spouse began to constantly enjoy;
  • It gives too much time for his appearance, which was not noticed before;
  • Often comes to the mirror with a mysterious smile.

It is possible that such behavior does not speak of betrayal. Especially if the spouse always attached great importance to appearance. But, it is worth it, especially if your girlfriend is embarrassed before going to walk with a friend, but without you.

Determine that the wife changes can and so:

  • The spouse reports that she had a new girlfriend;
  • She often goes with a girlfriend into some companies or shopping, but you do not invite you;
  • often spends time in the company of ancient girlfriends, perhaps even classmates;
  • After walking, it comes too joyful and exhausted;
  • Often remains at a friend with overnight stay.

Special attention, with such a situation, pay the behavior and mood of his wife after she came home. Treason is most likely present, if at the sight of you the mood of the woman drops sharply. Although there is also inverse behavior. Coming home, the wife becomes unusually affectionate.

As for sex, in bed, the behavior of his wife after treason also becomes another. Cooling in bed Any man will feel almost immediately. It is possible that it is just a bad mood or well-being, but pay attention to the behavior of a changing wife in bed:

  • She goes to bed much earlier and tries to fall asleep, or pretends that he sleeps;
  • If you first took a shower before bedtime, now you do it separately;
  • lies in the evening in the bed much later, waiting for you while you light up;
  • During rare now sex, irritably pushes your hands. But before she liked everything;
  • In bed does the fact that before you did not notice.

Anyone your touch causes the spouses of hostility, which it is difficult for her to hide. Similar signs of treason are very unpleasant, but they talk about many.

Any person has shortcomings. Someone they seem cute, and someone answers them discontent and aggression. But when two people decide to create a family, it means that they are willing to take each other as it is. In the process of living together, people are soldered, and the shortcomings do not notice or try to close their eyes on them.

You can find out the woman who changes her husband, in its dissatisfied, aggressive reaction to the behavior of a husband. It is worth paying attention to the following details:

  1. If earlier your shortcomings were touched by a spouse, now only annoying;
  2. At meetings with common acquaintances, the partner is trying to put you in an unsightly form, or raise on laughter.

Such feminine behavior suggests that the girl stopped respecting his man, completely lost interest to him. These are all signs that the wife changes.

Telephone conversations and text messages in social networks and not only

Signs of betrayal husband husband can be found in telephone communication, or rather in the changed manner of communication:

  • It began to constantly sit the battery in the phone, so the wife is not available;
  • ceased to disputate as before, coming home or to work;
  • Even if the phone in the access area often does not raise the tube, and then calls back;
  • When the call is received, it goes to talk to another room;
  • Frequently writes text notes and sends them with a mysterious view.

It is also worth paying attention to the correspondence of the spouse in social networks. No, you should not hack her accounts, but look from the part, as it sends messages. If in the process of its correspondence you suddenly go into the room, then the wife instantly turns or closes the window with a dialogue. If until this time all its accounts were in the open access to you, or you knew passwords, now the door is closed for you. It also applies to signs of treason of wife.

One of the indisputable signs of betrayal spouses - frequent, enthusiastic stories about another man. It can be:

  • neighbour;
  • colleague;
  • brother or husband girlfriend;
  • classmate or one-laugher;
  • business partner.

And notice that the wife says about the outsiders for you often, but at the same time with acquittal intonations in a voice. She simultaneously praises him and at the same time as if apologizing to you. Plugging, mainly concluded in the exception of the wonderful qualities of this person, which you do not have. This is at the same time signs that the wife changes her husband and signs of her inner confession to herself that she is to blame for you.

If the spouse works, and always came home without lingering, then there are the following, obvious signs of her betrayal:

  1. constant delays at work;
  2. Unexpected challenges to work on weekends and holidays;
  3. Does not allow it to meet it in the evenings from work;
  4. No more invites you to corporate evenings.

First, such behavior can not give values. But, if such delays and delays do not stop, then this is one of the options to determine the treason of a woman.

If before you and my wife tried to spend more time together, now its behavior has become absolutely indifferent and manifested as follows:

  • stopped interested in why you delay at work;
  • It is indifferent to her how, where and with whom you spend the weekend;
  • It is indifferent that there has been no sex for a long time.

With the help of such signs, to determine the change of the wife is completely simple.

The physiological signs of the treason are the following points:

  • Permanent, thoughtful, dreamy expression on the face. A smile is often wandering on her lips, as if she remembers pleasant moments;
  • cannot concentrate on any problem, or do not hear when you appeal to it;
  • permanent failures of sex, and with poor argumentation;
  • Possible venereal diseases. But such a sign already talks about one hundred percent treason.

You can also notice the signs of treason on the body of a woman, especially if you have no proximity for a long time. It may be bruises in the thighs area or on hand, bitten lips, sanks. Also, if suspicion arises, you should carefully examine the appearance of the spouse after it arrived home. Hair may be carelessly laid, a frequent blush on the cheeks, a wandering smile - all these are treason signs. And if family relationships continue for a long time, then it will become even easier to calculate the spouse. For example, to detect signs of treason for 40 years, you can have a suddenly changed appearance. At this age, a woman in love can bloom and climb.

The behavior of a woman after its treason is usually changing sharply. A man feels it at the level of the subconscious, and sometimes intuition really says the truth. Try to find on the Internet and pass the test.

Although, one hundred percent is worth trusted by this method, but try to pass the test and learn about the treason of my wife, answering the following questions:

  1. How often the spouse began to linger from work;
  2. Whether her habits changed;
  3. If you go on a business trip or journey, then what is the reaction of the spouse;
  4. As a spouse behaves in common parties, much attention pays attention to other men;
  5. Does your phone hide
  6. Would you like to go to rest separately;
  7. Do you feel support from the spouses as before.

It is possible that with accuracy to learn grant wife over the test and will not work, but everything will depend on your answers to questions. If your answers are at least half of the questions will be positive, then it is really worth thinking.

If you ask right from the spouse, it is unlikely to get an intelligible and honest answer. Women are rarely confessed in their sins. It is possible that the enthusiasm to another man will pass, and the wife wants to stay with you. Now you are armed and know how to find out on the signs of granting my wife. And what if the concerns were confirmed, of course decided to decide. In any case, do not make too fast conclusions, look carefully, then not to regret the soon solving dictated jealousy, offended and revenge.

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How to learn how to grasp my wife in bed

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Doctor of Psychological Sciences Rni, Professor Rni, President of the Russian Association of Sexologists

When all signs of female treason are already evident, it's late to ask yourself why the faithful changed.

Let's look at the situations by which you can identify treason.

Signs of female treason by appearance

One of the most obvious signs of female treason is some transformation when the usual negligence to his appearance your companion is gradually replaced by careful care. Lizard in the bathroom, and the whole bathroom is filled with all sorts of hair care products, facial and body.

Signs of women's treason on spicy accessories

Throwing his shirt into a tank with dirty linen, you can find there beautiful cowpers that are crazy money, and the kits of an expensive underwear, which she had not had before, - in any case, you never saw them on our faithful. And in her wraining cabinet you can find many more erotic linen kits, garter stockings, front-cut panties and rear and other products from sex shops, which women seduce men. For whom she spoiled it all, and where it managed to wear it, you are not worn, but you have not seen a single piquant object on it.

Signs of women's treason on morning behavior

Previously, she loved to be sought in the morning in bed and did not indulge you with breakfasts and coffee in bed, now you are surprised to find that she began to get up an hour before you, and at the same time Bodra and stays in an excellent mood! Well, if her face is smeared by some nutrient mask, and she spends no less than an hour on the laying hairstyle, - here, as they say, "and do not go to the grandmother" ...

Signs of female treason on behavior in bed

The behavior of incorrect fabulous in bed can change significantly. Only one hundred percent chubban, who do not care for his wife, is able to not notice these changes.

In such cases, most husbands decide that Fryigidna's wife, or her early Climax came, and ask her to visit a sexologist. The thought of treason, as a rule, does not even occur to them! Although the situation is clearer clear.

It happens that sex from time to time happens solely on your initiative, but you generally cease to feel a living person next to him, as if you have sex with a doll zina. The wife obediently accepts the posture that you wish, all your suggestions are responsible: "As you like ...", it does not oppose the innovations in your sexual repertoire, but you do not leave the feeling that it is only physically, and mentally - not with you, but with someone else.

Option second. Your spouse itself began to show sexual activity, which was not previously observed behind her, or immediately responded to your initiative. Perhaps you wondered why suddenly my wife was such a sexy vamp, or attributed merit to yourself - they say, you are so cool in bed ... and in vain! Your bed abilities do not have any meaning in this case. And the reason is simple: your spouse in this way tried to suppress your sense of guilt. After all, even dilted with passion for his lover, a married woman cannot disagree that he makes a betrayal towards who during the marriage ceremony promised to divide joy, grief and sadness, and be faithful until the end of his own days ... tormented by remorse of conscience, incorrect Woman can suddenly become affectionate and gentle towards her husband, trying to cherish the guilt ...

Option third. Seeing the prayer, well-groomed, attractive wife, you are interested in it - you like it in this new look! This woman has become desirable for you again! Your sexual promise did not remain unrequited. Your intimate relationships seem to acquire a second breath.

Option fourth. You find that your spouse has significantly improved its sex technique. Now she knows and knows how much more than some time ago. If you ask where this metamorphosis come from, will follow the answer, hoped from the ladies' magazines or Internet forums: "I read in the book, many books about sex are published, on how to refresh sexual relations in a long marriage," etc. But know: no book will not teach a sexy position easily and easily. It is impossible to learn the childlacy on the book and much more, which can be comprehended only in practice, with a real partner.

Signs of women's treason

Constant uncertainty and self-criticism is replaced by rampant fun for any occasion. A good mood does not leave her even if you have a bad mood, and there is an insurmountable desire to spoil your mood. But no! She is not amenable to any of your provocations! Moreover, it can be grinning or answering a significant view in which you can read: "And why did I get married for this halfwithdka?!"

Signs of women's treason - Financial independence

Another important sign of female treason is if you find that your fabulous ceased to poke your money. If you previously felt a sponsor of her shoping, and only you could decide whether it was allowed to be expensive purchases, now it is incomprehensible by itself solves its financial problems.

Signs of women's treason on behavior change

If earlier than the faithful I used calls to mobile, at the most inappropriate time, and often satisfied the interrogation on the topic: "Why did you turn off the phone?" Now your phone is no longer displaying her name (or nickname). Full ignore! Or, maybe it will call the time to formally ask about anything. But that's what she is very interested - when you intend to come home. If earlier the spouse shared when you went to meet friends (and not only with friends!) Or delayed late (well, of course, at work!), Now you have the impression that she doesn't care where, with whom and whom How do you spend your free time. Moreover, it is pleased when you come back late - at least later her.

When it is too late to identify signs of women's treason

If you have noticed some of the above signs, but did not pay attention to them, then once, late in the evening, returning from the next "business meeting", you will find a farewell note ... Her wardard will "please" with empty hangers, and on the shelves and in the bathroom Also empty ... Mobile call will not help - "Subscriber is not a subscriber" ...

Excerpt from my book "Encyclopedia of the Sexual Tyne Men and Women"

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In a person, everything should be fine, especially his mistress.

Young, inexperienced girls who sincerely believe that their married lover really loves them, still be careful. He can be in love, passionate, can even glow passion, especially if he is much older and is already at that age when, because of the fussing male strength, he convulsively clings

Whatever we see in a dream, the Uncle Freud argued, it's about sex. The staircase into the sky - sexual intercourse, extended tooth - self-satisfaction. In real life, according to Freud, we osculate the most forbidden, and in a dream it is to us in the form of living beings, objects, actions.

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How to determine the change of my wife: the first signs and call occasion in family relationships are often breeding conflict situations, then often the husband begins to jealous, and then suspect a spouse in betrayal. But live shttp: // продакий-i-zvonki кач Find out the treason of my wife in the presence of all signs of women's treason, it's too late to ask yourself why the faithful changed. Let's look at the situations by which you can reveal to treasonhttp: // P = 4397

The social world is inclined to soften the gender role of women, because in the end associates them with gentle, wound and caring. However, Sheopenhauer with Nietzsche said that their nature gave more pretense, falsehood, a tendency to treason, ungrateful ... Moreover, the ladies are steadily leading society to the equality of the floors, so it is not surprising that they are not less common to men. To learn and understand with an accuracy of up to 100%, whether the wife changes her husband, it is difficult. But the article will help identify the first signs of the treason of his wife, to analyze its behavior, psychotype and on the basis of the conclusions to build a competent interrogation during which clarity will come.

