Vitamins for strengthening immunity adults

Vitamins for strengthening immunity adults

Polyvitamin complexes are recommended to take in the winter-spring season to replenish the deficit of the useful substances. After completing the course, a break is made. Excessive passion for vitamins can be a source of development of hypervitaminosis, cause an addictive body and reducing its susceptibility to the poadas. Overdose by drugs is more dangerous than the lack of trace elements, the question of the feasibility of application should be engaged in the attending physician.


List of available complexes

For adult patients, the pharmaceutical industry offers many funds to choose from. The buyer can purchase a dietary supplement with the maximum amount of useful ingredients or to stay on special types for immunity, maintaining visual acuity, skin care, nails, hair, etc.

The list of funds available in the pharmacy is presented:

  1. Alphabet - differs from the analogues a peculiar way of receipt of the necessary elements. Reception is divided into three parts, for each it is intended its tablet. The manufacturer explains the non-standard division attempt to get the maximum effect of the medication. It is produced in Russian territory.

  2. Vitrum is American vitamins with the maximum amount of useful components. The drug solves the problem of chronic fatigue, suppresses free radicals, activates immunity. Because of the large size of the tablets caused complaints from a part of patients.

  3. Immunal - natural agent from healing plants is used to maintain the health of the immune system. The drug is manufactured in the form of liquid and tablets, sold at the budget value. The only difference from classic complexes is a mandatory reception several times a day.

  4. Complivitis - an inexpensive drug of Russian production, is manufactured in tablets. The company produces many varieties of Bad, pursuing different goals. Some suitable for pregnancy, the second solve the problem of iron deficiency. The medium contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals intended to accelerate the processes of recovery after severe diseases, colds or severe physical exertion.

  5. Multi-Tabs - a sufficient number of components in the dube to maintain the stable functionality of immunity. The composition is folic acid, helps to normalize the work of the reproductive department of both sexes. The multivitamin complex regulates the work of the nervous system, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, supports cardiac activity. The drug is supplemented with lactobacteriums that are responsible for the normalization of intestinal microflora. The manufacturer recommends the reception of chewing tablets in autumn and spring, termal treatment.

  6. The center includes 24 active ingredients, the drug is considered one of the most effective analogs and substitutes in the line. Tablets are accepted one per day, the course is designed for monthly therapy.

  7. Eleute - often used by women in the period of tooling and breastfeeding. The course is carried out only on the appointment of the pregnancy of an obstetrician-gynecologist due to the risk of side reactions. The only drawback of the tablets is from a large volume, which causes problems with swallowing.

This list is incomplete, individual drugs are not always located in a free sale, despite the fast purchase. Representatives include multimax - a multivitamin complex with 30 active ingredients, including the necessary lutein.

Reception rules

The main requirement of manufacturers and doctors is a mandatory break after completion of the course therapy. Pause lasts at least 30 days, only after its completion is allowed to repeat the manipulations. If the rules violating the rules, the body gets used to the component composition and starts to absorb trace elements worse.

After receiving the tablet, it ished in conventional water, coffee, tea or ordinary carbonated drinks worsen the absorption of elements. Simultaneous use with alcohol drinks is strictly prohibited due to the high risk of deterioration of health.

Before passing therapy, you need consultation of the attending physician and its approval for a certain BAA. The choice of funds is carried out according to the results of a laboratory survey. After buying vitamins, the patient must carefully examine the instructions and clarify the recommended dosage. This approach warns the development of an allergic reaction or intoxication.

Vitamins are necessary for people with weakened immunity, in old age. Over the years, many diseases are transmitted to a chronic course and require stable operation of the immune system, which prevents the development of exacerbations. For individuals of this category, the pharmaceutical industry produces drugs with the sign of the "50+", "60+", etc.

The male floor is initially more predisposed to the pathology of the cardiovascular department. Men need to pay more attention to full-fledged complexes or means designed to support cardiac activity and blood vessels. The dietary supplement must be enriched with potassium, magnesium, sodium, vitamin B, polyunserated by fatty acids.

Pharmaceutics produces individuals and for women: during pregnancy, breastfeeding. The timely arrival of vitamins and minerals will allow us to correctly form the fetus, warning the development of intrauterine anomalies or development in development. Before presumptive conception (for three months), the reception of multivitamin complexes is recommended both the future father and mother.

