Where to go to the sea in January - 2021. List of 29 countries

Planning holidays in January 2021 ? We will tell you where you can go under a pandemic, what is the weather in the resorts than to do and what to see.

January in Russia begins on the holidays, and therefore tourists can spend a minimum of one third of the month abroad. After the increased demand for rest at the end of December, in early January, tours and air tickets are consistently expensive. But after the 11th, when the first working week of the new year begins, the prices for tours with the flight are dramatically reduced.

WorldIn this article we collected countries that Open for a beach holiday for Russian tourists in January 2021 (But there is only a direct flight in the first 5 countries from the list, the rest can be reached with a change in Istanbul). Beach directions:  UAE , Egypt , Maldives , Cuba, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Kenya, Brazil, South Africa, Colombia , Costa Rica. "A non-jar", but popular:  Turkey. The full rules of entry into the specified countries can be found in this article.

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Cuba in January will delight good weather and noisy celebrations of the victory of the Cuban Revolution. The warmer is just this month in the southeastern part of the island. In Santiago de Cuba, the air temperature can rise to + 27 ... + 29 ° C, but on average, it keeps at +25 ° C. The water temperature reaches +26 ° C. In the capital of Cuba Havana is cooler, on average + 21 ... + 23 ° C. Water warms up to +24 ° C. In Varadero in the second winter month, the air temperature is kept at + 24 ... + 26 ° C, and water +25 ° C.

In winter, very cold winds blow on Cuba on some days. January on the island belongs to the dry season. Night temperatures from +16 to +20 ° C. Tourists in January are repulse mosquitoes, so it is necessary to take repellents on the trip.

In January, the following entertainment is available in Cuba.

  • Traditional beach vacation, as water is warm enough for swimming.
  • Diving. Near the Kayo-Largo resort is a large coral reef. Water is transparent and on sunny days viewed to a depth of 80 m.
  • Fishing. In January, Dorado, Barracuda, Wahu, Tuna, is well caught near the banks of Cuba.
  • Excursions for every taste. Here and visiting the fortresses of Castillo del Morro and Castillo de La Punta, the Palace of Guaash, Orchids Garden in Soroa, Vinäyaz National Park, Cigar and Roma Factory, etc.
  • Holidays and festivals. January 1 is celebrated not only New Year, the day of the liberation of Cuba.
  • In January in Varadero, good waves, so surfers from around the world fly here.
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Although January is not the most favorable month for rest in the mainland Tanzania , on the island Zanzibar "High season" continues. Here during the day + 28 ... + 30 ° C, at night +25 ° C. On the part of the mainland at this time in full rain season. Hot and wet weather in January in Tanzania contributes to the spread of malaria and intestinal infections.

For those who wear a wet heat, but wants to visit Tanzania in January, Arusha will be a good option. During this period, up to 50 mm of precipitation drops here. The average temperature is at night + 19 ... + 21 ° C, and during the day - + 26 ... + 28 ° C. The rainy season begins in March. In Dar Es Salame, the rainy period is already ends for January, but still retained high humidity. Temperature day on average + 29 ... + 31 ° C. Water temperature +26 ° C. In Mwanza, the average temperature + 27 ... + 29 ° C.

What to do in Tanzania in January:

  • Beach rest. Zanzibar, Bongoyo and Pemba will delight tourists with snow-white coral sand, beautiful rhyps and practically untouched by nature civilization.
  • National parks. In Serengeti, tourists will be able to see Lviv, elephants, cheetahs, antelope, leopards, zebras and many birds in the wildlife. In Ngorongoro on Lake Magadi, you can watch the huge flocks of pink flamingos, as well as hippos, rhino, bison, lions and gazelles.
  • Diving. The most suitable place for dives is the western part of Zanzibar Island. The sea is calm here, the reefs are beautiful, the underwater world is rich.

Zanzibar Foam (Photo © darkeyed / Pixabay.com)


January in Maldives Dry and hot. On average, in the second month of winter there are 4-5 rainy days, since the wet season is already completed. Humidity decreases, and the weather becomes comfortable even for those who feel bad to heat. On the North Male Atoll, the average daytime temperature in January is + 29 ... + 31 ° C, night + 24 ... + 26 ° C. On the Siain Atoll (AddDU) is cooler, + 28 ... + 30 ° C and + 23 ... + 25 ° C, respectively. On Vaavava, the temperature is + 29 ... + 31 ° C, and at night + 24 ... + 26 ° C. Water temperature +28 ° C.

Snow-white sand, a lot of sunny days, transparent turquoise water attracts tourists from all over the world. An exceptional "chip" Maldives is that only one hotel is located on each island. Therefore, there is no accumulation of holidaymakers on the beach. In January, the calm is installed in January, so it is comfortable to swim even with young children. Good hotels in Maldives: Dhigufaru Island Resort 5 *, Malahini Kuda Bandos 4 *, BIYADHOO ISLAND RESORT 3 *.

Near every atoll there is a "home reef". These are zones for novice divers (inside the lagoon) and for experienced scablasts (on the outside). Here you can see real coral gardens, sea turtles, whale sharks, skates. Water transparency reaches 30 m, so everything can be seen in the smallest details. Behind the outer boundary of the atolls in January there are strong trends and high surf. In January, Tuna, Barracuda, Marlin and Sailboat are caught in Maldives. Thanks to the wealth of the underwater world, the success of fishing is always one hundred percent.



(Photo: © Join / Pixabay.com)


UAE In January, he pleases tourists with warm weather and a short flight from the European part of the country. This is the high season in the country, when there is no extinguishing heat and you can safely go outside. In the afternoon, the average temperature of +24 ° C, in the evening it drops to +13 ° C, it becomes cool. According to Arab standards, this is the coldest month of the year. Beach rest is possible, but it all depends on weather surprises. The average water temperature in the Persian Gulf of +19 ° C. In Fujaiir, windy and big waves, in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi +20 ° C.

At first place in January, the excursion program comes out, because you can comfortably move around the country. To rest it is better to choose the emirate Dubai. or neighboring Sharjah . In the Emirates Ajman, Ras-El High look especially nothing. Also after the new year, the grand sales begin. Abu Dhabi and Dubai come for shopping.

Of the pros of the UAE in January, it is worth noting a short flight (5 hours from Moscow), luxury hotels and entertainment, excellent service, shopping for every taste and wallet. Of the minuses - high prices for rest (especially in hotels 5 *) and the cool Persian bay.

The country that arose in the midst of the desert can surprise: here build all the most in the world, alcohol is not for sale in supermarkets, some ATMs give gold ingots, the police are driving on Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bentley. It is worth a visit to the highest building in the world of Burj Khalifa, Park Butterflies, Wheel Al-Ain, Hotel 7 * Burj Al-Arab in Dubai , Ferrari Park in  Abu Dhabi , Sheikh Zaid Mosque in Fujeire .

Prices for holidays in Dubai


В Mexico for January There is a peak of the tourist season with a large influx of holidaymakers. The temperature fluctuations in this month are significant depending on the climatic zone. In Mexico City and in all of the north of the country, the average temperature is + 16 ... + 22 ° C. At night, it descends to +7 ° C. In January, ice winds are blowing here, and snow falls in high mountainous areas. But in the south of the eternal summer. In the famous resort, Acapulco at the same time, the air warms up to + 30 ... + 32 ° C. The average night temperature is + 20 ... + 22 ° C. Water temperature +25 ° C. East, in cancun, the average daytime temperature is + 26 ... + 28 ° C, and the night + 18 ... + 20 ° C. Water temperature +25 ° C. Precipitation During this period, little falls throughout the country.

Mexicans are real masters at part of the holidays. They are here every month. In addition to the New Year, January 6, a Catholic Epiphany (a holiday of three kings) is celebrated here. At the same time, in the resort town of Playa del Carmen, there is noisy and cheerful tequila festival.

The most popular seafood resorts are Acapulco and Cancun. According to the standards of local residents in January, it is cold, since the water temperature does not exceed +25 ° C. From the ocean blows an invigorating breeze. On some days there is a storm. Therefore, a large influx of holidaymakers on the beaches is not observed. January is favorable for diving with scuba. The water is transparent and you can see all the diversity of the underwater world of Mexico.



(Photo: © mariamichelle / pixabay.com)


В January in Egypt Not so hot as the rest of the year, therefore it is favorable for inspecting numerous attractions. In the second month of winter, the greatest rainfall (8-10 mm) falls here. It is 5-6 rainy days a month. The rest of the time the sun shines, the activity of which in January is reduced.

In January, cool winds are particularly felt, so the jumper and windbreaker will not be superfluous things in the baggage. Large temperature scatter. In Cairo during the day from +19 to + 21 ° C, and at night + 8 ... + 10 ° C. In Hurghad, the average daytime temperature + 17 ... + 19 ° C, and at night +7 ° C. Alexandria is still cooler, + 14 ... + 16 ° C during the day, +5 ° C at night. For a beach holiday, Egypt is firmly suitable for the period. It is better to choose a hotel with a heated outdoor pool. In the daytime, it is quite comfortable to swim here, unlike the sea, which is quite cool, not higher than +22 ° C.

For diving with scuba, January is also not suitable, although the dive centers, seeking to put off customers, make big discounts. But the water is too cold not only for people, but also for maritime livery. Many species migrate for this period in warmer water. In January, the sea is restless and water becomes not so transparent. But with comfort, you can visit all the famous architectural attractions: Pyramids in Giza, Temples of Luxor and Karnaka, Kite Bay Fortress, erected on the ruins of Alexandrian lighthouse and much more.

Egypt (Photo © Pixabay License)

Dominican Republic

Next in the list of countries where to go to beach holidays in January 2021, - Dominican Republic . Here the high season continues until spring, the temperature of + 27 ... + 29 ° C, at night + 19 ... + 21 ° C. Water in the Caribbean Sea of ​​Fire up to +26 ° C, and in Puerto Plata At the Atlantic coast +27 ° C. On the sea full of calm, blowing a light sea breeze. The most sought-after resorts of the Caribbean - Punta Can. и Boca Chica , here are transparent water and pure white sand.

Dominican Republic chosen for a large selection of offers "All Inclusive". Tourists from North and South America are crowded in popular resorts. In January, beautiful beaches, exotic, high level of service and all inclusive system can be attributed to the pros of the Dominican Republic. Of the minuses - a long flight and, as a result, high prices for rest.

In January, it's time to engage in diving and snorkeling, the water is transparent, visibility even at a depth - excellent. Also at this time, excursions are popular, because it is easier to endure heat, there is no big humidity.

Dominican Republic (Photo: © luidmilakot / Pixabay.com)


In January begins the best season for visiting Kenya . In the resorts of Lama, Malindi and Mombas heat, but there is also no real African heat. In Lama, a soft climate close to subtropical. Winter here is a dry season. Average daytime temperature + 28 ... + 30 ° C. Water temperature +23 ° C. In Mombasa hotter, day + 30 ... + 32 ° C, at night the temperature drops by 10 ° C. Water temperature +26 ° C. It rarely falls out, the strong winds do not happen. Malindi will delight resting hot days with an average temperature of + 30 ... + 32 ° C. At night, it becomes cooler, + 24 ... + 26 ° C. Water temperature + 27 ° C. Rainy days per month no more than two, but the winds are stronger than in Mombasa.

Thanks to this weather in Kenyan resorts in January, a great beach vacation. Sunny weather, calm warm sea and white soft sand attract more and more travelers. Until recently, Kenya was not a popular destination for tourism because of his restless neighbor - Somalia. But now the security is paid great attention.

The main wealth of Kenya is nature, so there are so many reserves and national parks: Masai Mara, Tsavo, "Gate hell", Ambosel, Nakuru. There is a special Marine Park Vatama, where all the conditions for diving are created.

Safari (Photo © ruidgs / pixabay.com)

South Africa

January in South Africa - The height of the summer and the tourist season. The weather here will be very different. In San City, the temperature in January is + 31 ... + 33 ° C during the day and + 19 ... + 21 at night. Cape Town is cooler, the average daytime temperature + 25 ... + 27 ° C, and the night + 18 ... + 20 ° C. In Durban during the day + 29 ... + 31 ° C, at night + 19 ... + 21 ° C. Water temperature +26 ° C. On the coast, even in summer there are cold winds, the proximity of Antarctica affects. Summer in South Africa is a dry season, it rains in January go 2-3 days. There is a high level of solar radiation, so tourists can not do without sunscreen and headdress.

January in Cape Town and Durban is well suited for passive beach holidays. But it is better to swim in Durban, which is washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean. In the Atlantic Ocean, water is colder at 2-3 ° C.

In order to safety, tourists do not recommend independent walks through the cities of South Africa, especially in the evening. But as part of the group, it is quite possible to go on a tour, for example, in the man-made paradise on the land of San City, to Cape of Good Hope, the dining room, the Kapsky Peninsula, etc. In January, Cape-kun carnival passes in Cape Town with merry national songs and dancing.

South Africa (Photo Olebr © Pixabay License)


January in Colombia Refers to the high season, so there are many tourists. This month here is hot and little rain. In Monteria, the average temperature in the afternoon will be + 29 ... + 31 ° C, at night - + 22 ... + 24 ° C. Water temperature + 28 ° C. In January, there are strong cold winds on the coast. In Cartagena, the air is warm up to +31 ° C, and at night up to +23 ° C.

The climate of Colombia is ideal for a beach holiday. Most popular beaches:

  • Playa Blanca, located 20 km from Cartagena. Because of the proximity of the city and affordable hotels of holidaymakers on this Belopescan beach, especially on weekends. In winter, strong winds blow here.
  • Manzanillo on the island of Providence. Here you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also jump from the tar in the water during the tide.
  • Cabo San Juan not far from the city of Santa Marta. The beach is located on the territory of Tyrona National Park.

Behind the coastline are dense jungle. It is recommended to swim here with experienced swimmers, since there are insidious underwater flows.

In January and February, the carnival in Barranquil passes. It stands on the scale of 3rd place after the carnival in Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans. Every year 10,000 musicians and 28,000 dancers take part here.

Colombia (Photo Bergslay © Pixabay License)

Costa Rica

В January in Costa Rica The dry season begins. But not all regions of the country are suitable for a beach holiday during this period. Puerto Lemon will delight tourists with warm water (+29 ° C) and high air temperature (+ 31 ... + 33 ° C during the day and + 23 ... + 25 ° C at night). In Liberia, a slightly cooler, the average daily air temperature + 29 ... + 31 ° C, and the night - + 22 ... + 24 ° C). Water warms up to +28 ° C. In Nikita in January + 30 ... + 32 ° C during the day, + 23 ... + 25 ° C at night.

In Costa Rica, a large number of national parks with excellent tropical nature. Dry and warm January is well suited for their inspection. You can go on an excursion to the volcano, there are 121 them here. It is impossible to easily rise them.

Costa Rica is washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. Therefore, the beaches here for every taste.

  • "Playa Konchal", with warm water and white soft sand.
  • Playa Flamingo, where you can not only sunbathe and swim, but also admire these beautiful pink birds.
  • "Playa de Nero" with black volcanic sand.
  • For divers in Costa Rica, the present expanse. Especially rich underwater world near the beach "Playa del Coco".
  • Surfers settled at Playa Tamarindo, where strong wind and good waves.

Not far from some Pacific beaches are cold trends, so the bathing there is not always comfortable. On the Caribbean coast is much warmer, but there is a higher moisture and heavier breathing.