In neurosis, mental abilities weaken, but keep the mind free from paranoia, otherwise the search for truth will end the trouble. Act according to the advice from the article and videos, in order to solve the behavior of the changed wife, avoid psychological problems and not shake health.

signs of treason wife in behavior

The content of the article

Signs of treason wife in behavior

The first thing is that the husband takes under the analysis is changes in the behavior of his wife, since the nonypical properties of the character scare and force to look for signs of treason. Only to justify them is easy, because they have a dual value. But if you understand the mechanism of excuses and methods of consolations, which the wife enjoys, then the likelihood to know that it changes the husband, increases. Nevertheless, it is better to explore 3-5 cases of suspicion, since the nature of each is distinctive, and the female emotions and the methods of protection against jealousy of the husband will differ. Moreover, do not evaluate the behavior of the wife, as already changed, otherwise, in the case of its innocence, it will be difficult to get rid of dirty thought.

How does his wife behave after cheating with her husband in everyday life?

how to understand that the wife changes her husband

The main signs of the treason observed in the behavior of his wife, this is a change in the usual regime and the relationship to her husband, the rise of mood without reasons, the emergence of new habits and secretive Internet activity. And we are talking about the complex of listed behavioral factors, because after the act of treason, the woman seems to be replaced. For example, if earlier it came from work at the same time, and in recent days, it is late for two hours, ignoring family responsibilities. Or throwing into male shoulders care for children, cooking and cleaning, on the arrival of home accounts for fictional oversight. As a result, it is distinguished and as if disappears.

We note the fact - the woman is aware of the business and whereabouts of the husband, so it does not worry about the exposure. In this case, to find out with the accuracy that the wife changes, her husband should make adjustments to her plans, so it will be possible to understand where it is lying, and where he says the truth. For example, to meet from work, arrange a surprise at the lunch hour or trace when it goes to the store, in which I recently stood in a kilometer queue.

To understand and with accuracy to find out if the wife changes her husband, think over the action plan for exposure is easy if she:

  • Came from work inspired, as if after proximity to a man (if a condition is similar to what is experiencing after an act with her husband);
  • Instead of domestic cases, sitting in the phone, smiles (if there was no one before this habit);
  • Sitting on the Internet, does not say what and with whom it chats, does not let, hides the phone, there is a second account in the network (if it used to lend a gadget to call);
  • Running after the call under a strange pretext (for example, the father had a heart, although that fasteners of health; a part-time job appeared or after a quarrel leaves the apartment to be alone - calm down).

The more oddities in behavior, the more distinct signs of treason, but not all wives are stupid. Many stories are logical. It follows that digging will have deeper, especially if, without changing the place of work, the spouse began to ride on business trips.

The behavior of the changed wife in relation to her husband

Often, a wife after cheating husband behaves in the same way as before, but in the actions, another promise was noticed. For example, cleaning passes much faster, as if from under the stick, to give less a look with his spouse. Or the fence of children from kindergarten is complemented by a walk on the playground, campaigning to the store or even visit. Of course, if these events were not tradition. And so that in the men's head there were no thoughts about the female treason, some wives allow acts of affecting the consciousness in the behavior, similar to the signs of psychological war. Such acts are aimed at the appearance of rejection in her husband, if the spouse is ready for the divorce, but it does not want to be guilty in it. Sometimes women shift the blame for treason to her husband, trying to fix it under their demands, Mnimo believing that the act became the result of the disadvantages in the man.

Examples of loss of contact in the behavior of his wife marked by psychologists as signs of treason:

  • When dialogue with her husband, is distracted into the phone;
  • Wife at the entrance of a husband into the room, which makes cleaning, runs into another;
  • It became more common to communicate with her husband by phone, and nearby replaces communication with cases;
  • Cancels or shifts a joint leisure date;
  • Hides the location, often does not take the phone when the husband's call;
  • Began to ask about the time of the arrival of her husband home and the place of stay, although it should be known about it;
  • Claims in bed.

Examples of psychological pressure:

  • Memories and ridiculation of facts negatively characterizing her husband with the phrase "non-secrecy";
  • Ridicule, disclosure of intimate details, errors and misses a husband in a conversation with friends;
  • Comparing with others, dividing on "bad and good";
  • Potion;
  • Resentment about what is not;
  • Threat divorce.

As a result of manipulations and psycho-attacks, a man or changing, or divorces, not allowing the thoughts about the wrongness of the spouse. Moreover, the husband drops self-esteem due to the sensation of guilt, develops distrust of women and is closed. To avoid these consequences, remember that such behavior is caused by a remorse of conscience, so the spouse is defended by attacking.

Deformation of common interaction

How my wife behaves after cheating husband

Before trying to blame the beloved, it is worth noting the presence of a motive to resort to the atrocity against marriage. After all, if the peace reigns, the spouses respect each other and decide the questions together, the probability of treason comes down to zero.

About 80% of infidelity occurs due to both spouses, so if the behavior of his wife is observed signs of treason, evaluate the interaction. After all, the more painful conflicts, the more resentment. And it is preserved in the subconscious. And when the spouses comes temporary calm, motivation to develop and grow in the family name is reduced. In addition, after the yarn mutual psychological attacks, the level of trust is reduced (the fear of the negative reaction of the second side of the words or acts of the first) appears, and there is no obviousness. As a result, my husband seems that the wife behaves suspiciously, as if after the betrayal, once something hesitates. Therefore, the root of the problem can be hidden in a man who covers jealousy, egoism and fear to seem weak. And since this is a common phenomenon, then before viewing the behavior of the wife, as has changed, it is worth thinking about your actions:

  • Did treason allowed?
  • If so, could the spouse could learn about them and take revenge on the same way?
  • Do you honor the laws of family and marriage?
  • Do not you feel about her like a servant?

Remember that women's deeds often become a result of a male relationship.

Video: signs of treason wife in behavior

If you want to learn more about signs of treason in behavior, watch the video. It shows a detailed alignment about how his wife behaves after cheating to her husband and how to distinguish the behavior of the loyal wife from the changed, after which we will talk about the attribute.

How to learn and understand what a wife changes her husband? Attributes

The second, which suggests the thought of treason, these are things and attributes, the source of which is difficult to confirm, and the arguments are blurred or banal. Already at this stage, you can see signs of treason in words, look and behavior, because the answer of the wife for the question about their origin is served with a light note of guilt. In addition, the wife after betraying husband behaves remotely, answers questions reluctantly and often leaves from a conversation similar to the reproach and judgment. In order not to miss the chance to find out with the accuracy, the wife changes, when the items are found, it is better to fix them in the photo instead of disassembly in place, then it will be possible to increase the evidence base or to further understand the fallacy of suspicion.

Strange innovations and finds

Behavior of the changed wife

Real signs of treason - gifts (purchases), which are made more often by the worker than colleagues or friends, if at their demonstration of the house in the behavior of his wife, false:

  • A bouquet of flowers (usually from scarlet or white roses) with a box of candies or wine, and on the face of the glare of happiness, as in the bouquet-clan period. If the wine is indolently or the box is open, and the place and reason for the gift is not proven, it is worth thinking;
  • A new phone whose mark coincides with the desired one. If the wife justifies his appearance with a promotion action, but does not give a check and behaves arrogant, hinting with her husband about his insolvency, it is worth considering that the old phone can be hidden and used to communicate with a lover to new treason;
  • Dear accessories: headphones, clock, player and even laptop. If what spouse did not need, it began to appear, but it is not enough, this is also a sign;
  • Detection of new expensive perfumes, corporate cosmetics in cosmetics, gold jewelry in the box, which were not previously known about. The majority of these things women are not reported, but it should be alened if the amount of its income does not coincide with the total value of products;
  • New dress, underwear, shoes, bag and even fur coat. If hidden from the eye, it becomes a reason for the perception of my wife's wife as a changed, even if the behavior during interrogation does not change. The exception is possible only with the lower linen, it can be bought for the evening with her husband, so the presence of a tag on it and the subsequent demonstration in bed will remove suspicion.

In addition to the subject signs of treason, do not forget about the main - male or female contraceptive. Three secile types are known: condoms, hormonal plasters and pills. If a bottle or plate with tablets are found in an unexpected place (to find out, make a photo and look on a duplicate on the Internet) or the wife began to stick on different parts of the body a plaster without wound under it, as well as a condom that does not match the brand with traditionally used It is easy to understand that it changes her husband up to 100%.

Traces of treason and men's things if not gifts to her husband

The presence of finds proves that the frequency of acts has grown into the novel and the chances of stop the process and return the love of little. After all, if careful caution was observed when the lover appeared, and the husband did not notice the signs of treason in the behavior of his wife, then she relaxed. And when time on sexual leisure is limited, the cleaning of the evidence undertones the risk of partners to face her husband. Therefore the heroes of the novel and leave traces.

In the report of the psychologist Shimolina P.D. The behavior of the progress is listed signs of treason of wife who are easy to find without her knowledge, for example:

  • Lighter on the floor in the bedroom;
  • The smell of tobacco in the toilet or on the balcony;
  • Men's comb in the bathroom, bedroom or hallway;
  • The smell of male spirits (citrus or oak);
  • Packing from the contraceptive next to the bed or under it;
  • Other people's traces from male shoes in the hallway;
  • The bed exudes the smell of sweat, is damp or replaced, although changed recently;
  • Men's household task was performed that a husband wanted to perform. Twisted socket, replaced lamp in the chandelier or battery in hours, eliminated blockage in the sink or flow at the heating radiator.

Since the listed aspects with accuracy talk about the arrival of another man into the house, it is easy to find out that the wife changes her husband, it remains only to understand what to do: forgive, resolving the situation, or submit for a divorce. However, it is difficult to stumble upon obvious evidence. They are random, so you should not wait for their appearance if you started suspect.

Money without weighty reasons for their appearance

How to find out if a wife changes with accuracy

Do not forget that in the 21st century, the treason has gained a new appearance, so not only love or sexual attraction can serve as the motive, but also money. It comes to the point that women comes to the idea of ​​a second earnings on video chat sites for adults, where he is married to expose the body at the bottom. Of course, this fact does not prove the presence of a treason of his wife, it is rather, the game, but if there are signs of coldness in the behavior, it is better to observe whether the same services are found for the extra charge. In addition, the accelerator often come across among masseuses traveling at or receiving houses. In this case, it is easy to understand with an accuracy of an hour, where and with whom the wife changes her husband, especially if she hides the second job, which he managed to find out only through surveillance.

Start checking is if the spouse:

  • Makes purchases too often and for large amounts;
  • Constantly justifies the availability of money issuing a premium;
  • The branded high-quality goods buy according to the allegedly large discounts or from under the floors, but the checks hide;
  • Fitness, sauna, swimming pool, but does not ask for money to pay for money;
  • Stopped scandaling about the lack of funds, if earlier angry.

In addition, add and demanding a relation to men: for money and expensive gifts. At the same time, a woman can live the second life - hiding behind the work, to meet and throw men when their cash cacling end. In this case, the behavior of the changed wife is filled with a mania of greatness. It is conflict and disabled towards the family and her husband.

Video: signs of treason of wife. Attributes with male followed

To learn more about things and attributes found after betraying with her husband, watch the video: it serves a full list of finds and how the wife behaves when trying to justify themselves.

How to find out that the wife changes? Physiology

To learn and understand with accuracy, whether the wife changes, her husband is worth inspecting the female body and assess the level of care. This will allow her husband to find the factors of the nursing treason and understand what way of life is a wife outside the house. But when analyzing it is better to hide jealousy and suspicion. After all, if she is clean and account for check, then the quarrels cannot be avoided. And if changing, it will strengthen the protection. As a result, the evidence without the arguments will be more, which will strengthen paranoia.

Inspection of a female body

how to find out that the wife changes her husband

The behavior of the changed wife is distinguished by an inadmaking to her body, a wardrobe and other personal things. Wife behaves like a girlfriend or sister, fades flirting, because after treason, there is a subconscious fear that her husband will be able to "teach" atrocities. Therefore, in order to understand that the wife changes her husband, you need to find out what signs will prove the presence of a lover with accuracy, after which it is possible to relax it psychologically and imperceptibly inspect the body.

