Crafts from napkins: step-by-step master classes of stylish crafts (105 photos)

It would seem that ordinary paper napkins, which may be easier. But inventive needlewomen can create various interior decorations from this inexpensive material and beautiful original presents for the next relatives and acquaintances.

Master workers manage to create crafts from paper napkins with their own hands in the form of Christmas toys, snowflakes on the Christmas tree, Christmas decorated compositions and many other beautiful crafts.

If you want to learn how to create a beauty from an imperious material, then in this article we will provide step-by-step instructions how to make crafts from the napkins with your own hands.

It will be much more interesting if you will attract your family members to a fascinating process. Especially useful will be such an occupation for children, because creativity develops the ability better than any book.

Brief content of the article:

Creating a floral scenery from napkins

To create a flower composite craft from napkins you need to take:

  • scissors;
  • brackets;
  • The basis in the form of a foam ball (if there is no foam rubber, you can hide a ball in the shape of a ball and wrapped with it with threads);
  • glue.

A circle with a diameter of about 14 cm is cut from the napkin. But these parameters are specified approximately, it all depends on the dimensions of the flower and the size of the napkin.

For the expressiveness of the flower, a felt-tumbler, which will be reduced circle contours. The marker color should be a bit brighter, but combined with a common paper background.

In the middle of the circle make fastening with a stapler cross on the cross. We raise the top tier of the napkins and fold in the form of a zigzag leaf. Similar actions are done with other napkins, which are stacked alternately on each other, fastening them with a stapler. We glue tightly flowers that you made from napkins.

From paper you can cut leaves and glue them between floral rows. Such a round handicraft from the napkins, as in the photo, it will be beautifully looked in the porridge or vase and will make the original element in the decor of the room.

Unusual vase with bulk ornament

How to make a craft from napkins? For example, you were presented with flowers, and the vases were not at hand, do not despair, make it easier than simple.

Here you can not do without glue, tin knife, scissors, paper towels (under the color of wallpaper), a few cans from the peas, napkins, simple pencil.

Let's proceed to the master class:

  • Preparation of jars. We leave one bank with the bottom, and I cut it out.
  • Supot the design of the cans of the desired height. The basis for the design is the bank with the bottom.
  • Paper towels are wrapped with a frame, pre-sizing a layer behind the layer. There will be enough three tiers, but it can be more.
  • We apply a pencil ornament after the frame dries. We advise you to draw large geometric shapes, as they will need to put on the balls from the napkins. Cut out square paper patchworks, twist in the balls and glue on top of the pattern. Ornamental options are varied: butterflies, flowers, fruits, letters, etc.

Decorations for interior of paper napkins

Now any event is impossible to imagine without jewelry from napkins. This inexpensive material has proven itself well as an excellent decor of the premises, and this paper does not look cheap at all.

Create a festive atmosphere with such beautiful crafts from napkins can anyone who does not need special training for this. You will be enough one of our master class.

For work, take:

  • napkins;
  • scissors;
  • brackets;
  • ordinary stationery glue;
  • Threads.

Let's start with the selection of the color gamut of the napkins themselves. To make the decoration look like, we advise you to prefer to several shades that are combined well among themselves. The unfolded napkin needs to be folded into the harmonica, the fold width must be 2-3 cm.

For the clarity of the contours, the workpiece is stiffening in bends and then we are twice in the direction to the central line.

Since it will take three of the same accordions for the finished decoration, then we harm two more napkins on the above scheme. The edges of the harmonica are needed carefully rounded, it is important not to move the layer when circumcised, otherwise the cut will not be smooth.

Crop the napkins can be in different styles so that the decorations were a variety of and original. But you can create all scenery and in one style.

We take both edges of the workpiece and connect the upper and lower part. Must get a semicircle that fasten the stapler. We do the same actions with the rest of the harmonica. Now we combine all the blanks together and fasten glue.

The finished product should be similar to a corrugated round flower. This decoration can be suspended on a thread or attach to the wall to double-sided tape.


If you like to create beauty with your own hands, then this article should help you reveal your creative potential. There is a mass of techniques for creating crafts from paper napkins, we also led an example of the easiest options that can be an excellent start for your creative activity.

Photo crafts from napkins

We also recommend viewing:

For any holiday, crafts from the napkins are perfectly suitable for any holiday, because it is unusual, creatively, and most importantly convenient. With this material, it is very easy to work and you can buy it in any store. It is worth noting a variety of bright shades, because they are the feeling of the holiday and the opportunity to show their artistic style. In this article we will look at: how to make crafts from paper napkins with your own hands. And at the end of the article, you will find a whole gallery of photo instructions on how easy it is quickly and interestingly folded fabric wipes.

Butterfly from the napkin

Butterfly from the napkin

You will need: Paper napkins, scissors, thin wire.


Master Class

  1. Take the napkin and pave the folding line to two diagonals, then fold in half.
  2. Fold the triangle on diagonal bends, as shown in the image. Butterfly from Napkin Master Class
  3. Fold the ends of the triangle with a vertex on one side.
  4. Turn the triangle and connect the vertex with the base.
  5. Slightly bend the workpiece in half.
  6. Prepare the wire segment, fold it twice and wrap the napkin on both sides.
  7. Tighten the wire and form the mustache, then cut the excess wire.

Butterfly made of paper napkin ready!


Carnations from paper napkins

You will need: White napkins, invisible, thread, marker, stems and leaves, scissors.

Master Class

  1. Fold the napkin by the harmonica.
  2. Secure invisible in the center. Carnations master class
  3. Cut the ends of the napkins.
  4. Paint the ends of the napkin marker.
  5. Remove the invisibility and tie the center. Carnations master class
  6. Form a bud: To do this, you need to smith each layer of napkins from the center of the edges.
  7. Attach the stem with leaves to the bud. Flowers from napkins
  8. Make the right amount of carnations in the same way.

Carnations from paper napkins are ready! I recommend to view this video!

Balleries from napkins

Balleries from napkins

You will need: Flexible wire well holding shape, multilayer napkins, starch holter, pliers, white threads, transparent fishing line, scissors, thin needle.

Master Class

  1. Make the ballerina skeleton from the wire. It is not necessary to make it detailed, it is enough just to designate the main contours - your head, torso, arms and legs. Balleries from napkins Mater Class
  2. Divide the multilayer napkins on separate layers and somewhat separated to the strip 1-1.5 cm wide.
  3. Wire a wire frame of ballerina with stripes from napkins, then heating from top to the starchy holter. Balleries from napkins Mater Class
  4. Leave the ballerina to dry.
  5. Make the ballerina's clothes in this way: fold the napkin, as if you are going to make a snowflake and do trust at the desired level. Lightly round the cut line. Ballerina step-by-step
  6. Twist the workpiece several times clockwise, and then in the opposite direction so that the folds are fried.
  7. Repeat items 5 and 6 by making the second workpiece. Ballerina step-by-step
  8. Optionally, make a clothesline.
  9. Do small holes for hand and head in the dress, then dress the figure.
  10. Tightly drag a thread dress in the waist area. Ballerina step-by-step
  11. Grind the line with a thin needle in the top of the hanging figurines.
  12. Make the right number of balleria in the same way, choosing the most beautiful napkins.

Balleries from napkins are ready! Browse the photo gallery and inspire ideas!

Detailed video master class!

Volume star

Solid star from napkin

You will need: Paper napkins, scissors, metal wire.


Master Class

  1. Open the napkin.
  2. Fold the napkin, so that 2 external edges are sent to the center.
  3. Turn the napkin to 90 degrees and generate 2 external edges to the center. Repeat action. Volktimny star from the napkin stepgy
  4. Fold twice along the center line the resulting rectangle to get a dense band, then expand the napkin.
  5. Fold the harmonica along the fold lines, expand and fold the harmonica again in the opposite direction.
  6. Wrap the harmonica in the center of the metal wire.
  7. Bend inward at an angle of 45 degrees every corner of napkins. It must be 4 angle on each side of the harmonica.
  8. Connect the ends of the harmonica from two sides to get a star.

The voluminous star from the napkin is ready! Recommended for watching video master class!

Christmas tree of openwork napkins

Christmas tree of openwork napkins

You will need: Openwork napkins, glue, corrector (barcode), scissors, red paper sheet A4 format.


Master Class

  1. Fold in half a sheet of paper.
  2. Make 4 blanks for a tree of different sizes from openwork napkins, as shown in the image. Christmas tree of openwork napkins
  3. Stick openwork napkins on a red leaf from below up, forming a Christmas tree.
  4. Apply the White Dot Corrector as snow.

Christmas tree from openwork napkins is ready!

3D Digit of Paper Napkins

Figure 2 of napkins

You will need: Multilayer napkins of red and white, dense cardboard, scissors, stapler, wide tape, construction cutter, glue gel moment Universal, golden cardboard sheet, pencil.


Master Class

  1. The size of the deployed napkin is 33 cm. From one napkin it turns out 2 flower. Baister! Cut the napkin 2 times in half to get 4 squares. We make a digit from napkins
  2. Fold 2 squares with each other and secure the stapler in the center.
  3. Cut out the squares of the circles.
  4. Form a bud, squeezing each layer of napkins, starting a welch. We make a digit from napkins
  5. Make 86 red and 65 white flowers in the same way.
  6. Prepare a dense cardboard in size 50x30cm.
  7. Draw the digit circuit two so that the width around the entire perimeter is 9cm. Volume number 2 step by step
  8. Cut the number using a construction cutter.
  9. Circuit the digit on the cardboard and cut the second workpiece in the same way. Volume number 2 step by step
  10. Prepare a long strip of 9 cm wide for the side parts of the number.
  11. Slit one part of the deuce with the side stripes using the scotch, and then attach the second part of the digit. Volume number 2 step by step
  12. Stick flowers on the frame using the moment universal. Exterior Frame Figures Clear with red flowers, and inner - white.
  13. Draw a crown on the back of the golden cardboard, then cut it out.
  14. Drive the crown and cut the second golden blank. Complete numbers from napkins
  15. Shill the harvesting of the crown among themselves so that on both sides they were golden.
  16. Stick the crown to the flowers.

The digit from the napkins is ready! Recommended for watching video master class!

Original Topiary

Topicia from napkins

You will need: Multicolored paper napkins, scissors, stapler, cardboard or foam ball, leaf of green paper, satin ribbon, double-sided adhesive tape, glue, wooden stick for trunk, small pot, woolen threads or twine, decorative butterflies, a piece of foam.