Preparations and medicines for improving immunity ЧWhat is immunity? Until recently, the achievements of modern medicine did not give a reason for excitement. Antibiotics, vaccines, vaccinations - it seemed that all infections were under human control. But the Pandemic COVID-19 showed that infectious diseases did not cease to be a threat. Interest in immunity has recently increased so that the main goal of all mankind began to find the answer to the question: "How to strengthen the immune system? How to protect yourself from infection? ". The year of the beginning of modern immunology is considered to be 1786. It was then that the rural doctor Edward Jenner noticed that the milk was not susceptible to the virus of natural smallpox, deadly at that time. Jenner has revealed a relationship: women have formed a defense that protects them from infection with a more severe disease. Over the next centuries, science stepped far forward in the study of our immune system. Immunity is a protective system of our body for something alien, dangerous for us. The protection reaction begins from the moment of recognition of the enemy "agent", then it removes it and eliminate the negative traces of the residence of this infection in the body. In the structure of immunity, 2 types can be distinguished: congenital and acquired. Congenital immunity acts immediately. His soldiers: phagocytes, interferons, inflammation mediators. As soon as the enemy is noticed, its destruction occurs. Acquired immunity is more difficult. When the enemy is detected, the body generates an immune response, creates specialized cells against this infectious agent, and only then eliminates it. This type of immunity allows you to remember the infection and the next time react much faster. Thus, in the memory of the acquired immunity there is a whole list of our "enemies". And every person has this list individual. For the production of cells involved in the protection of the body, special authorities are responsible. This is a fork iron (or thymus) and bone marrow. They have ripening and cell selection. And the launch of these processes helps lymphatic nodes located in the field of large joints (shoulder, elbow, knee, hip) and in the neck area. They, connected by lymphatic vessels, serve as filters for antigens, delaying them and activating protective reactions. The immunity depends on the intestinal microflora. It is believed that 70% of the immune system is located there. The task of this area is to recognize the dangerous particles falling through the oral cavity, and to neutralize them, and less dangerous to skip further so that the body reacts to them and produce protective cells. Thus, immunity is a combination of all organs and cells in the body, which recognize and destroy alien substances. Presented by completely different cells and organs, the immune system acts as a single mechanism for protection, constantly strengthening and improving the influence of external factors. Why do we still get sick? If the immune system is constantly guarding, why are some bacteria or viruses cause us the development of the disease? Because we live surrounded by microbes and cannot be fully isolated from them. But it is not necessary! After all, there are not only "bad", but also "good" bacteria. And in small quantities, they are like a free vaccine - only increase our protective forces. Therefore, it is not necessary to sterilize everything around and constantly drinking antibiotics and even harmful. In order to prevent infection, it is enough to maintain your immune system and wash your hands thoroughly. We cannot affect the actions of infected people, but we can adjust the lifestyle and increase your level of protection. Now, when most countries talk about the introduction of quarantine when we are forced to stay at home, you need to think about measures to prevent and maintain health. Against the background of isolation, the usual regime is broken, the sleep schedule is shot down, physical activity is practically at zero, and the harmful habits in the diet, on the contrary take up. Many sweet, alcohol, excess food - all this in the long run adversely affects the immunity and state of the body as a whole. Signs of reduced immunity? Sometimes immunity becomes inhibited. He does not begin to distinguish between infections in the body, not so acute responds to them - the disease occurs. And sometimes the opposite is too active - it begins to attack not only alien enemy cells, but also innocuous cells of the native body. In such cases, they are talking about autoimmune processes, these include: gluten intolerance, rheumatoid arthritis, sclerosis, red systemic lupus, autoimmune thyroidita Hashimoto. We will analyze the first situation in more detail when the body's protective forces are reduced. What should pay attention to? 1) frequent respiratory viral diseases and bacterial infections; 2) lesions of the lungs against the background of respiratory diseases with a protracted and heavy flow (an infection from