Top body:

  • Scratches from men's unshaven cheeks on her neck, face, in the area of ​​the ears;
  • Irritation or edema on the neck of the back and in the shoulder zone.

Average body:

  • Bruises or redness on the buttocks and on the sides on the waist;
  • Blood under the nails (every third woman in the rustling of bliss scratches the back of the partner);
  • Scratches from their own nails due to droplets of sweat dripping from the male head to the female sensitive neck and shoulders.

Lower body:

  • Shave legs and an intimate zone more often, but does not show interest in bed with her husband;
  • Bruisies on the knees (if the act occurred on a solid surface).

As for the intimate zone, the main aspect for the analysis is the difference between the genital organs in her husband and a possible lover. If the length with the width does not differ, it will have to understand this when you enter. The dryness of the female genital organ, if not due to age or illness, will tell about the accomplishment of sexual intercourse today.

Among the oddities talking about treason, psychologists also celebrate:

  • At the arrival of home runs to the shower (if earlier such a habit was not and did not change the place of work);
  • Or, on the contrary, came from work fresh, as if after the soul, in the new make-up and disguised;
  • Strethned to show the body (to change clothes, goes into another room, shut down in the shower). However, this may be caused by a negative change and non-acceptance of his body, check first this option.

Appearance of women

If a loss of passion is seen with the amplification of make-up, then the spouse is spreading for another. My husband remains to find ripped stockings or white spots of pollutions on underwear, skirt or pantyhose. However, without explicit "animals" evidence, the desire to ideal is easy to justify, since in female nature from birth invests a desire to care for themselves. It is worth paying attention to how she began to do it:

  • Is it angry with misses;
  • Does make makeup many times before going out;
  • Does manicure and pedicure from the masters;
  • Whether eyebrows simulates with an accuracy of a millimeter;
  • Whether visiting the solariums and spas salons;
  • Whether in hairdressers.

The behavior of his wife who has changed the body to the model becomes selfish. The requirement of attention, care and money is the basis of female egoism, so it should be analyzed whether it has become demanding them from her husband. If not, it means that it receives them from the outside or care for her husband. Moreover, the concept of "model" requires the correspondence of certain conditions of appearance, so the conclusions are necessary at the time of the enhanced attraction of male attention. But if after the "fat draft" the wife returned from work or a business meeting with a "nest on the head", in ripped pantyhose, while he behaves cheekily, then the husband will become clear that in such a state only after cheating. Of course, if this is not an attack case.

Among other things, to justify the loss of its underwear or other people's hair, not similar in length and color, if found on clothes in the bikini zone, is impossible. Therefore, they definitely refer to signs that do not require evidence.

To understand that the wife changes her husband, you can try to find out how much money goes on the procedures for concerns about the body and face with an accuracy of a penny. If this amount exceeds the amount spent on life and family, this is an alarm signal.

Women Health

how to know whether the wife changes her husband

The reason that the wife has changed the behavior in the attitude of sex, could be in the disease that changed her view of a sex life. To find out with accuracy that the wife changes her husband, you need to find the symptoms and understand what disease they relate to. Pregnancy or secret abortion also leave imprints. However, not every man will be able to get to the symptoms. Although the rejection of proximity is accompanied by strange finds:

  • Direction on ultrasound, analyzes or their results;
  • Bank with urine;
  • Pregnancy test (despite the fact that sex acts were over two weeks ago);
  • Blood on underwear with discharge, although it is still far from monthly;
  • The recipe from the doctor, which indicates drugs treated venereal diseases.

A strange behavior after a medical examination and a call from the gynecologist with a proposal to check on chlamydia or other sex infections will make it clear that the wife changes her husband with accuracy, only now you have to find out what kind of disease it will pick up if it comes into an intimate contact.

List of diseases with female symptoms:

  • HPV (flat round dense pink or yellow warts on face, brushes or legs (up to 5 mm));
  • Herpes (bubbles or stains on pubis, sex lips or in the field of buttocks and hips (2-3 mm));
  • Gonorrhea (pale yellow or greenish sheds with an unpleasant smell, itching and burning in the crotch);
  • Donovanoz (inflammation (3-5 cm) on small and large sex lips, pale-pink warts);
  • Syphilis (solid Shankra on sexual lips);
  • Trichomoniasis (inflammation of the mucous membrane, pain at the bottom of the abdomen and lower back, temperature 38 degrees);
  • Chlamydia (isolation, bleeding, pain at the bottom of the abdomen, if not monthly).

If the rejection of food, the spouse rushed and nauseous, and after a slightly increased breasts and did not admit to pregnancy, then it is preparing for an abortion. Daily starvation, followed by a phone disconnect for 4-6 hours, after which the wife comes home with the inhibited perception of reality, as after anesthesia, it means that he returned from an abortion. Here the question is why she did not ask if the child needs her husband if he is a father.

Video: How to understand that the wife changes? Physiology of women

Understand your husband and learn about things and the body that the wife changes, easily, as signs are striking with their accuracy. Therefore, see the video in which they are described in more detail. And then let's proceed to exploring the person and interrogation, which will have to hold a husband to find out why the wife behaves like after treason.

How does his wife behave after cheating to her husband? Preparation for dialogue and interrogation

To understand whether the wife changes her husband, easier in the dialogue, you just need to find out what behavioral factors with accuracy give false. After all, the wife after cheating husband behaves in a conversation nervously, removed and hardly trying to protect against the supervisory verbal pressure. But to identify lies need training. Before interrogation, follows:

  1. Reveal the temperament of spouses;
  2. Determine whether treason is inclined;
  3. If inclined, then what is the motive;
  4. If not, under what conditions;
  5. Prepare a secluded dialogue location;
  6. Make a list of questions;
  7. Find a place for the camera to fall in the questioned for the subsequent analysis of psycho-reactions.

Interrogation is the last stage of the investigation, since the foundations found were recorded and photographed by her husband. It remains to present them, and not impose guesses for reality, reinforcing neurosis. Only so you can learn accuracy and understand that the wife changes her husband.

Behavior of the changed wife: Determination of temperament

Signs of treason of wife

We break women into three types:

  1. Polygamous, do not regard third-party sexual intercourse, such as treason (Sanguines, cholerics);
  2. Accidentally changed, for example, by drunk or coercion. However, recognizing the error, do not want to repeat the case and suppress a small desire (Sanguines, melancholic, cholerics);
  3. Do not understand the motive of the bets, condemn them, are not able to present themselves in this role (melancholic, phlegmatic).

Each type falls under one or more temperaments, pointing to the basic model of behavior. Based on it, it is possible to learn exactly through the profiling (reactions of the Mimici and gestures to questions), where the wife lies her husband, thereby understanding whether it changes.

Temperament Reaction to negative psycho-stimuli Reaction to the accusation of treason
Choleric Explosion, hysteria, insult. Attempt to the cost of heat with the creation of the sacrifice for the interrogation period. Then the verbal crush, if the conscience of the unclean.
Melancholic Quiet tears, fear, goodwill. Care from a conversation with a hub with wine. In innocence, sympathy with an attempt to calm down and the story in the details about the events of a dubious day.
Sanguinik Carelessness, spraying, escape from the situation. Recognition in treason without justification and consolations. With the growth of the nervous environment Escape. In the absence of guilt, belief will not follow.
Phlegmatic person Peace, restraint, analysis of the situation. Sustainability and adoption of words with a search for the reasons for the accusation. Logical answer. Change of phlegmatics is almost impossible.

To avoid quarrel, her husband is better not to say that the wife behaves like after treason. Position its mind to themselves, talk about a positive situation that has changed your collaborative life (bakery-candy period, the wedding, the birth of a son), do not evaluate the behavior and do not blame, on the contrary, we will raise the person's person, gradually by dubious period and its own experiences related to the dubious period with him.

Analysis of the psychotype of the wife

Psychoanalysis will make it possible to recognize the inclination to experience the attraction to different men. Psychologists note that copying the behavior of parents from a child occurs from 3 to 8 years. In these years, the psyche is only developing. If it happens to happen on the miscarriage, the consequences will follow, including polygamy. In order not to regard the attitude of the wife biased, remember what is known about parents:

  • Divorced whether they quarreled, whether they were married. If so, the marriage can be understood as a woman as a prison;
  • What has become a reason for divorce. If the departure of the father, then the resentment gives the installation: "In my family it will not happen." Mother's treason could be the basis of the life principles of his wife. Moreover, women often repeat the fate of mothers;
  • Frequently, new worshipers often appeared. If so, it could stay in the subconscious of the wife, hence the risk of polygamy;
  • If the installation of the "Family - Seven I" is honored, then the wife is able to avoid treason, keeping loyalty to her husband, and with others it behaves moderately, contacting only in the case;
  • Does the image of the man's relatives of the female wife do not underestim
  • If the mother threw his father, and his daughter was close to him and watched suffering, it is unlikely to hurt their husband;
  • Friendship of her husband with his wife's father will provide loyalty.

In addition, to evaluate actions, desires and regret, you need to know the past wife (14-25 years old). A little mastered person is considered to be a person under 20 years old. During these years, the personality is ready to solve problems, but does not know how to do this. Conclusion: if her family was deformed, she received skills in society. And it cannot be considered ideal, so the misses in relations with men are not excluded.

Additionally, to understand that the wife changes her husband, you need to find out with the accuracy whether the treason was in the former relationship. If you changed, learn motifs. And if the former, understand that it was not satisfied. Ask, treason was intentional or spontaneous, conscious or impulsive, random or typical for it or it. In addition, it is worth find out if it regrets his or someone else's treason.

Behavior of the changed wife when interrogation

Upon interrogation, the behavior of the changed wife is unnatural, nervous, because it tries to close and cancel the topic of the conversation. The table indicates the physical signs of lies, giving understanding her husband, as a wife behaves after treason, if you ask about it.

Attempts to hide treason, false forms of behavior Examples and explanation
Careless phrase or evasive answer. "You actually changed at all ..." - in the answer gives the word "too." "I'm what, w **** chtoli?" - For such a response, apologies are expected already from her husband.
Dispute off topic, care from dialogue. "Whoas allowed to take my phone?" - bias. "I'm busy, I still need to do ..." - an attempt to get away from the question.
Claim and strengthening. "I changed ... but former!" - True with a pause, then lie. Instead of "where did you get it?" Said "How do you know that?" "I honestly say, I promise that I will no longer allow oddities ..."
Pauses with unexpected issues, answers to which it is difficult to prepare in advance. Pause with a view to the right - recall, pause with a look left - inventing. It is needed that the liar does not get confused. The longer lasts, the likely deception.
Errors in speech, extra syllables, repeats of words and phrases. Hmm, um, yep, well, uh, I, I, I mean, I ...
Many gestures and excess body movement. Sophisticated movements on the chair, as if it can not stop. Nose scratching, scrolling of hair. Rottening ugra or earring, hands or fingers. Taking the edges of the clothes, the canopy of buttons, rings.
Strengthening the protective functions of the nervous system Hirchotz and trembling in voice, shaking, dry lips and throat. Student uneven breathing, change in intonation, tone or timbre. Wet eyes, lips compression, Spirin on the forehead.

Mimic and gestures: Reaction to questions

how to understand that the wife changes
  1. Sorrow. Appears due to hidden guilt for a second. But subsequent hiding it indicates a lie or fear look weak;
  2. Sadness, disorder, wines. Easy to understand the folds on the forehead. Liar does not make her;
  3. Fear, anxiety, fear. Shifted, raised eyebrows with strentered lower and raised upper eyelids. It is difficult to play such a fairytale, but an attempt to hide the emotion by the movements of the eyelids will not affect the position of eyebrows;
  4. Anger. Natural, if it lasts less than 20 seconds;
  5. Surprise. No longer last 10 seconds;
  6. Frightened smile. A mixture of fear or concern will be happy to give themselves shifted eyebrows.

If fear and sadness are not complemented by wrinkles on the forehead, as in the image, a blush and raising the tone, then this is a lie. If the first reaction is surprise, and the next anger, sadness or sadness, there is no sweating and pause in the story, then the treason was not.

First, try to justify signs of treason to cut off bias. Do not try on the picture from thoughts to reality, because you will put yourself as a fool. Next, write a spectrum of questions to understand where the premonition came from. After dialogue and detected inconsistencies in the reactions, compare the facts with the woven said.

