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This article describes the process of the game on a network with a friend, through Hamachi, if you are interested in other information, for example, how to play Minecraft online on servers, then click on the link.

So, the easiest way to play minecraft together with a friend is the use of Hamachi program. With this program, you will not have problems opening ports, that is, you do not need any sysadmin skills. The program is free, you can download it here - Download and install it on both computers.

1st player

1. Run the Hamachi program on the first computer, turn it on:

Create a network in Hamachi

2. Create a network. Enter any name, password, confirm the password:

Create a network

3. Enter Minecraft, run the game in solitary mode. In the game, press the "Escape" keys on the keyboard - "open for the network" - "open world for the network".

Open the world for the network

Remember the port that gave you through the chat - "The local server works on the port ...". We need to transfer this port to the second player, but before it should get an IP address.

2nd player

4. Run the Hamachi program on the second computer, click "Network - connect to an existing network", enter the name and password of the network, which the first player created in step 2.

Second player

4. Copy the IPv4 address and paste in a notebook, after the address without a spacecraft, we put the colon (:) and add the port number, which we gave us a 1st player after the completion of the 3rd point, for example, will be given such an address:

Copy IPv4

5. Go to Minecraft, "Network Game" - "Direct Connection" and enter IP: Port.


If you still have difficulty, you can play on publicly available servers, their address can be found on the server page, and the connection instruction by reference. Here you only need to copy the ready-to-the server address of your version and you can already start the game.

Many players are wondering how to play on the network in minecraft through Hamachi. In this article, we will consider the decision of this issue. How to play on the network in minecraft through Hamachi

Minecraft is currently not a new computer game at the moment, but, nevertheless, it is extremely popular, especially among the children's audience.

This game refers to the genre of the sandbox, which means that players not only affect the game worlds, but also take direct part in their creation.

The game has won a lot of fans, because it has many different game modes that will end the extensive gaming audience.

I must say, the game applies to a paid basis, however, there are free demo versions, as well as hacked pirates. Considering the specificity of the audience, which does not have cash, similar opportunities attract a lot of new players.

Minecraft is a game that has not only a single game mode, but also multiplayer. Of course, it is much more fun, more pleasant and easier to play with friends in the company.

Moreover, many gaming aspects affect not only interaction with the game world, but also with other players. However, if you do not play the official licensed version of the game, then large difficulties may arise with the network mode.

Compensate this drawback can help the LAN emulator - Hamachi, which will allow multiple players together to play any version of the game.

How to play on the network in minecraft through Hamachi

Hamachi is designed to immigrate a virtual local network suitable for organizing a network mode of various games, including minecraft. The process of configuring this program is quite simple and everyone will understand with it, without much difficulty.

Let us consider the steps that must be performed to create and manage your own virtual local network:

  1. By downloading Hamachi in free access on the Internet, launch and proceed to creating a new network, after preparing an account there and logged in.
  2. After starting the program, click on the "Enable" button. Hamachi.
  3. Now click on the "Create New Network" button.
  4. In the window that opens, you should assign a new network identifier, i.e. its name, and also come up with and remember the password.

This creates the network creation, and we go to the second part of the leadership:

We launch the Minecraft game launcher and click "Play".

Once directly in the game world, you must press the ESC key and click on the "Open for Network" function.

Open for the network

In the window presented, you must click on the "Open World" function;

As a result, in the lower left corner there will be a message - "The local server works on the port of XXXX," where the number characterizing the port number will be indicated instead. This number should be remembered or burn.

Now the third stage comes, in which friends will begin to join the network:

  • A friend must also be added to download, install and register in Hamachi.
  • Running the program to select "Network", and then "Connect to an existing network".
  • In the resulting window, it is necessary to enter an identifier (name) of the network and code. Connecting to the network
  • As a result, it enters the window of your local network, where there will be a list of all players. By clicking on the name of the network creator, you need to select the "Copy IPv4 Address" function. Copy address IPv4.
  • Now you need to start the game, and select a network game in the main menu, and a direct connection. Here, a copied IP address is entered in one line, then the colon sign is installed and the port number is written. By clicking on the "Connect" button, your friend will fall with you into one game world.