Costa Rica (Photo Infinitethought © Pixabay License)


January in Brazil Roast and wet. For this period there are a wet season, so those who do not tolerate a stuffiness, better abandon the trip to this South American country. In Rio de Janeiro in January, hot and wet. The average daytime temperature + 28 ... + 30 ° C, and the night - + 22 ... + 24 ° C. At the resort of San Salvador in January rain falls less than in Rio de Janeiro. The average temperature in the day + 27 ... + 29 ° C, at night + 22 ... + 24 ° C. The water temperature in January in Brazil ranges from +26 to +28 ° C.

The most popular beaches in the winter:

  • Ipanema. It suits not so much for swimming, how much surfing.
  • Copacabana - Rio Business Card. Snow-white sand, warm water and picturesque views of anyone leave indifferent. But rains can spoil the impression of rest.
  • Amaralina (South Outdoor Salvador). Clean and well-kept beach. There are small calm conveyors where you can swim, as well as areas with good waves for the joy of soles.
  • Rio-Veselmejo, where the water and sand are dirty, but boils nightlife in coastal bars, restaurants, clubs and discos.

Brazil (Photo Poswiecie © Pixabay License)


Turkey - The phenomenon country that falls into the ranking in winter and in the summer, and from March to October it takes a stable first line for sales. Each fifth tourist plans to rest abroad in January in Turkey. In January in Antalya during the day + 10 + 19 ° C, at night + 9 + 17 ° C, there are not a lot of tourists. In Istanbul in January + 7 + 10 ° C, at night + 5 + 7 ° C.

From the advantages of rest in Turkey in January, low prices for tours, high level of service, good hotels with all inclusive systems, shopping all year round are available. In Istanbul, Christmas discounts continue in January, it is advantageous to buy Turkish brands or produced in Turkey, for example, "U.S. Polo Assn »," LTB "," COLIN'S "," Penti ". Almost all brand stores are presented in the Istanbul Cevahir shopping center. By the disadvantages of Turkey in January, it is possible to take cool weather, "Non-Zezon" for a beach holiday.

Bowl of all the tourists choose 4-5 star stars hotels with all inclusive. Prices in January from 21.500 rubles. per person on holidays and from 13.100 rubles. After the New Year holidays. From the directions, the resorts of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea are in demand - Kemer , Side, Antalya , Alanya , Marmaris , Bodrum .

The author of the article in Turkey in the mountains in December near the cave Altynbeshik

Author of the article in Turkey

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В January in China Tourists are less than in other months. Since the PRC is a large state, so in the north during this period there may be up to -20 ° C, and in the south to +25 ° C. On the island Hainan , Popular Resort Place of China, the average temperature is + 23 ... + 25 ° C during the day, + 14 ... + 16 ° C at night. Water warms up to +27 ° C. Hainan is the only place in China, which is suitable for a beach holiday. And only the southern part of it, because in the north of the island is much cooler. Popular places Hainan are thermal pools and butterflies park.

In Beijing in January, daytime temperatures averages 0 ... + 2 ° C, and at night the thermometer column is lowered to -5 ... -7 ° C. Often it is snow and blows a strong cold wind. There are severe ice. Therefore, inspecting different sights that are outdoors are not recommended. But you can visit bright ideas in the Chinese circus, aquarium and water park, and also go shopping.

In Hong Kong heat, + 16 ... + 18 ° C day, and + 10 ... + 12 ° C at night. The main entertainment in January Days is shopping. After December 25 and before the celebration of the Chinese New Year, the season of large discounts. In January, the festival of alternative art is held in Hong Kong.

China (Photo of Greatsomeone © Pixabay License)


January - one of the most favorable months to relax on Filipino Archipelago , tourists here are a lot. From November to March here is a relatively dry season. At all without rains, do not do, but they quickly pass and do not carry such destruction as in the summer.

In Davao (Mindanao Island), the average daily air temperature is + 29 ... + 31 ° C, and the night + 22 ... + 24 ° C. Water warms up to +29 ° C. High humidity, rainy days - until 13 per month. On Bochola in January during the day + 30 ... + 32 ° C, at night + 24 ... + 26 ° C. Water temperature + 29 ° C. Rainy days - 12-13 per month.

Manila will delight heat + 29 ... + 31 ° C day. Nights are also warm, + 24 ... + 26 ° C. Water temperature +29 ° C. Despite the high humidity and rainy probability, the weather favors beach rest. Beaches on Belopescan Islands. There are places with gentle descent to water that are suitable for relaxing with young children, for example, on Malapaska, Sickyore, Palaw.

Another popular entertainment in the Philippines in January - Diving. The underwater world of the Philippine archipelago is very rich, and transparent water allows you to see it in detail. On Cebu Island, there is a picturesque cascade waterfall Kawasan. In the lagoon, which is formed by his foot, you can also swim. But the water is cooled here than in the ocean.

Philippines (Photo byjoaoaraujo © Pixabay License)


January in Israel - The coldest and wet month of the year. Tourist flow during this period is dried. In Eilat, the air, on average, heats up to + 18 ... + 20 ° C during the day. At night + 9 ... + 11 ° C. Water temperature +22 ° C. Rainy days 14-15 per month. In Tel Aviv is cooler, + 16 ... + 18 ° C, + 8 ... + 10 ° C - at night. In Jerusalem, the average daytime temperature + 11 ... + 13 ° C, and the night + 3 ... + 5 ° C.

For a beach holiday, this time of year is not too suitable, except for the most cold-resistant tourists. But in Israel, many hotels having heated pools, so without swimming holidays will not remain. January - a good time to inspect the sights, as the queues for them are significantly less than in a high season, and there is no suffocating heat. Wall of crying, the temple of the debris of the Lord, Mount Zion, the dome of the rock, the Tower of David, the Garden of Interesting Places of Interest Israel.

For health amendment, you can choose one of the resorts of the Dead Sea, for example, Ein-Bokek. Here are held in the second month of winter in Israel many holidays. In Bethlehem, a festive liturgy is held in Bethlehem on January 6. January 19, believers will be able to swim in the waters of Jordan.

Israel (Photo by ynceycurtis © Pixabay License)

Canary Islands

В January on the Canary Islands The flow of tourists weakens. The weather here in the winter is comfortable, but not for swimming. In Los Cristianos in January, the average temperature of the day + 19 ... + 21 ° C, and at night + 16 ... + 18 ° C. Water temperature +20 ° C. On Tenerife is colder, + 15 ... + 17 ° C day and + 12 ... + 14 ° C at night. Water warms up to +19 ° C. On the Adeje, the average daytime temperature + 18 ... + 20 ° C, and the night + 14 ... + 16 ° C. The water temperature is not higher than +20 ° C.

The three islands of the archipelago are divided into two parts of a mountain varnish. She protects against wind. Therefore, on the south side of the islands, the temperature is not the highest, but it allows on some days to sunbathe. But bathe, even on southern beaches, only the most hardened tourists. Therefore, the hotel for January is chosen with a heated pool. In the northern part of the islands in January, strong winds blow, providing permanent excitement on the sea. These enjoy the surfers.

On the island of Tenerife, excursions are organized to the National Park surrounding Volcano Tadeid. In January, it often falls there, so it is necessary to dress accordingly. There are almost no vegetation on the slopes of the volcano. That's where clubs of hydrogen sulfide are broken on the surface. Landscape, in general, reminds decorations for a fantastic film about another planet.

Canary Islands (Photo of Analogicus © Pixabay License)


January for most of the territory Malaysia refers to the wet season. Despite this, tourists in this period there are quite a lot. This is due to the fact that in the winter weakens the reinstant heat for this region. The rains often go in the evening and at night, so morning can be safely used to swim and sunbathe.

It is hotstay in January in Kuala Lumpur: during the day + 30 ... + 32 ° C, at night + 22 ... + 24 ° C. Water temperature +29 ° C. Rainy days 12-13 per month. Successful in Georgetown. Here the rains go 8 days a month. Average daytime temperature + 29 ... + 31 ° C, and night + 24 ... + 26 ° C. Water warms up to +29 ° C.

On Langkawi Island, the temperature is + 29 ... + 31 ° C, and at night + 25 ... + 27 ° C. Water temperature +28 ° C. 8 days a month is raining. This island is chosen by those tourists for whom in priority the opportunity to swim and sunbathe. Beach here are clean, small and cozy. They are surrounded by almost untouched tropical nature. Representatives of flora and fauna live here, which are no longer found anywhere. If there is a desire to look at the architectural attractions and go shopping, it is better to implement in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia (Photo Sasint © Pixabay License)

Indonesia, Bali.

В January on Bali The rainy season is in full swing. Livni is accompanied by a strong wind. The amount of rainy days per month - 14-15. The rest of the month is cloudy weather. At the beginning of the month, rains go in the afternoon. By the end of January, the shower can continue for days. At the resort, the Tourung Benoa temperature rises to + 28 ... + 30 ° C, and at night + 26 ... + 28 ° C. Water temperature + 29 ° C. In Ubud + 27 ... + 29 ° C during the day, + 24 ... + 26 ° C at night. Here is the coolest and rainy. Nusa Dua is the most dry resort of Bali in January. Rainy days this month 12. Air temperature during day + 28 ... + 30 ° C, + 25 ... + 27 ° C at night.

Walking in January is unpleasant and dangerous. Waves are high, and strong shuffles wash out the jungle all the garbage and carry it to the beach and into the water. Idillic pictures with turquoise sea and snow-white sand is not in mom. For diving, January is also inappropriate time. But for surfing the very thing, however, for professionals. Newcomers should be inlated.

There are many schools of spiritual practitioners on Bali, so the rainy season can be used for meditation and self-visibility. Prices for rest in January are significantly reduced, there are practically no tourists. Therefore, you can enjoy the maximum silence and peace.

Bali (Photo WPKOMANG © Pixabay License)


On Jamaica in January dry and no suffocating heat. This month refers to the high tourist season, but the debris whether there is no debris. Jamaica - just gaining its popularity among tourists. In Kingston, the air is heated to + 27 ... + 29 ° C, at night to + 21 ... + 23 ° C. Water temperature +27 ° C. Rainy days for a month 3.

Negril will delight the tourists with heat + 28 ... + 30 ° C during the daytime. At night, the temperature drops to comfortable + 23 ... + 25 ° C. Water temperature +27 ° C. Rains go 3-4 days a month. Curtainly everything in Ocho Rios - + 25 ... + 27 ° C Day and + 22 ... + 24 ° C at night. Rainy days for January accounts for 4-5.

Such weather in the resorts of Jamaica favors beach rest. The best places are concentrated on the north coast of the island. This is the so-called "Yamaican Riviera". It includes urban beaches "Doctors Keive" (Montego Bay) and Seven Mile (Negril), a paid "Cornwall", Silver Sands with the greatest sand. Windsurfers chose the Northern Boston Bay, where strong winds blow in January.

In the northern coast area there are excellent diving places. Not only advanced divers can dive here, but also newcomers. Clean and transparent water will help to consider the diverse underwater world of Jamaica in the smallest details.

Jamaica (Photo Peggy_marco © Pixabay License)

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka divided into two climatic zones. In January high season on the southern and west coast. It costs hot and dry weather. Thunderstorm rains are rare, 2-3 days a month. The density of holidaymakers during this period is high. On the northeastern coast in January is cool, often rains and strong winds blow. The high season here comes in the summer months.

In Bentota in January, the average temperature of the day + 29 ... + 31 ° C, and at night + 21 ... + 23 ° C. Water warms up to + 27 ° C. In Colombo, the thermometer column rises to the marks + 29 ... + 31 ° C during the day and + 22 ... + 24 ° C at night. Water temperature + 27 ° C. In the hikkaduve, the day is slightly cooler, + 28 ... + 30 ° C, but the night is warmer + 23 ... + 25 ° C.

The south-west coast in January is perfectly suitable for swimming and sunbathe. The most popular beaches are:

  • "Negombo" near the international airport. It is easy to get to it, but it is not too clean. Here you can look at the traditional fishing of Lankans;
  • Clean and equipped "Bentota";
  • Secluded "Moragalla";
  • "Hikkaduva", where many bars, discos and other entertainment.

There are many tea plantations on Sri Lanka where you can go on a tour. There is on the island and its place of pilgrimage - Adamov Peak. Representatives of Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Hinduism rise to this top in order to see the legendary "trail of God" - a deepening in stone, which in shape resembles a footprint.

Sri Lanka (Photo by Amanjahamal © Pixabay License)


January on Mauritius Refers to the rainy season. It is hot and very humid here. Fortunately, cool trade winds soften the stuffiness and make the climate quite favorable for rest. Winter over Mauritius, cyclones are often rushed.

Bel Mare will delight tourists with an average daytime temperature + 29 ... + 31 ° C, and night + 26 ... + 28 ° C. Rainy days 10 per month. Water temperature + 28 ° C. In the resort town of Gran Gob in January, the least precipitation falls. Rainy days here are 9 per month. In the afternoon, the air warms up to + 29 ... + 31 ° C, and at night to + 26 ... + 28 ° C. Water temperature + 28 ° C.

The coolest thing in Tamarin Bay, + 27 ... + 29 ° C during the day, + 24 ... + 26 ° C at night. Rainy days 11. It falls here the greatest amount of precipitation in January. Water temperature +27 ° C.

In January, the Indian Ocean is non-safe. But around the island there is a ring of reefs that breaks big waves. Therefore, near the shore, the water is quite suitable for swimming and diving. Visibility in winter is 15-20 m, so you can clearly see a variety of corals, sea turtles, Muren, Dolphins, Lunulu, etc. At Cape Le Morn, where good winds blow, is one of the most popular places for kiting and windsurfing. There are experienced instructors who will help beginners to master these sports.

Mauritius (Photo wurliburli © Pixabay License)


January - dry and warm month in Cambodia. In winter, here is the most peak of the tourist season. There are practically no precipitation, from 7 to 15 mm per month depending on the region. Refreshing winds make soften heat. In the controversy is hotter, the average temperature is + 31 ... + 33 ° C, and at night + 23 ... + 25 ° C. Rainy days 1-2.

In Sihanville, the most popular resort location of Cambodia, the air in the daytime is heated to + 29 ... + 31 ° C. At night, the temperature is + 25 ... + 27 ° C. Water in the Siamese Gulf is warm, +28 ° C. On the island of Ko-de-cult, at night + 25 ... + 27 ° C, and in the afternoon + 29 ... + 31 ° C. Water temperature + 28 ° C. The precipitation is quite a lot for this period, the rain goes 4 days a month.

The best places for the beach holiday are:

  • "Cleel", divided into the equipped northern and wild southern part. In the south there is less domestic garbage, there are no ordinary beach entertainment and a smooth entrance to the sea, but there are large boulders;
  • "Otters", secluded and cleanest corner of Sihanoukville;
  • paid and comfortable "Independence";
  • Partially free "Sokha" with a gentle entrance to the water.

Cambodia is a country with a rich history. In addition to the beach holiday, tourists are offered many excursions: in the Angkor Temple Complex; on the coolen plateau; to the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh; In the temple of Wat Banana, etc. Developed in Cambodia and diving.



(Photo Poswiecie © Pixabay License)


January in the Seychelles archipelago - The height of the wet season. It drops up to 400 mm precipitation per month. Shower begins suddenly, but rarely last more than half an hour. The air temperature is high, so in the Seychelles in January enough.

On the island, the silhouette of the average daytime temperature is + 28 ... + 30 ° C, and the night + 26 ... + 28 ° C. Rainy days in January 13. Water in the sea warms up to +28 ° C. On the island of Mahe, the air warms up to + 28 ... + 30 ° C. At night, not much cooler, + 26 ... + 28 ° C. Rainy days 12-13.