Video: Behavior of the changed wife when interrogation

Watch the video in which all sorts of signs of lies are collected in the behavior of the wife when interrogation on the topic of treason: there is talking about how the wife behaves and what to do with her husband to 100%, to reveal the truth, to forever throw doubts from the head or make sure of suspicion.

Test: Does it change?

Take out the identified signs of treason in behavior, attributes and physiology, passing a simple test.

The prodigal wife is a mountain in the family. What self-respecting man will tolerate a similar attitude? After all, so humiliating to love a person who does not deserve it. Such a betrayal is rarely possible to fully accept and forgive. In order not to stay with the horns, it is important to catch my wife in treason on time.

Women are more sly creating, rather than men. Due to their accuracy, it is not easy to recognize the fact of treason. If you noticed a chill in your relationship, then you should pass the behavior of the spouse. Maybe she has an object of frost on the side?

Sooner or later, chill slip between any pair, especially if the spouses have been together for many years. However, grades of his wife can even happen in a prosperous family. Knowing the main signs of treason of women, you will be much easier to remove it on clean water.

How to find out if the wife changes?
Kristine Glusenko, Unsplash

Why wheels start changing

Women's treason is more often no need to satisfy physical needs, and the search for emotional intimacy, support and heat that she cannot get from the current partner.

For women's treason, the reason is needed. Ladies rarely change due to curiosity. As a rule, in any field of family life, a crack went, which does not give the spouse of rest.

Faced with treason, many men grab the head and do not understand why they changed wives because everything was good. Does the husband guilty in treason? We will analyze the main reasons for women's treason:

1. The desire of new emotions. Even if there is a warm relationship between the spouses, with the years, "eats" romance, and the severity of feelings comes down. It is important for a woman to feel the desired and necessary, regardless of age, so if it does not get this attention from her husband, the fantasies about treason begin to come to the head. Some ladies prefer to beat the relationship to the latter, so that they will play again with new colors, while others do not frighten and have sex on the side.

2. dissatisfaction in bed. People do not always converge in sexual temperament, which is one of the reasons for the disorder and divorce. One partner may wish sex once a month (although headfully loves his soul mate), and the other needs an intima every day. In the modern world, a man and a woman are increasingly changing roles and "headache" before proximity complains by no means a lady. Cold and indifference, different sexual constitution and are soil for women's treason.

3. Women's revenge. Treason can serve as a punishment of her husband for some misdemeanor, for example, infidelity. So a woman wants to take revenge on the spouse and hurt him.

4. Flash passion. Such a reason is peculiar to windy and in love. Having succumbed to hobby at work or rest, a woman can surrender to the lover despite marriage.

5. The consequences of alcohol intoxication. Most of the men, both from men, and from women occurs after the adoption of alcoholic beverages.

How to find out if the wife changes?

How to understand that the wife changes

The love relationship of his wife on the side involves gifts, flowers and sharp sensations that are difficult to hide from her husband. Psychotherapists note that only the dad units can hide treason from the spouse without changing behavior. If you notice your spouse in unusual for her good mood - then perhaps the cause of the lick is the lover.

Excessive secrecy is what characterizes many models. It is possible to check it with ease, asking her mobile phone, for example, for a call (Narvel, that yours was discharged, but to charge laziness or something in this spirit). If the wife has nothing to hide, then it will give a smartphone with ease, otherwise rolling your hysteria with shouts about that personal thing and give a gadget she is not going.

Also, if earlier your chosen was not dependent on the phone, and now the mobile phone is a continuation of her hand, then this reason to think about it. Carefully observe that it makes it hang in the smartphone. Worse if she changed the password.

Male feature after treason is to become a diligent spouse and block the guilt with gifts or money. Often read and sex with his wife. Women can not. The thing is that not always the men are tied to the mistress emotionally. Treason occurs only physically. In women, everything is different. After a betrayal with a lover, because of the feelings of guilt, if he can have sex with his spouse, it was extremely removed that it would be not with him. Thus, the husband immediately notices the emotional cold in bed, which comes to the thought of treason.

How to find out if the wife changes?
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Analysis of the predisposition of his wife to treason

To forgive the soil and answer the question "How to understand that the wife changes" to ask the spouses with the following moments:

  • Did she ever change in past relationships? If so, under what circumstances it was and what pushed it into this act. Is she easy to go to this step?
  • Whether her former cavaliers changed her. How did she perceive this news and what followed this? Is she forgiven a guy? How long did the resentment on the traitor?
  • Did she enter the relationship without special love (or could they join without obligations)?

By asking these questions to prepare yourself to ensure that your nervous system will shake. Perhaps will be unpleasant for you answers. How to understand that the wife changes? Start the conversation from afar. The main thing that the spouse does not julie, but spoke with you for purity.

Such questions will help to understand its level of morality and attitude towards treason in general. It is important to conduct a dialogue in a relaxed atmosphere so that it does not understand that there is distrust to it. You can arrange a romantic, drink champagne to make the companion as relaxed as much as possible.

How to find out if the wife changes?
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Signs of behavior of the wrong wife

According to statistics, only 3% of women who have changed their husbands come out with them to a frank dialogue and recognize the fact of infidelity.

If you decided on a serious and open dialogue, then here are some tips, how to bring wife to clean water:

1. Talk to souls: Tell her that you notice changes in your relationship and worry about this. This option is appropriate if open dialogs are not new for your marriage, and you are accustomed to speak frankly.

2. Take on Pont: Sovie, what you know about treason from close friends. Carefully observe her reaction. Fuss, nervousness, lowered eyes, stuttering, red cheeks say that most likely the spouse is not honest with you.

3. Question in the forehead: This method can take it on emotions. If the wife burst out or arranged hysterical, then the cheating takes place.

If you suspected a wife in treason, then do not rush to pour it with charges and putting a walking woman. Such a step will only give it away from you.

We can write a whole book about signs of treason. All women are different, so the reaction to the appearance of a lover can be anything. Some ladies go to themselves, core for betrayal, and some, on the contrary, flourish from new emotions.

How to find out if the wife changes?
Kinga Cichewicz, Unsplash

Many men do not understand how to catch a wife in treason, because the signs are not always obvious. That's what should alert you first:

  • She is spinning with a clock at the mirror before going out. If, with a joint campaign, it comes out only the hair, and the one goes out, the marathtus goes on the clock - this is a reason to think if she did not have a worker?
  • The wife is constantly late for gatherings with "girlfriends". If earlier the spouse loved to sit with you at home, now she is increasingly necessary to go with "girls" in a cafe or to someone to visit "tea". Especially you should alert that the late sites are tightened until the morning.
  • She began to buy beautiful underwear, which puts on when leaving alone. If a woman always loved to pamper himself and at the same time with lace panties, then this item is noted. But, as a rule, after a long-term relationship, a woman prefers comfort and puts on beautiful underwear only in special moments, but not to everyday.
  • Refusal to you met. If you have always met her from work, and now the wife politely makes it clear that it will happen on his own, then this is a good reason to think about whether it does not accompany her a man?
  • Indifference. Does it no longer swear about the broken cabinet and does not require attention? Probably, she has someone. Especially if your conversation is like communication of two outsiders. In addition, a woman who has a lover is indifferent to what her husband comes, who communicates and where he goes. For a woman, an emotional connection is very important and if it is removed, something is not clean here.
  • Secrecy. Man - Support for Woman. Ideally, every lady wants the husband to solve all her questions. Therefore, if the girl closes and prefers to solve all the questions on his own, most likely this makes her lover.
  • Permanent guests at home. If the spouse is less left with you alone, it is clearly distinguished. One of the reasons for such behavior is the presence of a lover.
  • Loss of respect for her husband. If a woman is interested in others, then the current man is only annoying. Instead of admiration and compliments, the husband will hear a bunch of substantiated and not substantiated discontent and reproaches. For her, it will be the worst and nicchon.

The above signs will be given to understand whether the wife changes or it is just your guesses and jealousy from scratch. If only 1 or 2 points converge, and you will cherish relationships, then you should not immediately throw the accusation companion in treason, so you can lose it. If the wife is not to blame, such charges can turn her away and destroy the marriage.

How to find out if the wife changes?
Erika Mendes, Unsplash

Phone as proof treason

Delay home and disconnect the phone. Increasingly, she began to linger at work, and home comes late, while with a mobile phone turned off ... Something is wrong here. Perhaps during "troubleshooting" with contact she is inappropriate in the arms of the lover.

In the modern world, the phone is a satellite of each person. For some people, the gadget is a whole world. The device stores all telephone records and SMS. Usually male tricks are missing in order to clean the smartphone from the treacherous correspondence on time. In women with this is stricter, but also there are often lacking.

As mentioned earlier, the cat's wife will keep the phone with you. If it is not typical for it and usually it does not depend on social networks, then it's time to think about its loyalty.

Here are some ways to check the phone for the presence of a secret love of his wife:

  • If you have a password from the phone, then everything is simple. Choose the moment when the gadget of the wife remains without supervision and climb into it. Consider calls and SMS, check its page on the Internet.
  • If you don't have a password from your wife's phone (or she changed it), then ask the mobile phone operator to print the challenge log.

How to find out if the wife changes?

Physiological signs of treason

External signs to determine the reason does not always happen enough. Therefore, pay attention to the physiological signs of women's treason, which will definitely understand how to find out if the wife changes:

1. Irritation on the face. If your companion has soft and tender skin, which bluses from any touch, then this fact is not enough. Nevertheless, the male bristles and female representatives often remains irritation.

2. Exterior view of the wife after another delay from work or meeting with "girlfriends". Explicit signs of treason: these are tights with arrows, rash hair, swelling lips and smeared makeup.

3. The presence of sacms and redness on the body. A neakkurat lover can leave an abrasion or sowing on the body. To check their presence or absence, offer to help lose the back while taking a soul, capture its response to this question. Also pay attention to the habit of driving turtlenecks and scarves.

4. Aroma of male perfume. With close contact, clothes and hair intensively absorb the smell. Therefore, you can feel the smell of someone else's man by hugging my wife upon arriving at her house.

5. No excitation. If you and my wife did not have sex a couple of months and she meets the cold on your margin, then someone else may satisfy it. Of course, the reasons for the reluctance of proximity is a bunch, from health problems to the departed mental intimacy between the spouses. But even if in the family between a pair, it was not the best time, as a rule, a little return would still be. One of the causes of the cold is sex on the side.

6. Non-verbal gestures. Rap to her facial expressions in the usual conversation. The subconscious of the wife can issue it with losses, giving redness on the cheeks and a dull look.

7. Randomly slipped the name of another man. The name of another man she can deeper not only in pastels, but also in the usual household conversation.

8. New decorations and accessories. If you have noticed new seelings or a ring from my wife, then you probably gave them to her someone else. The excuse "bought herself and forgot to say" it seems strange here.

Signs pointing to the change of wife an inconceivable amount. Only mass coincidence and intuition can cause the reason for the experience.

How to find out if the wife changes?

How to catch my wife surprised

How to find out if the wife changes? Some suspicion in betrayal is not enough. In order not to seem like a pathological revision, it is best to have substantial proof of his wife in treason with him. To catch a spouse in betrayal on the side in the following ways:

1. Suddenly come back home under the pretext "I forgot" the keys or wallet.

2. Install the application with geodan and trace the location of the wife.

3. Find forward proof as calls or SMS.

Before moving to such manipulations, think well, are you ready to consequences? True information can destroy marriage. On the other hand, living with a traitor is even worse. When rage covers the mind, there are already prohibited adhesions.

If the betrayal turns out, clearly decide for himself: forgive the wrong spouse or not. If you decide to preserve the relationship, then be to the fact that in quarrels you will have to keep your teeth. Permanent reproaches can last for years, and in the end will still lead to the divorce. If the betrayal is unacceptable for you, then do not suffer yourself and the spouse - it is better to give a divorce.

How to find out if the wife changes?
Logan Weaver, Unsplash

What to do if the wife has a lover: Tips for psychologists

If you made sure to treason and decided to fight for my wife, then you need the right tactic. Instead of arranging the spouse of disassembly or join the fight with her new rehabel, acting cunning. Floate together to the resort or remove the house on the river shore. The main thing is imperceptible to spend it from the paw of the Uhazhera.