the upper departments quickly falls into the lower respiratory departments and damages the pulmonary tissue); 3) Frequent weave skin inflammation. The skin is a barrier organ, it opposes the penetration of infection inside. But with a decrease in immunity, the infection begins to develop, penetrating with surface layers of the skin in deeper. Frequent furunculae, eyelinity (barley), abscesses - all these signs of weakening the protective forces of the body; 4) Fungal lesions of nails, leather, mucous membranes. In the development of fungal diseases, a dynamic equilibrium occurs most often. That is, the fungus seeks to penetrate the body into the body, but can not, and the immune system is trying to suppress and refund the infection, but also can not do this. At the same time, the process becomes chronic and can occur for years; 5) recurrent diseases of the ENT organs (for example, frequent inflammation of the throat or rhinitis) and organs of the urogenital system (bladder inflammation, kidney inflammation); 6) long healing of wound surfaces. With small damage, complete healing of wounds occurs within 14 days. In cases of immunodeficiency, healing occurs much slower, and the most dangerous that the attachment of a bacterial infection and the development of purulent complications may occur. With a reduced immunity in patients, weakness, mood deterioration, drowsiness, chronic fatigue, reduction of mobility and frequent headaches are observed. There are also factors in which in most cases the immunity deficiency is detected. These include chronic stress, sleep shortage, elderly age, climax period in women and even the time of year. It was revealed that in the cold period the frequency of disease increases, so it will not be superfluous to maintain the body's immune forces by third-party forces. How to strengthen immunity? Immunity strengthening should occur comprehensively. The fortifications can be attributed to: 1) lifestyle and nutrition correction; 2) Receiving tools for maintaining and enhancing immunity. The lifestyle is made up of several factors: physical activity, emotional state, sleep, nutrition and no bad habits. Moderate physical exertion are important at any age. With their help, we maintain the normal body weight. And the normal weight of the body is the basis of strong immunity. Classes of aerobic loads: Easy running, walk, cycling - reduce the risk of seasonal diseases almost half. There are studies that prove the positive effect of physical activity on the intestinal microflora. But it is she who is one of the main links in the immune system. After a month of permanent physical activity in the intestines, bacteria accumulates that produce substances that strengthen immunity. Also, sports causing the update of immune cells, which have greater protective activity, in contrast to old cells. Emotional state directly affects our immune system. With a long predominance of any emotional reaction, the immune system is depleted, weakens. Permanent stress, long-term aggression or anger, depression and even long social isolation cause the exacerbation of chronic diseases and an increase in the risk of acquiring new diseases. Conversely - positive emotions and hobbies (meditation, needlework, watching ridiculous and kind films) allow the body to cope with infections faster. Sleep is an important process, during which there is a processing of information received for the day, updating cells and the replenishment of the body's forces. With a lack of sleep, the immune system is weakening, and the reaction rate on the causative agent of the disease slows down. Sometimes such a slowdown is enough for the development of a complete clinical picture of the disease and the emergence of complications in the body. The amount of sleep should be at least 7-8 hours. For the disease, a person does not accidentally feel enhanced drowsiness, because it is a great way to restore forces. Food. The most important thing in nutrition is observance of the balance. Many understand the harm of excessive nutrition - too much trans fat, fast food, sweet and flour reduce protective forces. But the nutritional deficiency also negatively affects the person. Food is a source of building material for cells of our body. And the quality of this material depends on us. IMPORTANT A Balanced Power and a sufficient water content in the diet. Alcohol and smoking adversely affect the work of the immune system. The restoration of immunity implies a complete or almost complete refusal of these bad habits. In addition to all the listed important aspects of healthy immunity, it is necessary to understand that medicine does not stand still. Scientific communities constantly prove or refute the activity of certain substances regarding immunity. To get to the market, the pharmaceutical drug passes clinical trials, in which it proves its safety and positive influence on the immune system. A group of such active substances relates to immunostimulants (immunomodulators). Types of immunostimulants:


Homeopathic remedies; - Natural preparations; - medicines based on bacteria; - interferon-based drugs; - vitamins for immunity protection (vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D); - means based on the fork gland; Homeopathic drugs Treatment with homeopathic preparations refer to alternative medicine. The action of such medicines is more comprehensive, gentle, natural, these drugs are usually sold non-prescription. It is important to understand that a complete rejection of traditional treatments in favor of homeopathy is not safe. Such tools can only be considered in complex treatment. Aflube Natural complex preparation for the prevention and treatment of viral diseases. Contains three active plant components in themselves - Privacy, aconite and brionium. According to the manufacturer's studies, it has an immunomodulatory effect and is able to reduce inflammatory processes in the body. Also, when taking the drug, antiviral activity is observed. The drug is produced in the form of tablets and drops. With the prevention of IDV and influenza, adults and children from 12 years are recommended 1 tablet or 10 drops of the drug 2 times a day for 3 weeks. Children up to 12 years old - 1 \ 2 tablets or 5 drops 2 times a day. The reception must be carried out 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after it. Preparations of natural origin According to WHO estimates, about 80% of the world's population is used as medicine vegetable preparations. Many people with diseases of light and moderate severity prefer to resort to phytopreparatics, as a more useful and environmentally friendly way to combat infection. Herbal teas, infusions and decoctions help not only in maintaining immunity, but also in the restoration of effort after the disease. 2832422478.jpg.Spirulina-Vel. Spirulina is a blue-green algae containing a huge variety of trace elements. The uniqueness of spirulina is that it contains beta-carotene (vitamin A) and phycocyanines. Fiscation is a powerful natural immunostimulator and antioxidant. It has a positive effect on bone marrow stem cells, cells involved in the destruction of antibodies (macrophages) and a forkry gland, and also reduces the number of free radicals, which prevents the development of cancer. It has a positive effect on the intestinal microflora, the condition of hair and skin. It is recommended to take 2 tablets 3 times a day during meals. The drug is allowed to use in children. Since spirulina is freshwater alga, then the content of iodine in Spirulina-Val a little. But people with an increased function of the thyroid gland must be consulted with their attending physician. Echinacea At the moment there are many studies that declare the high efficiency of Echinacea as an immunostimulator. The active compounds of polysaccharides, essential oils and flavonoids stimulate the production of leukocytes and immunoglobulins, and also accelerate their movement and activity in the infection focus. Echinacea is produced in the form of solutions, tinctures, tablets or capsules. The manufacturer recommends taking capsules to 1 per day for 2-3 weeks, since the effect is accumulated. Echinacea has contraindications: people with increased sensitivity to the components of the drug, as well as suffering from autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, a red-mahogany, multiple sclerosis) should be abstained from taking echinacea and consider other options for maintaining immunity. Bacteria-based drugs (bacterial lysates). Bacterial lysates are fragments of bacteria cells that have lost their vitality, but still with immune activity. The first such drugs appeared in the 70s of the XX century. Over the past time, many convincing studies appeared proving their clinical efficacy. The purpose of such drugs is not only in the activation of the immune system, to destroy the infection, but also in reducing the severity of the inflammatory response, i.e. Reducing the symptoms of colds and facilitating the state of the patient. In the presence of a focus of chronic infection, therapy by bacterial lysates allows you to completely eliminate this focus. The inclusion of bacterial immunomodulators into therapy (especially respiratory infections) reduces the need for anti-inflammatory and antibacterial drugs, which has a positive effect on the whole body. Broncho-Munal One of the most popular drugs in the group of bacterial lysates. The preparation includes components of 8 bacteria. These are strains that are most often the causative agent of respiratory infection. Finding inside the body, the drug affects the intestinal mucosa, where the cells of the immune response are concentrated. Then these active cells are sent to the tissue of the respiratory tract, where they implement their protective functions. In addition, the drug increases the products of other cells of immunity (cytokines and interferon), which generally increases the body's protective forces. The drug can be applied both in adults and in children from 6 months. Produced in the form of capsules in a dosage of 7 mg (for adults) and 3.5 mg (for children). Contraindication: period of pregnancy and lactation. Dosage - 1 capsule per day in the morning, 1 hour before meals. For prevention, the duration of receiving 10 days, then break in 20 days. During the illness, the drug is taken before the disappearance of symptoms, but not less than 10 days. Ismgen Ismagen as well as all bacterial lysates, multiple immunity units activates immediately. It is both local immunity and systemic. Activates phagocytosis (i.e., absorption by the body of infectious cells), increases the amount of immune cells, increases the concentration of immunoglobulins. As a result of treatment, the duration of the active period of respiratory infection is reduced, facilitating the symptoms of fever, cough, the need for antibacterial preparations is reduced. With recurrent diseases of the respiratory tract (chronic bronchitis), the drug prevents exacerbation, helping to avoid manifestation of clinical symptoms of the disease. A product is produced in the form of tablets, which are placed under the morning on an empty stomach, until complete resorption. 