Felicitis Island belongs to one of the most dry places of the Seychelles archipelago in January. Rainy days here 12 per month. Air temperature during day + 28 ... + 30 ° C, and at night + 26 ... + 28 ° C. Water warms up to +28 ° C.

The best beaches:

  • Ans-Intendants (MAE) with snow-white small sand. But it is better to sunbathe here than swimming. Due to the lack of reef, the excitement is strong enough, so there is better conditions for surfing than for swimming;
  • Bo Wallon (MAE). Here is a gentle descent in water, there are no underwater flows and strong waves;
  • Calm Beach Bay Ans Georget (Praslin).

Tourists must visit the Morne Reserve. There are beautiful tropical nature, waterfall, tea plantation, vanilla and cinnamon.

Seychelles (Photo Walkerssk © Pixabay License)


Sultanat Oman Located in the south-east of the Arabian Peninsula, is well suited for the January holiday. Here warm and dry. Therefore, it can be shown on the beach in the rays of the Arabian Sun and comfortably inspect the local attractions. In the masquence, the air warms up to + 24 ... + 26 ° C, and at night + 18 ... + 20 ° C. Precipitation in January almost never happens. Water temperature +24 ° C.

Salala is the warmest resort of Oman at this time of year. The average daytime temperature here + 25 ... + 27 ° C, night + 17 ... + 19 ° C. Water temperature +25 ° C. In Sohara, the day of the thermometer is rising to + 23 ... + 25 ° C, and at night + 18 ... + 20 ° C. There are no precipitation in January. Water temperature +23 ° C.

Most of all holidaymakers can be found on the beaches of Salal and Muscat. Those who are looking for a secluded rest will suit Masira Island. Beaches here are whitening. There are almost no vacationers, but you can meet the turtles, delusito eating eggs in the sand. A good beach and the port city of Sur in the same lagoon. From the attractions of the most visited traditional oriental bazaar of Suk Matrah, Sultan Kabusa Mosque, Natural Reserve Ras-Al-Jeans.

Oman (Photo Suzyt © Pixabay License)


Prices for the most popular tours in January in Thailand with a flight at the beginning of the month are very much rising, so Turkey becomes more in demand. But in February, Thailand will again take the first place and becomes the most popular country for the rest of our tourists. Most proposals in Phuket. и Pattaya , less likely there are advantageous tours in Bangkok , Kao varnish, Krabi. , Samui , Hua Hin, Ko Chang. .

The advantages of Thailand in January - a comfortable weather for a beach holiday, affordable prices in the country, a well-developed tourist infrastructure, you can try exotic fruits and seafood. The minuses include expensive tours, long flight (10 hours from Moscow), not always a first-class service (this is Asia!).

tours in january much better go


In January, it is not at all resorts of Vietnam season, the weather at different resorts behaves in its own way. So, in the Nha Trang day +28 degrees, the weather is restricted, the wind is wind, waves, takes out garbage on the coast, are possible short-term rains. To swim in the calm sea, you need to go to the islands.

On Fukuoka High season in January, no rains, the sea is calm on the west and east coast. For the whole month, several cloudy days. In Fantry and Muin Tourist season, with huge waves. There are no rains here, but strong winds and the restless sea are blowing. This is a resort for surfers, although families with children here are also constantly arriving due to low prices for popular tours in January in Vietnam. On the sea, red flags.

Danang and Hue rainy regions are still rainy. Recently, the country is actively developing tourism, so prices for the most popular tours in January become more affordable. Vietnam catch up with Thailand, although it is still far from this level.

Pluses of Vietnam in January - beach season, delicious kitchen and inexpensive tours. A weak Asian service can be attributed to cons, long flight (10 hours from Moscow), not very good tourist infrastructure (with the exception of the resort number 1 - Nychang ).

tours in january much better go


In January, in India, a high season, all the establishments work, and the weather is dry and sunny. In the top directions, India is part of November to February and still offers inexpensive popular tours in January. Where to go to budget tourists - Goa. It is said that this is "Other" India, and to see the "real", you need to go beyond its limits. But maybe this is the popularity of Goa, that tourism is more developed here and at least trash are trying to clean daily.

The most budget resorts are in North Goa - Calangut, Bug, Kandolim, Arabol, Anjuna, Mandrem, Kerim, Mordemp. The only nuance is for the low cost (30000-40000 rubles) you will get a very old hotel with minimal service. Good 4-5 star hotels, which are not many in India, offer very high prices (from 10,000 rubles).

Pluses of India in January - a shorter flight, compared with Thailand or Vietnam (7 hours from Moscow); low prices; Tropical nature. Of the minuses, it is worth noting the widespread Indian dirt and antisanitia, walking cows on the beach, the need for a visa.

Czech Republic

The only European country from our rankings where popular tours in January with a flight - Czech Republic . A real holiday is felt here, fairs are fairs, sales (discounts up to 80%), and the New Year's table is not necessary without a festive carp.

In the Czech Republic, a very strong excursion program, so I come here all year round. The country is included in the top directions from October to February. In addition to excursions B. Prague And Recovery B. Karlovy Vary. , in the Czech Republic, the skiing complexes of Spindlers Mlyn, Liberec, Harrachov, Rakinets, Shumava, Mlada Buki work.

Of the advantages of the Czech Republic in January it is worth noting the country's hospitality, close culture and language, excursion and ski rest, short flight. Of the minuses - a Schengen visa is required, a large number of tourists.

Now you know where to go to the beach holiday in January - 2021. Typically, Turkey (24%), Thailand (17%), UAE (12%), Vietnam (7%), India (7%), India (7%) 7%), Dominican Republic (6%). But in 2021 everything is different.

In winter, you especially feel more acute how the inner battery is sitting: houses - life and routine, on the street - cold and slush, at work - a bunch of affairs and an inadequate boss. The best way to recharge into such a state is to rush to the sea.

So far, no one knows when the borders will completely open after a pandemic, but as soon as it happens, the first thing many will want to bring themselves to the sea. You can choose a sunny resort for winter now, but 7 open countries open to Russians, where you can relax on the sea now.

Where to go to the sea in winter

Resort Weather Visa
Sri Lanka Air + 28 ... + 31 ° C, water +28 ° C Online visa for 30 days
Maldives Air + 27 ... + 30 ° C, water +28 ° C Visa on arrival for 30 days
India Air + 24 ... + 29 ° C, water +28 ° C Online visa for 60 days
UAE Air + 24 ... + 26 ° C, water + 23 ... + 25 ° C 90 days without a visa
Thailand Air + 25 ... + 31 ° C, water + 28 ... + 29 ° C 30 days without a visa
Brazil Air + 25 ... + 30 ° C, water + 24 ... + 26 ° C 90 days without a visa
Vietnam Air + 26 ... + 31 ° C, water +28 ° C 15 days without a visa
Kenya Air + 26 ... + 32 ° C, water + 27 ... + 28 ° C Online visa for 90 days
Cuba Air + 24 ... + 27 ° C, water + 25 ... + 26 ° C 90 days without a visa
Philippines Air + 25 ... + 31 ° C, water + 26 ... + 27 ° C 30 days without a visa
China, Hainan Air + 20 ... + 26 ° C, water + 23 ... + 24 ° C 21 days without a visa in the trading
Indonesia Air + 26 ... + 31 ° C, water +29 ° C 30 days without a visa
Tanzania, Zanzibar Air + 25 ... + 32 ° C, water +28 ° C Visa for 90 days upon arrival
Mexico Air + 27 ... + 29 ° C, water + 24 ... + 26 ° C Electronic permission for 180 days
Where to swim in winter: hikkaduva, Sri Lanka

Even in two weeks in Sri Lanka, you are fed by lobsters from the nest and cover the bronze tan. At the romantic resort of Bentota in the south-west of the island, the island is perfectly resting to the soul and body: you are all day on the beach, glue from the affectionate sun and you think how good the aircraft invented. To warm up, take a look at how Ceylon tea grows on the HandanuGod plantation and bathe wing in the shelter of Pinnavel.

Known in our latitudes Resort Hikkaduva - also an excellent training base for newcomers. Those who prefer active rest below the Ocean line dive to the underwater beauties of Veligama in the south of Sri Lanka. Who will not see who you can not see: and the toothed Muren, and a fish-arrow and even gigantic turtles!

Good to know: The most expensive for the flight to Sri Lanka is December, when tickets are becoming more expensive on a quarter of an average annual price. But in January and February, you can save up to 10%. When visiting the temples, dress modestly and do not make scandalous selfie with a Buddha: it's serious about Sri Lanka to religion. If a tattoo with the image of the deity is noticed, can deport.

Beach, Tea, Elephants and Other Reasons Love Sri Lanka

Where hot weather in winter: Maldives

Stop sighing, luxurious glossy magazines with pictures of chic bungalows in the Indian Ocean, - perform a dream and relax in the Maldives. One of the thousands of atolls scattered across the turquoise ocean will turn into your personal paradise. It must be experienced at least once in life.

Typical day schedule in the Maldives: breakfast, sunbathing, diving to coral reefs and something new. Moreover, the list "Something new" is infinite: feed from the hand of the skate, immerse yourself on a 40-meter depth in the submarine, cross the equator on the southern atoll of the Adddu or to cut down with gigantic turtles MIMIM. For a romantic evening, go to the Atoll Waadhu with His luminous in the ocean evenings. Make the desires until the ideas are shown: unlike falling stars, the bioluminescent plankton is not going anywhere.

Good to know: It is most profitable to fly to Maldives in February: tickets are cheaper than December and January by 20%. Do not forget that Maldives - Muslim Country, Toples are not forbidden to sunbathe here. And no matter how much it also wanted, to take home coral wreckage too.

14 things that do good in the Maldives

Where to go to the sea in winter: rest in Goa

In winter, it is difficult to get out of the house. But if the path lies not to the toned office with a coffee machine, but on the golden coast of the Indian Ocean with sweet tea Masala, gather much easier. Bright and contrasting India will definitely add a pinch of spices into your life. For rebooting and branded Goa sunsets, go to the northern beaches of Arambol and Anjuna, who chose hippies and amateurs of economical travel. In the South Beach Palill, the public is more serious: those who are willing to pay for a secluded sun bed with a bottle of ice "Kingfisher", just no one sang mantras under the ear. The shore is finely and practically no waves - perfectly to lie as an asterisk in the foam of the surf.

Gorgeous beaches of the state of Kerala are not as popular among batch tourists like Goa resorts. It is for the better: proclaim the monarchy on the sandy spaces of Varkala and Kovalam and order yourself to forget about all the problems under the arms of Ayurveda-masseur.

Good to know: In order not to overpay for tickets to Goa 72% of their average cost, transfer the trip from December to January or February, when prices are lower than average annual. It is not worth believing to everyone in a row to believe in India, but the minimum precautions on the spot will not interfere: pretty wash your hands and fruits and do not drink water from under the tap.

Detailed guide in wintering in Goa: Prices and tips

Where to swim in January and February - Dubai, UAE

Since a hundred years ago, oil deposits were opened in the Persian Gulf, the UAE was turned into a luxurious beach resort. Most of the tourists settles in Dubai: there will be entertainment on any wallet. If you are ready to spend money, futuristic monorail will deliver you to the "trunk" of the artificial island-Palma Jumeirah on the snow-white beaches of Atlantis. On the free beach of Jumeiraira Open, you can click a bunch of selfie against the background of the village of Sails - also chic, gloss, beauty, only without excess spending. Active tourists will like the beach of Kite Beach, where they are playing volleyball and snakes are launching snakes.

In the budget Sharbon, there is a "dry law", so that there is also a drink on the drink: just there will be no temptation. In Fujaira, go for an interesting diving and full immersion in the Arab culture, and in Abu Dhabi - behind velvety beaches and shopping.

Good to know: From October to April Water in the Persian Gulf on Dubai Beach Beach than usual: from +18 to +27 ° C. But it is not necessary to constantly hide under air conditioning: the air temperature ranges from +23 to +35 ° C. For air tickets to the UAE for December and January, you pay a little more average price by year, and if you fly in February, save as much as 15%.

Budget recreation in Dubai: relevant prices and tips, how to save

Beach rest in winter. National Marine Park Ang Tong, Koh Samui Island, Thailand

Holidays at the resorts of Thailand is the best medicine from the Winter Handra. Some adore Coconut Beaches of Samui Island - for Zen-Atmosphere, Soft Sand and Sea with a temperature, like in a home bath. Others appreciate withdrawal Pattaya - for exotic bars on the beach and cheap shopping. And those and others are confessed in love for beautiful Phuket: here you have fun through the edge in Patong bars, and romantic sunsets on the secluded beach by Fridom Beach.

At the parties of the full moon on the island of Phangan Tusovroviki from all over the world so that mom is not burning. In the morning you will want to shyly to lower your eyes, but it will tell about the grandchildren: how until the morning was danced by ankle in the sea, drank a bucket of whiskey with a cola and tipped on a bikini competition.

Good to know: It is better to go for the winter to Thailand in January or February, when the air tickets are slightly cheaper than the average price of the year. For tickets for December you can overpay to a third of their average annual cost. In addition, under the New Year on Samui and Phangan, periodically storm: still heard echoes of the rainy season. But since January, the weather is a peach: the sea is calm, and above his head is a cloudless sky.

How much is a vacation in Phuket: current prices for everything

Rest on the sea in winter - where to go. Rio De Janeiro Beaches in Brazil

Brazil meets hot hugs and immediately tightens the sweaters and fur coats from tourists. Throw things in the hotel and rush to the famous Copacabana Beach in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. Hot Latin Americans are not shy to sunbathe in bikini, even under a strict look of Christ the Redeemer, who looks at the city from the top of the mountain Corcovad. In the neighborhood, the luxurious beach of Ipanema spread out, surrounded by mansions of the rich. His northern part was stamped by surfers, and south chose moms with children.

Volcanic Islands Fernandu Di Norona in Northeast Brazil - Mecca for divers. In transparent water, it is great that sea turtles, barracudas and fish-surgeons are signed in the semi-meter from you. Among the Atlantic resorts with a history of a mansion is the birthplace of Capoeira Salvador. If you want to break out of the beach nirvana, your museums and beautiful churches are at your service.

Good to know: If you plan to go to Brazil in February and at the same time getting to the famous carnival in Rio, buy tickets at least a couple of months before departure. So more chances to save up to 15% of the average cost. Flights to Brazil for January and February you buy on average annual price, but for the December flight you can overpay to 57%.

The secret places of Rio de Janeiro, the existence of which you did not guess

Where to relax on the sea in winter. Snow white beach on Fukuchok Island in Vietnam

If you want exotics for a penny, fly in Vietnam. In winter, regular and charter flights from many major cities of Russia appear in this area. Most tourists landed in the spa nurse, where a strip of sandy beaches stretches across the road from fish restaurants. Lovers of hypers will settle in the center, and families and introverts - in the north, closer to nature.

In winter, the wind in the south-east of Vietnam is blowing the wind in the south-east of Vietnam - happiness for Kaitserfer. Day of the sky over the beach is ripples from multi-colored kites, and in the evening vibrates reggae waves from surrounding surf bars. Romance with burning eyes go to the South Island of Fukuok, where the beaches with postcards are hidden behind the tropical clips. Remove the bungalow on the seashore and write every day in the morning on a mango smoothie to replenish the stock of vitamins.