Most often, a woman runs from a man who does not appreciate her in dignity. This is your chance to change the situation. Say her as many compliments as possible and tasify your caress. Maybe a lover is just a mumbling passion to heal the wound, which is also bleeding in your relationship?

Often helps the option from the opposite. It is necessary to let go of his wife on the contrary to the lover. Rare meetings ignite the passion and in her eyes the new Beloved seems to be a prince on a white horse. Perhaps after a long relationship, she will understand herself that he is not so good, bored on the family. If this does not happen, maybe the price of such a spouse?

How to find out if the wife changes?

Testing: When it is necessary to beat the alarm

To answer the question "How to find out whether the wife changes," pass testing:

1. Is it often in relationship between you and his wife arises chill?

2. Do you often spend time together?

3. Is it often delayed home under such cover "to girlfriends" or "again detained at work"?

4. Does she spend time in the phone? Do you know her password?

5. Does your second half be sad when you leave somewhere for a while? (for work, to relatives, etc.)

6. Does the spouse often shared with you with your problems and experiences?

How to find out if the wife changes?
Kinga Cichewicz, Unsplash

If you told "yes" to most of the answers, then it's time to talk with my wife, or use other cunning manipulations and check it on loyalty. It is worth alarming if all 6 questions you answered positively.

Try to trust intuitions. Often, people wear pink glasses in order not to see the betrayal of a loved one, living with the models under one roof. Gorky truth or sweet lie? Choosing only for you.

Why are treason happen in marriages? What are their causes? Something went wrong? All these questions arise not only in those who have become a victim of such behavior of the second half, but also in those who are trying to create a family. Even if the guy just began to meet with a girl, then he may have a worm of doubt that will be constantly and tirelessly: not deceiving a loved one?

Live with a cargo in the soul is hard. Claims and ask inappropriate issues are the same as insulting a person with distrust. Maybe this is only your imagination built some ideas about infidelity, and the girl did not think to look at someone else. And then her suspicions will not like her, in the end, she will be bored, and she wants to stop relations, in order to avoid humiliating questions and your jealousy in an empty place. And after all, it will be right in this situation! And you will show yourself not in the best light.

If you still can not cope with unreasonable jealousy, then it is better to turn to the experience of psychologists and find out about indirect signs, whether to give you a girlfriend of life. But even in this case, take some actions and raise disassembly better when you make sure that your relationships are under the threat of a final break. Is it worth trying to bore a family after that or let go of his wife on all four sides, decide not only to you, but also your second half. Perhaps the betrayal was just her protest against the same wrong behavior. Then enough just to reconsider your relationship, and everything will work out.

Female treason and her signs

Signs of female treason

Let's notify right away: all the signs below are just a reason to beat the alarm or check the woman to loyalty. Perhaps the reason for changes in the behavior of his wife became much more prose-free reasons than the passionate novel on the side. Pressing from girlfriends, parents or colleagues, banal malaise or a detected serious illness, in the end, unexpected pregnancy for her - all this can lead to a cardinal change of lifestyle or the change of appearance. Search in these situations an outsider man - rival and a competitor - simply ridiculous. His not!

The first signs of treason

Among the first signs of treason, psychologists allocate:

1) restricting access to personal space

The wife had even recently could carelessly throw a mobile phone on the sofa and ask the soul: "Look who calls me there?". Or even ask to answer that she will soon call back or free. And suddenly she began to hide the phone, and in social networks changed the passwords on those that you do not know. This is already a reason to think about treason, but at the same time check out other signs. Perhaps you recently boiled my wife or ridiculed her girlfriend for overweight from her behalf. Here is the second half and decided to "punish" the restriction of access. After all, access to personal space does not mean the destruction of it. If really such facts took place, it is worth apologizing to his wife for inappropriate behavior with her loved ones, and then everything can stand in place. If access restriction remains, then look for other signs before we end up the final verdict on treason.

2) a sharp refusal of very sustainable habits

Wife suddenly stopped visiting a fitness room or, on the contrary, began to rush there, although it was previously indifferent to the sport? Or she suddenly had a passion for classical music, and she disappears in the conservatory after work, and on the weekend visits the Opera House? At the same time, the spouse became suspicious, began to worry much on trifles. It often does not respond to calls on a mobile phone, and it happens at all "is temporarily unavailable or outside the zone of network action." These are serious signs in order to alert. If your wife has nothing to hide, she is always happy and will answer your questions about fitness or opera. Of course, you understand that when you are doing on a simulator, approaching the phone is simply inconvenient. After exercise in the voice, the same characteristic intimacy may appear ... as after a rapid sex. Ideal masking of physical treason. But you do not need to talk about it. But ask why suddenly you were interested in classes, it is quite appropriate.

If fitness is opposed, then the reason for this can serve as a rise in price of the subscription or the closure of the gym, which was close to home or work. And these are not the moments that the wife could not explain. Most likely, she would complained about the situation earlier than the classes stopped. If the wife swam in the pool, then there is also impossible to be in touch. But in this case, ask yourself a question: why didn't you swim together?

As for the conservatory or theater, then there is usually turned off mobile phones. This is explained, as well as the fact that if the house constantly sounds rap or a heavy rock, which only you like, when the wife loves the classics, it will always look for the place where it can listen to something more comfortable for her ears. Here, a keen joke could not be played, and your disadvantage and imposing your own musical taste.

3) Permanent delays in work without warning

When the wife suddenly began to linger at work, it would have been inexplicable earlier, but in the current crisis situation it is normal. When the management reduces part of the personnel, then the remaining employees are simply given a mad work for a meager gain to wages. If the spouse describes you all this situation, you do not have a reason not to trust, because this information is objective. If the wife wants to enhance the service, because it fell such a chance, she also can give more time to their labor duties. And she will not share with you these considerations in the only case: when you made it the fact that it occupies a low position, that is, "no one", and you yourself are the value and in good account at the authorities. If there was no such thing in mom, and the woman is silent and does not recognize why he does not go from work for a long time, then this is a reason to ask if she has a service novel.

4) a sudden change of image in the direction of more sex

The image change may occur unexpectedly if your modest-wife fell under the influence of her brighter girlfriends. Instead of unprofitable hair, it acquires a blond teverhead or becomes a burning brunette. And maybe red. In the wardrobe, his wife appears new things, more elegant and expensive in appearance. Of course, it's a shame that she asked you last time, whether she should go to the makeup artist or stylist. But what can you do if she asked you several times, did you undefined shoulders? And then there could also intervene a mother-in-law, which "drank" his daughter's brain that she should always like her husband, which means to do with his appearance. And then because it will throw or find a mistress!

Well, if a young lady started to follow yourself. But this is what should alert, so it is deep cuts in clothes, too short skirts, or if fitting silhouettes are underlined. If only all this before was not, it becomes clear that the girl wants to attract someone. And if you, together with this, pay attention to the boiled behavior, changes in gestures, look, etc. - is already a reason to suspect treason. Finally dispel doubt can assess the behavior of his wife in bed.

5) cooling in intimate relationships

Every person has its own sexual temperament, and you probably know well what your wife has it. How quickly she falls asleep after "this", whether she is enough for her of one act, or she is insatiable, like a nymphomaniac, whether she often has a headache, in the sense of the cause for the refusal of seitium, - all this should be known to you. If suddenly something changed, especially in the direction of the cooling of the relationship, then it is possible to calculate that the wife somewhere receives satisfaction on the side. Or your opponent "does in bed better", so you have become uninteresting. But this is not always a reason for suspicion. Your wife can be just pregnant!

At the beginning of pregnancy, many women decrease libido, and this is a normal physiological process. Moreover, many have to face at the beginning of this period with such an unpleasant phenomenon as thrush. If your wife refuses intimate relationships in this case, then she comes correctly, because it does not want to infect you. At the same time, remember: the thrush is not a venereal disease and arises due to the decline in immunity, and not because his wife "brought" it.

It is even more likely to confirm that the spouse is really pregnant. The question arises: why doesn't she talk about it? To answer this question, remember how you were preparing for the first time to admit to her in love, how was going to make an offer. This requires moral forces from you! And from a woman is required not less spiritual work to declare you by the future father. Yes, someone's third appears in your relationship. But this third is your son or daughter, who should be paid to birth before birth. And it is also required of you.

Sooner or later, the wife will be forced to say what is going to become a mom, and then you will be convinced of her loyalty. But if there is no pregnancy, then you should ask if something is not sick of a serious spouse. When the diagnosis is frightening, then just it can fear what you throw it. If you are a not finished egoist, then you will most likely entrust your sad secret over time.

When the spouse is healthy, like a bull, besides, does not drive the child, it is already a reason to ask, for starters a joke: didn't she find a replacement for you?

Physiological signs of treason (by body)

There was still a couple of signs for which men often judge the female treason. These are menstruation that go several times a month, as well as the desire of the wife to quickly get into the bathroom. The first option is just disrespect for you. Why not just say that it's tired or soldered? Why deceive so that all the white threads of Shito. This is a reason to think. The second option may be caused, for example, the same thrush. What is it - for a long time to endure itching and not run into the bathroom when the first opportunity is provided! Also, the spouse can be shying that her deodorant was not accustomed in the heat, and she does not want to appear in front of you and sputum. So the bathroom may be for the sake of you, and not to destroy the smell of cologne of an outsider man and traces of recent sexual jeads.

Why a favorite woman changed

Signs of treason in shorts, on underwear and other clothes

Speaking about the image, we missed one important item - underwear. It can also push you on suspicion. For example, you never showed the addiction to leather linen, and it suddenly appears at your wife. This thing is the inhabit, and it is just for the sake of the experiment can a wealthy lady. If in your family budget because of this, a serious band is formed, then before such a purchase, the spouse should ask how you generally treat linen from such an unusual material.

If the lady of the heart introduced into his intimate wardrobe Penyar, who had not previously used, then it can be attributed to imitating the heroine of a newly viewed movie. But if this detail of the linen does not wear for your bed "dram", then you need to be on the challenge. It is necessary to deteriorate carefully: why this piece of clothing was acquired: or it's just a useless girlfriend gift, or a way to please the lover. The same lace panties, a new bra, often increasing breasts, etc. If all this is not worn out of your intimate scenes, and when leaving home, it may be a sign of physical treason, and not some erotic fantasies Your life companion.

The behavior of a woman after its treason

It is enough to pay attention to what changes appeared in the daily behavior of the wife, to say: "Perhaps she changed me." And this is not necessary to look at the husband as a complete insignificance when she mentally compares him with a rich (more courteous, affectionate, which can) lover. Here it can be all exactly the opposite:

  • Amazing dishes of exotic or European cuisine, which are not prepared for the holiday;
  • Excessive politeness in circulation, bordering with a constant desire to apologize for ... treason;
  • Surgical purity in the house;
  • It is not known where the tide of energy, right up to the desire to dance.

Of course, the guidance of an ideal order in the house and the preparation of one-ways is everything can be the result of "brain production" from the mother-in-law or, on the contrary, - the instructions of a cute mother, they say, you are no longer young, you can not hold the beauty of this dog. And the mother advise the mother to surround the unprecedented care of the expensive spouse so that he himself did not look left. A role to play and sudden passion for cooking unusual dishes can play. If the wife is a fond of the nature, then over time, this interest will be satisfied, the food will become more mediocre, and it will just be regretted, as well as about unreasonable suspicions.

Women's treason with the eyes of a psychologist

Psychologists are impartial, and therefore their verdict sometimes seems to us cruel. Sometimes, instead of becoming on the side of a deceived spouse, they suddenly begin to justify the action of those who dreamed to instruct Horn. Often, wanting to figure out what caused the treason, they extract such nuances of behavior of both spouses, which in the family preferred to silence. But even such a shock therapy is sometimes useful, because it allows everyone to see his shortcomings, and not climbing his wife only to her husband.

Causes of women's change

It is often called the main cause of the dissatisfaction of the woman, moreover, not only sexual terms. Just sex can arrange a partner, but not the same person alone! The wife also has their own "spiritual body", which has needs. Going to the theater or dinner in a restaurant, go to a romantic trip, just take a walk on your hand on the evening park - why all this often remains at the dawn of relationship, and then disappears later by replacing the routine from the pots, saucepan, cleaning. Especially if the second half, that is, you, not bother with a household, having considered the wife of those working camel, which will be all this for themselves. When relations arise with another man, they often represent such a promising romantic beginning, which you have ever had.