Here we have submitted step-by-step guide, how to play on the network in minecraft through Hamachi.

What to do if it does not work to connect to the game through hamachi

Sometimes it happens that even carefully by performing all the necessary steps to create and configure your own network, other users cannot connect to it.

Basically, they receive an error when trying to connect, and the most common problem is that while on the same network, users do not see each other.

Each error has its own solution, however, there are a number of general manipulations that can be conducted for their warning.

To do this, it is necessary through the control panel to enter the "Network and Common Access" section. Next, in the list of available connections, you should select the one that is used by Hamachi and click on the "Properties".


The new window will present a list of components using this connection. From the proposed list, you need to select a string called "Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4)" and open the "Properties".

LAN connection

After completing the above manipulations, a window with a network settings will open, which contains the valuable information for us, namely the IP address. Immediately the IP address itself must be prescribed in this form -

This manipulation will be required to produce as a person who creates a network (server), and all the rest who will join it. At the end, the address must contain a number 1 for the server, and the second participant instead of 1 writes 2, and then further on the increasing, each participant sets its own number. In the "subnet mask" column, you should also register all participants in the network -

After these manipulations, you can again conduct steps disassembled in the network setup manual in the first part section, however, with one difference that the IP address does not need to be copied from Hamachi, and you need to take from the network settings.

Other errors may be caused by a mass of factors, for example, the incorrect work of hamachi, individual characteristics of the provider, an unstable hacked version of the game itself, etc.

Therefore, in order to avoid possible errors, it is recommended to download the program and the game from the same resources to all participants of the network, as well as make sure all settings.

how to play minecraft by hamachiIf you want to fight with a friend in an interesting game Minecraft through Hamachi, a demo version of the game from the official site comes to the rescue. It is done very simply, without special settings and time costs. Here is an instruction that allows you to perform simple steps and organize an exciting Minecraft game with Hamachi. If we talk more accurately, then this is a local virtual network created by the program.

Creating a Hamachi network for Minecraft game

Start the Hamachi and download the latest version of minecraft, then proceed to creating a new virtual network. Running the program, just click the "Enable" button. At the time of inclusion in Hamachi, authorization or account is proposed. This will be required, otherwise you will not be able to create a network and connect to it. Make click on the Create New Network button or use the menu located at the top. Next, you should come up with a unique network identifier and password, which must be remembered and transferred to your friends. After that, click on the "Create" button.

Customize the miniskraft client

Start the Minecraft launcher, followed by pressing the "Play" button. As part of the demo version, this is supposed to be done as follows: Next, in the game, press the "ESC" key and make click on the "Open for Network" button. After the following window opens, click on the item called "Open World for Network". Next, the information is displayed on the screen associated with the operation of the local server on the park under a specific number. Port number should be recorded. Otherwise, to play through Hamachi with your friends you will not succeed, since the port number will be needed to connect.

Connect to the Hamachi network

Now Minecraft game is available for both friend. It remains to start the launch of Hamachi, that is, to go through a simple registration, if this was not done before. Next, you need to click on the "Enable" button and select "Network" by menu, and then "connect to an existing network".

After that, a window will appear in front of you, in which you want to enter a network identifier and password to report to your friend.

After connecting a friend, it must copy your IP address from the Hamachi system window that appears. In order to do this, you need to click the right mouse button according to your login by selecting "Copy IPv4 Address".

In order for the copied IP address to be visible, it will be pre-inserted into a text editor.

Playing Minecraft by Hamachi

After the preparation step is passed, you can proceed to the Minecraft game by Hamachi. After your friend launches the game, he must connect to you. In order to do this, you need to use the menu by the "Network game" item, and then select "Direct Connection" and enter the IP address and shown in the port of the port in the process of creating a local server Step 2. Recording will have the following type: IP: Port .