Master Class

  1. Print the ball template, transfer to the cardboard and make a tree crown. You can also use the finished ball. Paper Ball Template
  2. Fold the napkin 2 times in half and secure in the center of the stapler.
  3. Cut the circle and assemble a bud, raising each layer of napkins up. Topicia from wipes step by step
  4. Make 36 colors in the same way.
  5. Plug the ball with flowers using double-sided adhesion.
  6. Watches a wooden wand.
  7. Stick flower ball to the trunk. Topicia from wipes step by step
  8. Put into the pot a piece of foam and insert the trunk into it.
  9. Make the grass from the strip of green paper and glue at the base of the trunk. Topiaria master class
  10. Cut leaves and decorate the crown.
  11. Tie the pot to ribbon and decorate the topiary with butterflies.

Topicia from napkins is ready!

Paper napkin Christmas tree

Christmas tree made of napkins

You will need: Paper napkins of different colors, cardboard sheet of a3 format, scissors, stapler, newspapers, double-sided tape, bone moment, handle, beads.

Master Class

  1. Roll the cardboard to the cone and lock the double-sided tape.
  2. Cut extra cardboard and fill the cone sheets of the newspaper. Make a Christmas tree from napkins
  3. Cut the circle to base the cone and attach two-way scotch.
  4. Draw on the cardboard pattern flower and cut it out.
  5. Fold the napkin 2 times in half, secure the center of the stapler, circle the flower template, then cut down. Make a Christmas tree from napkins
  6. Form a bud, raising up each layer of napkins.
  7. Make 40 colors in the same way. Step-by-step master class
  8. Stick the flower glue the moment to the cone in a circle, starting the work below.
  9. Stick the flowers in the next row in the intervals of the previous row, that is, in a checker order. Step-by-step master class Christmas tree
  10. Stick beads on the flowers and decorate the Christmas tree to your taste.

Christmas tree from napkins is ready!


Smeshariki from napkins

You will need: Colored paper napkins, newspaper, colored paper, PVA glue, scissors.


Master Class

  1. Datty the newspaper in a lump and plundes it with newspaper stripes, forming a ball.
  2. Skate the balls from the napkins and plunder the newspaper ball.
  3. Cut from colored paper ears, eyes and legs. Smeshariki master class
  4. Take a teeth and spout from the napkin.
  5. Purlee the paws with napa balls.
  6. Get paws to the ball. Smeshariki master class
  7. Enclose 2 naval balls as a handle.
  8. Enclose ears, eyes, spout and mouth mixture.

Smesharik Kroshi from napkins is ready! Similarly, you can make any of the sinks. I recommend to view this video!

Crafts from fabric napkins

If you want to surprise guests - try folding the fabric napkin with a non-standard way. Believe me, your resourcefulness will not stay without compliments ... Browse the gallery, select the most cool option for you and follow the step-by-step photo of the instruction. Experiment, try new and create masterpieces with your own hands!

I recommend to view this video!

Ideas of crafts from napkins

If you approach the question with a fantasy, then things created by their own hands can fit perfectly into the interior of any room, becoming the original design detail. Of these, you can make it possible to make both original, independent gifts (representing a special value for your favorite, close and friends), and gift packaging, photo frames, panels and paintings, festive garlands, balls, funny figures of animals and birds, artificial flowers, figurines, Dolls, and solid compositions.

Their special role is when decorating a festive, banquet table. They give any feast a unique atmosphere of solemnity, importance, and even some pomp. The range of their application is very wide. It all depends on your flavors, preferences, courage of ideas and creative fantasies.

It's time to go to the description of how to implement specific ideas.

Paper monogram

The monogram with the initial letters of your child's name, adorning the children's room - a wonderful designer solution. This original decoration can be hung on the wall, scoring in the overall decor of the room, which will create a comfort atmosphere and a source of good mood. To fulfill this work you will need:

  • paper and tight cardboard;
  • simple pencil;
  • PVA glue;
  • scissors or stationery knife;
  • rope or fat thread;
  • Monophonic wipes of bright colors;

Method of execution:

  1. Draw a sketch of a monogram with the initial letters of the child name. You can add as an option, the date of birth of the kid.
  2. The resulting pattern is transferred on an enlarged scale to a large sheet of paper A-4 format, applying either a cell method or a computer program. We got a monogram pattern of the size we need.
  3. Next, with the help of a simple pencil, carefully carry a template to the cardboard, groining its outlines.
  4. Armed with scissors or stationery knife (as well as convenient), carefully cut out the resulting monogram.
  5. We celebrate a simple pencil on the cardboard zone (in the form of patterns), where multicolored napkins will be glued. It can be flat, turning into another, circles.
  6. The napkins themselves cut into small squares (size at your discretion) and gently, without an excess pressure, roll them into the balls. It is important to consider that the air the balls will turn out, the volume will seem to work.
  7. Next, the most interesting thing is to decorate the monogram by the resulting balls, the "planting" of them in stages, according to the markup, on PVA glue.
  8. Color gamut choose to his taste. It is important to think over the color decision of the monogram in advance. You can use the colors of the rainbow, smoothly passing one into another, or your favorite colors of your child, bizarrely laid out with stripes or circles.
  9. On the back side, we glue the loop from the rope or thread, fixing it with a piece of paper.
  10. We decorate the wall. That's all!

Paper flowers

Where only this kind of decoration is not used! Even a newcomer in applied arts under the power of making a beautiful paper flower, using an extraordinary variety of shapes, sizes, color gamuts, textures, densities of napkins manufactured by the modern industry. You can do as the easiest flower that does not require special skills and complex variants that differ in pomp, volume, multi-layered.

The most important thing is to competently pick up the diverse material and the way of making decorations. Beautiful flowers or flower arrangements of them deserve to decorate any interior in the nursery, a bedroom or living room. They will also suit as an element of a decor of a festive table or gift packaging. We recommend starting with something simple, improving our skills and gradually move to more complex options.

For such work, you will need the following materials:

  • Wire or plastic tube for frame stem;
  • durable thread;
  • PVA glue;
  • stapler;
  • scissors;
  • decorative tape or thread;
  • Colored paper for winding the stem;
  • Monophonic napkins of bright colors (can be different textures);

Quick guide to action, to obtain the desired result:

  • It is necessary to put the napkin into the harmonica. Ensure that the edges are smooth, and their width was about 1 cm. If there is no confidence in the accuracy of the chamorer, you can pre-using the line, make a pencil mark.
  • Next, we fold the resulting accordion in half, putting it on a flat surface, while the folding place is bandaged by the thread, retreating about 5 mm.
  • Scissors spin the opposite side of the harmonica - now these flower petals.
  • The final stage is to straighten the petals, we are lining folds in those places where it is necessary, and admire the spectacular, volumetric bud!

We looked at a step-by-step description of the simplest manufacturer of a beautiful flower that even a newcomer can be mastered. Tanging the resulting flower ball at the base of a bright ribbon, they can decorate an infinite set of things: postcards, photo frames, elements of costumes, and especially packaging gifts.

Is it worth saying that a gift, decorated, for example, with flowers made of paper napkins, or a postcard made by hand using the decoration of this kind, is of particular importance for whom they are intended. The value of such applications is the "piece", the uniqueness and uniqueness of things.

Creating a panel

Perform such work is quite a painstaking lesson, but if you make maximum effort and fantasy, the result will exceed all your expectations. The masterfully made panel will become an amazing and indispensable element in the decoration of any room worthy of interior decoration. The size and plot is completely dependent on your imagination. It can be a natural composition, an image of a separate beautiful flower or a whole bouquet. For the children's room, a bright panel with an image of a cartoon character is perfect. You also have the choice of complexity of the composition.

To form blanks, you can use various techniques for work with the source material:

  • Cheating napkins on toothpicks or larger cylindrical items, such as a pencil or plastic tubule;
  • rolling balls from the source material;
  • the formation of paper flavors that are subsequently folded in the form of a snail;

All the resulting billets of the application technique will be subsequently appreciated.

In order to result in a beautiful panel, it is necessary to armared in the following materials:

  • paper napkins of different textures, density and colors;
  • scissors;
  • toothpicks, pencils or plastic tubes;
  • PVA glue;
  • cardboard or good density paper for the base;
  • frame;
  • durable fat thread or loop rope;

How to make this original wall decoration:

  1. First you need to decide on the topic and come up with the composition of the future panel. You can draw a drawing yourself or take advantage of the variety of pictures from the Internet.
  2. The selected pattern is applied to a large sheet of paper or cardboard, is the basis of the decoration.
  3. We define how the color solution will be implemented.
  4. The next stage - we work with the billets: twist from the napkins of flagella and turn them into small snails, fixing the end of the glue (the resulting "barrels" will be laid on the basis according to the figure); roll balls from small squares of the diverse material; Carefully screw the thin napkin on the toothpick or pencil, pull out the base, having received a paper tube, connect its ends with glue, cutting off an extra length. The volume of work will depend on the size of the workpiece. You can choose only one species, and the combination option is also possible.
  5. The parts received gradually one after the other we stick to the drawing of the base.
  6. Panno can be covered with blanks 100%, but a variant and partial application is possible on the base surface (it all depends on the type of pattern).
  7. We are waiting for the drying of the glue, we glue a loop from a rope or durable thread on the back, we make the resulting picture in the frame - Panel is ready!


By connecting fantasy and patience, you can create a magnificent flower decoration, which is a whole composition. It perfectly fit into any interior.

Set of necessary materials:

  • napkins;
  • scissors;
  • stapler;
  • Foambone for the formation of a spherical basis, wrapped by threads to give the desired form;

How do you make a simple floral composition:

  1. Cut from several multi-layer napkins, folded together, the circle with a radius of 5-6 cm. The size of the circle will depend primarily from the size of the source material, as well as on which large or minor flowers you want to get in the end.
  2. To give a larger brightness of the edge of the circle, we supply a bright marker. Its color can contrast with the color of the napkin, or on the contrary - to be only a few tones brighter. It all depends on your imagination.
  3. The middle of the received circle, reminiscent of a multi-layer pie, tighten the cross-stapler stapler.
  4. Now neatly raise each of the layers up, the flower flower.
  5. The obtained billets can be tightly glued to each other, placing them on the surface of a spherical base pre-prepared from the foam rubber (the number of flowers directly depends on the size of the ball).
  6. The ball attacked with small fluffy florals is placed in a beautiful porridge or vase. It becomes spectacular, bright decoration, an unforgettable detail of the festive decoration at home.