Good to know: In December, in Muin and Nha Trang, the stormat is dangerous. If you are traveling with children, do not risk and look at the southern resorts like Fukuok Island. Or set aside a trip for January-February, it will also save way: Flights to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or Nha Trang, can do 1.5-2 times more expensive than a flight in the second half of winter.

How to leave Vietnam for the winter: answers to the most frequent questions

Unusual resorts for winter holidays at sea. Kenya beaches: Mombasa, Lama and not only

At the thought of Kenya, represent crocodiles and giraffes, and not sun loungers and umbrellas. And in vain: the beaches in the depths of wild Africa are excellent, and weeks in January or February with more than enough to acquire a chocolate tan and merge with the aborigines. The most gorgeous beaches of Kenya with a multi-colored ocean extend in all directions from the resort Mombasa. Entertainment Full: You can meditate a whole day in the shade of palm trees, fight with the wind on Cite under the air snake or spy on fish through the glass bottom of the boat.

Romantics will put a big husky Suakhilsky island of Lama, where instead of cars on the pavement mocked with hooves of donkey. Just a couple of kilometers from the Old Town - and you roared on a deserted beach, snapped by sea shells. Move the view from a fresh coconut in the hand on the ocean and honestly admit to yourself: you will not allow you to live beautifully.

Good to know: On Kenyan beaches, only two problems: strongly fed to lunch and annoying merchants. About the first you can forget: Think, a few minutes walk from the sun bed to the ocean. But with the second to cope more difficult. If you do not want samos and bracelets to invade your holiday, choose private beaches during hotels.

Feed the giraffe, cross the equator and 10 more reasons to grow into Kenya

Where to go to the sea in December, January and February. Beaches Cuba: Varadero, Olgin and others

Half a day in the plane into Cuba is like a jump for fifty years ago, where still ride the Soviet "Muscovites" and believe in the victory of communism. Do not rush the course of events - better pour yourself a glass of Cuban Roma and quench them thirst for activity: Cubans will teach to enjoy life slowly. If you like, when "all inclusive", go to the popular Cuban resort Varadero, where kilometers of a snow-white beach are stretching behind empty palm trees and cacti. Royal can relax on the elite resort of Olgin. Arrange under the straw umbrella and repeat the Cuban mantra "Do not postpone tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow."

Dissolve in time and space well and on the famous Cuban diving sobs. The tropical islands of Cayo-Koko and Kayo-Guillermo are connected by the bridge and Kaio Guillermo in the north of Cuba. Divers who were lucky enough to dive there, lay down the legends about meter group and reef sharks. And if you are not afraid of face to meet with spikey iguanami - you are on Kayo-Largo Island.

Good to know: The most expensive month for the flight to Cuba is December: overpare 48% for tickets. And the most profitable from the winter - January: save 19% of the average price by year. Cuba is bad with the Internet, free Wi-Fi appeared only recently. But those who want to be laid in offline, all this is only on hand.

What to look at Cuba to capture breathing

Where to go to the beach in winter: Boracay, Philippines

If you think you know all Asian resorts as your five fingers, remember about seven thousand Philippine Islands. Everyone who rested here, is talking about beautiful sunsets, shrimps with palm, gambling cocks and lupidoys. These babies, by the way, can be tried on the tropical island Bochol.

The main trump card of Boracay resort in the Philippines is an amazing white beach with small sand and transparent, like glass, water. Thieves and smooth, but on the other side of the island, the horizon is covered by hundreds of air coins and triangular sails. Jacques-Iv Diving lovers would advise to move towards the Palawan, where the sunken Japanese ships are resting at the bottom. Day and night in the rolled corals, the thrums are carried by the watch, the rods are clowns and sea skates - they should be visited.

Good to know: Flights to Philippines Better to take for January or February: the December flight will cost 51% more expensive than the average price of this year. The season of tropical typhuses in the Philippines falls for the summer, although they can enjoy on the islands at any time - even in winter. If you do not want to get into the news, follow the weather forecast.

Miracle Islands: 15 reasons fall in love with the Philippines

Where is the best holiday on the sea in winter. Hainan Island in China

While Chinese tourists are engaged in the conquest of world resorts, visit the main health resort of the Middle Kingdom - on the Tropical Island Hainan. Previously, there were referred to unprofitable officials here, and now there are chokes in the "edge of the world". Thermal sources are two steps away from the warm South China sea in the country with a richest culture - it's just a song!

Most of all enthusiastic impressions are brought from the resort Sanya, where the chain of good hotels is stretched along the sandy coast. While local flounders on a shallow water or roam the beach with selfie sticks, arrange a distant swim. And then make friends with the local surfers: they will tell about lagoon with good waves hidden on the way to the capital of Hainan Province - Haikou. In Yalunvan Bay, it is unlikely to be able to relax, but for a couple of days you need to go: you have not met such a motley of the company for maritime residents. And if you want to save and at the same time, look at the next resort Dadonghai.

Good to know: To fly on Hainan in winter is cheaper than just in the first half of January. For a whole week in January-February, the Chinese celebrate the New Year. And this means that hotels are crowded, there are no hotels, there are no tickets for airplanes and trains, and there is nowhere to fall on the beaches. In 2017, the Chinese New Year celebrate January 28, in 2018 - January 16, in 2019 - February 5.

The best beaches of China

Where in Asia go to the sea in the winter. Tropical Karang Dava Beach (Karang Dawa) in Manta Bay Bay (Manta Bay), Bali, Indonesia

All winters and vacations are not enough to visit each of the 17,000 Islands of Indonesia. You can start with the basics and rush to the promoted Bali after the heroine of the sensational film "Eat, pray, love." In Spa centers and yoga schools, Ubuda guaranteed the order in your head. Although many prefer a complete reboot: Kutat in Kuta every evening, and the outflows are missing with new forces and run towards the ocean waves.

On the tiny islets of Gili east of Bali to madness beautifully and more complex. Carnate the mercy of the universal laziness: Fly on clean sand, swim with meter turtles and drify in transparent water on a funny pink mattress. To dilute the weekdays in Paradise, you can fuse to the neighboring island of Lombok with its formidable volcano and fascinating waterfalls.

Good to know: The most expensive winter month for a trip to Bali - December with overpayment of 35%. For tickets for January and February you will give only 5-9% more average. Another important point: no matter how strong the temptation is trying to try magical mushrooms, remember that the use of drugs in Indonesia is planted for bars. In addition, fantastic Indonesian landscapes change the consciousness of without any stimulants.

Eat, pray, Bali. 12 ways to enjoy the most fabulous island of Indonesia

Where in Africa you can swim and relax on the beach? Island Zanzibar, Tanzania

On the sugar beaches of the African Island, Zanzibar did not go the leg of a batch tourist. So nice: no one will prevent you from capturing 50 shades of the Blue of the Indian Ocean. The most gorgeous snapshots are obtained if you meet the sunset on the northern beach of Nungvi and catch in a frame of snow-white triangles of fishing boats. Do not rush to return to the bungalow: Underwater mafia wakes up in the coral gardens of Zanzibar - Caracatians, octopus and scarlet mollusks, they are spanish dancers.

On the east coast of the island, Zanzibar reigns a solid romance: neither the soul on the beaches, and in the middle of the sea there is a restaurant on a tiny rock. Closer to the south, the plantations of spices begins, where the joy of coffeemans grow vanilla pods and dried in the sun cinnamon. In the lagoon, a lively kite-spot come to the change of secluded villas, and there already to the ancient stone-tauna hand to file.

Good to know: During the low tide on Zanzibar, the ocean bottom is exposed to a good hundred meters. Going romantic to wander along the shore - do not forget about slippers: in the sand there are marine hedgehogs and sharp shells.

10 good reasons to smell in Tanzania

The best beaches for winter holidays. Diving Spot at the town of Akumal in Mexico

In Mexico, you are swimming in the Caribbean, Mexican and California bays in the Caribbean, and in the Pacific Ocean and in Senota on the Yucatan Peninsula. With the coast of Mexicans fabulously lucky: the beaches here such that life is instantly divided by before and after.

Romantics are impressed by the secluded Playakar and Paraso. With children in Mexico Great to relax in the picturesque Bay of Balander with the rock - "mushroom" or on the golden sand of the Conch-Chinas. Kiteserpremes will like the Cancun Beach Dolphines, and diversiam - SPOTS at the town of Akumal, where there are rink fish and sea turtles over the coral reef.

Good to know: To book cheap tickets to Mexico is best for half a year before the trip. It did not work out - buy no later than a month before departure: on the eve of the departure of the flight overpay about 25% of the average price of the year. As for the weather, do not forget that the peak of the hurricane season in Mexico falls on August-October - in the summer and in the fall on a serene beach vacation, it is not necessary to count on.

Fabulous beaches, Maya pyramids and 10 more reasons to go to Mexico

Other Useful Travel Planning Articles:

January is the very time when most people have a long-awaited vacation time, as well as many New Year's days off. In southern countries, you can relax on the beach in winter. It is at this time that the sun and the water is bright there and the water warms it enough to swim in it. We have prepared several chic ideas where you can relax on the sea in January abroad.

Why not go to the cruise? Prices are very affordable! Mediterranean Sea from 239 €, Caribbean from 254 €, by Emirates from 409 €, in Asia from 169 €.



Among the variety of vacation options, it is quite possible to consider the January trip to Israel. In addition to the short flight to the advantages, low prices should also be attributed, and the lack of early vacation design.

The weather quite has a rest. Despite the winter, the air of the day gets to the mark + 22 ° C- + 23 ° C, and at night the thermometer column drops to the mark + 17 ° C + 20 ° C.

Coastal waters on the sea are also normal for swimming, they warm up is about + 22 ° C. When visiting Israel, in the winter, it is certainly necessary to undergo a course of pepperviving and rejuvenating procedures in the waters of the Dead Sea.

If you visit the country at the beginning of the month, then you can have time to celebrate New Year's holidays, and if the rest accounts for the second half of the month, you can visit all sorts of sales in all corners of the country.

Check Prices for Tours to Israel

Buy a tour to Israel



UAE Hotels offer the highest level of service, although the cost due to this is much higher, and if the hotel is located on the first coastline, it is even more expensive than those that are in the city feature. An integral part of the visit to the UAE is a widespread shopping with a variety of discounts.

Despite the winter month, the weather in the UAE is warm and dry, the air heats up to the mark + 24 ° C, it becomes slightly cooler, but not cold. But the lovers of the sea and bathing can be slightly upset, the temperature in the sea does not rise above + 20 ° C.

Choosing a trip to the United Arab Emirates, you can choose enough budget tours.

Check Prices for Tours to UAE

Buy a tour to the UAE

Canary Islands


Canara is the most beautiful archipelago, lost in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, not in vain, he is considered to be an eternal summer islands due to a light subtropical climate. Despite the winter, there is bright sunny summer weather on the islands and in January it is possible to tan and relax with soul and body.

In January days, the temperature is held within + 23 ° C - 25 ° C, and it almost does not change by night. The water on the ocean coast holds within + 24 ° C. On New Year's Eve and at the very beginning of January, you can have time to enjoy spectacular fireworks and salutes, and towards the end of the month to get to the celebration of the day of San Antonio Abad, the patron saint of all animals.

The Canary Islands are an excellent Winter holiday option, and in order to get there enough Schengen visa.

Check Prices for Tours on Tenerife

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Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is ideal for those who want to instantly move from the cold winter in a hot summer. The temperature level even in winter is kept at a mark + 30 ° C, and the water is heated to a temperature of + 28 ° C. At the resorts of Thailand, you can discover a completely diverse vacation, it can be both active with entertainment and excursions, and quite a solitary quiet rest, and for lovers of nightlife there are many different clubs and sites.

The price criterion for tours is absolutely different from the budget option to a fairly expensive.

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India, Goa


Goa - one of the famous Indian resorts - has long faced Russian tourists, despite the long flight, it lasts about 7 hours, but the rest is worth it. Despite the fact that January winter month here only begins the midst of the season.

Here there are ideal conditions for January vacations, the air is constantly holding around near the mark + 30 ° C, and water is about + 28 ° C. Once in India in the second half of the month, you can take part in the colorful procession and celebration of the Republic Day, which celebrates the whole country.

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The resorts of Vietnam, for some reason, are not particularly popular with tourists, unlike similar tours in Thailand. But, nevertheless, the beach holidays at the resorts of this country in January can be a good alternative.

The biggest, but the only minus one can only be considered a fairly long flight by plane. However, at this time of the year, the optimal conditions for a good rest on the coast of Vietnam. Air and water are heated to the thermometer mark + 26 ° C- + 27 ° C.

In addition to the beach holiday, in Vietnam with interest, you can enjoy a variety of holidays that are constantly conducted according to the lunar calendar.

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You can also spend the winter holidays in Malaysia, the cost of tours to this romantic place fits into the middle frame. Therefore, to afford to rest on the Malaysian resort can almost everyone.

With a rather small fee for vacation, tourists will always receive excellent service and comfortable accommodation conditions. Temperature modes allow plenty of enjoy the warm sun and water, the day is fairly hot weather, about +30 ° C, and at night only falls for a couple of degrees.

For tourists who prefer an active lifestyle, offer diving classes around the coast, and for supporters of calm and measured life there are many excursions and in historical places and reserves.

Rest in this country every year more and more in demand. And it does not surprise. Indeed, here you can find a lesson and for the soul, and for the body. Luxury beaches, comfortable hotels, fascinating the beauty of nature - what could be better. For lovers to spend money specially organize shop tours to various leggings with souvenirs and not only.



Tours to the Maldives are the most expensive of all listed, but at the same time they are simply unforgettable. The Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean, are very attracted by tourists and travelers aspiring to a measured quiet rest and high service level.

It was in January here the best weather conditions for a comfortable stay and relaxation. The weather at this time in the Maldives is beautiful, without rains, water and air are heated + 30 ° C. Although for January, in addition to the New Year, which celebrates 1 numbers, no significant holidays falls out, tourists will do what to do, enjoying the sun and sea among the cold winter.

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

In January, Dominican provides you with the widest opportunities for recreation. Want to move from the Russian winter to hot summer, sunbathing and swim in the sea - please. You wish to combine beach holidays with skiing on snow-covered slopes - please.

At this time, in the resort cities of the Dominican Republic, the temperature rises to + 28-29 C. If you are poorly tolerated the hot climate, you can choose the resorts located on the northern coast - the refreshing winds are blowing there. For lovers of skiing in January in Dominican Republic - a real paradise.

At an altitude exceeding 3000 meters - it is snow. And in the hours of leisure you can go on the coast, sunbathing, swimming, do diving.

In January, tourists from North America are coming in Dominican Republic. At this time of the year, rain if they go, then a short time continues, and do not interfere with going on excursions. For example, this is the best time to watch the life of humpback whales.

You can visit the grave of Columbus and inspect the other sights of the country. To swim in January will be comfortable even to children. The temperature of the water rises to + 26-27 C. Adults will be interested in participating or simply see the windsurfing competitions that take place at this time of the year.

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In Mexico, you can go at any time of the year - air and water temperatures over all 365 days change insignificantly. January - no exception. Is that in the midst of winter nights become a little more cool.

On average, in January, the air warms up to + 29-31 s, and on the most "cold" southeastern coast of the country in the midst of the day, it happens to + 27 S. Tour operators will advise you to take warm clothes only if you want View the snow-covered vertices of the mountains.

Holidays in the midst of winter opens up the most wide range of possibilities. At this time, it is pleasant to sunbathe on the beaches - the weather is free to + 24-26c.