There is nothing more interesting than collecting resources with a friend and create your home in Minecraft. But you are not so easy to play on the network, if you did not do before. In this guide you can read how to play with a friend in Minecraft by Hamachi. Through a special program that makes it possible to do, wherever you are.

Where to download hamachi for minecraft game

The game and the program are interconnected. Today, if you talk about Hamachi, then in 75% of cases imply a network game in Minecraft. This program is known for its capabilities to create a network between player devices. And you will have the opportunity to play only together (threesome, four of us) without extra eyes.

Hamachi official website
Official site Hamachi.

Hamachi program must be downloaded on the official website - Neither friend. Otherwise risk infecting computer viruses. On the site you can download the client for Windows, computer Mac and device with Linux. Here will be in any case the latest version of the program and it is, of course, without viruses. Installing Hamachi Application Standard.

This will also be useful: how to connect to a friend in minecraft.

How to play through Hamachi

The program needs to be installed to everyone who will play with you by Hamachi in minecraft. The client must be configured at who will create a game. The rest will need to be only connected. Sequential instructions - read from beginning to end, I do not miss anything. Let's proceed.

  1. Run hamachi and choose the tab System . And in the drop-down window click Options ;

    System tab in Hamachi
    Select the System in Hamachi tab

  2. We find item Use proxy - Choose Not ;

    Setting up Hamachi for Minecraft
    Setting up Hamachi for playing minecraft

  3. Lower the window just below and find the string. Local UDP. . In it you need to put the value: 1337. ;
  4. In line Local TCP. Enter: 7777. . After each input, you need to press the button. Set .

    Hamachi network parameters for playing minecraft
    Network Parameters for Hamachi

With the settings of the Hamachi program, so far everything. You need to disable Windows Firewall and Antivirus, which can block the connection to the game of your friends.

Turn off the firewall and antiviruses for Hamachi

If you do not execute this part of the instruction, you may encounter an error connection. And for a long time you will have to determine the reason why you can not play.

  1. Therefore, open the control panel in Windows (Win + Pause, at the top of the left) and select item system and safety ;

    Windows system and security
    Select System and Security in Windows

  2. Find and click on the item Firewall ;

    Firewall defender
    Click on Firewall Defender

  3. On the left, select a string called Enabling and shutdown ;
  4. On the program activity management screen, you need to put ticks at the points for firewall deactivation.

    Disable firewall in Windows
    Disable Windows Firewall

Do not forget to press the button below. OK . To set up the settings. Now you need to turn off an additional antivirus for time or before rebooting if it is. Or add the Hamachi program to the white list. So that the files and its actions are not blocked. Instructions for this you can find on the official portal of your antivirus.

Hamachi setting for minecraft game

We continue the configuration of Hamachi to play with friends on the network in minecraft. Now you need to open the settings of the network adapter.

  1. Create a new local network, registering a login and password (your friend should also get them);

    Network in Hamachi for Minecraft game
    Create a network in Hamachi

  2. Click together the Win + R keys and write in an empty line: ncpa.cpl. To start pressing a button OK or Enter key;

    Run the adapter parameters in Windows
    Enter the command in the Run to start the network adapter parameters

  3. If the top panel is missing in the next window, press the ALT key and select item. Additionally . And in the drop-down window item Extra options ;

    Additional parameters in the properties of the adapter
    Click the Advanced tab and select Advanced Options

  4. A window will appear, in the first block of which the name of the Hamachi program must be moved to the first position using the on-site buttons;

    Move Hamachi to the first position
    Move Hamachi up in the list

  5. In the lower block, you need to disable IPv6 in both cases (remove checkboxes);

    Remove ticks with IPv6 item
    Remove ticks with IPv6 item

  6. Now among the adapters you need to find Hamachi and choose PCM. In the list click Properties ;

    Select Hamachi PCM to go to the properties of the application
    Select Hamachi PCM and click Properties