Decoration and decoration of interior items

Napkins are very fertile material. Sometimes with their help you can decorate the available interior items, which, let's say, are already morally outdated or have long come out of fashion. For example, in almost every house there is a vase or jewelry box that have long been releasing to please their appearance. Such objects can be significantly transformed and breathe new life in them.

To decorate an old vase or boxes, you will need:

  • putty and acrylic paints;
  • PVA glue;
  • stack;
  • brushes or sponge;
  • Colorless varnish;
  • Napkins with an intricate elegant pattern;

Step-by-step instruction decoration items:

  1. Covered with brush surface surface with white acrylic paint. We wait for drying, all manipulations with paint are desirable to carry out indoors, which is well ventilated.
  2. We choose a napkin with an intricate, painted pattern. We relax it, carefully separating the upper, thin, monotony layer, on which the drawing is printed, from the bottom.
  3. The layer on which there is no drawing, stick to the decorative subject. Tearing small pieces, we apply to the surface. We use the same principle as in the manufacture of papier-mache.
  4. Apply uneven strokes acrylic putty on the surface of the subject to create a relief effect.
  5. We prepare a solution of PVA and water glue (1.5 glue mix with 1 part of the water).
  6. The embossed surface is lubricated with the solution with the resulting solution and then neatly apply to the decorative subject of the upper thin layer of the napkin, which shows the picture liked.
  7. The next step is covering the surface with a thin layer of adhesive composition. In the process of applying the solution, it is important to work carefully with a brush. Movement We send from the center to the edge, so as not to spoil the drawing.
  8. After the sickness of the entire surface and drying, you can apply with a sponge, if necessary, silver or gold acrylic paint to give effect.
  9. The final stage is a coating of colorless varnish.

Such a transformation of old things, on the one hand, is very exciting as the process, and on the other, - will ask a new, fashionable tone to your interior.

Interior decoration Napkatkov

If there is no festive event on the nose, and there is no time for converting your home and the creation of a fun atmosphere, there is a great designer solution!

It is necessary to armane in the following materials:

  • napkins;
  • scissors;
  • stapler;
  • PVA glue or adhesive pencil;
  • Leske or thread;

The method of fast and budgetary creation of a festive atmosphere in the house:

  1. We choose the monophonic wipes of the following colors (to create a fun mood is preferably not limited to one color).
  2. We fold our healthy material in the harmonica (4 pcs.), Width of the bend - 2 cm. Accuracy is important here - the harmonica strips should not differ in size.
  3. Press the blanks, thus achieving the clarity of the bends and fold them in half. The opposite ends glue, it turns out something like a fan.
  4. Next, with the help of glue or stapler, we combine all four parts for the outer faces of the harmonica. Each of the four blanks is a circle.
  5. The last stage is a finished product similar to a corrugated disk or a cheerful flower, hang behind the fishing line, decorating them with any part of the house.

As you can see, it is possible to achieve the atmosphere of the holiday sometimes using the most simple ways.

If any person is asked to reflect on beauty, the first thing that pops up in the associative row is flowers. It is they, such different in shape, volume, color, are the perfect embodiment of beauty. Making artificial paper - one of the most popular types of applied creativity.

How to make flowers from napkins

Consider several detailed instructions for crafts.


Rose - rightly considered queen flowers. Make it yourself easy enough. It is advisable to use white, pink, red or yellow napkins. We decide the conventional square of the square shape, notes from 3 to 5 cm (this is the height of the future bud) and cut off the strip you need.

The resulting workpiece carefully watered on the finger, thus forming a bud.

It is important to wind the strip so that one of its edges fits tightly to the finger (this will be subsequently the transition from bud to the stalk), and the second edge was weakened.

Next, we remove the resulting bud from your finger, fix it with a thread base (you can additionally lubricate with glue), straighten the petals. A more complex option is to "plant" the flower on the stem made of flexible wire or tube, which is wrapped with a napkin or colored paper.

There is another way to make a rose. The napkin is screwed into a pencil or tube, then its edges neatly shifted to the center, the pencil is removed from the workpiece. From the obtained volumetric petals form a bud.


Peonies can turn out to be air, lush and very voluminous. We put the napkin so that it turned out a rectangle. We form a harmonica. Bend the harmonica twice, and the place of bend is wrapped with thread or wire. Flying the resulting bud. Slap the scissors of the folds of folds, we get oblong petals. The thicker will be the harmonica, the magnificent will turn out the flower. It can also be used as a cheerful pompon, or as an element of decorative Topiary.

Flower compositions

Flower compositions are a very spectacular decor element. The buds of the manufactured colors fit into the overall composition, making up a panel, paintings. From artificial colors you can form bouquets of different levels of complexity.

Flowers-blanks can be glued with spherical bases, forming bright and memorable topiaries.


Dandelion is one of the most fun spring colors. You can easily make it easily, without having special skills. Multi-layer napkins are bright yellow. We fold the napkin four times several times before getting a small square, the side width of which is 6-7 cm. Taking advantage of the stapler, pierce the middle of the square crosswise with two paper clips.

The bends of the sides carefully cut the scissors. Cut the corners of the square to form a circle. We make small cuts around the perimeter, seeking the effect of fringe. The final stage - Fly Dandelion.

The principles of creating flowers and their applications are very much. Depending on what you want to get in the end - a gentle rose, a cheerful dandelion, a bright daisy or magnificent peony, - you choose the color, the texture of the source material, and also think about the size of the crafts.

There are no restrictions in this type of applied creativity. Perhaps you are, under the influence of a creative impulse, you can come up with something new and unusually beautiful. Dare, create, find yourself in this exciting lesson! Let it brings you a lot of pleasure. After all, as Max Fry said: "If you are enthusiastically to do your favorite thing, you can skip even the apocalypse."

Photo ideas of crafts from napkins

Napkins are a universal material from which you can make it easier to make the most interesting crafts. How do you, for example, the idea to make a garland? Or decor for the holiday. Sounds good, right? In this selection you will find master classes to create amazing and very pretty things. Some lessons are also designed for children.

The selection is designed to work both with simple paper napkins and with lace. Choose the presence of a material or simply inspire, and then adapt the craft to yourself. Something can become an independent accessory, and something is part of a big idea.

Decor cans

3424885_podelkiizsalfetoksvoimirukami1 (700x431, 63Kb)

Openwork wipes look very elegant. With their help, you can turn the usual glass jar or the most ordinary vase into a real masterpiece.

We need:

  • bank;
  • transparent glue;
  • velvet paper;
  • lace napkin;
  • Twine or braid.

Jar rinse and dry. The glue is better to apply not to the napkin, but on the bank itself. Make the layer as thin as possible and wait 5-10 seconds. Only after that apply the napkin - so you will avoid ilk.

Cut the heart from velvety paper. If she does not have a sticky edge, then glue the decor to the center of the napkin. Complete the crawl with twine or thread.

Vases are obtained very gentle - they will become an excellent decoration of the house.

Flowers on the wall

3424885_podelkiizsalfetoksvoimirukami2 (700x428, 76kb)

Flowers can be made absolutely any size. The more napkins you have, the greater the final accessory.

We need:

  • napkins;
  • cardboard;
  • threads;
  • Super glue.

To begin with, we will understand how to make a flower from a napkin. To do this, you will need the right circle. Cut it on a stencil or build a circulation. Next, attach it to napkins. Then just collect each napkin in the bud. You can use threads.

3424885_podelkiizsalfetoksvoimirukami3 (700x475, 51kb)

These decorations made of napkins are good by themselves, but try adding a little color, volume and quantity. From green napkins, you can cut the leaves. So your wall will turn into a stunningly beautiful flower bed.


3424885_podelkiizsalfetoksvoimirukami4 (700x313, 61kb)

Children's handicraft from napkins looks original, and it is very simple. It is not necessary to use a turtle. In the same way you can do, say, hedgehog or bunny.

We need:

  • billet;
  • markers;
  • PVA glue;
  • Colored napkins.

Cut out the outline of the future craft. Turtle draw easily. More complex images can be searched in stencils. And even easier - cut the picture from coloring, and then glued to the cardboard.

Napkins are swearing into small pieces, approximately equal in size. Ride from them balls. Each of the resulting lumps take a tweeze and omit in PVA glue by one end. Immediately press the blank to the cardboard. The remaining details Dorisuy Flomaster.

The resulting cradle from the napkins can be safely carrying the competition to a kindergarten or elementary school.


3424885_podelkiizsalfetoksvoimirukami5 (700x433, 34Kb)

Usually, similar things are made of fabric napkins, but in fact you can do and paper. The main thing is not to choose too thin. If necessary, glue two or three napkins so that their drawing coincides.

We need:

  • lace napkin;
  • Balloon;
  • PVA glue;
  • Candle in a cup.

Inflate the ball to a small size. Do not make it too voluminous - the candlestick will be flat. Melt one of the ball tissues with glue. Get the napkin. It is the most reasonable to hang the ball for drying time - tie him for a thread to something.

After 3-4 hours, push the ball with a needle and separate the napkin. The craftsman will be very fragile, so be as accurate as possible. In the center, put a candle in a glass. Just take the flame of which it does not rise too high, otherwise the product will be fire hazard.


3424885_podelkiizsalfetoksvoimirukami6 (700x436, 53kb)

Another child's handicraft from napkins is a bright applique. It can use small lumps and lush flowers.

We need:

  • Dense cardboard;
  • bright napkins;
  • PVA glue;
  • drawing.

On the cardboard make a large drawing. For example, a butterfly or something else. Very convenient to take a finished drawing from a children's coloring or unnecessary book. If you wish, paint the background in advance or move the drawing on the colored paper through the copier.

Make a few lush colors (they are performed from equal circles in diameter). The rest of the napkins brush into small pieces. Rock balls and lower them alternately in PVA glue. Dock the balls completely, and then attach to the cardboard.

If you have only white napkins, you can perform appliqués, and then paint the image. The glue will dry up and will not allow you to twist the wipes paint, so the craft is beautiful.


3424885_podelkiizsalfetoksvoimirukami7 (700x487, 72kb)

Suspended angels can become a decoration of a children's room or a Christmas tree toy. Also, they are easy to turn into greeting cards.

We need:

  • lace napkins (3 per angel);
  • paper dolls or pictures from the magazine;
  • glue stick.

Heads angels can be painted independently. But the easiest way will be cut ready-made images from postcards, children's magazines or somewhere else.