Storms for winter are uncharacteristic, Most of the time dominates the calm. This is a truly golden period for diving and fishing. Beautiful underwater landscapes and numerous marine inhabitants will allow you to get bright impressions and make excellent photos.

And if you are an avid adherent of fishing, then the catches in January will only delight you. Fish pecks well. On January 6, a holiday of three kings celebrate in Mexico, so lovers of spectacles will also be satisfied.

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From the domestic winter, which seems to be endless, you are transferred to the eternal summer - to the kingdom of heat and bald. The air temperature here ranges from +27 to +30 S. In January, the elderly and children will feel good in Cuba.

In winter there is no high humidity here - this is a dry season. The rains go only 3-4 times a month and continue not more than half an hour. What to do at this time? The greatest choice provides beach holidays. You can sunbathe, swim, ride on the waves, as well as on "bananas", paraglids, water skiing.

Diving lovers can perform immersion independently, or use the help of instructors to inspect the most interesting places.

If you went to Cuba together and want to enjoy a romantic holiday - it is in January that you will find desert coves where you can stay alone with each other. On January 1, Cuba's liberation day is celebrated in the country, so the new year here coincides with national celebrations.

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Indonesia, Bali.


Fabulous Indonesia is a real paradise, and to go there in January, when winter is rampant in Russia - it means remembering the trip for life. The air temperature rises to + 28-30 per day and falls to + 20-21 with nights.

Of course, on the mountain vertices, the snow lies throughout the year, but in the mountains you can visit only if you go there on excursions. It is worth noting that in January there are thunderstorms and rains. But they happen at night or early in the morning. So during the day of bad weather there will be no disturb.

The inhabitants of Indonesia have already become accustomed to the fact that Europeans love to meet the New Year in their country. A festive entertainment program will be prepared for you, and artisans will offer you the best products, among which are famous Indonesian handmade decorations.

The temperature of the water is held within + 27-29c, that is, all beach and sea entertainment will be available. Prices on the tickets at this time of the year are only pleasing.

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Continue New Year's holiday on the banks of the Caribbean - What can be more beautiful? Change the cold winter on the hot summer away from home and get acquainted with new, unusual people. Try the Jamaican rum under the fascinating sounds of reggae.

Soak on the sand under the south sun. Get acquainted with local cuisine and national flavor. All this can be done in winter, when vacation or Christmas weekend in full swing.

Moreover, in January, on Jamaica, the minimum of precipitation, and the average temperature keeps the same hot all year round. On the island you are awaiting a violent variety of animal and vegetable world, as well as incredible beauty sunsets. You can meet them with a cup of delicious coffee, which is grown and exported (the most popular - Blue Mountain).

Lovers of "Forbidden" will certainly be offered to pamper themselves with smoking "Kayy" - so here is called marijuana. By the way, it is recognized as part of the Jamaican cultural heritage, at least officially and is prohibited. But it does not stop Jamaians to smoke Kanabis in unlimited quantities.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

One of the most beautiful islands every winter meets the influx of tourists. Everyone wants to enjoy the summer in the midst of winter. Although in January there is an increased level of precipitation, the warm sea and beach holiday does not particularly affect. The coastline is famous for its coral reefs. Here you can meet exotic types of fish and the incredible beauty of corals.

In addition, local waves loved surfingists. If you want to learn about local culture, it is worth choosing a sightseeing view of the holiday. Traveling around the island and tea plantations will allow you to see his beauty, get acquainted with the inhabitants, their activities and rest. It is noteworthy that most of Sri Lanka's attractions are natural creations.

The islanders pay great attention to the environment, try to live with her in harmony. Therefore, when you feel here, you feel as if in the natural reserve, on the vocabulary of the virgin nature.

You can join the world of flora and fauna in the Royal Botanical Garden, on a black farm, in an elephant nursery. Special delight among tourists cause whales and coushlots, which at this time often sail past the island's banks.

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In January on the island of the height of a hot summer. Monspi from the south-east is saturated with an atmosphere of moisture, which is spilled by short-term rains. The situation is saved by constant winds that are eliminated from the stuffiness.

Increased humidity does not stop visits who want to relax on the "paradise" island in the harsh winter time. Despite frequent storms in the ocean, diving at this time in Mauritius is common. This contributes to the ring of reefs that protects the island.

In addition, during the winter months there is excellent visibility - by 15-20 m. In addition to excellent beach holidays, there are excursions on the island. So you will see picturesque landscapes, ancient temples and other cult facilities. Exotic animals are impressive, which are here a large number. Heat, beautiful and surprising is about Mauritius.

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This African country has always attracted tourists with its exotic. There are slightly places where you can get acquainted with the "black continent" without feet. The herd of giraffes and zebras in national parks, extreme safari, unforgettable fishing. And all this against the background of the majestic nature. And what is worth meeting the sunset over the savanna.

Planning a journey in January, it is worth considering that in Tanzania this rainy season. But the air temperature holds high, therefore it is hot and humid. For an unprepared tourist, such a rest can turn into poor well-being.

If such perspectives are not frightened, Tanzania is hospitably opens the doors for everyone. Moreover, in January it can be saved, because tourists are less, therefore prices are lower.

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January for the kingdom of Cambodia - optimal time to relax. The humidity of the air, characteristic of the Asian resorts, will fall at that time, there are practically no precipitation. The famous beaches of Sihanoukville are happy with resting azure water, snow-white sand and a pleasant marine breeze. To fulfill the cultural program, you must visit the medieval city of Angkor.

It is famous for its cult facilities and temples recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. In the capital of Phnom Penh, there are also many museums and architectural attractions. But especially affects local markets, where you can buy not only traditional souvenirs.

There are sold different products of handmade, incredible beauty and complexity. Local masters continue the traditions and crafts of their ancestors.

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This is a real equatorial paradise for those who are tired of blizzard and frost. Beach exotic with palm trees and crystal clear water proclaims the spirit of happiness and freedom for all vacationers.

Seychelles archipelago consists of a variety of islands, where there are both developed, with shopping centers and restaurants and "uninhabited." This "desert" is specially created for an exclusive rest away from human bustle and worries.

Service and infrastructure on high-level islands, rest here can not be called cheap. The endless beaches of the atolls and islands are forced to forget about the problems and surrender - by the sea, mountains, animals and a floral world.

It is not necessary to miss here: after the romantic privacy you can stroll through the shopping centers of the capital, go out into the open sea for fishing or visit the master class on the preparation of local dishes.

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This is the eastern state on the shores of the Arabian Sea, as it is not better suitable for a beach holiday in January. The rains are over, the water and air temperature is comfortable for both bathing and tanning and excursions.

Mysterious Oman is interesting for excursion tours. This Muslim state has an ancient history and many unique attractions. Tourists often visit the vintage forts, mosques, the ruins of the ancient palaces and settlements, theaters and museums.

In the area of ​​Matra, you can visit the real oriental bazaar. There are various rations for sale - from jewels and antiques to handmade products of local artisans. Sacrifting seekers will be impressed by Al Hut's cave.

It holds special excursions, where you can see the halls with stalactites and stalagmites, the cave lake and the geological exhibition. And near the city of Salo, you can swim in hot springs, where the water temperature reaches 40 degrees. Discover the fabulous world of the East on the shores of the Arabian Sea.

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Among the many traveling and holidaymakers, Egypt has long been quite popular and common holiday in January and this is due to quite warm weather and favorable pricing policy.

In January Days in Egypt, it is usually hot weather, complemented by a light breeze, the temperature reaches + 25 ° C. The shores of the Red Sea are heated to a temperature of +18, + 20 ° C. Egyptian 4-5 star hotels for a comfortable stay of customers create pools with additional heating.

However, in the evenings, the air temperature may drop to + 15 ° C. Therefore, while at this time in Egypt, you can get an excellent tan in Egypt, and in the evenings and nights you need to dress with warmer.

From entertainment in January, you can choose a safari in the desert or diving classes, and for supporters of a relaxing lifestyle, they advise you to visit the annual book fair. Attimal Egyptian holiday in January is a short journey or excursions.

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Resorts for seating on the sea in January on the map

Where to fly in January at sea inexpensive?

In the winter season, when outside the blizzard window, and the thermometer column is lowered significantly below zero, the warm corners of the planet seem more attractive. Where to go in January for a bronze tan? In the material below you are waiting for fifteen best countries for a beach holiday. And if you, on the contrary, love the winter, then find out where you can go for the new year in Russia.


One of the popular tourist destinations among Russians in the winter months is Egypt, which is famous for its beautiful weather in any season, and also attracts lovers of the format of "All Inclusive".



Important: Keep in mind that the stated official "star" of the hotel often turns out to be actually overestimated - especially this concerns such popular resorts like Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. Before booking, be sure to read tourists' reviews.

In addition to the transparent turquoise water of the Mediterranean and the Red Seas, in Egypt there is something to see:

  • Great pyramids and large sphinx.
  • The ancient tombs of the pharaohs in the valley of the kings.
  • Ruins of temple complexes - Karnaki, Luxor.
  • Mount Sinai, on which, according to the Bible, Moses opened the Ten Commandments.
  • Majestic Ancient Egyptian sandstone statues - Colossa Memnon.

If the main attractions are usually included in any excursion program, a visit to such beautiful places, as oasis, is usually not paying due attention. But there, too, have something to see. Visit El Fayum near Cairo, as well as an oasis with hot springs of Baharia or a white desert near Farafra. In addition to sightseeing and beach, the resorts of Egypt also offer active leisure: surfing, kaitsurfing and diving.

Fans of unusual rest can make a sea cruise over Nile - the routes run from Luxor to Aswan. They are performed by ships, which are in essence with their floating hotels. On each of these vessels - from 3 to 5 decks, which will have all the necessary tourists: a buffet, restaurants and bars, discos, swimming pools and places for sunbathing with sun beds and umbrellas.

For reference:

  • Air temperature: + 20-26 ° C.
  • Water temperature: + 23-24 ° C.
  • The cost of the flight: from 30 875 rubles (in both ends).
  • The cost of living: from 1,356 rubles (number for two, price per day).
  • Visa: drawn up upon arrival (for 30 days).


Another great way to go to the summer straight from the Russian winter - buy a couple of tickets to the plane to Mexico! A bright country of contrasts, which is a rattles mixture of Spanish, Indian and Caribbean cultures, part-time - the Motherland of Tequila, will not leave anyone indifferent.



Tip: Tourists, in addition to traditional sharp mexican dishes, in any restaurant or country bar, will be offered to choose from almost three hundred different tequila varieties. Moreover, it is accepted here not by Lime with salt here, but by real pepper chili.

The resorts of the Caribbean coast, located in the south of the country, are suitable for the most demanding beach lovers:

  • Cancun - a place, as if descended from "Wallpaper" on the desktop of a computer: perfect white beaches with palm trees and turquoise transparent water. In addition, the resort is full of shopping centers, which will love shopping lovers, and most hotels offer spa services.
  • Riviera Maya is a resort, ideal for family holidays. In addition to snow-white beaches and spa, here you can store a lot of diving centers and golf courses.

The coast of the Pacific Ocean is also popular with tourists:

  • Acapulco is the center of the club life Mexico. Dozens of casinos and bars open their doors with sunset, the day the day can relax on the best beaches of the city - Kaleta, Pi de la Couseta and Calelie.
  • Puerto Vallarta is a small and very cozy resort for relaxing lovers, the perfect place for family travel.

Many hotels in popular resort cities although they offer a high level of service, but have a far from fresh look. The fact is that they were built in the middle of the last century - on the wave of popularity of Mexico among European tourists. Before you to book rooms in any hotel, read reviews of vacationers.

For reference:

  • Air temperature: + 27-29 ° C.
  • Water temperature: + 24-26 ° C.
  • The cost of the flight: from 79 369 rubles (in both ends).
  • The cost of living: from 1,176 rubles (number for two, price per day).
  • Visa: Electronic resolution (up to 180 days).


Another country, a luxurious rest, - Emirates, all over the year. Temperamental Arab culture, the highest class hotels, flawlessly polite and preventive service - in this country there are everything you can wish.



Emirates are a wonderful place to relax with children. There are many water parks in the resorts of the country, and many hotels offer animators services. In addition to the beaches with white sand and purest turquoise water, tourists are waiting for the numerous sights of the UAE, as well as first-class shopping. Lovers of outdoor activities are not bored: diving, water skiing, hydrocycles are available on the coast all year round.

On the beaches of the United Arab Emirates, thefts practically does not happen, as well as throughout the country as a whole. This is provided not only by the mentality, but also by law. Therefore, resting in Dubai and Sharjah, you can not worry about valuable things.

To avoid problems, learn the morals of this Arab country. For example, the tourists should not photograph local women - such an action will be perceived as an insult. Also can also be in a bathing suit anywhere outside the beaches or pools. And for the use of alcohol in public places you can and at all deport from the country.

For reference:

  • Air temperature: + 24-26 ° C.
  • Water temperature: + 23-25 ​​° C.
  • The cost of the flight: from 23,272 rubles (in both ends).
  • The cost of living: from 2,814 rubles (room for two, price per day).
  • Visa: drawn up upon arrival (for 30 days).


Thailand is one of the most beloved country tourists. And not in vain: it combines hotels with a high level of service, corners of the pristine nature, as well as the ancient temples and buildings, impregnated with the spirit of the gone eras.



A significant advantage of Thailand in front of many other exotic resorts is that tourists with low and middle levels will be able to relax in the country. Budget and inexpensive hotels there are almost any resort.

Important: All the resorts of Thailand are very different. For example, Phuket Island is the best place for sightseeing and outdoor activities, Pattaya - a noisy point, full clubs and bars, where the nightlife will be buried all year round, and calm Samui is a great place for a measured family holiday.

In Thailand, it is necessary to visit:

  • The Grand Palace is a museum complex in the former royal residence.
  • Wat Pxherua - the Holy Temple with the statue of the Buddha.
  • Wat Arun - Monumental Buddhist Temple.

You can move in Thailand both by public transport and on a rented car or scooter. However, you should not get behind the wheel if you are not too an experienced driver - there are practically no rules for the road in the country. More precisely, they are completely ignored by constantly hurrying locals.

For reference:

  • Air temperature: + 25-31 ° C.
  • Water temperature: + 28-29 ° C.
  • The cost of the flight: from 38 314 rubles (in both ends).
  • The cost of living: from 1,047 rubles (number for two, price per day).
  • Visa: Not needed (up to 30 days).


Another country, popular among Russian tourists, is Vietnam. The disadvantage of this direction is that the airfare awaits you long and expensive. However, by arrival you find that the exchange rate is more than nice.



Vietnam, like Thailand, is a country, ready to offer rest to tourists of any class. In popular resorts, which are located in the south of the country, you can meet both inexpensive hotels and hostels for a budget holiday and first-class five-star hotels with private pools and spa centers.

Lovers of sightseeing holiday in Vietnam will also see what to see. The most interesting places of the country:

  • Fong Kongnya-Kebang National Park.
  • Kuti tunnels are a system of military time tunnels, in our days turned into a museum complex.
  • The imperial city in Hue is a forbidden city, where therefore there was no access to anyone, except for the ruler and his family.
  • Mountain Fantasipa is the highest point indochy.

The luxurious resort of South Vietnam - Fukuok. For families with children, it is not to find a more relaxed and convenient place than fanticheet. But youth will most like a noisy and dynamic nurse.