  7. In the properties of the program, you also need to remove the checkbox from the IPv6 protocol;
  8. Next, we absorb the cursor in the IPv4 list and click below the button. Properties ;
  9. In the settings window you need to check the box on Use the following IP .
    IPv4 settings in Hamachi
    IPv4 settings in Hamachi adapter

    In parallel, open the Hamachi program window, copy IPv4

    Copy IPv4 in Hamachi to customize
    Copy IPv4 in Hamachi and insert into the adapter parameters

    and insert it in the program properties window;

    IPv4 in setting
    IPv4 in the Hamach adapter setting

  10. In the Hamachi parameters window, the remaining properties (subnet mask, MAC address) Leave as it is;
  11. Click the last button at the bottom Additionally and in paragraph. Metric interface Put the value 10;
  12. Now all windows with Hamachi parameters can be closed;
  13. Next, open the running program window and copy the IPv4. It will be necessary to send to a friend in any way: by SMS, in WhatsApp, Telegram. But do not rush to do it, because you need to add the port number to the address;
  14. Open the world of Minecraft, in which you are going to play with the other, load into it and press the ESC key;
  15. Press the button Open for the network After that, again you get into the game. Where the local port address is already displayed. Write it into a message for a friend. And you should have about such an address: - where the numbers after the colon are the port. All combination without spaces.

    Opening of the world in Minecraft
    Open the world for the network in minecraft

A message with the address to a friend can be sent. Now you will learn what to do to him after a friend receives your address.

Khamachi setting for minecraft on the side of a friend

When a friend receives a message from you, most likely he will not understand what and where he needs to enter. Therefore, attach to the data to enter the Minecraft address of this article. So that he could read and quickly connect to you.

  1. When the data is received, at the other end, the player must run Minecraft;
  2. Choose in the main menu Online game ;

    Network game in the game menu
    Choose a network game in the Minecraft menu

  3. Then in the list item By the address ;

    Enter the address received from each other.
    Enter the address in the Minecraft game string

  4. In an empty line, you need to enter the data that passed the first friend and press ENTER.

This should be enough to connect to a friend. In any case, you can play Minecraft without the application of the program.

It's impossible to play minecraft through Hamachi

Often, gamers face problems when creating their network in Hamachi and the connection of friends. Problems may appear for several reasons:

  • Poor, weak, unstable internet connection;
  • Conflict in versions of games. Minecraft version must be one for all network participants;
  • Blocking from antiviruses, Window firewall;
  • Connection settings are incorrect. There are errors in the data that one participant conveyed / received from the other;
  • Blocking the game by other applications. During the creation of the network and the game, turn off all unnecessary programs and games that can work in the background.

The elimination of these reasons will help you create a network game minecraft and play without failures.

How to play on the network in minecraft without hamache

The following way needs a Torrent program that is used to download files from the Internet. She is on the computer of each user. If not, download it on this link on the official website.

  1. You need to define your IP address. Specify the search engine and find out;
  2. Next, open the UTorrent and select the button in the form of the gear (settings);
  3. In parallel, run the minecraft and create the world. Open it for the network (as described above) and write down the number of the local port;
  4. Return to the torrent program and in the settings, in the section Connections You need to insert the port into an empty string. Press the bottom button Apply ;

    Entering data in UTorrent to play online in Minecraft
    Entering data in the UTorrent program

  5. Now your IP address and port number in format: 123.45.678.9:12345 (example) you need to send to a friend;
  6. A friend must open minecraft (the same version that yours) and choose Multiplayer. or Online game ;
  7. Select item Add. Server or Connect And in the string The address Enter what has sent the first friend.

Thus, you can play together in the minecraft without hamachi. But each player should have access to the Internet. This is a prerequisite. Also the connection must be stable. Otherwise, crashes and departures from the game can occur.