Take a round napkin - it will be the basis. Little above the center glit a doll. We turn the second napkin with a cone, glue it to the main part. The third napkin is cut in half - we form the sleeves from it, turning the details of the cone.

It remains only to add a fishing line, thread or rain to suspend angel. This handicraft will decorate the windows, shelves, walls or even flowers - children will like.


3424885_podelkiizsalfetoksvoimirukami8 (700x391, 42Kb)

Such a suspension decoration made of napkins may not only be a New Year. It can well be placed in the room without a special reason. You can also make it a wint of a romantic evening or use as a party decor.

We need:

Lace napkins are different forms, so it is precisely the easiest of them. If you have only round or square, cut out the shapes yourself.

For a children's holiday, bright colored napkins can be used, forming simple geometric shapes, hearts or flowers from them.

In the center of each napkin need to make a small hole. Skip the light bulb through it. It is very important to choose a high-quality garland, since the old Soviet illumination can be fire hazard.

This air decoration will accurately lead your guests delight. No one will think that you made such a gorgeous garland with your own hands, and also from simple napkins.

Festive decor

3424885_podelkiizsalfetoksvoimirukami9 (700x480, 50kb)

With the help of lace napkins, you can make a unique decor for any holiday, as well as originally issuing gifts or invitations.

We need:

  • lace napkins;
  • crafting paper;
  • twine;
  • glue stick;
  • Any decor.

The easiest way to make invitations or note the seating of guests at a solemn event. Just bend the crafting paper and stick a small piece of napkins to it. Add a beautiful font so that the guest's name looks elegantly.

In order for the original gifts to originally, we will need the same materials. Now it is very fashionable to wrap everything into the crafting paper. If you add an integer or carved napkin, it will be elegant. Stick the napkin on the adhesive pencil. Another glue is better not to use, as they can remain lower. Take a gift with twine or color cord and write a wish.

3424885_podelkiizsalfetoksvoimirukami10 (700x549, 75Kb)

In such a decor, it is taste, and just needed - add lace from napkins.

As you can see, working with napkins is easy, nice, and sometimes even fun. Some of these master classes will even starve children. We hope that you liked this selection, and you already evaluate your "strategic reserves". If there is not enough brightness, go to the gifts - today there is this good for every taste.

Good luck in creativity!

Such simple things like napkins that can be found on the dinner table are well suited to create all sorts of crafts. Such a versatile and inexpensive material can help achieve certain ideas in terms of interior.

On the eve of any holiday, you can create thematic decorations and to create them to attract even the most young households.

Such crafts from paper napkins will not take a long time, so it is not necessary to have a prerequisite for working with this material.

Interesting color monograms

After watching the photo of crafts from the napkins, namely multicolored monograms, it is simply impossible to abandon the idea of ​​repeating all this personally.

You can decorate the decor of the children's room in bright colors, using balls from napkins. A good option will be the use of the first letter of the family name or family name.

Formation of animals from napkins

All that is needed for crafts is a sheet of cardboard and napkins of different colors, it is possible to glue everything with PVA. Watching crafts from the napkins with their own hands, if everyone is sketched.

The figure of the selected animal must be drawn on the cardboard, and determine where every multicolored ball will be. Balls are made of napkins sliced ​​on squares, they just need to roll with fingers.

It is beautiful and gently glued with the compurrection of the pattern. In the same way, you can make crafts from napkins for children, and to show your love.

Crafts using colors

A good gift or decoration will be irresistible bouquets of flowers made using such material. Flowers not distinguish from alive, but if you use essential oils, you can make them more with aroma.

It would seem that light crafts from the napkins, and how many bright emotions can bring visitors such an event.

No need to spend time

You can create a unique composition at any time, and it is better not to postpone it for later.

After counting the number of available napkins and all the desired colors to create a masterpiece, you can choose the view of the plant itself, according to the scheme of which will be working.

Decor update has not yet been so simple and relaxed, it's time to move to the stage: crafts from napkins Step by step instructions.

Rose Manufacturing Instructions

The method is distinguished by its simplicity, you will not even need glue and scissors.

Using one napkin it is necessary to boot the material on the table and twist in the form of a tube. After this procedure, the distance is slightly more than half and remove the napkin, the bud is formed.

It remains to form petals, flexing the upper part. The stem is made from the bottom by twisting the napkin spiral.

Peony with her own hands

In order to get a lush flower, it is worth using multilayer napkins. Work consists of such steps:

  • It is necessary to decompose the napkin so that it turns out a rectangle in two layers.
  • Folded accordion workpiece should be associated than it is in the middle.
  • Starting from the center of the folds neatly shake.
  • The leg must be twisted from the wire.

Most lovers do something with their own hands and might not think that the masters of flowers are so simple.

Thanks to such master classes, it may seem that crafts from a napkin kindergarten, but do not need to be too self-confident, some skills are still needed.

Appliques will decorate the room and refresh the interior

Small pieces of napkins are pasted on a pre-prepared surface and create an applique. As a basis, you can take a regular cardboard sheet or a skip of suitable sizes, if all this is not, then dense wallpaper will be suitable.

Crafts with a thoughtful plot that contain many small details, fit well into the interior of any room.

Options for kitchens

The applique in the form of a lilac branch is very suitable for such a working room as a kitchen and betray the freshness, and mood during cooking. For the manufacture you will need a lot of colors and glue.

Colored green paper need to cut with hearts, it is future lilac leaves. From finely sliced ​​napkins need to roll small balls.

The sprig scheme must be drawn on the cardboard and determine the location of the leaves and the covers with flowers. All places to smear with glue and fix the blanks.

To achieve realism, you can use brown and sequins beads.

Holidays and celebrations

The availability of materials allows you to create a holiday atmosphere without reason. Crafts from gentle napkins will adequately decorate the interior on such days.

A stylish solution will prepare a photo of a zone in the original style, everything can be made with your own hands and with minimal costs for it. Thanks to the small weight of the crafts, the ceiling of the room can also be used.

Update furniture simply

One of the practical applications of napkins and crafts with their participation will be the decoration of furniture that was worn out over time.

You just need to apply glue and apply pictures selected on napkins, smoothing out everything with a roller. The result of such uncomplicated manipulations will be saved furniture and a beautiful modern interior.

This method can be decorated with furniture regardless of its shape and dimensions.

Photo crafts from napkins

The article provided this source.

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In order to make the interior of your home unusual, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money at all. It is enough to have some free time and a couple of packs of ordinary paper napkins. Of these, you can make it easier for interesting things to decorate the house, and the original gifts are close. Be sure to connect to the creation of crafts of children: working with napkins is safe and exciting.

We present to your attention the idea of ​​original crafts from napkins and detailed master classes to them.

Unusual doll

The doll from the napkins will probably have to taste your child. It can be used both as a toy and as an ornament for the children's room.

You will need:

  • Paper napkins of white and yellow colors,
  • Wipes with a pattern,
  • Bright ribbon,
  • White threads.

Step-by-step master class:

  1. From white napkins twist two dense tubes - torso and hands.
  2. We make hair: twist in two loose tubes yellow napkins, put their cross-cross-time on the torso, after which the torso bend.
  3. Threads separating the head.
  4. Tube for hands typing threads perpendicular to the body just below the head.
  5. From the napkin with a pattern, we make a dress and tie it to a doll with a ribbon in the belt area.

Original vase

Presented flowers will look at times more effectively, if they put them in an unusual vase made with their own hands. For the manufacture of such a vase you will need fir-handed materials that will surely have at home.

You will need:

  • Three canned jars from canned vegetables,
  • Paper towels (color - your taste),
  • Colored napkins,
  • can-opener,
  • Pencil, scissors, glue.

Step-by-step master class:

  1. We leave one empty cans with the bottom, we remove it with it.
  2. Banks put one on one, we glue the future vase with several layers of paper towels.
  3. We leave until complete drying.
  4. A simple pencil is applied on a vase drawings - flowers, hearts, etc.
  5. From colored napkins, we make balls of the corresponding sizes that glue to the drawings.

Christmas tree

To beautifully and originally decorate your home for the New Year holidays, it is not at all necessary to go shopping in search of souvenirs. Make a beautiful and original Christmas tree for the new year, which can become a highlight of your festive table, can be at home.

You will need:

  • A3 paper format,
  • Garpent and Green and Salad Wipes,
  • scissors, glue, pencil,
  • Rule, stapler.

Step-by-step master class:

  1. From paper, we make a cone, glue it, the bottom align.
  2. Folded 4 times the napkins cut on bending: two blanks from the napkin turns out.
  3. The resulting squares fasten in the center of the stapler.
  4. Gently fermenting the napkin to the center, starting from the top layer.
  5. We rase the resulting flower (you need to make it easily for about 50 flowers).
  6. We glue the flowers to the cone in a circle, starting below. Glue alternately: green flower - salad, etc. Between the flowers there should be no space.
  7. The top decorate to your taste.


Heart made of napkins with their own hands not only perfectly decorate the interior, but also can serve as a cute gift for his second half. In the process of manufacture, there is absolutely nothing complicated, and it will take a very little time to create crafts.

You will need:

  • Tight red cardboard
  • White and red napkins,
  • Pencil, scissors, glue.

Step-by-step master class:

  1. From dense cardboard, we cut a heart, from one edge we will supply your palm on it.
  2. Napkins cut into small squares, from which we form red and white balls.
  3. Red balls glue the whole surface of the heart, white - palm. Balls need to be glued close to each other so that no spaces remain.
  4. You can stick to the heart anything else that you will tell you your fantasy. If you wish, you can make a loop, then the heart can be hung.

Tender rose

The real decoration of your dwelling will be a tender rose from the napkins. Outwardly, it differs little from living and, unlike her, can please you for a very long time.

You will need:

  • Single-layer napkins (color depends on what roses you prefer),
  • Wire (not hard),
  • Satin ribbon,
  • Scissors, glue, thread.

Step-by-step master class:

  1. Single-layer napkin cut into four equal parts.
  2. One resulting box fold in half, make a cylinder from it and tighten it with a thread. Thus, we have the base of the rose core.
  3. The remaining squares cut the diagonally - we get triangles. We feed the straight angle, turn the core with the rest of the ends. Fix the resulting petal thread. We make the required number of petals.
  4. We take the wire, tightly turning it with a green napkin - it turns out a stalk. We glue the pre-cut sheets.
  5. Fresh rose to the stalk. Decorating satin ribbon. If you wish, you can make a whole bouquet.