Moral: A woman needs to conquer something constantly, even despite the presence of a stamp in a passport, joint living space and common children. And then she will not have a reason to even look at someone. Stay with a gallant cavalier, and not lying on the sofa with a lazy man, which, besides the TV, is not much interesting. You can often hear that the family is his rear for a man. But it does not mean at all that this is what is always behind you yourself. If there is a rear, then there is a front. And this is not a career, not personal success, but the protection of the family and even its material support. The latter features a fundamentally family life and military disposition.

Sometimes women "peck" on the security of a lover, on his dear gifts, and not even because of greed, but because "the person spent." The tempter can thus put your second half into an uncomfortable position. Especially if she does not know how to reject expensive gifts and annoying courtship. Often, such a relationship even to her very much, but it is unable to stop them. Then the psychologist needs. Or you can suddenly show yourself to a superman and make something ambitious for my wife, to forever allocate it at the opponent.

Why the girl sleeps with another guy, but does not leave

It happens that the second half leads the game "On two fronts", that is, it has you, and at the same time - lover. And she prefers not to pester any of the shores finally. You may have a lover for her - this is mutually complementary by each other links of her life. You know how to provide a family, in you she sees a promising father for children, but finds sex with you boring and monotonous. And maybe it's not at all in sex. She can even sleep with another guy, but to spend most of the time with him, saying that it's just friendship. Perhaps this guy understands it better, this is a vest in which you can cry, with him it turns out a more comfortable conversation than with you. And then this is a reason to change something in yourself, and not to push his wife with infidelity.

Who is to blame

No matter how surprising, both are to blame. If a friend of life is too lustful, which can not be satisfied with only one partner, then where were your eyes when you chose her to life companions? If you then closed them to such "Disadvantages", you will only have to wait for the hormonal background of your chosen one, and it will not look at other men. At the same time, she can be with you with all the soul, but change physically.

But if the wife has changed, falling in love with another person, then this is a more serious situation, because it often ends with a rupture of relationships, divorce, caring to another family. A steady love triangle may form, and all three will be to blame. Sometimes the lady remains a bunk for a long time, while someone does not bother such a state of affairs. And then you have to unravel a string and look for the reasons that have given in these strange relationships.

Who is to blame in female treason

How to find out if a girl or wife change

This question is often asked not confident men. In fact, jealousy is insecurity, and it arises often in a scratch, without real reasons. Any distrust of the expensive creature to you is not the best way to keep the relationship. Therefore, you need to make sure that treason really takes place.

Ways to catch on treason

The most common way is espionage for a person whom you suspect. You can spy with yourself or with private detectives. You can track or your second half or an alleged competitor.

Methods of espionage Thanks to modern technologies there are different:

  • use of overhearding devices;
  • Peeping information on social networks;
  • Visual observation using portable video cameras or optical devices.

But if you are a sick man on my head from his own jealousy, then entail the work of impartial detectives. After all, any information received can be interpreted by the same, and you recognize yourself victim Fiasco. For example, a gentle word drawn to the yard and recorded on your recorder, you can take for a conversation with a young man. Call in some pairs of her husband with a pussy or cat! And if it's surprisingly, a woman with a developed imagination can give their mobile phone or tablet name for which someday will call it out loud.

Test on loyalty to check your favorite

On the Internet there are various options for tests, and with the help of them you can check both yourself on loyalty and your soul mate. If you take to answer for it, you can misinterply some of its phrases or biased to fill out a test. Then the results may be distorted. It is better to just offer her to answer questions as a game. Naturally, the very same thing in this is to participate and fill all the fields from it with it. If you have nothing to hide, then she will also agree to do everything with you.

Just be attentive: the test shows not the fact of treason, but just the tendency of man to infidelity. It is possible that your wife is aware that she is "not away on the side", but for the sake of you, a loved one, honestly holds back such gusts and does not bloom.

How to make a wife confess to treason husband

Ways to force another person to do something, which he would not want himself, a lot. And often it can be physical or moral pressure. It is physically weaker to argue with the fact that the woman is physically weaker, stupid, but this does not mean that from his wife you need in the literal sense of the word to beat the testimony. After all, recognition under such pressure will be at all your last conversation, after which she will not have oscillations and doubts about who is better. Of course, lover, because he does not dismiss his hands. And she will run away to him without regard, at least in order to be under the wing, moreover, justifies himself at 100%, if you show yourself as a real man.

Moral to the woman is not a better option, because the relationship with you will not come to normal from this. Most likely, the spouse will give a divorce and, quite possibly, even one will remain, deciding that she is so much calmer - without any disassembly. If you want to put the point in your relationship with my wife, because they themselves looked at themselves more suitable batch, then feel free to check the disassembly: you will achieve your own and get a divorce.

How to make a wife confess to treason husband

His wife has a lover what to do

If you have made sure that the wife really has a lover, and this is not a secret ridicker, not just a friendly colleague, who is not averse to chat with someone else's wife, namely, the man, the head of the novel, then you can simply donate. Instead of trying disassembly, you can just call behind my wife to work, despite it is very impressive. And then invite her to a restaurant, saying that you would like to release it today from home care. Further more. You can start a trip to the resort with my wife. It will break it out of it from a circle of communicating with an invincible man. Perhaps your friend of life is simply needed vivid impressions, and if your person will be connected with them, then why spend time and moral forces on a lover?

It works well here that the wife needs to be poured so that she herself does not start indulging. Perceiving a girlfriend of life as a "free app" to you - this is the path to the fact that it will change sooner or later. If a woman does not appreciate and not tell her about it, observing the "Spartan situation" in a relationship, then it will subconsciously seek who will appreciate her in dignity. No need to buy for good words, on the manifestation of attention and affection. Then you will have a chance not to calmly survive this novel that your wife, but also stay with her when the lover simply disappears from the horizon.

Sometimes it helps another psychological move. Whatever enough, but you need to let go of my wife to the lover. It's about women say that at home, when they "dismissed" overhead eyelashes and Shignon, wash off "Plaster", then turn into a kimikor. But men are actually not better. Lover Your wife sees an impressive, well-groomed, when it meets with him only urabs. Now she will see him for watching sports matches that will be more important than she. At the same time, yesterday's "treasure" will be buried hardly by hand pasta with stew or dumplings, in order not to be distracted from the screen, or bite the sausage straight from the baton. The pictures of such a plan can be represented by a lot, and they will all not in favor of the person who let dust in the eye. Is the wife after that will not want to return to a person whose family structure was developed with her together?

How to recognize whether the wife changes at work

Service novels, alas, not uncommon. And this is not always a meeting of two single hearts. It also happens that "omniscimation" director or large chief is engaged in married subordinate. Instead, it offers career growth, high wages, and his own money, too, is happy to spend the lady on his favorite. It also seems disgusting for many. But if this is your wife, then this situation is a real catastrophe. The faithful wife will either be quitting from this work, or will make it clear that it is not ready to accept the courtship "Bons", whatever good he has been thrilled.

And here you need to distinguish that it comes to you: gossip or truthful information. If the director around your wife Gogola goes, it does not mean that she answered him reciprocity. Disassembly need to be treated rather with him, and not with her beloved. A person understands that his power extends only inside the division or office headed by him. But you are "not from his system", and you can be afraid, because I don't know what to expect from you.

If you want to be confident in my wife, I suddenly put a visit to work under the pretext of surprise - unexpectedly bought tickets for the premiere of the film, invitations to friends or even under some plausible pretext. You can also ask for a spouse to a corporate party. If the second half has nothing to hide, it can perceive such an idea with enthusiasm.

Cheating spouses at 40 years old what to do

Sometimes a woman is trying to adjust their views on life in a more mature age than your family union took place. And then she can find themselves not just a nice cheerful guy who once had you, but a wealthy man who could:

  • Good to secure a family;
  • protect their households from many problems;
  • give dear gifts;
  • beautifully care for;
  • To truly take care of the children (moreover, about yours!), Which so that you did not do.

In adulthood, the wife suddenly look at the world through another prism - the prism of practicality, which leads to very dangerous treason. This is no longer a light flirt on the side, but the search for a reliable point of the support. You can not cope with this role - please ... Whether in this situation will save marriage or at least a relationship with children depends not only from the fled wife, and not only from your chad, but also from your precious person.

Understand the spouse and forgive

The first thing you need to do is enter into the position of your wife and understand what she was dissatisfied with marriage. If you called the whole family, did not regret the children, they were not enough, they would hope for a better to change for the better. Here only yourself will have to ask for forgiveness from the one you consider to be guilty. If you drop the pride, you can go to such a step, if a woman is actually the road. If you perceived my wife only as a servant in the house, then you can apologize to her hardly, and then you have to start a life from a white sheet. Children will have to let go to the new father, but still achieve their location to sometimes see them.

If you were in the family too soft man, and my wife did not perceive you as a serious support, then it's time to change something in yourself and achieve the location of the spouse. If she was able to become a practical lady from a romantic girl, then yesterday's "Tuyuty" can turn into a real superman. By the way, "Tyujti" is initially more likely to be a favorite father, because children love not successful, but good. In this case, the divorce can be postponed and just wait when this novel will end on the side.

Divorce after treason and life from pure sheet

If you failed to establish relationships after the treason, and only diplomacy was established on the issue of raising children, then this is not a sentence for you as for a family man. If you realized that your wife will keep her new family tightly, then create your own. A man - and in 40 years of the groom! Just do not do it, because you are crushing your life as yourself and your new choices. You need to marry that woman you truly loved, and who loves you. After all, it will always subconsciously compare herself with your "ex-". And if you choose a woman from whom the husband left, then you will be attended by this awkward feeling when you are afraid not to match expectations. Only strong feelings to each other can distract from these thoughts.

Can you forgive your spouse

If your favorite changed, is it worth it for

It may not only wife, but also a girl with whom you meet. Commes are different. For example, a girl may be peaked at someone's courting, being drunk. She, herself will be not glad to turn the events. This is exactly the case when you need to behave in a knight: to forgive the girl and deal with an unexpected rival.

You can even forgive my wife's mimic novel if you see that these stormy feelings are briefly. As a rule, the cavalier can take away from a married sweetheart as soon as she starts a conversation with him about creating a family. Such people prefer the responsibility for a woman to lie on someone else. In this case - on you. In the meantime, your wife with his head plunged into his novel, just think what you did not suit your girlfriend of life. Maybe it is you will be able to establish everything. Just avoid reproes, feel like in youth, when you just cared for her, trying to be better than your rivals. Did you challenge? Take!

Statistics: whether wives often change husbands, and girls guys

Now you can meet disappointing statistical data that treason occur in 70% of family pairs. But unity among female and men's sites regarding gender data in this regard. If on sites for a strong half relative to female change, figures are often understated, then in the ladies' resources it is indicated that over 75% of men are incorrect in marriage. Should I rely on such statistics? Most probably not. In addition, it is necessary to understand the cause of each individual treason. You can be a good husband and an exemplary father, and the statistics can spoil home tyrants, drinking and frank womanists who are not a sin, but a way to save for a humiliated wife.

Psychology: the consequences of treason and relationship after it

If the consequence of the treason did not become the final gap, it does not mean that it will not leave the scar in the shower. Even the strongest and bold man defenseless in front of one feeling - love. If she is so strong that her own self-sufficiency is being immersed, then, oddly enough, it is a chance of just to forgive and back to his arms a changed wife, so also to support good relationship with her and never remember her a random novel.

You can often hear: "Be above this." But as a rule, such a remark concerns some conflicts at work, small quantities. But you can be higher than treason, above the opponent. It is difficult, but you can always try. After all, on how much you raise over this conflict, it depends on how well there can be further your family life.

And if it happened that your marriage collapsed, then try not to keep evil. After all, the wife went away, and it will not leave you. Do not let him pump the moves in your soul. It is better to find another point of support for yourself and throw out the load of spiritual pain. Immediately do it will not work, this disease will have to take some time to overcome. But it is impossible to allow her chronic form.

Women are more sly, so guessing the deception from the wife's side is not as easy as I would like. But if the changes in its behavior have become too obvious and occur very rapidly, it is worth thinking and watch the wife, - recommends Gestalt-Psychotherapist Anna Taipova.