How to play on the local network in Minecraft

The game has already entered the ability to create a local server in your own world, while all who is in one of your network will be able to connect to your server. In general, everything is simple, but there is a lot of restrictions, in this article everything is described in detail. Select the desired setting type from the content and follow the items described.


Configuring a server when you find with another player in one Wi-Fi or LAN network

Setting the server when playing on the Internet with another player with Hamachi

Setting up a local minecraft server with mods

Possible problems and solutions

Configuring a server when you find with another player in one Wi-Fi or LAN network

If several computers are not far from each other and is on the same network: Wi-Fi or LAN (connected via cable), then you will be suitable.

Windows : On the computer where the server will open, open Start and fit into the search cmd. , open this program:

Opening CMD through Windows Start

In the window that opens, fit ipconfig , Press ENTER . We are looking for your local IP, which begins with 192.168. *. * In the example, it is (you will have another!), Copy it.

ipconfig in cmd.

Macos. : To find a local IP, you open the terminal (Terminal), you can enter this program in the Mac search and find it, enter the window in the window iFconfig | Grep inet and looking for the IP which begins with 192.168. *. * , Copy it.

IFConfig in Macos.

Now open Tlauncher and choose a version with the TL icon and run the game (under TLAUNCHER.ORG account, it is also better to log in). If you choose without the TL icon, you will not be able to connect to the server without a Mojang license.

TL version in TLAUNCHER

Go to your world and in the menu Pause (ESC) Click Open to LAN (open for network) , the chat will appear about the successful opening of the server, as well as the server port, in the example it 31790. (You will have another).

Opening a local server in Minecraft

Now on another computer which must connect to your server, It is also necessary to open the version with the TL icon (plus, the version of the game should be the same with the first computer) , go to Multiplayer (Network game) Open Direct Connect (Direct Connection) .

Now enter the IP address in the IP field, which we received earlier, in the example this . If everything is ok, it will be connected to the server! You can now play the server with a friend.

Direct connection in Minecraft

Setting the server when playing on the Internet with another player with Hamachi

If you do not physically, you cannot with another player on the same network, computers are far from each other, then you can create a special network using the Internet using Hamachi.

On both computers, we make the following actions: Create a Hamachi account and download them to the program (after the link by reference, the download button in the center).

We establish the program and log in under the data created. Now, on one of the computers in Hamachi Click on " Create a new network "We enter any network name and any password. A new network will appear in the window.

Creating a network in Hamachi

Now open Tlauncher and choose a version with the TL icon and run the game (under TLAUNCHER.ORG account, it is also better to log in). If you choose without the TL icon, you will not be able to connect to the server without a Mojang license.

TL version in TLAUNCHER

Go to your world and in the menu Pause (ESC) Click Open to LAN (open for network) , the chat will appear about the successful opening of the server, as well as the server port, in the example it 60000. (You will have another).

Opening a local server for Hamachi

On another computer Click "Connect to an existing network", enter the name of the network and the password created earlier. With a successful connection, your friend's computer will be visible in the hamachy window.

Network in Hamachi.

Then it is necessary Open version with TL icon (plus, the game version should be the same with the first computer) , go to Multiplayer (Network game) Open Direct Connect (Direct Connection) .

Now enter the IP address from Hamachi in the IP field (computer where the server is open) + the port, which we received earlier, in the example it . If everything is ok, it will be connected to the server! You can now play the server with a friend.

Direct Minecraft Connection through Hamachi

Setting up a local minecraft server with mods

After you configured a server for playing one WiFi network (LAN) or with Hamachi, you can set fashion and play with them with friends. The instruction is very simple.

We install on all customers are absolutely the same modes so that everything is identical, plus the Forge version itself must be the same, for example, forgeoptifine 1.12.2. Unforgettly that the version should be with the TL icon!