Flowers for wall decoration

If you want your room to look really original, we bring to your attention instructions for the manufacture of simple, but beautiful colors. Such an element of the interior will be able to highlight your home and cause genuine delight of your guests.

You will need:

  • Napkins (colors - on your preference),
  • stapler
  • Double-sided tape,
  • glue, scissors.

Step-by-step master class:

  1. Deploy the napkin and fold it into the harmonica. We fold tightly so that the picture is well viewed well.
  2. For one flower you need to make three accordions.
  3. Scissors giving edges rounded shape.
  4. We connect the upper and lower edges of the accordion so that it turns out a semicircle. Fix them with a stapler or glue. The same is done with the remaining harmonica.
  5. We glue through three accordions: it turns out a kind of flower.
  6. We make many such flowers and with the help of bilateral tape decorate the selected wall.

As you can see, ordinary paper napkins are a universal thing: you can make a lot of beautiful and helpful crafts. Undoubted use is visible in everything: this is interesting time, and decorating your home, and joy for relatives who receive a gift from you, made by your hands. Watch the photo, choose what you liked it, and create!

Photo ideas of crafts from paper napkins

Paper napkins can be used not only in domestic and economic needs. By connecting fantasy, you can make a lot of simple and original crafts.

Appliques for the smallest

Even the smallest children will cope with the creation of paintings in the appliqué technique. If you dedicate some free time on these crafts from napkins, kindergarten with its endless competitions and exhibitions will not find more than the family of surprise.

The main principle is to tear off the pieces of napkins, twist in the balls and glued along the pre-prepared pattern or free.

Bouquet of lilac from napkins

In the work you will need:

  • one napkin white and lilac (pink) color;
  • ordinary or corrugated green paper;
  • glue;
  • cardboard sheet for base;
  • scissors.


  1. On a sheet of cardboard, a simple pencil draw the contours of future twigs.
  2. Napkins cut into squares with a length of 3 cm (can be carefully broken).
  3. Every square to smire in a dense lump.
  4. From green paper cut stems and lilac leaves, labeled.
  5. Loose based on lilac flowers, stick paper lumps. Follow them to be a lot, and they were delivered tight.
  6. Just do it with white flowers.
  7. Application is ready.

You can make a similar job, but the lilac branches will be located in a vase. Then it will be needed at the preparation stage to draw its contours and paste the vase carved from the colored paper.

Group works

A good option to take a small company or organize work in groups will be group crafts from napkins for children.

How to organize work in the group

You need to prepare patterns with simple drawings and clear contours. It is better if it is coloring for kids without small image fragments. Thought in advance what colors each part of the figure will be posted and prepare the napkins of these colors.

There will be only to distribute colors (and tasks) between children and joint creativity can be started. Each child is given napkins of the same color, and stipulates a type of shared work.

Water lilies from napkins

Having mastered the simple technique of folding lilies in the Origami technique, it will be possible to significantly simplify life. Now there is nothing to take children in a cafe while waiting for the order. Or than to distract them to the hot minutes of preparation of the apartment to receive guests. No confusion from toys plus table decoration.

Water Lily Assembly Scheme

These crafts are created from paper napkins so:

  1. Expand the napkin into one layer, bend and disperse diagonally.
  2. Breast to the center all corners of the figure.
  3. Back to the center formed angles.
  4. Repeat this action again (already the third).
  5. Turn over the workpiece and bend all the corners to the center.
  6. Turn over the workpiece. For the convenience of further work, placing it on an inverted cup.
  7. Bend sequentially all the corners from the center to the edges.
  8. Remove the flower from the cup, if necessary, stronger straighten the petals.
  9. Water lily is ready.

Fluffy napkin flowers

In order to make such a flower, you will need to fold the napkin twice in half and the resulting bulk square is pierced in the center of the stapler. Next, cut the circle from the workpiece.

Optionally, you can cut its edge with fringe. Each paper layer must be raised to the center and roll tightly. As a result, it turns out a fluffy multi-layer flower.

Use of fluffy colors

In the photo of crafts from napkins presented some options where such flowers can be found:

  • Volumetric souvenir baskets;
  • postcards;
  • panel and appliqués;
  • Wreaths on the head to thematic holidays and matinees.

Often such flowers are associated with cloves, therefore apply in creative projects to May holidays. But not only.

Christmas tree for the new year

On the eve of the New Year holidays, light crafts from napkins will also be relevant. Decorate the desktop in the office or at home, cope with the school task, to prepare a present for relatives - for all this there is a Christmas tree.

To make it, you need:

  • green napkins;
  • Two sheets of cardboard (for frame);
  • stapler;
  • glue;
  • Decorations (rain, beads, sequins).

Basic element of the Christmas tree - fluffy flower. It is done as carnations, the above described crafts from napkins. Step-by-step instructions for assembling the Christmas tree looks like this.

  1. Two from cardboard cone - the basis of the future Christmas tree. Fix the stapler.
  2. Prepare the necessary number of green "flowers" - Christmas tree elements.
  3. Glue or spiral fluffy flowers. You can use or thick PVA glue, or "moment".
  4. Decorate the Christmas tree to taste. Often used pieces of rain, sequins, foil balls, decorative beads. You can cut and miniature paper snowflakes.
  5. Christmas tree is ready.

Festive decorations - numbers

Large volumetric numbers are very popular, symbolizing the age of the birthday room. Photos with them are always spectacular.

For the manufacture of any figures you will need:

  • cardboard (very well suited boxes from household appliances);
  • Normal or greasy tape;
  • pencil and ruler;
  • scissors and stationery knife;
  • stapler;
  • napkins;
  • Glue PVA or "moment."

Instructions for creating numbers

  1. Make a bulk frame. Fill the pattern of numbers in two copies, the sidewall is a cardboard band of an equal width. Glue the design of the scotch.
  2. Prepare a sufficient amount of fluffy florals from napkins as described above.
  3. Flowers glue to frame.

The figure is ready. Additionally, decorated with ribbons, bows, crowns and memorable characters for the birthday name.

Volumetric roses on stems

Another option to craft from the napkins do it yourself - a bouquet of roses. For its manufacture, you will need:

  • Napkins of different colors;
  • needle or thin pencil;
  • wire;
  • Green corrugated paper.

How to make a rose

Depending on the size of the finished flower, the napkins need to be cut into squares of different sizes (or not to cut them at all if the rose is large). Each square is up to half to the needles, then squeeze from the edges and get the needles. Make such billets 6-10 pieces.

On the wire alternate all the petals, revealing them all stronger as the flower extension. Fix the blank of a green paper strip. It is copped with all the wire along the length, imitating the stem. At the request of a few sheets. Rose is ready.

Where to put roses

Reliable support for roses from napkins do not fold. You can continue paper creativity and make a vase in the technique:

  • simple origami;
  • modular origami;
  • Decoupage.

Or glue it from cardboard or take advantage of a real vase.

Photo crafts from napkins

Crafts from napkinsNot all needlewomen are known to decorate the interior or prepare an inexpensive gift for their relatives or close friends using conventional paper napkins. Decoration for the festive table, Christmas toys, snowflakes on the Christmas tree, Origami Animal, Christmas decoupage and other decor are just a small part of what can be made from this simple material. Detailed and step-by-step master classes, as well as visual photos, presented in this article will help you quickly and correctly make crafts from napkins with your own hands. You can also participate in this exciting process and your children, since the common needlework does not only bring together a family, but also contributes to the development of the creative abilities of your kids.

Rainbow Monogram

By making repairs in the nursery, you can place the baby's monogram on the wall, decorated with a rainbow ornament from paper napkins on the wall. For this we need the following materials:

  • Simple pencil;
  • Napkins seven rainbow colors;
  • Dense cardboard;
  • Cord for looping;
  • Glue - moment or pva;
  • Ruler and scissors;
  • Additional decor for decoration - leaves, ladybugs, flowers, butterflies.

Step by step guide

  1. The first thing is made sketch of the monogram from the intertwined initial letters of the name and name.
  2. The image is then transferred on an enlarged scale using cell reception on the A4 sheet. You can make this part of the work on the computer.
  3. After cautious cutting letters, the monogram pattern is obtained, which will be burned on the cardboard and cuts out.
  4. On the front side there is a markup from top to seven equal intervals. Strips are better to be placed under the tilt, although direct, arc or zigzag location is allowed.
  5. Multicolored napkins should be cut into squares, the value of which is selected independently, based on their desired dimensions from them when rolling the balls.
  6. First, red balls are made and glued to the upper strip, then the next strip is orange and so on to the end, according to the order of flowers in the rainbow. That is, the next will be yellow, then green, blue, blue and purple strip.
  7. When he driving down the books in the book, it remains to stick to it from the wrong side of the loop, add the decor and hang the decoration on the wall.

colors of rainbow

Bright and beautiful rainbow monogram from napkins will be an excellent addition to the interior

Children's room

And the kids themselves will certainly be glad to decorate.

Elegant monogram in rainbow colors

Elegant monogram in rainbow colors

Funny figures from the balls of multicolored napkins

Funny figures from the balls of multicolored napkins

Beautiful flowers

From paper napkins is easy to make a festive decoration for a table or gift box in the form of flowers. For work, we need the following materials:

  • Scissors;
  • Adhesive pencil or PVA glue;
  • Durable thread;
  • The tubule performing the role of the stem if a bouquet is planned.

Step-by-step master class

  1. From the napkin there is a harmonica with a width of each fold equal to one centimeter. In order for the product to be neat, it is advisable to make marking on both sides.
  2. Without unfolding the harmonic, you should put it with a flat side on the table and folded in half to find the middle. On this line, the folded napkin is bonded by a durable thread.
  3. The free ends of the harmonica are spinning with scissors.
  4. It remains to fluff out the flower and glue the folds to get a spectacular corrugated circle.
Beautiful flower made of paper napkins made by hand

Beautiful flower made of paper napkins made by hand

Take an original gift, decorated with your own hands, doubly pleasant

Take an original gift, decorated with your own hands, doubly pleasant

Make a similar decoration for the table can be used for half an hour

Make a similar decoration for the table can be used for half an hour

Crafts from napkins will become an excellent decoration of your home and the chief attribute of the celebration

Crafts from napkins will become an excellent decoration of your home and the chief attribute of the celebration

You can bind over several flowers of different types. The resulting terry option will be superbly looked as an ornament on a box, a frame for photos or a bouquet, especially if you attach the flower on an improvised stalk - tube.