How to determine that the wife changes


Frame of the film "28 bedrooms" / © Mira

"Suddenly happy"

Previously, her home care was oppressed, and now she stays in the excellent location of the Spirit

Love communication on the side involves compliments, gifts, positive emotions. A woman will not be able to hide inspiration and smelting feelings, notes psychotherapist Maria Burmak. If you notice that the wife is too happy lately, but at the same time in your family there was no cardinal change in a positive side, perhaps the reason for her joy - not you.


Frame film "Leviafan" / © Mira

Criticism of her husband

It began to annoy everything in you. And breathe you too loud too!

Check with a calendar. If irritability is not associated with "women's days", then analyze the reasons for criticism in your address. Perhaps you really became unbearable. Or your beloved found someone better.


Frame of the film "Swing" / © Mira

Bathroom calls

She does not release a phone from hand. Includes water in the soul and talks with someone, constantly corresponds

If you ask to see her mobile phone, most likely, get a hysteria in response: "You don't trust me? I can't talk on the phone? Yes, in the bathroom, because there you do not take me with your questions!". Etc. If earlier your chosen was not dependent on the phone and social network, and now the mobile turned into continued her hand, the psychologist Marina Burmak recommends talking to his wife about these changes. Probably cheating you.


Frame film "Fatal Attraction" / © Mira

Sex is not the same

She now always has a "headache", "no mood", she "is very tired." And if proximity happens - it would be better not to be

A man after treason is trying to "hide traces" in bed with his wife, having arrange her new "honeymoon". Women, as psychologist Anna Taipova notes, do not know how. From the feeling of shame or in connection with the romantic attachment to the new chosen one, a woman cannot have sex with those who deceive. And if she still crosses through himself, then cold intimate proximity does not bring pleasure to anyone from partners.


Frame of the film "Investigation" / © Mintoisk

Romance everywhere except marriage

In its social networks pictures and quotes about love. Sometimes bouquets that "give at work" appear at home

It is difficult for her to restrain a romantic mood, so it demonstrates it to everyone around. Husbands sometimes think that the spouse thus hints at gifts and flowers and trying to make jealous. But, according to psychologists, a very often a woman through the social networks boasts its new hobby.

- Women rarely change "out of curiosity." For a married female infidelity, there is always a reason. Often the reason is the revenge of the husband, a lack of attention, displeasure intimate life in marriage. Therefore, before looking for signs of betrayals of my wife and arrange scenes, it is better to talk to her first. - explains Anna Taipova.

If you tuned to a frank conversation and are ready to hear the truth, you can use several interview options.

  • Take on Pont. - Summarize that you all know, the common friends told you all, and now it turns to reveal the cards.
  • Talk to souls - Tell me that you have noticed changes in it that you are interested in what it is connected with.
  • Bring to tears - Direct question, whether you change me, can bring the wrong emotion. Most likely, it will be tears. I broke down, settled hysterics - it means you try to hide something.

As Mary Burmaka summarizes, men feel even more acute than women. But often they do not want to believe their feelings. After all, the idea that the wife sleeps with someone else is a strong blow to the self-esteem of a man. It is important to understand, you want to live with guesses, in a potential lies or are ready for bitter truth. It is possible that all assumptions will be false and jealousy will be a reason to resume the former emotions with his beloved wife.

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Change of wife: 15 signs. How to detect the first signs of female treason, how to understand that the wife changes?

The article will tell men about how to discover signs of female treason and unmistakably determine the infidelity of the spouse.


Both women and men are equally unpleasant to be in the role of a deceived spouse. However, if Men's treason Actively discussed, and the wives do not arouse in detail the details of the love pregnancy "on the side" of their incorrect "halves", then deceived men often try to hide the real situation in the family from prying eyes.

Women's treason
Women's treason

If a man doubts the loyalty of the spouse, it will have to watch her for some time, and only after that draw conclusions.

To learn about the treason of spouse, the husband will have to watch her

How to understand that the wife changes? Explicit signs of treason

The most indisputable and irrefutable proof of the treason of his wife can become straight Talk in which she herself admits to the accomplishment. After such a confession no longer have to look for some hidden signs and suffer from guess.

However, if you believe the statistics, less than 2% of wives, at least once the sex "on the side", admitted to this spouse .

IMPORTANT: A man who suspects his wife in treason must be patient and in no way accuse the spouse and do not try to figure out the relationship ahead of time.

There should be a sharp change in the mood of his wife, both in the best and worse. And if the spouse began to actively update the wardrobe and experiment with his appearance, read the article on carefully.

Wife can herself confess
Wife can herself confess

The first sign of female treason

Periodic "jumps" of moods may occur even from the most faithful wives. Also, a sudden desire to change their appearance may occur with a woman, not even thinking about treason.

What is the first sign that tells her husband that family happiness is under threat?

First of all, in such a familiar and native woman A mystery appears, mystery . A look, smile, words or actions sooner or later be sure to give it. And she will become distant. Thoughts about another man will be in the first place, so the dreamy expression of her face and deep thoughtfulness is also one of the signs of treason.

New image, hairstyle and makeup can be signs of women's treason
New image, hairstyle and makeup can be signs of women's treason

How to recognize the change of wife on behavior?

It is necessary to understand that the spouse is incorrect, it is possible according to the changed behavior. Often a woman, a romantic relationship "on the side", quickly loses interest in what is happening in her own family, ranging from home affairs and hobby, ending with sex with her husband.

All the thoughts of the lady are busy new man. From them distracts the need to prepare food, maintain order in the house, engage in children. All this begins to noticeably annoy, the woman is trying to avoid the fulfillment of familiar homework, avoid the society of households, preferring to retire with the telephone or tablet.

To lead love correspondence, the wife can retire with the phone or laptop

However, some family ladies subconsciously trying to ride their guilt and hide the fact of treason, begin to behave unnaturally friendly and carefully. This is the second common extreme of the behavior of women who violated the promise to be loyal spouses.

IMPORTANT: Any explicit change in the behavior of his wife may be "first bell". But this does not mean that the betrayal has already happened. It is possible that a woman tired of life and uninteresting more spouse only decided to add bright colors to his own life.

Signs of women's treason: 15 points

The unexpected change in the appearance and behavior of the wife is not all that can hint at her infidelity. There are many other signs, and here are the most obvious of them:

  • The phone is always with it, messages in social. Networks are hidden . If even an externally changed wife will not give out of himself, the phone will be kept as far as possible from her husband's eyes. If a woman is rewritten with a lover on the net, then passwords from the pages she will certainly change.
  • Diet, fitness, swimming pool. Wife suddenly began to actively care for me She is very worried about how she looks like. With that neither of course she sat on a diet or chosen to the gym. Well, but about the fact that the loose and touched woman urgently needed new dresses and several sets of openwork underwear can not even talk. Understand, she also will change the hairstyle, and manicure will do. Everything is simple. She needs to impress the new partner.
  • Her best friend is increasingly needed help . Today she is tearing to sit down the day with children, and next week - to help with sticking wallpaper. A few days later there is a urgest matter, with which a friend is not able to cope herself. In general, this girlfriend began to somehow appear too often in your life. But only she herself can not guess this, and all the stories about a friend can actually be covering. When the spouse once again goes to help, "it will be enough to make women a surprise and visit them. Maybe other evidence is no longer needed.
  • The wife began to linger at work, visit the corporate parties, spend your free time in the new company . With such meetings, it returns in a raised mood, but it quickly flies at home.
  • The wife began to criticize and compare, put in the example of other men Although before it all satisfied.
  • A woman is no longer striving to spend time together. There are no more cozy family evening sites in the kitchen for a cup of tea, she does not ask her husband about work, does not talk about their affairs.
  • Wife stopped arguing and ask . She no longer proves her right. Socks scattered around the apartment is silently, and hanging on the same loop of the kitchen cabinet neatly silently silently in place.
  • To visit friends and relatives she now prefers to walk herself . Explains this to her husband in different ways, but the reasons do not go together necessarily are. Meet yourself in the evening also does not allow.
  • She began to skip calls . Then suddenly it turns out that the phone "plugged", discharged or stayed at all. Of course, all this is not true.
  • Advanced training courses, trainings, challenge at work - All these are to stay. Well, the phone, of course, will turn on only after the end of the "training".
  • Woman to avoid glance . And if suddenly he will randomly meet with her husband, hurry to turn away or with a concerned look from the room.
  • Her annoying any body contact . Delicate hugs and kisses remained in the past. If the husband expresses its discontent, the spouse offers to make a mistress.
  • She complains about the lack of communication . He blames her husband, although herself also pushes him when the man's first attempt to establish relations.
  • She no longer goes to meet in conversations and actions . All the actions of the husband are tight criticized or ridiculed. It seems that it does not matter to her, whether the family will continue.
  • Changes in sex . Sophistic sex will not remain the same. The wife may not lose interest in the once-desired man at all, and maybe, on the contrary, suddenly show the initiative and offer a new pose or the game in bed. But it is worth talking separately.

One of the signs of female treason is indifference to her husband

Gentle signs of treason

A sexual sign of female treason can be considered to be attempts by his wife with all ways. Avoid sex . She either falls asleep before her husband, or finds the "urgent" houses on home and finishes them when the husband already fell asleep. So it can continue for quite a long time, and when a deceived husband still succeeds in achieving sex from legitimate spouse, surprises can wait for it in bed:

  • She became cold and indifferent. Passion, mutual caress and hugs, kisses and games - this is just as if there was no. It seems that she tolerates sex with her husband, and does not enjoy him.
  • The spouse unexpectedly asked to diversify sex. Perhaps she had new techniques, it became more relaxed or demanding. Such behavior can be perceived as an attempt to compare your husband with a lover - who can give in sex more?
  • In a fit of passion, the name of another man flew out of the mouth of his beloved wife. Here you can not comment.
One of the signs of female treason is unwillingness to have sex with her husband
One of the signs of female treason is unwillingness to have sex with her husband

Physiological signs of women's treason

The female body can also tell about treason. Evidence of infidelity can be:

  • Foreign smells . Be this smell of male perfume, sweat or, on the contrary, the smell of the body after the shower. Many men will be able to determine exactly the smell if the spouse has sex "on the side". By the way, if after sex with the lover she managed to swim, then for sure and makeup with a successive updated.
  • Skin irritation . After a passionate meeting on the cheeks and chin, there may be irritation and redness from male bristles.
  • Bruisies of unknown origin . On chest, legs, hands, hips. Yes, and if anyone else. It is desirable that the wife explain their origin.
Bruisies of incomprehensible origin on the body of a woman - one of the signs of treason
Bruisies of incomprehensible origin on the body of a woman - one of the signs of treason

How to recognize a change of wife on cowards?

Those who are looking for a way to recognize the grades of his wife on cowards, will be very surprised. Such a sign is neither tracks left on the underwear during sex, and the linen itself.

If the purchase of a new set at least once a week has become a regularity in recent times, most likely a woman often comes into sexual contact with those who want to impress. If this lucky is not a husband, then any other signs of treason become secondary.

Sexy underwear Wife can acquire in front of a new treason

Those men who are looking for a way to withdraw the wife "on clean water" in fact need to start at all on the other side, namely, from themselves. So far, the faithful once again "delayed at work", it is worth thinking why everything happened so.

Maybe the accomplished women's treason preceded her requests to be heard, beloved and desirable? After all, it is often the husbands pushing women in the arms of other people's men.

In many cases, women's treason occurs already at the moment when the husband turns away in a difficult moment, instead of substituting his shoulder. A woman needs male attention, and if she does not get him in the family, he will definitely get on the side.

Women's treason is not always a reason to destroy the family
Women's treason is not always a reason to destroy the family

Perhaps it is now that time has come to "collect stones"? And if it really is so, it will be right not to look for signs of treason of wife, but a frank conversation with his wife, who may still be able to save the family.

We are always afraid to talk about this emotionally heavy theme with which everything more often has to face the working pause, or in a friendly circle, when someone begins to talk about painful guesses, suspicions of his beloved wife in treason. And it is today that we will understand what are signs of treason of wife.

How to learn about the treason of my wife? Signs of treason and how to bring it on clean water ...

Today I will explain how to understand whether the wife changes and why it happens.

it happens Two types of change, One-time treason and multiple, these are completely different things. Single treason , This is from a point of view, like randomness, the case when a wife changes a man on a corporate party at a party. She goes on this due to the fact that it is under the influence of alcohol or emotions, or just wants to take revenge on some insult. Multiple treason This treason is much worse, it lies in the fact that the wife consciously goes to betray, and repeatedly does it.