TL version in TLAUNCHER

Now create and connect to the server absolutely according to the same instructions above, depending on your network. Finish, you can play with mods in Minecraft!

Possible problems and solutions

Input error: Invalid session in Tlauncher

- When connecting to the server, it appears: "Invalid session" or "Check the username".

Decision: You must run the version with the TL icon (otherwise you need a license of the game), if you run such and check if it is a check mark (in the launcher) in "Account Management" -> "Use Tlauncher skins".

- When connected to the server, it appears: " $ AnnotatedConnectException: Connection Time Out: No Further Information"

Decision: The game could not find information about such a server, it means that the network setup is not correct. Try to turn off the antivirus and firewall or configure on the host computer.

- When you connect to the server, you are loading the chunk and immediately throws out from the server (connection break).

Decision: The network setting is done correctly, but the antivirus and firewall breaks the connection. Disconnect them or configure correctly.

- When connected to the server, it appears: 1.14.2: Bad Packet ID 26; 1.13.2: Bad Packet ID 27; 1.7.10: Stuck on logging in ... or "Received String Longth Longer Than Maximum Allowed"

Decision: The length of your nick is more than 16 characters, make less.

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You can discuss this topic in the comments below:

To make sure, is it possible to play with a friend in minecraft through Hamachi over the network, I specifically downloaded the demo version of the game from the official site and I myself tried to play it. It turned out to be very simple, the setup did not take much time, I prepared the instruction by performing all the steps of which and you can play Minecraft through Hamachi (or rather through the virtual local network that the program creates).

Step 1

Run Hamachi (you can download the latest version here) and create a new virtual network. To do this, run the program and click on the " Enable "

Turning on Hamachi.

* Before turning on Hamachi, will be offered to log in or register an account. Make it necessary, otherwise you will not be able to create networks and connect to them.

Click on the "button" Create a new network »Or select this item through the top menu.

Creating a network in Hamachi

Come up with the network ID (it should be unique) and password (remember it!), And click " Create "

Creating a network in Hamachi

Step 2.

Run the Minecraft launcher and click the " Play " Showing on the demo version:

How to play minecraft through hamachi

In the game, press the "key" ESC »And click on the" Open for the network "

How to play minecraft through hamachi

In the next window, click on " Open world for network "

How to play minecraft through hamachi

After that, information appears that the local server works on the port " This number is " Write down the port number if this is not done, playing minecraft through hamachi with a friend will not work (the port number will be needed when connected).

How to play minecraft through hamachi

Step 3.

Now your friend should connect to you. He needs to run Hamachi (register in it, if he has not yet done this before), click on the button " Enable »

Turning on Hamachi.

and through the menu choose " Network "-" Connect to an existing network "

Connecting to the network in Hamachi

In the window that opens, it needs to enter the identifier of your network and password from it (tell it this data).

Connecting to the network in Hamachi

After it connects, it needs to copy your IP address from the Hamachi window. To do this, click right-click on your login and select " Copy address IPv4. "

Copy IPv4 Address in Hamachi

After that, to see the copied IP address, insert it into any text editor.

Step 4.

Now everything is ready to play minecraft by Hamachi. Your friend needs to run the game and connect to you. To do this, via the menu let go in " Online game "-" Direct connection "And Introduces a copied IP address and through a colon of the port that was shown in the launcher when creating a local server (second step of the instruction). Recording must be in format IP: Port. .

Connect to a friend in minecraft

You can play minecraft not only in a single world, interacting exclusively with residents of the village – There are different methods that allow you to create a local or network server to generate a new world and start exploring it with friends.

I suggest familiarize yourself with different ways to create a Minecraft server for playing with friends over the network.

Option 1: Opening a single world for LAN game

If your computers with each other are combined into one local network or at least connected to one wireless access point, you can use the easiest option. Open a single world for LAN game. To do this, perform a pair of simple actions.