1 Tablets per day for 10 days enough to achieve effect. It is used both in children from 3 years and adult age. The contraindication is pregnancy and lactation period, as well as the individual intolerance to the components of the drug. Interferon-based drugs Interferons and interferon inductors (i.e. preparations that provoke the production of interferon in the body) can be attributed to drugs with a pronounced immunomodulatory effect. Although the drugs of this group are more referred to as antiviral, interferon molecule is part of the immune system that affects all immunity units. Interferon stimulates the operation of the bone marrow, activates macrophages and other specific cells of the immune system. Studies show that after the introduction of interferon inductors to the body, the formation of a general (non-specific) protection of the body, which can hold at a high level of weeks, unlike interferon developed in the body (it loses its activity much earlier). Interferon inductors do not cause antigenic activity (i.e. they do not activate the reaction of the rejection of the drug). Even one-time administration of such drugs causes long-term products of interferon. Cycloferon Low molecular weight inductor interferon, having high biological activity. The drug is able to keep and strengthen their own antiviral immunity. Cycloferon has a high security profile, which allows you to use it in people with chronic diseases. The drug is produced in the form of ointments, tablets and injections. When taking tablets, it is enough to take one 1 time per day, in the morning, 1 hour before meals. Reception for children is allowed from 4 years old. A drug is prescribed according to a special scheme, the reception lasts about 3 weeks. More often, cycloferon is used in the treatment of ARVI, but also with its prevention, it is permissible to use it, especially when contact with an infected person was detected. Amixin The problem of antiviral drugs is the provision of an overwhelming effect on the immune system. Amixin One of the few drugs of this group, which not only has a destructive effect on a wide range of viruses, but also stimulates the immune defense of the body. There are a number of studies proving that against the background of preventive treatment of the drug, the incidence of ARVI decreased by 3.6 times! If the reception was carried out with the medical goal, the duration of the disease was less as well as the frequency of complications on the background of ARVI. The active ingredient Amixin - Tiloron, which was synthesized in the 70s of the twentieth century. Ambiquin is produced in the form of tablets. Reception is allowed to children with 7 years and adults. As the prevention of influenza and ARVI, only 1 tablet is used a week for 6 weeks. Vitamins to strengthen immunity. Microelements are substances contained in the body in small quantities, but extremely important for the normal functioning of all organs, including the immune system. These include 13 essential vitamins and about 20 minerals. Their lack may lead to various diseases associated with the metabolism. Especially negatively on the immune system affects the deficiency of vitamin C, A and D. Vitamin C Vitamin C is contained in almost all fruits and vegetables to a greater or lesser extent. It serves as an antioxidant and is involved in the development of antibody cells, in the process of multiplication of macrophages, enhances their activity and mobility. Thanks to the Chemistry of Linus Polinggu, who received the Nobel Prize, the reception of high doses of vitamin C became so popular that so far with colds is the first vitamin, which is recommended. But excess vitamin is as negative as its drawback. Therefore, for a positive effect on the reception, it is necessary to focus on the average daily dose, namely 65-90 mg per day, depending on age. Vitamin A A trace element that supports the vision, the growth and development of the body. It stabilizes the work of the immune system, protecting it from infections, as it has a positive effect on the health of the skin, mucous, respiratory system, stomach and intestines. That is, he takes part in building a barrier for infections. It is important to understand that high dosages of retinol (vitamin A of animal origin) have a negative impact, if a person who is eating it has a smoking dependence. Therefore, when taking high doses of vitamin A, a doctor's advice is needed. Vitamin D. It has long been known that vitamin D contributes to strengthening bone tissue, but relatively recently scientific research has confirmed both vitamin D regarding immunity. Vitamin D is produced in the skin under the action of sunlight. Our latitudes in autumn-winter time do not allow to obtain the desired portion of the sun's rays. At the moment, some doctors adhere to the opinions that the solar exposure due to the harmful ultraviolet is preferable to avoid, and consequently, vitamin D must be taken all year round, simply adjusting the dose on the spring-summer period. Sunlight also accelerates the movement of some types of immune cells by the body, which increases the rate of reaction to the causative agent of the disease. With a high content of vitamin D, the body is easier to fight with such diseases such as multiple sclerosis, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, onco-scabers. It helps maintain the barrier functions of our skin, intestines and easy, helps to suppress excess immune response in the body, preventing the development of autoimmune diseases. Overdose vitamin D is also undesirable. It can lead to a significant increase in blood calcium level. Therefore, it should be taken by consulted with a doctor and not exceeding doses marked in instructions for use. For example, the drug aqualery is recommended up to 2 drops per day in prophylactic purposes. Preparations of the fork gland (thymus). Timus is a small body in which the cells of the immune system are ripening. Human thymus develops to puberty, then with age, it is exposed to reverse development. In old age, he is almost distinguished from the surrounding tissues. Timalin It is a highly purified exhaust of the body of calves, which contributes to the restoration of the immunity reaction, stimulates the products of immunity cells, regeneration and blood formation processes. This drug is used intramuscularly in the form of injections. With prophylactic purposes, it is prescribed by adults at 5-10 mg daily, children from 6 months 1-5 mg daily for 3-5 days. Polyoxidonium The drug is a comprehensive action, therefore somewhat different from the above groups. The uniqueness of the drug in its activity. It is capable of fighting not only with viruses, but also with fungal and bacterial diseases. It suits patients with high allergenic sensitivity, since it does not have vegetable components and components of bacterial DNA. Polyoxidonium is recommended for active inflammation, to reduce the symptoms of intoxication and for the prevention of ARVI in often sick patients. The form of the drug: lyophilisate, suppositories, pills. The lyophilisate is used in children from 6 months, suppositories and tablets are allowed to use in children from 3 years old. The immune system is responsible for all spheres of our health, both physical and emotional. So that our defense is in constant readiness, she needs help. Immune health is the condition of the whole organism achieved not only by the reception of drugs, but also a lifestyle, and even thinking. In our hands help immunity today so that he protects us tomorrow. Be healthy!