In the case of a single treason, a woman after this treason will try to recover psychologically, go to a psychologist or more attention and care will be to you, thereby trying to apologize for your inexpracting act.

In the case of multiple treason, the woman will behave completely differently, because it is engaged in this consciously. Multiple treason may be due to the fact that he received bad education in childhood, there was an example of her mother, or to change the marriage for it this is the norm.

And how to calculate that the wife changed you?

  • The first sign of treason is that she has a new girlfriend, with which she never acquainted you, but your wife sees regularly.
The wife begins to see the girlfriend daily or several times a week. When returning home, time is deep for midnight, and when it goes out to meet no away to make it seems to look like sexy.
How to learn about the treason of my wife? Signs of treason and how to bring it on clean water ...

This is the first sign to think about the fact that the wife leads to your nose and trying to deceive every time everything is an elegant previous one.

  • Another sign that my wife had someone appeared, these are coordinate changes in her clothes and the wardrobe. If she starts to follow himself, buy itself new things and underwear.
It is possible to calculate the variability on trifles when they spend time together, kissing, hugging that it will remain awls, such as men's hair, the fragrance of his perfume. And if you look at the details, you can even calculate even if it prepares and wash things, firms with their spirits
All the same, it can miss some trifle.
How to learn about the treason of my wife? Signs of treason and how to bring it on clean water ...
  • The next sign on which can be calculated by the coach and exactly this factor is very little attention paid to the husbands themselves - this is a change in her speech and behavior itself.
If new words appear in her speech, the phrases, it leads to the new topics of which was not interested before, then this is a sign that she has communication with a new person, and it is interesting for her, if he copacing his behavior.
How to learn about the treason of my wife? Signs of treason and how to bring it on clean water ...
  • The next important feature, which is also not paid attention - this is what she is trying to blame you in many things, without a scandal at a flat place.
To blame for you to pay little attention, or once a long time has gone to her. So she tries to remove the blame for treason.
How to learn about the treason of my wife? Signs of treason and how to bring it on clean water ...
  • Separate Valentine should pay her mobile phone. The first sign is if earlier her phone was without a password, was not afraid to leave the screen up in prominent places. These events should at least cause doubt. If a friend calls her at night and she goes to another room, to talk to her or hanging out a call at all - this is a reason to think that she has someone appeared. There are several ordinary provocations to check these doubts and God forbid that everyone they were false.
you need to ask her phone in a relaxed family evening, under the pretext that with your technical problem and you need to urgently call if it does not give or decide to give it to be carefully nervous that you didn't notice anything too much, you can wait for it He himself admitted it will be better for everyone ...
How to learn about the treason of my wife? Signs of treason and how to bring it on clean water ...

Suspect a wife in treason? How to find out if you do your second half? Run in her underwear? Pay attention to changes in its behavior? Hire a private owner? View the contents of her phone? A person will go to any manipulations in such situations. But what method is the most reliable? Let's wonder now all this.

1 method. Hire a private owner

Most likely, this is the very first option that pops up in the head when you're asked how to learn grant my wife. A detective is a proven, reliable and classic way that has been used by many centuries. It gives reliable facts about the infidelity of his beloved, but this way, if you do not lie, a little expensive for an ordinary person. Based on this, this method is not suitable for those who wondered how to learn about granting his wife.

2 method. On bottom linen

The next way for those who want to know whether the change of his wife is to rummage in her underwear. However, we want to notice that it is a bit strange. On the Internet there is a lot of posts about - how to learn the treason of my wife in shorts. Do you think, is it really wrong with the wrong person that he will not change his panties after treason? How can this be found in the bottom linen? Funny? U.S. too. So do not believe everything that is spoken on the Internet, and even sniff and look at the underwear of the spouses in search of the identification of truth.

3 method. By behavior

This method suggests to identify all signs of treason of wife in behavior, but how to find out that her behavior and mood changes exactly because of infidelity? Ask directly? You can hardly give an honest answer in dishonest actions. Trust your little? And suddenly you screwed themselves and nothing in its actions is not laid. In the Internet, there is also a bunch of articles about such a method. Believe it or not, the case is certainly yours, but does your spouse really applies to you that you can't hide your feelings for another person?

Of course, if 24 \ 7 close attention and observation of your wife will identify signs of treason of wife, but how to find out what changes in the event if you work or just just fall asleep, moved to the toilet, the phone called you. Agree that no matter how you wanted, but you can't be around the clock next to her, but the betrayal is unlikely to come at the time of your presence. This method is also very dubious.

4 method. Through a mobile phone

In the modern world, almost all people have their own personal phone, which is always under the "sideways". And it is the smartphone that will become for men the most effective means for exposing the infidelity of beloved. After all, in the main meeting, they are prescribed by phone, communication at a distance is also carried out directly through the phone. Set my wife's gadget program REPTILICUS. - Answer to your question, how to learn the change of my wife with an accuracy of 100%. After all, you can learn its location, read the correspondence, listen to the recording of conversations, view photos, as well as listen to the record of the environment (which happens around the phone).

Personal experience: a man addressed our online consultants. It happened that he learned about the change of his wife completely by chance, after all, his goal was just to test the efficiency of our spyware in business. I installed my wife to the phone program and on the same day he comes to the intercepted record of her conversation with her lover. To say that he was shocked, say nothing. 12 years of living together, two children, no prerequisites on a spill in their relationship, and there again, but it turns out not everything is so smooth as I would like. And most importantly, nothing pointed to the existence of a lover, nor behavior, nor anything else issued it. That's how it happens ...

How can I learn a change of my wife without explicit evidence? It can be said that such a spyware is your personal tracker. After all, only with reading the correspondence, listening to conversations, recording the environment, you will understand whether your second half is right.

Want to catch my wife on treason? Can. What for? We will not be able to answer this question, because everyone has their own reasons for this. But since it happened that you read this article, it means that something has caused distrust of the partner. We just want to warn you that the penetration of personal life without the consent of the owner, contradicts the legislation of many countries of the world.

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Spyware on the phone

Now we will analyze in more detail how to learn to betray the spouse specifically through her smartphone. Our Spy program REPTILICUS. Multifunctional. It will need to be installed on your wife's phone, and you will receive such information as:

  • Screen screens (they can be configured, at least every five seconds);
  • Recording conversations by phone;
  • Remote switching on the microphone (external recording of the medium);
  • Round-the-clock definition of geolocation (location);
  • Remote camera photography;
  • Interception from the correspondence of photos and voice messages (even if after viewing is removed);
  • Viewing multimedia files available on the phone;
  • Reading SMS;
  • Reading dialogues in social networks and messengers;
  • View contact list (even removed or added);
  • View content in telephone folders;
  • Intercept keyboard;
  • View notifications that are filtered;
  • and many other functions.

Thanks to this information, the question of how to learn from his wife the truth about cheating disappears, because you yourself know everything perfectly. All received information from her phone will be stored in your personal account for a period of 1 month. Insecientity and security of the collected data - guaranteed. If this data is required for more prolonged storage, just throw them off their personal account somewhere (on a USB flash drive, to the folder on the PC, to the phone).

It is also possible to send data to email. But in this case, we will not be able to give guarantees for inviolability. Because Email is someone else's service for us, respectively, their privacy policy is different.

How to install a spyware for phone

First you need to register on the site. After that, the "Personal Account" should be opened, all collected information will be received. Then follows download Spy Reptilicus program for free your wife's smartphone. In the test period, and this is the first 3 days, the program will function for free.

So that there are no problems with the installation, on our site there is quite accessible to the usual manual manual. The guide is quite detailed and simply written, and for greater clarity every step of action is accompanied by pictures, which and where to press. After installing the program, you must necessarily take actions described at the end of the manual.

If you have difficulty installing, you can always Order a ready phone.  We buy it, install the program, pack and send you. You, in turn, will only remain to give a new phone to your wife.

Now it's time to disassemble frequently requested questions about how to know whether a change of wife?

How to find out the truth about calls

Can't remove thoughts from the head about cheating wife? How to find out exactly whether she changed you? We give the answer - you just need to listen to all its telephone conversations. After all, nothing will save you from these thoughts while you yourself do not hear everything. Who is calling, with whom and what and when your spouse is talking now for you is not a secret. Our spyware REPTILICUS will record all conversations on the phone.

You will be Dana Function "write down all" . What does it mean? This means that you will receive absolutely all telephone conversations in your personal account. In addition, you will be sent to the detailing of calls, i.e. All accepted and unsuccessful calls, from which one and which number was the challenge, as a contact was recorded, and when it was the call.

Also for your convenience there is Function "Record all but ..." What does it give? And this makes it possible to cut out potentially not interesting for your listening room. Those. If you are not interested in what your wife communicates with mom, child or by work, then just specify these numbers, and they will not be recorded.

And still such Function, how to "write only ..." What is this for? You can use it if we say, you already have a circle of suspected individuals, you want to know what your wife is talking about with specific numbers, and the rest of the talks are not interested. Then the program will write conversations only from the numbers you need, and the rest to ignore.

How to find out the correspondence

Now let's talk about how your wife is overwhelmed about and with whom. Today we give the opportunity to view correspondence in such popular social networks and messengers as: Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, Katemobile for Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber, Gem4Me, IMO.

To do this, you need to rush the smartphone and provide our ROOT rights program. Next, you should note those applications, the information from which you want to receive. A huge plus for you will be what we give the opportunity to see even those messages that have been deleted. Our program copies messages at the time of reading, and forwards them into your office, so it does not matter how quickly the intimate messages were removed, you will still know everything.

How to find out on the Internet

If you have for some reason you have no opportunity to provide us with root right phone, then you should not despair, because from this situation we found a way out for you. After all, there is such an excellent function as screenshots (screen shots).

Screenshots are instant photographs of the phone screen, they allow you to see what is happening, without routing the phone. This feature can be configured at least for every 5 seconds, and on certain applications you are interested in, whatever you come with pictures from the calculator and weather forecast.

How to find out on Skype

Nowadays, technology is stronger and stronger in our lives. It is certainly good, because technology facilitates our life, but as in any other case, there are also its cons. Virtual life so much manits that virtual treason appeared. These treason should not be perceived negligently, if there is no physical intimacy, it does not cancel the fact that the moral intimacy is still. After all, a person is experiencing the same emotions and feelings as in life.

You can also learn about the treasures of Wife on Skype, as described above - on screen tests.

And if it changes at work

Now we will analyze such a question, how to learn about the treason of my wife at work? After all, even if at the work of the wife, the charter prohibits using a personal telephone, in any case the phone is always somewhere near the owner. To do this, we provide the ability to record everything that occurs surrounded.

Surrounding - Allows you to record everything that happens around the phone through the microphone. You can activate such a record in different ways:

Set the surrounding recording period . For example, your wife starts at 10:00, and you work from 9:00 and you do not have access to the phone during working hours, then at a convenient time for you, specify the desired time to write. We want to note that it doesn't matter at the time of the recording, the Internet will be enabled or not, everything will be written in a timely manner and go to your personal account, and when you are convenient, you will come and listen to everything.

Can configure environment recording after phone calls To know what commented after they put the phone after talked. You just need to install the Environment Record feature after phone calls and the recording duration.

Send remotely from a personal account The "Start Sound Record" command. Suppose your favorite unexpectedly "broke" and not explained, left somewhere. You just need to go to the office, start recording and then you will hear what happens in the car while she goes.

And if on a business trip or on vacation

How to find out about treason beloved on a business trip or during vacation? Especially frequent questions of loving men. Here you can help a lot of features: and recording the environment, and the definition of location, and recording conversations. Determining geolocation - will allow you to reveal whether it says, about its location. Record calls Let you control her telephone conversations away from home. AND Record environment will reveal the truth about what is still happening around your spouse.

The data collected for you will be stored 1 month in your personal account and if necessary, you can provide their wife. Address of wife on business trips, how to learn about her now you know, also from vacation, there will be no secrets for you.

Attention! We provide you:

  1. Free registration.
  2. Free download installation manual.
  3. Download free download installation file.
  4. Free 24 hours to test the program.

Be careful and careful! If the money will be required with you for these actions, it means that you got to the scam site!

I hope we gave you answers to questions about how to learn about the treason of my wife. Just install the spy Reptilicus program onto her smartphone (the installation takes 10 minutes), and get the entire information collected for you every day, which is burned in her phone.

On your questions They will answer our consultants!

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