Editing a local server for the game online in Minecraft

  1. Go to the game and create a new world for a single game with optimal settings.
  2. Click ESC To appear a menu in which you need to choose "Open for the network" .
  3. There will be a notification with the port assigned to the server, which must be remembered.
  4. Now exit the desktop, run the command line and enter it in it. ipconfig To determine your IPv4 address.
  5. The remaining players must use a direct connection by entering your IP address and assigned port. For instance: .

The disadvantage of this method is that it does not always work correctly due to incorrect network settings or problems in the organization of the local network. If you do not know how to solve errors yourself, it is better to go to the implementation of one of the following options.

Option 2: Creating a dedicated local Minecraft server

This option will also be suitable when you are with a friend within one apartment and connected to the local network using a LAN cable or Wi-Fi. If you have not yet organized a similar connection, be sure to run it, and then on all computers, proceed to a general configuration of the operating system required to join the future server.

  1. Find a button with connection to the network on the taskbar, right-click on it and select item in the context menu that appears. "Open network and Internet options" .Go to setting the adapter parameters to configure the local Minecraft server
  2. A new window will appear "Parameters" where in the block "Additional network settings" Click on the string "Setting the adapter parameters" .Opening the adapter list to configure the local Minecraft server
  3. Right-click on the adapter, which is now connected to the Internet, and then select "Properties" .Transition to the properties of the adapter to configure the local Minecraft server
  4. A network adapter properties setup window will appear in which you need to click on IP version 4. After having previously convinced that a check mark was installed near this parameter. Opening an IP address settings window to create a local Minecraft server
  5. Mark the manual receipt of the IP address and proceed to making changes. Configuring a network adapter to further create a local Minecraft server

As an ip set 192.168.0.x. where instead of the last digit insert any number up to 64. The subnet mask is indicated as . Finally, send a computer to reboot. On other PCs, do the same, but the last digit of the IP address is changed to unused earlier so that conflict situations do not appear when connected.

The next step is to create a server for a local network. In this case, the user appears two different options. The first is more optimal, since it allows you to create a full-fledged server and further upgrade it with modes or change settings as desired. Minecraft empty server files will be needed to download from any convenient site on the Internet by setting the appropriate search engine. After that log in to the directory and open the settings file via any text editor (file Server.Properties. ).

Search and download the server to connect over the local network in Minecraft

Next edit several lines to ensure a normal connection. First find Server-IP = X And after the sign equally Enter the IP of that computer, which acts as the main (that IP address that was created in the previous step). In line Server-port = n fit port, usually it 25565. . It remains to start the server through the file being present in the directory. Start.Bat.

Option 3: Network connection organization via Hamachi

Hamachi. The most popular program for organizing virtual networks. It can be used by gamers in order to create one network for a joint game with friends who are outside the local network or cannot connect to it for other reasons. Each user must Download hamachi from the official site and create an account.

Customize Hamachi for the game on the network in Minecraft with friends

Now the user who wants to create a server is pressed in the program itself "Create a new network" And sets the name / password. According to this data, the network is looking for friends by clicking on the button. "Connect to an existing network" In Hamachi. After all users connect, you can configure your server by entering the received IP address with a direct connection or by changing it in the Minecraft server settings as it was shown in the instructions for setting up a selected local connection.

Option 4: Using publicly available servers or RealMS

There are publicly available miniskraft servers on which a huge number of people can play at the same time. Nothing will prevent you with a friend to find the same server, connect to it, to register and find each other for further game. Consider that some servers are available only for licensed versions of Minecraft, while others work with pirates.

Просмотр условий подписки на официальном сайте для игры с друзьями в Minecraft

Another option purchase Realms. On official Sai. those . In the account of the monthly subscription, you have the ability to organize the server and connect to it up to ten players. Click on the highlighted link to familiarize yourself with the benefits of this subscription and decide whether it needs you with friends.

These were all possible options for organizing a joint game with friends in Minecraft over the network. Pleasant game you and your friends!

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