Biologically active additive. Not a drug.

There are contraindications. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instructions or consult with a specialist.

Vitamins to maintain immunity

Vitamins for immunity-Evalar-2.jpg

The human immune system is a protective barrier from external and internal negative factors. The stronger the immune system, the easier the body to fight diseases, cope with stress, work at elevated loads. The weakening of protection leads to frequent diseases, a decrease in the total tone, the development of chronic pathologies.

For preventive support and lifting immunity, it is recommended to receive vitamin complexes that contribute to strengthening and restoring the functions of a healthy body.

When immunity needs support

Most often, protective functions need support in the cold season and bad weather, during this period you can take vitamins to maintain immunity. Also, the strengthening will not be superfluous:

  • after transferred diseases and injuries;

  • during epidemics;

  • with a sharp change of climate;

  • in stressful situations;

  • With unbalanced nutrition, bad habits, the absence of physical activity.

The lack of vitamins and loose immunity may indicate the following symptoms:

  • increased fatigue, loss of concentration;

  • The appearance of rash, irritation on the skin, furunculosis, long healing of cuts and scratches;

  • deterioration of hair and nails;

  • indigestion;

  • Eveniness, pallor of skin.

When these states appear, it is desirable to consult a specialist.

Important substances

Vitamins to maintain immunity in adults contain:

  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C). This substance is actively involved in many exchange processes, including the synthesis of interferon, which are an immune response to the ingress of infections into the body. Ascorbic acid has an immunomodulatory action. In addition, it participates in the removal of toxins, updating tissues, binding free radicals;

  • Tocopherol (vitamin E) is a powerful antioxidant that promotes regeneration and recovery of cells that increase the protective forces of the body. The substance is a protector of cell membranes, protecting against oxidative destruction. Tocopherol helps strengthen the barrier functions of the skin, eliminate inflammatory phenomena;

  • Vitamins of group B are strengthening the nervous system, regulate metabolism, increase the ability of cells to resist destruction, normalize the operation of the digestion, helping nutrients to be used in full. With the participation of the substances of this group, the blood formation process occurs, they are necessary for the work of the liver and kidney;

  • Selenium is a trace element required for cleaning and removing toxins, combating free radicals, strengthening the nervous system. Selenium prevents premature aging, helps reduce the harmful effect of harmful habits, normalizes metabolic processes;

  • Manganese is considered a cellular protector. It is needed to enhance the barrier functions, the regulation of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, regeneration of skin cover and internal tissues;

  • Iron - first of all, it is necessary for the formation of hemoglobin and myoglobin, which are responsible for oxygen exchange. With a lack of iron develops anemia, the consequence of which is a decrease in immunity. Especially often, this state is found in young women and in the initial stage is expressed in high fatigue, scattered, weakening immunity;

  • Copper is necessary to build most types of fabrics. Together with vitamin C copper protects cell membranes from negative impacts;

  • Zinc - is necessary for the normal activity of lymphocytes and monocytes that are struggling with infections. With zinc deficiency, the ability to resist respiratory diseases decreases. Also zinc is needed for the synthesis of DihydroxyTestosterone hormone in men, which is responsible for the reproductive function.