For reference:

  • Air temperature: + 26-31 ° C.
  • Water temperature: + 28 ° C.
  • The cost of the flight: from 46,820 rubles (in both ends).
  • Cost of accommodation: from 1,313 rubles (number for two, price per day).
  • Visa: Not needed (up to 15 days).

Hainan (China)

Hainan Island is the most southern province of China, the tropical climate makes it an ideal place to relax in January. Unlike the mainland of the country, in order to relax on the island, tourists from Russia will not need to make a visa.



Important: You can get to Hainan Province both on the plane and by train. Despite the fact that there is an airport on the island, most Russian airlines offer only flights with transfers to other cities of China. Trains and buses to Hainany go from Guangzhou.

On the island of Hainan, it is necessary to visit:

  • Buddhist temple nanxhan.
  • The world's highest statue of Goddess Guanin.
  • The park of Heavenly Grotto is the most ancient sight of the island.
  • Ethnic Park Bethel-Nat.
  • Monkey Island.

In the past, Hainan was sent to know and nobles from all over China. Today there is everything that tourists are waiting from recreation: clean beaches and transparent turquoise water, diving and surfing, healing hot springs, as well as amazing exotic fruits: Rambutans and lychee.

For reference:

  • Air temperature: + 20-26 ° C.
  • Water temperature: + 23-24 ° C.
  • The cost of the flight: from 41,817 rubles (in both ends).
  • The cost of living: from 1,239 rubles (number for two, price per day).
  • Visa: Not needed (up to 21 days).


Not only a beach holiday, but also amazing bright impressions - all this is waiting for tourists who have decided to visit Sunny Indonesia in January. The country combines exotic and high level of service, it will definitely not leave you indifferent.



Be sure to visit:

  • The famous Island of Bali is paradise on Earth and, as local legends say, the place that was created by the gods exclusively for their own leisure. The developed infrastructure makes Bali very convenient for recreation, and the terrible volcanoes are visible from the windows of hotels.
  • Kalimantan is a wild island, where you can feel real unity with nature. Non-leaving jungle, the tribes of the Aborigines, the ancient buildings are a place for tourists who prefer a non-standard vacation.
  • Sumatra - the island famous for the whole world with beaches covered with real black sand of volcanic origin. Much on it and architectural masterpieces - palaces, mosques and museums.

Long flight and not the lowest prices - often scares Russian tourists. However, Indonesia resorts exceed all expectations, offering a really high-quality vacation.

For reference:

  • Air temperature: + 26-31 ° C.
  • Water temperature: + 29 ° C.
  • The cost of the flight: from 61,275 rubles (in both ends).
  • The cost of living: from 1 201 rubles (number for two, price per day).
  • Visa: Not needed (up to 30 days).


An exotic country located in the Pacific and is not many seven thousand islands - a real treasure for tourists. The wonderful climate makes the Philippines resorts comfortable for a beach holiday, and the centuries-old history manitis with its wealth and secrets.



Important: Unfortunately, like other countries of Southeast Asia, the Philippines are far enough from Russia. So the long airfare to tourists can not be avoided.

The capital of the Philippines is the city of Manila, which united 18 small cities in a whole metropolis before existed separately. The stunning Spanish architecture of the city transfers tourists from the hot Asian straight to the streets of old Europe, and the restaurants with national cuisine masterpieces return back to the culinary traditions of Malaysia and China.

Popular Philippines Resorts:

  • Boracay is a small island with white sand and palm trees, an ideal place for relaxation and unity with nature, as well as diving.
  • Cebu - coral reefs of local lagoon attract divers from all over the world, and the rich excursion program surprises the majestic buildings of the era of Spanish colonization.
  • Bochol is an island for lovers of active sports, as well as a quiet and measured family holiday.

Resting in the Philippines, be careful - in the water and on the beaches there are many marine hens. In order not to step on them, you should be careful. It is also worth purchasing special shoes for swimming, otherwise not to avoid barns.

For reference:

  • Air temperature: + 25-31 ° C.
  • Water temperature: + 26-27 ° C.
  • Flight cost: from 41,778 rubles (in both ends).
  • The cost of living: from 1,476 rubles (number for two, price per day).
  • Visa: Not needed (up to 30 days).


Maldives are a real tropical paradise. Exotic beaches, warm waters of the Indian Ocean, as well as cozy solitary atolls with the brightest Flora and Fauna - a place for a more relaxed and comfortable stay is difficult to imagine.



Important: In Maldives, tourists are provided with a very high level of service - for the appropriate fee. However, rest in this stunning place is worth it!

The capital of Maldives is the city of Male, which occupies the entire atoll elected. Most of the country's attractions are located there. In addition, souvenirs can also be purchased in Male.

Some atolls have been turned into small secluded resorts, the most popular classes on which - diving and surfing, while others are leased to rich tourists. Atoll Ari is a plantation of the sweet watermelons, and masters who create unique jewelry from pearls and corals live on Laviani. You can move from one atoll to another on the boats, as well as traditional wooden boats called "Doni".

For reference:

  • Air temperature: + 27-30 ° C.
  • Water temperature: + 28 ° C.
  • The cost of the flight: from 43,023 rubles (in both ends).
  • The cost of living: from 3,397 rubles (number for two, price per day).
  • Visa: drawn up upon arrival (for 30 days).


Brazil is one of the pearls of South America, located on the shores of Amazon. Tourists love this country not only for the warm climate, allowing all year round on the beach and swim in the sea, but also for rich sightseeing programs.



The best resorts of Brazil:

  • Angra Dus-flight is a popular and very picturesque place, where the stars of show business are often coming. The coastline is stretched a few kilometers and bordered by small islands, which, in total, you can count about three hundred. On the other side of the beaches - a mountain range with a dense Atlantic forest.
  • Buzios is a sunny resort located on the peninsula and seventeen beaches. In the past - the pirates and a fishing village, today Buzios can offer tourists first-class hotels and developed infrastructure.
  • Salvador is a colorful city, once the exorbitant of the country. Its architecture has not changed almost unchanged since the colonial period, it is a rattling mix of African and Portuguese development.

The most famous and mandatory sight of Brazil is a 38-meter statue of Christ the Redeemer, which is the symbol of Rio de Janeiro.

For reference:

  • Air temperature: + 25-30 ° C.
  • Water temperature: + 24-26 ° C.
  • The cost of the flight: from 85,9999 rubles (in both ends).
  • Cost of accommodation: from 1,264 rubles (number for two, price per day).
  • Visa: Not needed (up to 90 days).


The densely populated and authentic India is a real monastery of wisdom, a country of riddles and sacraments. Tourists going to this state risk finding more than they are looking for, because India is not only popular resort towns and warm beaches Goa and Kerala. It is also the birthplace of Buddhism and Hinduism, where the spells of ages sent travelers from all over the planet to find their spiritual path.



Many are aspire to India today - both Yoga lovers, and those who are in taste of exotic countries, and, of course, lovers of antiquity. Local palaces and temples, ancient moss-covered and braided by Lianov, are narrowing about the country's centuries-old history.

Be sure to visit:

  • The legendary majestic mausoleum Taj Mahal.
  • Colorful Pythylastic Palace Complex Hava-Mahal.
  • Red fort in the city of Agra.
  • Natural Reserve of Tecadi.
  • Palace complex City Palace.

Wealthy tourists, going to India, can stay in one of Heritage Hotels - this is the real palaces of Maharaj, refurbished in the most luxurious hotels in the country.

For reference:

  • Air temperature: + 24-29 ° C.
  • Water temperature: + 28 ° C.
  • The cost of the flight: from 48,684 rubles (in both ends).
  • The cost of living: from 1,222 rubles (number for two, price per day).
  • Visa: drawn up online (up to 60 days). Arriving on Goa, you can get a 15-day visa directly upon arrival.


Tanzania, like all of Northern Africa, is not the most popular tourist destination, which is non-less inferior on the beauty of Egypt or Thailand and will definitely find what you surprise.



In addition to the beach holiday, tourists can rise to Mount Kilimanjaro, and also to visit one of the numerous national parks:

  • Serengeti.
  • Ruha.
  • Trangir.
  • Selus.
  • Arusha.

The best beach holiday in Tanzania offer the main resort islands:

  • Archipelago Zanzibar - everything has everything to a cozy and comfortable rest, in North - to parties and noisy nightlife.
  • Pemba - extended spice plantations will allow tourists to plunge into the real life of the country, and diving and deep-sea fishing - to feel unity with nature.
  • Mafia is a place with a weak infrastructure and a small number of hotels. Many beaches are deserted, but they are ideal for relaxing in silence, away from civilization.

African safari is not the best way to rest, but you can gain impressions for many years ahead.

For reference:

  • Air temperature: + 25-32 ° C.
  • Water temperature: + 28 ° C.
  • The cost of the flight: from 50 107 rubles (in both ends).
  • The cost of residence: from 1,770 rubles (number for two, price per day).
  • Visa: drawn up upon arrival (90 days).


Another warm place suitable for a comfortable beach holiday in January, Cuba. The hot country, referred to as the island of freedom, is loved by many tourists for their unique style. Belocameamy cities, exclusively sunny weather and many revolutionary attractions that are generously decorated with Cuban streets.



In addition, Cuba is an opportunity to try real rum and cigars, which are the same country symbols as the image of Che Guevara. Coming to Cuba, be sure to visit:

  • El Morro is the colonial fortress at the entrance to the bay Havana.
  • Capitol in Havana, from 1929 to 1959 served by the parliament building, and now open for excursions.
  • The Revolution Museum, located in the building of the former Royal Palace in Havana.
  • La Real Fuersa is a fortress built in 1577 by the coast of Havana to protect the city from Pirates.

Cuba is a country with a well-developed infrastructure, a variety of excellent hotels and a wide selection of leisure activities for tourists: this is a beach holiday, and a rich excursion program, and active sports. Ride on a yacht or charge a rare car of the 50s, as well as visiting the local tobacco plantation on the island of freedom will be able to everyone.

Be careful with souvenirs - from Cuba, you can take out any number of cigars, but provided that you check the check at the customs. But to import more than 50 pieces at one time - violation of the law.

For reference:

  • Air temperature: + 24-27 ° C.
  • Water temperature: + 25-26 ° C.
  • The cost of the flight: from 52,532 rubles (in both ends).
  • The cost of living: from 2,164 rubles (number for two, the price per day).
  • Visa: Not needed (up to 30 days).

Sri Lanka

Another warm place, where in January it will be so pleased to escape on a week-other of the Russian winter, - a cozy and calm island state Sri Lanka. It is located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of India, so that the inquisitive tourists will be able to visit both countries for one trip if desired.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka are beautiful beaches, upscale hotels, diving and fishing. On the island of life flows slowly, which applies not only to tourists, but also to the service personnel - such is local temperament. The country will have to do lovers of nature and measured recreation away from noise and fuss.

The excursion program is not too diverse here, the main attractions are natural, and not man-made. However, if desired, there is a look at:

  • Dambulla - Buddhist Golden Temple I century BC. e. located in five caves and considered the largest cave temple in all south asia.
  • Temple of the Buddha's tooth - the temple in the city of Kandy, one of the main shrines of the country.
  • Pinnavel - shelter for wild elephants on the territory of the coconut plantation on the Mach Oha River.

There are in the country and unusual traditions that should be known to tourists. For example, the first seats in urban buses can not be held - they are designed specifically for monks.

For reference:

  • Air temperature: + 28-31 ° C.
  • Water temperature: + 28 ° C.
  • The cost of the flight: from 50 595 rubles (in both ends).
  • The cost of residence: from 2,087 rubles (number for two, price per day).
  • Visa: Online visa (up to 30 days).


Another warm exotic country is not too popular among Russian tourists - Kenya. It must be said that it is advised by the attention of it undeservedly - nature and attractions of Kenya are no less interesting than in the "promoted" tourist countries. What are the excursions on safari! Lions, elephants, rhinos and zebras, as well as fabulous pink flamingos - real African exotic.



Important: The huge colorful capital of Nairobi is generally friendly to tourists, but no guidebook will recommend outside the city center of the city. Closer to the outskirts will be settled by Kenyans, living beyond the poverty line, so the crime level is high there.

Enough in Kenya and resorts for a comfortable beach holiday. Mombasa with stunning coral reefs, as well as Maruldi Marine Reserve - a real paradise for divers of any level of professionalism. Leaves an indelible impression and the resort of Vatamu with his thick mango forests and stunning exotic birds - shore curtains and black cakes.

For reference:

  • Air temperature: + 26-32 ° C.
  • Water temperature: + 27-28 ° C.
  • The cost of the flight: from 60 774 rubles (in both ends).
  • The cost of living: from 1,316 rubles (number for two, price per day).
  • Visa: is issued online (up to 90 days).

Let's sum up

These were fifteen countries, where in January it is possible to tan, swim in the sea and relax completely in the summer. If the snowy and cold winter is already tired, buy tickets, book hotels and meet the new year in swimsuits and sailing!

Going to the warm corners of the planet, be sure to specify all the nuances of the trip, especially if you have chosen exotic countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam or Tanzania. Their amazing and unique flora and fauna are not only very beautiful, but also make in themselves the dangers, unusual Russian residents. Avoid insect bites, try exotic dishes with care, and when buying a tour, do not save on medical insurance. If you decide to relax in Russia and visit the capital to the New Year holidays, be sure to look at the most beautiful places of Moscow.

The choice of countries where you can go on vacation in January large, but mostly these are Asian directions and exotic countries. Prices bite, Coronavirus does not sleep, the requirements are changing every week, and the planes fly far from all in all. It is difficult to plan a vacation in advance, but some kind of outlines of possible directions for your January journey we will tell.


  1. Where can I plan a trip:
  2. Countries that can open to winter:
300 * 250.

Thailand is an excellent option for planning to fly around on the beach and not particularly spray at visiting excursions. The departure is better planned by January 7-10. These dates prices for tours fall at 20-25% compared with the New Year.

Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico are also ready for receiving tourists who can afford to allocate more than 150,000 rubles for rest.

The most reasonable alternative for those to whom Thai culture does not like - the Arab Emirates. In the middle of winter, very comfortable weather reigns here. Water in the bays does not have time to cool and holds at + 24 °, and the air does not heat up above 28 °. Ideal conditions for visiting excursions and bathing!

If the Arabic or Asian directions do not like - choose the Canary Islands. In winter, in Tenerife, you can relax at the rates of Summer Turkey. In Tenerife, you are waiting for the most interesting excursion program, solar and warm weather. If desired, you can even swim in the ocean (+ 20º).

Love heat? Then you in India, where in the territory of Goa +35 degrees in the shade is considered the norm. Just a couple of degrees cooler Bali and Sri Lanka.

A much more choice among countries where the air temperature ranges around 29-31 degrees.

Where is warm and can you swim in January?

Thailand - the main selection of tourist Chang Island in Thailand

Weather and water temperature
Dynamics of air temperature changes for a month

+28 .. + 32 °

Dynamics of water temperature change in the sea

+26 .. + 29 °

Coronavirus Thailand Requirements

After the new year, Thailand is gradually starting to appear on the peak of its weathercondes. .In addition to the ideal air temperature, the most warm sea, which, by the beginning of January, heats up to 29-30 degrees. The New Year holidays in the kingdom accounts for the peak of the season and the beaches are full of tourists, so it is better to plan trips after the 5-7th, when the resorts leave the party of tourists with thick wallets who can afford a trip at the height of the season.


  • visa-free direction (visa is drawn up at the airport if the trip is not exceeded 15 days)
  • Ideal weather conditions for beach holidays;
  • Developed resort infrastructure;
  • You can relax with children;
  • big and interesting excursion program (not in all regions);
  • Umbrella festival in Chang May, night market in Pattaya, etc.