Spectacular rose

Very beautiful and unusual, crafts from napkins in the form of roses are obtained. For making them, they will need:

  • Single-layer napkins;
  • Scissors;
  • Decorative tape or thread;
  • Soft wire;

Manufacturing Guide

  1. One of the napkins is required to cut into four equal parts. One of them is folded in half and twisted along the short side in a non-tight cylinder. On the one hand, it is tightened by thread. This will be the base of the flower core.
  2. The remaining squares are cut diagonally. The straight angle of the resulting triangle is rejected, and the remaining ends are free enough to wrap the core, consolidating the resulting petal thread. Their quantity can be different and is determined during the work.
  3. To make a bouquet, the stalks are made. It may be thick copper wire, wrapped with a strip of napkin desired color. In the process of wrapping, you can attach a paper sheet.
Beautiful and gentle bouquet of scarlet roses will be an excellent decoration for a festive table.

Beautiful and gentle bouquet of scarlet roses will be an excellent decoration for a festive table.

Rose is a symbol of love and perfection. This is a great piece of decor, which can be the original decoration for your interior.

Rose is a symbol of love and perfection. This is a great piece of decor, which can be the original decoration for your interior.

flower composition

An interesting flower composition can be made of several multilayer napkins. List of essential materials:

  • Scissors;
  • Stapler;
  • The basis, which can be used a foam ball or a crumpled newspaper, wrapped for fixing the shape of threads.
  • PVA glue.

We do with your own hands

  1. From the napkin circle with a diameter of about 14 cm. This size may vary depending on the dimensions of the napkin and the magnitudes of the drawers. To give the flower greater expressiveness, the edges of the circle are rolling with a bright felt-tip pen of a contrast to the overall color background.
  2. Exactly in the middle of the carved circle is bonded by the stapler with two brackets.
  3. Now it is separated and the top layer rises, folding out a beautiful zigzag. In the same way, all the subsequent layers alternately are laid out.
  4. Having made about 16 flowers, you can fix them with the help of glue to the base, placing the ball over the entire surface, close to each other.
  5. Next, between the flowers you can position the paper leaflets of green, it will give the composition a more spectacular look.
  6. It remains to put an attached ball in a beautiful kashpo or a vase, making it a full-fledged decorative element of the interior.
Step-by-step instruction of a flower paper paper napkin

Step-by-step instruction of a flower paper paper napkin

Original color paper flower

Original color paper flower

Wonderful red Astra, made with their own hands from a paper napkin, will always remind you of summer

Wonderful red Astra, made with their own hands from a paper napkin, will always remind you of summer

This composition can be made not only from paper napkins, but also another suitable for this material, such as corrugated paper or color felt.

Sophisticated spring vase

Crafts from napkins are not limited to colors alone. From this wonderful material, you can make or arrange almost anything, such as a decorative colors vase. To make an unusual vase, you will need to be stocking the following material:

  • Napkins with elegant vegetable or animal ornament;
  • Bank - tin from under coffee or juice;
  • Acrylic white paint and putty;
  • PVA glue;
  • Stack;
  • Brushes.

detailed instructions

  1. The bank is covered with paint on both sides, after which he sucked in a well-ventilated room.
  2. From the napkins carefully separates the upper thin layer, where the picture is located. Fragments needed for composition, fragments of pictures are circling with fingers. It is undesirable to cut them with scissors, so in this case it turns out too smooth edge.
  3. The next monophonic layer passes on the prepared bank outside, taking off the small pieces on the principle of Papier-Masha.
  4. Acrylic putty with uneven smears is applied along the upper cut of the can, masking it.
  5. Next, on one side of the future vase from top to bottom, a trunk and branches are formed with a stack.
  6. The glue composition is divorced from one and a half pieces of PVA and one part of the water. Fragments with leaves, birds, butterflies, forest animals are placed on the surface of the cans in accordance with the composite intent and above the brush with an adhesive solution. When gluing it is important to apply movements from the center of the fragment to the edges, carefully, but carefully smoothing it, trying not to break.
  7. Having covered the entire surface of the vase, the neck is painted in the main background. For staining of branches and trunk, brown paint is taken, which is filled with all irregularities.
  8. After the trunk is dry, decorative protrusions are highlighted with a sponge with a sponge. For this, the sponge is slightly pressed against the desired section of the improvised barrel without indulgence. The light effect of golden plaque can be made throughout the surface of the vase.
Vase with your own hands - a beautiful and affordable accessory, allowing you to transform your interior

Vase with your own hands - a beautiful and affordable accessory, allowing you to transform your interior

To secure the decor, the dried surface is covered with colorless varnish. In such a vase, bouquets of field and garden flowers will look great.

Unusual vase with bulk ornament

If it urgently needed a high vase for your favorite colors, and in the store there are no product room suitable for the interior, you can easily make it from the girlfriend, spending a small amount of money. Materials for the manufacture of vase:

  • PVA glue;
  • Can-opener;
  • Scissors;
  • Paper towels, tone coinciding with the color of the wallpaper;
  • Three or four peas banks;
  • Napkins contrasting to the main color background;
  • Simple pencil.

Step-by-step master class

  1. Initially, empty jars are prepared. One remains with the bottom, and the rest it is cut.
  2. Further, the prepared jars are invested in one to another, forming the desired height of the future vase.
  3. With the help of PVA glue, construction is placed with paper towels. It will take at least three layers.
  4. After complete drying, a simple pencil is applied with a drawing. It is more convenient to make it from large geometric shapes that make up an interesting abstract composition. It can also be hearts, flowers, butterflies according to their own creative ideas.
  5. From the squares cut from napkins, the balls are formed, which are filled with depicted figures.
Elegant and practical vase made of cans

Elegant and practical vase made of cans

Crafts from napkins for interior decoration (photo)

Crafts from napkins can also serve as an excellent decor for any festive event. To decorate the wall with ordinary paper napkins and create a cheerful atmosphere, will not be difficult even for beginners in this matter. To do this, we need:

  • Napkins;
  • Scissors;
  • Stapler;
  • PVA glue;
  • Leske or thread.

Make a decor from napkins

  1. We take napkins in the desired color scheme. It is better to combine several colors, so the festive decor will be more elegant.
  2. The folded napkin is fully deployed and from such a position we begin to fold it into the harmonica. It is necessary to fold it so that each new bending coincides with the previous, the width of the folded bend (strips) should be about 2-3 cm.
  3. After the whole napkin is folded, it needs to be thicker in both sides, so that each break is clearly expressed.
  4. According to the center, the napkin is carefully felt in half. We will need three such harmonica, so we make two more.
  5. Next, we take scissors and spin the edge of the folded napkin. We try to do it so that the edges of the harmonica do not move and the cut was smooth. Crop the napkins can be in various variations so that the finished products differ from each other.
  6. Having taken the edges of the napkins, we reduce the upper and lower part together, to form a semicircle, fix it with a stapler or PVA glue. In the same way, we do with each harmonica.
  7. It remains to glue all our billets among themselves. As a result, we must have a corrugated circle, resembling a flower.
  8. Finished products are suspended on the thread or glued to the wall double-sided scotch.
Flower manufacturing steps from paper napkin

Flower manufacturing steps from paper napkin

The design of walls with a decor from the napkin is of great popularity among the masters of decoupage

The design of walls with a decor from the napkin is of great popularity among the masters of decoupage

Bright and stylish kitchen decoration that will give everyone a good and fun mood

Bright and stylish kitchen decoration that will give everyone a good and fun mood

Flowers made of paper napkins will look very beautiful on wooden legs. Material for them can serve as color pencils, toothpicks or spanks

Flowers made of paper napkins will look very beautiful on wooden legs. Material for them can serve as color pencils, toothpicks or spanks

Using colored napkins, you can organize an excellent photo model

Using colored napkins, you can organize an excellent photo model

You can make crafts from the napkins with your own hands in various ways, we also led to you the most popular and simple, to cope with which everyone can.

Simple paper napkins can be used not only as a standard attribute of the dining table, but also as an affordable raw material for the manufacture of original crafts. Universal material is suitable for creating an independent decor or parts of one big idea. Crafts from napkins require minimal financial investments. Having studied detailed instructions, create bulk decorations or a sophisticated panel to any holiday will be able to anyone or even a child of younger age. For the implementation of most interesting ideas will be required only a few minutes.

Bright monograms and figures of animals

Multicolored monogram decorated with bright balls from napkins will become an excellent decoration of the children's room. The decor of such a focus can also be used in the living room with the application of the first letter of the family name. Small paper rolling technique can be used to make various animal figures on the plane.

For the manufacture of simple crafts, the sheet of cardboard will be required, multicolored napkins, PVA glue. First of all, make a sketch. If this is a monogram - draw curly letters and make slots. We prepare paper lumps. It is better to make them as much as possible. So the handicraft will seem lush. Fresh pieces of napkins chaotically or on the planned plan. On the reverse side of the monogram, add a lace and hinder a bright product for a prominent place.

An animal figurine is transferred via stencil on cardboard. Now we place the drawing and determine the location of each multicolored ball. Deploy napkins, cut into squares and roll balls. We distribute them in the picture according to the scheme and glue. Beautifully look in advance glued ears, eyes, nose.

Elephant of napkins

Creating flowers and flower compositions

Stunning bright bouquets and single flowers from napkins will decorate any event, will become an excellent gift. The only lack of a paper decor, in the absence of a natural flavor, can be easily corrected if the essential oil drops on it. Paper flower created in the simplest technique, long retains attractiveness.

You need to create right now. The choice of the scheme and the plant itself will depend on the number of available napkins and their colors. Create a unique homemade decor is very simple, it is enough to move to the intended target, using as a hint, the following workshops.

Flowers from napkins

rose flower

Make a queen of paper flowers in several ways. The easiest - twist it from a single napkin without the use of scissors and glue. We spread the material and lay it on the table. One edge capture the index and middle fingers, twist in the tube. Measure the visual 2/3 and fermenting the napkin, forming a bud. Filing an arbitrarily upper part by imitating the drop-down petals. From the bottom of the tube, we make stem - twist the napkin with a spiral.