Types of vitamin complexes

Vitamins for maintaining immunity in the form of active additives can be divided into:

  • Local. They consume all the necessary components in the dosages designed for a prophylactic effect. As a rule, it is funds in tablets, capsules, pastels;

  • aimed action. These are drugs focused on a specific problem, for example, maintaining the operation of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, fighting ORVI. In the form can be for intake or local application.

Vitamins for immunity-Evalar-1.jpg

Vegetable preparations

Separately, it is worth noting the vegetable agents that gently affect the body, and contains substances that strengthen and stimulate the immune system at the general and local levels. The composition of such complexes includes:

  • Ginger - the root of the plant has an anti-inflammatory and immuno-fixing effect, serves good cold prevention, helps to alleviate the symptoms and reduce the duration of treatment;

  • Rosehip, currant - rich in vitamin C, which is necessary for the normal operation of the protective mechanism;

  • Shiitake mushrooms - a source of substances that help to fight infectious diseases, including viral hepatitis and HIV;

  • Eleutherococcus - has an impact on the nervous system, stimulates the body's resistance to negative impacts, helps it easier to cope with the effects of stress and physical overvoltage;

  • Echinacea Purple - Contains a rich set of vitamins and trace elements, important in combating inflammation, bacterial and viral infections.

How to use

Vitamins for maintaining immunity in adults for prevention are accepted by courses. Continuous techniques can lead to overdose and complications. The duration of the course is recommended to be coordinated with a specialist.

It is also important to take into account other additives in the diet. For example, the composition may include calcium and vitamin D 3, Then, for the period of receiving the Innuno-containing drug, you need to abandon other dietary supplements with calcium.

Tablets are accepted with food or immediately after eating, heat warm, but not hot water. Teas, tincture, powders are prepared according to the instructions. It is important to observe the temperature regime, since some beneficial substances are destroyed with thermal effects. For example, vitamin C disintegrates at 60 ° C.

Vitamin supplements are not a medicine, but may be part of a comprehensive treatment selected by the doctor.


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Savorite Vitamin C Tablet Feature 850 mg 20 pcs.

№ 7 - Supradin Kids Fish Chewing Candies 4 g 30 pcs., Germany

The child's immunity also needs additional support. The optimal option - chewing candies in the form of fish, which will be added to the process of adopting vitamins a play point. "Supradin" includes choline, vitamins C, B6, B12 and Niacinamide. Children over 3 years old are recommended to take 1 chewing candy, and for children 4 - 14 years old - 2 chewing candies per day during meals.

Supradin Kids Fish Chewing Candies 4 g 30 pcs.

No. 8 - Center from A to Zinc Tablets Covered with film shell 30 pcs., United States

The brand "Center" in one tablet followed the entire English alphabet. It is not necessary to be afraid for increased immunity, because BD is not a medicine, its formula is maximally balanced. The combination of vitamins of the group A, B, C and E contributes to increasing the level of energy, maintaining a healthy face in the face and the protection of the organism from adverse environmental factors.

Center from A to Zinc Tablets Covered with film shell 30 pcs.

№ 9 - Peaks Tablets 60 pcs, Slovenia

Often bad immunity and lack of vitamins in children are associated with poor nutrition and the lack of appetite. In such cases, it is necessary to choose the strengthening immunity of BAD 3. Peaks are multivitamins with macroelements for children from 4 to 14 years, which compensate for the lack of useful elements obtained with food, and also help to avoid overwork and stress.

Peak Tablets 60 pcs

No. 10 - Trigit Capsules 30 pcs. Krka, Slovenia

One of the best badges to strengthen immunity in adults is "Trovit". Three vitamin (C and E and β-carotene (Provitamin A) and selenged to protect each cell of your body: fat-soluble antioxidants - vitamin E (α-tocopherol) and provitamin A (β-carotene) - protect the membrane lipids from oxidation with free radicals . Vitamin C is involved in α-tocopherol bioregeneration, protecting it from destruction. And selenium neutralizes the most toxic products of free radical oxidation. This shield designed to strengthen the immunity at any time of the year.

Trigit capsules 30 pcs. Krka.

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