  • Peak season (many tourists);
  • unusual kitchen;
  • the language barrier;
  • long flight;
  • acclimatization;
  • High prices for vouchers

Let your body relax in Turkey

SPA Holidays in Jurmala

Weather and water temperature
Dynamics of air temperature changes for a month

+11 .. + 15 °

Dynamics of water temperature change in the sea

+15 .. + 17 °

Turkey requirements for coronavirus

  • Mandatory thermometry at the airport;
  • In the case of temperatures above 37.8 - TSP test
  • In the case of a positive test and the absence of symptoms, the tourist can be directed to the hotel or placed in the hospital (with symptoms)
  • treatment at the expense of the state

In winter, local hotels come to the sake of Russian tourists for "all inclusive". There is no beach, so get ready for a professional massage in the mornings, and in the evening to the Turkish Hamam bath. Pools, gym, gaming rooms - all at your disposal. Azima in the Turkish coast is the weather being disgusting even by our standards, but it does not scare tens of thousands of travelers. When else can you spend a week with everything included in 5 * hotel for 35-45 thousand for two?

When you put my body in order to get tired - order excursions to the ancient cities or drive into Istanbul. In Turkey, there are no problems in order to find the time to kill time. There would be time and money.

Another reason for the popularity of Turkey in January is the season of discounts and sales. The ride to the resorts is often combined with the purchase of fur coats, leather products or gold.

Ski tours with "All Inclusive" service in place are used by special demand.


  • very cheap tours;
  • Does not need a visa;
  • Season SALE;
  • Comfortable weather for exploring the country;
  • high level of service in hotels;
  • short flight;


  • You can not swim;
  • cold weather;
  • Tourist infrastructure on the resorts are coarse;

Dominican beaches or tourist paradise on the other side of the ocean

Beach in the Dominican Republic

Weather and water temperature
Dynamics of air temperature changes for a month

+28 .. + 30 °

Dynamics of water temperature change in the sea

+26 .. + 27 °

Requirements for entry in Dominican Republic

  • Coronavirus Sample Testing
  • Social distancing
  • Oil mode

In January, the resorts of the Dominican Republic begins the peak of the tourist season, which will last until March. Snow white beaches are recognized by UNESCO among the most beautiful in the world. Palms, mangrove forests and sea with a stunningly beautiful underwater world - an excellent opportunity to discover diving.

In Punta Kane, there are 3 national parks, where you will see a lot of exotic animals and reptiles, shows with the participation of speaking parrots and swim with dolphins. Be sure to visit individual excursions, visit one of the neighboring islands and drive on the jeeps on safari. In the evening you are waiting for incendiary parties in clubs, dancing on the beach until the morning and night skiing on the yacht.


  • visa-free regime;
  • sandy beaches;
  • beautiful nature;
  • The system is "all inclusive";
  • the possibility of relaxation with children;
  • Independence Day with carnival.


  • the duration of the flight;
  • High prices of the tour;
  • Dear excursions.

Open and closed Egypt ...

Autumn Egypt

Weather and water temperature
Dynamics of air temperature changes for a month

+19 .. + 24 °

Dynamics of water temperature change in the sea

+22 .. + 24 °

Requirements for entry into Egypt

  • From September 1, all arriving in Egypt must have a negative result of the PCR test, made no later than 72 hours before arrival.
  • The certificate must be in English and necessarily contain the exact date and time of the test.

Egypt can no longer offer a warm sea, but to hide in the hotel in the sun bed in the pool in the rays of the warm sun is quite real! And it will cost quite inexpensive, as the peak of the season has already passed.

In addition to the cooler sea, the disadvantage will be wind, therefore the Sharm El Sheikh and Taba are protected by the mountains are more high demand. On the other hand, the lack of heat is an excellent opportunity to examine the country of the pyramid for the most brave, since no one has taken off the recommendations on "not leave" the hotel's zones.


  • registration of a visa at the airport;
  • low season;
  • Low cost of the tour;
  • lack of heat;
  • short flight;
  • lack of a language barrier;
  • leisure;
  • Saturated excursion program.


  • The level of service fell due to the crisis of the industry;
  • The kitchen is not always tasty;
  • Cool Sea;
  • the presence of armed guard at the resorts;
  • Traveling to long-distance excursions are tedious and unsafe;

The cost of tours:

Arabic diamond - UAE

UAE, Dubai

Weather and water temperature
Dynamics of air temperature changes for a month

+20 .. + 24 °

Dynamics of water temperature change in the sea

+20 .. + 22 °

Requirements for entry into the UAE

  • The presence of negative PCR test made in 4 days before arrival
  • The presence of insurance covering treatment of coronavirus

Weather conditions in the UAE are very similar to Egypt, but there is something to do in addition to bathing in the sea and visiting bars. Here we recommend sending to those who like to attend excursions and independently organize their leisure. In today's conditions, this is a completely adequate alternative to Egypt, but just more expensive. It is not worth paying for a beach holiday. You are waiting for cool, wind and waves - in the general dream of surfers, whose, by the way, begins a high season. The rest remains only to walk along the shore, enjoying the Promenade, or make excursions, attend camel runs or Moroccan baths, getting acquainted with the traditions of the country.


  • diverse active rest;
  • Excellent shopping;
  • Festival of air coils in Dubai;


  • Cool water;
  • 5-hour flight;
  • a difficult procedure for designing a visa (price, special conditions);
  • dry law (you can not drink even in the room);
  • high price level;

Unforgettable New Year holidays on Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Beach at sunset

Weather and water temperature
Dynamics of air temperature changes for a month

+30 .. + 33 °

Dynamics of water temperature change in the sea

+25 .. + 27 °

Requirements for entering Sri Lanka

  • No symptoms quarantine required
  • Free Test for COVID-2019 at the airport
  • within 24 hours before results - isolation at the hotel
  • Repeated testing 4-5 days and in case of more than 10 days

You can relax at Sri Lanka at any time of the year, if you choose the coast correctly. In January it is a south-west coast, the main difference of which from the northeast in the amount of precipitation. They are not more than 3-5 days here, while in the north vacation without an umbrella and a raincoat hard to imagine. Central regions are also suspended due to the fact that the mountain chains located here are blocking the path of the monscons. Otherwise, the temperature of the island day and night in different regions will differ slightly.


  • warm ocean;
  • hot weather;
  • The possibility of registration of a visa online or at the airport;
  • Natural wealth;
  • watching whales;
  • There is something to see;


  • long flight;
  • obsession of local residents;
  • Low living standard in the country

Rull Indian State Goa


Weather and water temperature
Dynamics of air temperature changes for a month

+32 .. + 34 °

Dynamics of water temperature change in the sea

+26 .. + 28 °

Requirements for entry into India

  • While we are talking only about the need for negative test.

Fans of hot tropics during the day waiting for the scorching sun and a completely special atmosphere. A very warm and peaceful sea creates all the possibilities for a carefree pastime on the beach Day. And in the evening each spends in its own way. Someone is engaged in yoga on the beach, someone simply lies with the seal unable to stand after another busting with alcohol or how hard.

Goa is absolutely definitely not the place where it is worth going with children, but those who want to break away from civilization and tear away to the full coil here should like ....


  • English is very common;
  • wide sandy beaches;
  • Many sights;
  • All opportunities for complete separation ...;
  • You can swim.


  • the need to make a visa in advance;
  • peculiar food;
  • bad Internet connection.

Paradise and serene Maldives atolls

Maldives beach holidays

Weather and water temperature
Dynamics of air temperature changes for a month

+29 .. + 31 °

Dynamics of water temperature change in the sea

+27 .. + 28 °

Requirements for entry into the Maldives

  • The presence of negative PCR test made 96 hours before arrival

Islands rarely leave the top 10 of our rating thanks to the weather "Eternal Summer." January here is associated with the beginning of the dry season. The lack of precipitation weather forecasters can not be guaranteed, on average in a month from 1 to 5 rainy days (depending on the atoll). The wind direction has changed, thanks to which the moisture has decreased to 75-80%. We prefer the calm ocean we recommend the second half of the month.


  • visa-free regime (if the trip is less than 1 month);
  • warm ocean;
  • excellent diving;
  • pure ocean;
  • beautiful landscapes;
  • Excellent beaches;


  • 9-hour flight;
  • strict rules of Islam relating to clothes, alcohol and rules of conduct;
  • Entertainment is limited mainly by the beach;
  • peculiar kitchen.

Mexico - Unforgettable Journey

Beach in Cancun - Mexico

Weather and water temperature
Dynamics of air temperature changes for a month

+26 .. + 29 °

Dynamics of water temperature change in the sea

+24 .. + 28 °

Requirements for entry into Mexico

  • Mexico has not yet introduced coronavirus restrictions

The season in Mexico begins to rise themselves sharply by December 20, when the Americans rebuilded in the country massively arrive at the Sun. For the new year there is no apple here to fall. By mid-January, the resort life enters the normal rhythm and this is the best time to leaving Mexican resorts. For a beach holiday, it is better to choose the resorts of the Gulf of Mexico (Veracruz, Mirido) or in the Caribbean Sea (Cancun). Here at this time more comfortable weather and water is warmer than on the Pacific Coast. Fans of hot climate should be settled in Acapulco, where the warmth of the warm sea in the country.


  • No need to issue a visa (electronic entry permission is required);
  • Excellent weather conditions for beach tourism;
  • Unusual excursion program;
  • Large selection of resorts.
  • Long flight (13 hours);
  • overstated under the American wallet prices;
  • Low standard of living in the country;
  • peculiar kitchen;
  • Many excursions have to be organized independently;
  • Language problem;

Sanatorium vacation with excursions in Tunisia

Top Spa Hotels

Weather and water temperature
Dynamics of air temperature changes for a month

+13 .. + 17 °

Dynamics of water temperature change in the sea

+14 .. + 15 °

Requirements for entry to Tunisia

  • No tests and quarantines for citizens from the Green Zone countries.
  • Russia is included in the "red" (dangerous) zone. Entry is forbidden.

The cold season is a great opportunity to visit the numerous attractions of Tunisia or go to Sakhara. But most tourists go to the north of Africa for the sake of healing procedures.

Local resorts are the world's thalassotherapy center. This procedure will improve your body and will give good well-being. Therapeutic complex usually includes the treatment with seaweed, sea water, sand, the mud of the Mediterranean Sea and contain many useful trace elements. Tunisky specialists know the lot and offer various programs. Such a kind of European level sanatorium, which in January is beneficial to attend due to low prices.

Also in January, almonds, oranges and olives in the grove ripen in the country. So also to pay vitamins among the winter.


  • visa-free direction;
  • few tourists;
  • budget trips;
  • Low prices for thalassotherapy courses;
  • just 4 hours of flight;
  • Pleasant weather for excursions;
  • fresh fruits;


  • the language barrier;
  • You can not swim and sunbathe;
  • Cool Sea;
  • There are risks of security;

Sunny and rich on tours of Tenerife

Beer for 1 euro on the beaches of Tenerife

Weather and water temperature
Dynamics of air temperature changes for a month

+19 .. + 26 °

Dynamics of water temperature change in the sea

+20 .. + 21 °

Conditions for the entry of tourists in Spain

  • Tenerife today does not take tourists from Russia

New Year on Tenerife - the second peak of the season, when resting even more than in summer. But immediately after the end of the New Year holidays, the island will noticeably empty. Hotels are ready to receive guests for almost free. Therefore, on the northern part of the island you can relax cheaper than in the summer in Turkey.

The ocean gradually cools, but +20 is a completely tolerant temperature for swimming. Who is cold - you can swim in the hotel's pool. But the sun in the south of the island continues to heat the air to pleasant values ​​from +22 to +27. In the north, a little cooler because of the cloudiness and probable rains that do not always get to the south.

But if you come to watch Tenerife, it will be wiser to settle on the northern part of the island in Puerto de la Cruz, and on cloudy days to rent a car (in winter a lot of cars is idle) and go to south to sunbathing. On the excursion it is also more convenient to get from the north.

And see what. One visit to the volcano Tadeid and the National Park around him and the Rosetok Show in the "Loro Parque" of what is worth!


  • Sailing the cost of vouchers;
  • pleasant warm weather;
  • Season Sales starts on January 7;
  • If desired, you can even swim in the ocean;
  • very rich excursion program;
  • European service in hotels;
  • delicious cuisine;


  • Cool water in the ocean;
  • 7-hour flight (but there are direct flights);
  • the need to design a Schengen visa;

Unusual resorts Vietnam


Weather and water temperature
Dynamics of air temperature changes for a month

+28 .. + 30 °

Dynamics of water temperature change in the sea

+23 .. + 25 °

Conditions for the entry of tourists in Vietnam

  • No information about the possibility of entering the country to citizens of Russia

For a beach recreation, it is better to go to the south of the country (Vungtau, Keha, Muin, Phanage, Fukuok), where at this time is sunny and dry. It may be cloudy and occasionally come rain, but with the weather of central or northern Vietnam will not compare. The precipitation in the south falls no more than 3-4 days during the month.

If possible, travel is better to plan closer to February. In the comments to the article, users talk about high waves and cloudy weather on the January vacation.


  • visa-free regime (stay up to 15 days);
  • On the streets very clean;
  • a lot of fruits.


  • the language barrier;
  • few stores;
  • There are no price tags and for tourists the price is higher than 1.5-2 times;
  • Non-compliance with the rules of the road.

Posted by: Irina

Change winter scenery on summer immediately after the New Year holidays? Why and yes! 🙂

Beach holiday abroad in January 2021 - where to go to the sea?

We have gathered the hottest "hot" countries (plus, somewhat spare), where you can go to the sea in January and tell:

  • How things are doing with the weather in popular directions;
  • Where to fly without a visa, and where it will not arise with its receipt;
  • At which resort, it turns out to be broken through the "All Inclusive" system;
  • And where to relax on the sea in January inexpensive?

Where were we in January? In the UAE, Thailand, Bali, Singapore. Great time to travel to these countries!

What is open? Please note that in this article we are talking about directions where in January is warm and you can swim. Only Tanzania, Maldives, the United Arab Emirates are open now from the variety (yes, here in winter warmth), Cuba and Turkey (and here it is good to rest in Premium - For cheap). We are waiting for the addition!

Basically, the countries where hot weather reigns in the winter belongs to distant areas - Southeast Asia, Caribbean or Islands in the Indian Ocean. For a short time, up to 2-3 weeks, they are more profitable to visit on the finished ticket, otherwise only the flight "Eat" half of the budget. We buy online tours on proven services, approximately 2-3 months before the trip, and we are looking for such a scheme:

Where to go to rest on the sea in January? Weather

The solution "Problems" where to go in January 2021 to the sea implies and look at the weather conditions. This table presents the most popular beach holiday countries in winter and are average temperatures.

Rest on the sea in January is really organized with any wishes: a suitable tour will pick up amateurs of outdoor activities and water sports, excursions and spa procedures, those who are used to travel alone or the whole family.

Comparative table - where and how warmly in January?

The country Day air temperature, + ° С Water temperature, + ° С
South and Southeast Asia
Thailand thirty 28.
Vietnam 29. 27.
India (Goa) 32. 26.
Sri Lanka thirty 27.
Maldives 27. 24.
China (Hainan) 24. 24.
UAE 23. 20
Cuba 25. 24.
Dominican Republic 27. 26.