Napkins and wire Cut and twist the petals We make a ball from napkins and secure on a wire Tighten the napkin on the ball Wind the green napkin stemCollect buton from petals Last petal fix glue Twist napkins for spikes Glue four tubes under bud Then to the stalk glue leaves

A beautiful rose can be made of a dense three-layer blank. White elegant product will decorate a glass on any table. We straighten a large napkin. We bend one angle by 1-2 cm and fold, pressing to the very end. The resulting strip twist. Holding down, extend the upper petals, put in a glass or a glass.

Roses from napkins


Make a magnificent peony from a multi-layer napkin of any color. You can give a realistic product by tearing off one strip of folded paper in the places of bends. To quickly create several elements for lush craft, the following step-by-step master class is presented:

  • Lay out the napkin in one movement, we get a two-layer rectangle;
  • We fold the harmonic workpiece, tie a broken piece of paper or thread in the middle;
  • Flush the fuel folds from both sides from the center;
  • We turn the wire leg or prepare several multicolored blanks for other crafts.

We turn the napkin diagonally Cut corners Deploy Making core We spread the petalsPeony from napkins


Original cloves on the leg will result from a thin bright napkin. Billets will be square elements in the size of the planned flower. We fold them in half and diagonally. Cutting neatly the edge of the triangle. Little hole will be the center of the flower. On the opposite side of the workpiece, we make an arcuate cut and form the edge of the head.

According to the same scheme, it is necessary to make a minimum of 5 blanks. The more items will be, the more magnificent will be the carnation. Now go to the formation of the flower head. As a base, you can use hard wire, a long match for the fireplace, a pencil. We ride each curly detail and glue with each other in the central part. We grind each petal. The stem can be wrapped with green ribbon, colored corrugated paper, foil.

Carnations from napkins

Topicia from napkins

Topiary from any decorative material looks stylish and original. But the beautiful tree from the napkins is much easier. It can be a snaps in the form of a circle, stars, heart. The components of the elements may also differ. We use paper roses, dandelions, peonies, asters more often. It is enough to proceed to the preparation of materials and the original ideas will come to mind.

Ready Topiary from Napkins is a great gift for any celebration or just a memorable accessory. For the manufacture of an extraordinary craft, the following materials will be required:

  • Kashpo, flower pot;
  • Newspapers, napkins;
  • Several wood branches;
  • Threads, stapler;
  • Scotch, glue;
  • Mixture of cement and sand.

We prepare a beautiful kashpo and fall asleep sand and cement in it. Add some water and make a solution. In the center, we set the tight branch and decorate the base of the improvised barrel with small pebbles or glass. If desired, the composition can be refined and crushing the central wood with flexible rods. Small elements fix transparent scotch.

Making a crown of newspapers and threads We form buds Glue them to the crown Decorating ribbons Watch the jar with a cloth for a stand

While the pot in the pot dries, proceed to the formation of the center of Topiaria. For this, I suffer a few newspapers, turn the resulting ball with a solid printed edition, fix threads. Go to the manufacture of colors. We fold the napkin in half twice and fix the stapler. We are growing the edges of each layer. According to this principle, we make the right number of flowers. It remains to glue them to the newspaper ball and decorate the beads.

Topicia from napkins

Appliques and paintings from napkins

The essence of applications is to glue small elements from the napkin on the prepared surface. The base for the original picture can be a sheet of cardboard, a piece of dense wallpaper, any flat plank. At first glance, the exercise may seem like a children's and primitive. But if you come up with a complex plot of a variety of details, it can be easily used as a stylish interior decor.

The appropriate option for the hall, the kitchen is the applique from the napkin "Lilac Spread". To make a craft, you will need to prepare a piece of green paper, pink, white, lilac wipes, glue. From the colored paper cut the sheets in the form of hearts. For the picture in size A 4, 10-15 pieces will be enough. Napkins are swearing on small pieces and roll loose balls.

We draw on the cardboard the scheme of the future twig, we determine the place of leaves and the covers of colors. Designed places with glue and fix the details. The thickened start of the branch can be decorated with brown beads, dark sparkles.

Picture of napkins

Decorations for interior and holidays

Create a festive atmosphere without reason can be at any time from available materials. Different interior decoration will be various crafts from gentle napkins. Prepare for the celebration, make the original photoozone with your own hands, without spending money and time. DIY are small weight, so they can safely grieve and tubing to the ceiling, lighting devices. They are easily fasten with PVA liner or scotch with each other and the basis of almost any material.

Decor from napkins in the interior


Beautiful room decoration can be made of snow-white napkins. Several garlands descending along the wall will create a breathable heat atmosphere and raise the mood. Such a decor is not only pleasant for the eyes, but also visually raises the ceilings, create a stunning background for home photos.

The packaging of white wipes, scissors, several thin satin ribbons of light tones will be required. Create a gentle garland in just an hour can be carried out in stages of the following actions:

  1. We turn the napkin with a triangle of three additions;
  2. Cut a semicircle corner;
  3. We put the resulting details on each other in a checker;
  4. We clamp from the bottom in the center and twist, fix glue, thread, stapler;
  5. Run all the petals, give the most round shape;
  6. We prepare the necessary number of floweries thus;
  7. Cut the right amount of tape;
  8. Fix the products with the help of bilateral scotch.

Garland from napkins

Surround balls from openwork napkins

Openwork napkins - decoration of any festive table. Got the original look, to convey the New Year's New Year, the Christmas atmosphere, if you make volumetric balls from them. They look great in any interior. They can be hung on ribbons, put in a beautiful vase, under the Christmas tree.

It will take round openwork wipes, multicolored ropes, stapler, glue. We fold the paper in half, without running to the end. Also, only the center of the bend is needed. Bend paper again and fix the stapler. It will be necessary to make 10 similar details. We take a whole napkin and braid to her - it will be the basis for fixing the elements. For each side it is necessary to glue the 5rd of the same details opposite each other.

Put the ball of threads Making buds Glue buds on the ball Cut leaves Fill out gaps leaves

It is possible to do without the base and glue, covering the workpiece between themselves the stapler, two-way scotch. First they collect 4 pieces, then connect two halves.

Ball from napkins

Wall decoration for photowons

Background from napkins is the most popular and budget. A large number of ideas, colors, type of material allows you to issue any zone according to the topic of the holiday. Paper raw materials will need a lot, but the effect of pomp will be worth it. An unusual idea will surprise guests, makes little households.

For the manufacture of large crafts, you can use as the basis of Phaneur, lining or cardboard. In the latter case, the photowon will be not only lush and beautiful, but also mobile. Also for the basics are prefabricated parts of the former boxes from large-sized equipment.

The decoration of the walls can be standard pumps or flower assortment of various sizes. It is better to make several accents allocated. To do this, we grind 15 napkins, put them on each other and turn the harmonica. We associate in the center of the tape and cut off the semicircle of the edge. Now we raise each piece of the napkin up and give the volume. Several large flowers should be distributed from one corner to another or chaotic. The remaining elements can be different color and size.

Photowon from napkins

Birthday and anniversary figures

You can decorate a popular decorative element in various colors options. Many young mothers are passionate about the creation of such a craft, especially on the first birthday of the child. The original surprise in the form of a bulk digit from the napkins would like to receive on the anniversary, no doubt any adult. For its independent manufacture, the following materials will be required:

  • The basis - foam fit, cardboard boxes. Young mothers often use packaging from baby food, glue from them the required frame;
  • Napkins - several packs of one or different colors;
  • Fastening - You can use glue, threads, skewers, bilateral tape;
  • Scissors - for the formation of edges of paper products.

First of all, a frame should be made, gluing the existing boxes according to the scheme. Now we prepare flowers from napkins. It can be roses, peonies or just lush pumps. The easiest option is to fold several transparent papers, roll the harmonica, fasten and straighten the edge. Than more details, the less they will be required for the figure. We glue the elements to the cardboard billet, we are placing the edges of the fine paper.

Birthday figures from napkins

Christmas angel

Simple geomets of snow-white napkins will decorate the room in Christmas evening. The intricate figures will turn out beautiful and festive from any, even a small master. For the manufacture of one angel, you will need three napkins, white and yellow threads, scissors, glue, blue marker.

We make a ball of synthet board and have a napkin centered Watching a ribbon Making the harmonica wing Wings tie to calf Crouching the wings in proportion to Taurus

We deploy one napkin, roll it into the ball. The second straightening to half and envelop the paper lumps, tie the white thread. It turned out an angel head and a disheveled dress. The remaining napkin ferment the harmonica from the corner to the corner and fix the middle - it will be wings. We connect the details of the glue. From yellow threads make Nimb. We wind them in several layers of two fingers. Remove and scroll down a bit. Then we glue an angel. Place your eyes with felt-tip pen and send it on the Christmas tree.

Napkin Christmas Angel

Christmas wreath

For the manufacture of an interesting Christmas attribute, only a couple of hours of time and minimum of materials will be required. It is necessary to prepare white or green napkins, you can also use both colors at once, foam base for wreath, 6 large shiny beads, glue, round template (for example, plate). The craft creation process will be interesting and easy if you follow the next step-by-step instructions:

  1. We prepare the elements. We grow up the napkins and cut out in the form of a circle;
  2. We fold the circles three times and glue the middle from the inside;
  3. Krepim parts to the base;
  4. We decorate wreath beads, evenly distributing the decor from each other.

If, when cutting round parts, billets use corrugated scissors, the edges of the pumps are called patterned, and the wreath itself is more lush.

Christmas wreath from napkins

Christmas tree from napkins

Unusual Christmas Beauty will come out of simple green napkins. The cracker can make any size as miniature, to decorate the festive table, and large, as a substitute for natural ate. It will be a great gift to relatives and colleagues, as the decor made by their own hand will give a part of the master's soul, fill the house comfort.

Make a Christmas tree can be made of materials, which is certainly available in every home. You will need cardboard for frame, napkins, scissors and glue. First of all, we prepare the base - we turn the sheet of tight paper by type of cone, flatter the lower edge for better stability. Creare the wrapped edges can be stapler, glue or scotch.

Improvised twigs can be made of fluffy paper pumps. Collect billets as peony or chrysanthemum flowers. Then glued on the frame, observing the dimension from the bottom to the top.

Make a cone Filling with newspapers We are preparing buds from napkins Glue to cone Decorating beads

Also use ornaments from napkins in the form of flirty rushes. Cutting strips 3-5 cm in width, stripped on a thread and tightened. Then the elements are glued to the cone on the helix. You can use beads and bows from ribbons as decor.

Christmas tree from napkins

How beautifully folded napkins for the holiday table

Beautiful placement of napkins on a festive table is one of the main winbled decor options. This may be a simple addition or a bold spectacular idea in the form of a swirling figure. Single elements are placed right on the plates, in the glasses, for compositions, especially place in the napkinite. Translucent paper of different colors, a competent combination can be a unique element of the thematic design of the feast.

Napkins on the table

Easter bunny

To create a cute bunny, you will need a monophonic square napkin of any color. We put it on one turn. The resulting double rectangle bend in half in half. We celebrate the middle and bend the edges to the center. Now the lower corners alternately fell. A multilayer rhombus with even central bends should be turned out.

We fold the napkin in half Then again in half Crawle left corner Also bend the right corner Bending to the center bottom cornersBend the left corner to the center Bend the right corner to the center We drive the top corner back Bend the right angle for the central line Bend the left corner in pockets

We drive alternately to the center of both corners. They must meet in the center and be equally even. We turn over the workpiece on the other side and send the lower angle forward. Bokes should form pockets from additions. We fold the product as if in the tube, and send one end to the appeared pocket. We put the ears and a bunny face with your hands. The bottom is stable.


Christmas tree

Flat single matures from napkins will decorate any New Year's table. You can make a handicraft of any thematic orientation, but the most suitable will be a green Christmas tree on the entire plate. Fast and properly folded thin paper will help the next master class:

  1. We have a square on the table so that the open cuts look down;
  2. We raise the top layer and bend up, without bringing 1 cm to the complete connection;
  3. The next layer raise in the same way, we leave a place in 1 cm to the edge of the previous element;
  4. With the remaining two details, we carry out the same manipulations;
  5. Turn over the billet for the opposite direction to form a contour;
  6. At right angles, we sweep both sides to the center;
  7. We deploy the craft to the face and sweep the corner;
  8. We begin to refill tips from top to bottom using closed scissors or ruler;
  9. Each layer must be installed in the previous one;
  10. We put the wavy Christmas tree on the plate and decorate the red star from the felt.

Новогодняя елочка из салфеток на столе

Ballerina from napkins and wire

The weightless handicraft from napkins and wire will decorate any room. Tender, graceful ballerinas can be used as suspension, put on a festive table, hang on the Christmas tree. To work, it will take a piece of flexible wire, several napkins, glue, scissors.

First we make a frame. Twisting body, hands, legs from two wires. Brushes, feet, do the head in the form of loops. Then cut the napkins on the same strips and wind the entire frame of the crafts. So that thin paper is well joined, the tips can be a little wet.

For the manufacture of the pack, you will need to straighten one napkin, cut into four squares. We put the details on each other and turn two times to get an acute triangle. Squeeze and scroll through the paper with your hands - give the texture. We twisted the lower edge of the future skirt.

Делаем каркас из проволоки Оборачиваем салфетками Делаем юбку Одеваем юбку на каркас Ниткой обматываем талию

Now we dress the ballerina in weightless outfit. To do this, make slots for the head and handles and put the dress on the frame. In the waist area we associate a thread or brilliant ribbon. You can decorate the head as beads, make a paper kokoshnik, crown, hoop.

Ballerina from napkins and wire

Napkin doll to Maslenitsa

Preparation for spring holidays takes place with a special trepidation. The manufacture of ritual dolls on the carnival has long been a well-established tradition. Beautiful crafts from napkins will become an excellent gift, will decorate a plate with pancakes and other treats. To create a miniature beauty of the carnival, several multi-layer thin sheets, threads, scissors will be required. We will act like this:

  1. We prepare four napkins of different colors;
  2. Lay out one part on the table with a pattern down, bend opposite angles to the center;
  3. From another napkin, roll the ball and put on the intersection of the edges of the curved blank;
  4. I turn over the future doll and cover the area with a ball with a circle of white color;
  5. We form a head in the form of a bowl, tie threads;
  6. Another napkin twist the tube, tie the ends - it will be a lush sleeves;
  7. I wake hands for the basis and tie on the belt;
  8. We make a handkerchief from a bright piece of moto napkins - fold it with a triangle and tackle on my head. Ends fix glue.

Napkin doll to Maslenitsa

Design of gifts

With your own hands, you can make not only the original packaging for the gift, but also decorate it with bright napkins. We will use the most simple materials in the next workshop: empty packaging packaging, two colors napkins (for example, red and pink). Also need glue, figured and simple holes.

We prepare the box - remove the glossy layer with the information of the manufacturer. We accumulate it from all sides with a napkin brighter. When the gift box is dry, cutting up the paper protruding over the edges and proceed to the decor. We take a pink napkin, ferment and glue, without palacing, on the product. Red billet divide on 4 squares and twist from each flagella. Then we lubricate the tube with glue, with the effort we wake on the knob along the helix.

Оформление подарков салфетками

When all the details are dried, we glue the harnesses on the pink background, imitating an uneven twig. Powerbed make flowers from white album sheet and slightly twisted them leafles. We combine petals with displacement to the center and glue to red twigs. Mains can be decorated with a napkin rolled into a lump.

Новогодний декор

Use napkins for decoupage in the interior

For deutpage, special multi-layer napkins with a stronger top layer are used, but conventional table elements are also suitable, provided that the decoration will be very careful. So that the product does not rush and better glue, the needlewomen use some tricks: they are applied to the surface of the hair with hair or gluing them using the file.

Декупаж из салфеток

Decorate, refresh any subject of the interior in the technique of decoupage is very simple. To begin with, you should choose and prepare a suitable surface (table, chest of drawers, frame frame, etc.), select napkins with thematic picture. For work it will be necessary for paper material, PVA glue, roller, brushes.


It is possible to decorate various furniture and accessories, you can completely salary paper or partially cutting separate motifs. In any case, the work implies the applying of glue on the surface and applying the picture. Then the decor is spilled with a roller or a soft brush. In such a technique, you can easily decorate the details of the interior of any form.



Even the simplest decor made by their own hands will look more pleasant to the purchased standard accessories. From a huge number of ideas, you can pick up a suitable scheme for crafts for every taste. Creation classes will give pleasure to adults and children. Of the minimum set of materials, you can create an original interior decoration in just a few minutes.

Crafts from napkins do it with their own hands are extremely popular among the masters of needlework. Every day, more and more ideas that may interest everyone appear. From ordinary materials you can make artwork.

From simple paper napkins, you can make beautiful and unusual crafts that will decorate any room and become a memorable gift for every day.

To make them not need special skills or intricate materials. Decorations and souvenirs can get from the subwoofers, and the photo of the crafts from the napkins will help to determine the option.


Light crafts from napkins


The most beautiful flowers that appear in early spring after the snowdrops. But such flowers can be made it from napkins.

To make such beautiful and unpretentious flowers you need multi-layer wipes of yellow and stapler.

Take the napkin and cut it on the same squares. They should not be too big, approximately like matchboxes. But, if you want to make big dandelions, the squares can be much more.

Fold the squares together and secure with a stapler in the center. You can bore and thread, but the first option is very convenient and simple.

Now you need to make a round one from the square. To do this, take the scissors, and cut the square. After the circles are ready, make small cuts around the perimeter.

With napkins you need to work carefully, they are torn very quickly. Once cuts are ready, then you need to lift each layer of napkins.

From such a flower you can make a beautiful applique. To do this, take the green colored paper and cut the sheets from it. Stick flower on a sheet of paper of any color.

rose flower

Make this majestic and beautiful flower can be the most in different ways. Crafts from napkins Step-by-step instructions will help you cope with the task and do everything right.

To create such a rose, you will need the following materials:

  • Napkins of different colors;
  • Glue;
  • Pencil.


  1. We take a pencil and a bright color napkin;
  2. On the pencil you need to screw the napkin, but not to the end;
  3. The edges of the twist shift to the middle and gently remove the pencil;
  4. We got a bulk petal. This workpiece can be thrilled as you like. But it is advisable to make a semicircle;
  5. Such petals need to be made 5-7. Once all the petals are ready, you need to assemble them into a single bud and twist the ends. For confidence you can use glue;
  6. From the green napkin you need to make a stalk. To do this, twist the napkin into a long wand, and at the end a little flutter. There and you need to insert our bud.

All, Rose is ready. If you spend some more time, you can make a whole bouquet.

Crafts from napkins for children

Napkins are an excellent material that allows you to make the most unusual crafts. Kids, it is very difficult to make a bulk cracker, but the applications will be under power.

Option 1. Snowman

To create a snowman you need the most ordinary white napkins, scissors, glue, brown colored paper, a sheet of blue cardboard, red and black colored paper.

From the colored paper, cut out the hat, mouth, eyes and spout. While they can be put aside and start creating a snowman.

Take a sheet of blue cardboard - this is the main background and it is necessary to stick a snowman. We make a figurine from napkins. From a white napkin, a small piece is broken and a little twisted.

Then the twist must be lubricated with glue and attach. To make it convenient to create a snowman, draw it on the cardboard and only after that proceed to gluing.

Once all parts of the body of a snowman on the spot can be glued with a hat and form his face.

Snowman is an excellent handicraft with napkins in kindergarten. It can be done on the New Year's competition, and you can make a postcard and give to your favorite educator.

Option 2. Lrangessi

Another simple way to make a beautiful and easy craft, which will be a good gift for any holiday. Crafts from paper napkins are unusual, but at the same time they look very impressive.

To make beautiful lonsters you need to prepare the following materials:

  • White napkins;
  • Scissors;
  • Glue;
  • Green paper;
  • Cardboard of any color.

Stages of work

The work is very simple, so the baby who learned to cut and knows how to glue, the creation of such an applique will be under power.

From green colored paper cut three stem and three large leaves. Take the cardboard and with the help of paper glue, stick to the cardboard sheet of the stalk, and then leaves.

Now you can proceed to the creation of flowers. Take the napkin and divide it on equal squares. Make triangles from squares, proof around the perimeter.

Let dry. Now they can be transferred to the applique.

We take the flower, sample glue at the base and stick to the stalk. Once all the flowers have found their place, leave the picture for an hour or two dry.

Option 3. Volumetric flower


  • Openwork napkins of two colors - white and pink;
  • Glue;
  • Scissors;
  • White paper sheet;
  • Decorations.

Creating crafts

From the napkins you need to cut 5 polygonal stars of different in size.

The latter should be very small. At the edges of the star, it will give us the effect of fuel.

We begin to glue the flower. The first glue the biggest flower and so to the smallest. Put in the center.

Finished flower stick on a white sheet. Decorating his beads.

Photo crafts from napkins

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