Crab view from the observation deck in the jungle / Remove the blog on Phuketies, look at how to feed elephants

The best beach holiday in January, according to the majority of Russian tourists, in Thailand. In winter, a stable weather is installed on the coast without rains and hurricanes, the sea calms down, which means that the tourist season is in full swing.

Unusual tropical landscapes, exotic fruits, delicious volumes, Pad-Tay and inexpensive accommodation prompt Russians, including us :), stuffing winter in Thailand. In addition, rest without a visa also eliminates the extra hassle.

  • At the beginning of the month (about the 10th day), a tour of 10 days in Thailand costs from 80,000 rubles for two. In the second half, the price tag decreases to 72,000 rubles

Of course, in the January holidays on trips to Thailand the highest prices come. But it is possible to count on inexpensive beach holidays:

  1. Booking a tour in advance for 4-5 months;
  2. Having drawn to the last and happy (very!) Accident grappling a burning tour;
  3. Having bought a tour until 24-25 and 14 days;
  4. Or choosing Pattaya - where the costs are cheaper than anywhere else 🙂
  5. If your tour in Thailand is more expensive than 100,000 rubles, you can save 2000 rubles on Travelata in promotion AF2000ThowTrip. .

Find Tour >> Flight tickets >>

Phuket in January

Province of Krabi (Thailand)

Sunset on Phuket Beach

If in the afternoon you prefer calm in the shade of palm trees on the snow-white sand under the noise of the sea surf, and in the evening - rapid entertainment, then Phuket for rest in January and February will be a good choice.

The weather is traditionally hot, rain or wind - extremely rare phenomena, water calm and transparent. Nothing hurts to charge the desired dose of the sun and return home with a golden tan. Sea temperature in January on Phuket + 28 ° C ... + 29 ° C, and air warms up to + 30 ° C ... + 32 ° C.

Find a tour to Phuket >>

Vietnam in January

Vietnam in January

Where to relax on the sea in January a little more than in Thailand? Consider the neighboring Vietnam. All components of the decent beach resort "is evident": European level of hotels, interesting local cuisine, a sufficient number of attractions, so as not to bother, and the lowest prices compared to other countries.

The best place to go on vacation in winter, in Vietnam is the island of Fukuok. The direction is not yet so promoted, and therefore here you can still comprehend unity with nature. Sea temperature in January is + 26 ° C ... + 27 ° C. The weather is comfortable - during the day about + 30 ° C, at night + 22 ° C. The rains almost never happen, and the wind is light and pleasant. By the way, most recently, direct regular and charter flights from Russia opened up to the island.

Suitable for relaxation and other southern and southeastern regions of Vietnam, in particular, Nha Trang, Muin and Phantheet. Unlike Fukuoka, they are already firmly affected by tourists from around the world.

  • Vietnam voucher will be released from 80,000 rubles for two for 10 nights

Find a tour >>.


View from Maya Pyramid in Calakmul

View from Maya Pyramid in Calakmul

Where to go to joke in January in "incitement" place? If you are not afraid of long journeys and high prices, go .. No, not to the Maldives, who will surprise them now? 🙂 We offer Mexico - this is where in January heat and little Russian-speaking citizens. Both coasts of the country: both Pacific, and Caribbean.

Acapulco over half a century chopped Hollywood stars. During this time, a modest fishing village was transformed into a prestigious tourist center with all the resulting circumstances: cool hotels, luxurious restaurants and a high level of service.

Cancun is recognized as one of the top ten resorts of the world, plus, it is most suitable for family holidays with children (without taking into account the long flight). Still, the undoubted advantage of Mexico, compared with the Caribbean neighbors - Cuba and Dominican - is that life begins here, and not longing.

Our guide to cancun >>

Tourist feedback, which was lucky to hold a New Year holiday in the country, are reduced to the fact that there is simply no more steep place. In mid-December, preparations for Christmas begins: biblical scenes are played on the streets, carnival processions and fairs are held. Mexicans are able to have fun from the soul and celebrate holidays with a scope, so the positive charge can be provided for a long time.

  • Prices for beach holidays in January in Mexico "bite" - from 130,000 rubles in 10 days for two in the middle of the month

India (Goa) in January

Holidays on Goa in January is one of the most popular tourist routes, and it is clear why: the cheapest rounds in winter on the sea and hot weather make India honeycomb available. You can organize leave within any budget.

South Goa, where the best beach holiday in January in India, collects the audience, mainly calm - families with children, European pensioners and those who prefer to overpay, but live in comfort. North Goa, rather, for those who are unpretentious in everyday life or used to save. There is also a premium hotel complexes, but also a large selection of economy hotels, guesthouses and hostels where you can live very cheaply.

The beginning of the year in India is considered a high season, and the beaches are filled with tourists. Moreover, for this month four national holiday falls out, so time promises to be very saturated.

  • Rest in India for a week costs from 55,000 rubles for two with departure from Moscow

Find a tour >>.

Zanzibar (Africa)


Zanzibar, Nungwi Beach (Our trip in 2014)

If you have visited many countries and want to dilute the arrival of Southeast Asia, the interesting option, where to go in January 2021 to the sea. On Zanzibar!

For Russians, the direction opened at the end of 2017, and in our opinion, tours from Moscow are acceptable. We were on Zanzibar two years earlier, on their own, and came to the same amount, only the living conditions were .. very modest. 🙂

Our Guide to Zanzibaru >>

This route is most suitable for those who are looking for atypical countries where in January is hot. Prices are attracted to Zanzibar: they are, of course above Thai, but lower than in the Emirates, plus, from you initially expect you to bargain.

The tourist season lasts all year round. Behind the purest coastal waters, the white sand and tranquility of the secluded island is better to go to the north, where there is a stunning Nungwi Beach.

Sold outs in the same capital are very fascinating - in Stoundaune (the old Arabic type, where the streets width from the shoulders of a slender person) is a house where Freddie Mercury was born, the Anglican Church, built on the place of the slave market and the preserved creepy chambers with jackets, a pretty embankment with traditional night market.

  • Tours to Zanzibar from Moscow stand from 125,000 rubles for two in 7 days

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Relatively inexpensive rest in winter in China. By this time, the high season ends, prices for vouchers in early January are decreasing.

Nevertheless, the weather in the southern regions allows sunbathing on the coast year-round: the beach holidays on Hainan in January will take no less pleasure than in other months. The resort is loved by Russians, and it can be seen serving staff in Chinese hotels, shops and restaurants often talks in Russian.

Hainan Island in January

Batch tours from Russia to China are still suspended.

Water in the water area of ​​Hainan all year round is about + 24 ° C ... + 25 ° C, torment sand and the blooming nature of the tropics are placed to a serene relax. The absence of a large influx of tourists will like those who do not like the pillar.

However, going in winter in Sanya, grab clothes with long sleeves for the evening. At night, it can be cool, but still the climate remains comfortable and in January. Rest without a visa in Hainan, we will remind, it is possible exclusively as part of the tour group, which is drawn up by the tour operator. If you fly yourself, you will have to so much with documents.

  • In China, prices for weekly vouchers start from 120,000 rubles for two. Departure from Moscow


Tourist feedback clearly recommended for the "hot" Cuba's visit. You can go here not only for a golden burner, but also for vivid impressions, arrested a good portion of Roma, because the day of the Cuban revolution is celebrated with a scope.

The beginning of the New Year promises not the hottest weather. During the day about + 25 ° C, the sea is warm + 24 ° C. For Cuban - a real winter, for a Russian person - summer at the peak itself! Customs on the desired wave and excellent "all inclusive." 🙂

  • Holidays in Cuba in January on a ticket costs from 120,000 rubles for two for 10 nights on the ALL Inclusive system

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Rest in Varadero.

Beach rest is best weather in Cuba in January contributes to Varadero. The air here is heated to + 28 ° C, and the number of sunny days exceeds the amount of cloudy. The sea temperature in January is rarely lowered below + 25 ° C.

Clean beaches, luxurious greens, gentle waves are placed to the adoption of sea and sunbathing, but in the evening they will have to warm. Or warm up a glass of Roma. 🙂

Maldives for January holidays 2021

If you do not save - it is not about you, then welcome to the Maldives. In January, the islands of Maludovna (due to the isolation of vacationers), and the service is still the highest level.

The weather is ideal for Beachnikov: water + 28 ° C, and air temperature + 27 ° С ... + 30 ° С. But it is worth noting that in the second half of the month the element is still more favorable.

Be prepared for the fact that prices for vouchers to the New Year holidays are 2-3 times higher than on other days of this month. Although you can wait and burning tour, Maldives - a place where you can easily get abroad without a visa.

Tours are not sufficient enough, but all feedbacks are reduced to the fact that the quality corresponds to the stated price. Although in the Maldives you can spend the holidays relatively inexpensively. The Atoll Island of Maafushi meets tourists with beautiful beaches, and get to it from Male airport on ferry in 1.5 hours. The weather is excellent, as in other resort islands, but prices are for the order below.

  • Seven-day trips to Maldives in January 2021 stand from 163,000 rubles for two people

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Rest in the UAE in January 2021

Walking on Ras Al Khaima in the UAE

The direction of the Emirates remains popular in winter. However, tourists flock on the coast not because of the sea and the sun - the air temperature in the UAE in January is an average of + 21 ° C ... + 24 ° C; In principle, sunbathing at noon you can, but in the evening you will have to join warm clothes. They are attracted by New Year's festivities and grand salutes, which Arab Sheikh do not regret funds.

The biggest influx falls on the January holidays, but also a few days later, hotels and beaches are not empty. The heat-loving water in January in the UAE probably not like it, because The temperature is only about + 20 ° C.

  • Prices for tours in the UAE in January begin from 51,000 rubles for two for 7 nights (second half of the month)

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Tours to Dubai

New Beach in Dubai (La Mer)

Our most beloved beach La Mer in Dubai

If you are planning to rest in Dubai in January, we advise you to buy tickets or tour or on the last days of the outgoing year, or after the 10th.

On the night of December 31st, hundreds of thousands of curious eyes from different countries are going to see the New Year Salute. The shocked spectacle was not once noted in the Guinness Book of Records! The fireworks are illuminated by the sky above all the dub: the epicenters of explosions are in 25 points, and everyone is characterized by scale.

In the afternoon days, vacation will cost an order of magnitude cheaper - by 8-10 thousand rubles. Almost minus: Dubai - Resort, where beach holidays in January will not bring much pleasure, because Swim will work out in the pool at the hotel.

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Where to go to rest in January cheaper than just?

Where to go to the sea at the beginning of the year and spend the minimum of money? Here is a brief list, and already on the links - our interesting articles about each country 🙂

  1. North Goa. If you are ready to sacrifice comfort, then the cheapest and best rest in January can be found only here! Weekly tour - from 60,000 rubles for two: Search >>
  2. Thailand. This is a route for families with children, and for party members, and for fans of calm evenings by the sea. Putting on 10 days - from 80,000 for two: Search >>
  3. UAE. Inexpensive holiday in January, you can arrange here, despite all chic-gloss-monumentality. 7 days for 2 people with breakfasts - from 55,000 rubles: search >>

How to save? Book in advance, in particular, because of the steep sentences.

Where else can you go to rest in January 2021?

Nusa Penida (Bali) - Here we spent a whole month and celebrated the New Year

What other countries attract tourists? Welcome to meet:

  • Indonesia - despite the explicit unreason, Bali Island Bali excites the dreams of any "winter" traveler, and the prices are very acceptable there. We personally spent all January in 2018 on the island - frequent rains, but usually short-term :)
  • Sri Lanka - Holidays in Sri Lanka Choose surfers, windsurfers and kaiter
  • Dominican - At the end of January, restors contemplate a unique spectacle - migration of humpback whales. We dedicated a separate article by Punta Cana, we recommend reading the trip.
  • Madagascar - a place abroad, where you can go to the sea to sunbathe on the beaches and watch charming lemurs
  • Seychelles - Tours in January on volcanic islands stand around as on the coral Maldives, but the excursion program is more interesting here.

But a list of the most secure travel countries. There are also familiar "batch" 🙂

Where to relax on the sea in january with a child?

Holidays with a child

At this time, it is convenient to plan holidays with children: in January, schoolchildren and kindergartens just winter holidays.

You can go to the sea at the beginning of 2021 with your family in Thailand, Vietnam, Emirates, Hainan, Maldives. Of course, the flight will need to "endure", but the climate for kids is quite comfortable, as well as interesting excursion programs. In these countries, in addition to the beach holiday, the abundance of national parks, architectural and natural attractions. The child is not only growled in the sea, but also get acquainted with the original culture, exotic Flora and the rich fauna of tropical paradise.

On the Dead Sea in Israel, we were twice in winter - you can swim in the afternoon, but you need to get used to the water 🙂

Beach holidays on the sea without a visa - the best places

In 2021, from Russia without a visa abroad, you can go to 128 countries and territories. There are those where heat in January and the sea was installed on the sea, ideally suitable for beach tourism.

Rest in January 2021 without a visa is possible in Israel , Thailand , Dominican Republic , in Cuba , Bali , Maldives , Seychelich , Mauritius . New Year's holidays can be held in Vietnam (remember that a visa-free regime lasts in this country only 15 days) and on Hainan (without a visa - exclusively in a ticket from the tour operator).

By arrival, the entrance document is drawn up at airports UAE , Zanzibara и Madagascar .

Electronic permission received in advance online will need to India (including and on goa ), Sri Lanka и Mexico .

If you know where to go to the sea in January without a visa, you can safely rush into pursuit and behind the burning tours. Such sudden travels are a cool option to relax inexpensively, because Prices for vouchers in this case are significantly lower. But be prepared to go on a trip for 1-2 days!

Find burning tour >>

How to rest in January 2021 - Weekends

In early January 2021 additional weekends are added: New Year's holidays will stretch for as many as 10 days. What is not a great time to remember everything good, what was that year, somewhere on the Bounty beach?

Russians will officially be resting from January 1 to 10, and this is a great chance to fly without a visa abroad! For 10 days or 2 weeks you will have time to soak on the coast of the warm sea, and get acquainted with national festive traditions.

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Where in Europe is warm in January?

November 15, 2017, 15:52 Where in Europe is warm in January?

Where is warm in Spain in January

The South Coast of Continental Spain belongs to Andalusia. The most southern beaches of Costa del Sol (Island Sunny Beach) and Costa de la Luz (Light Coast) correspond to their names, even in winter cloudy or rainy days here very little. In January, on the coast, the temperature is held at + 15-16 ° C. Many resort towns are suitable for young people and family couples. For tourists, amusement parks, oceanariums, dolphinariums and even pingvinaria are open. In the mountains, offering a beautiful view of the sea and the surrounding area, you will raise the cable car. The resort life does not freeze in the winter months.

Since the temperature drops at night, you always specify when booking housing, whether the room is heated.


In the Mediterranean, Spain belongs to the Balearic Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean are famous Canaras.


At the top of our list of places where heat in January is the Canary Islands. They are located almost off the coast of Africa. The main islands of Canar - Tenerife, Palm and Grand Canary - are called continents in miniature. Here you can visit in several seasons at the same time. In the mountains at an altitude of two kilometers, even in the summer there is snow, and on the coast and winter, the temperature is kept at + 20 ° C.


Balearic Islands

The biggest island of the Balearic Islands is Mallorca. Place of rest of the monarch of Spain. Despite popularity, one of the ecologically clean places in Europe. Windy weather and rare rains will not interfere with tourists to admire local landscapes, rich forests, valleys and mountains. The average temperature of the month + 16 ° C. Crystal clear sea, excellent sandy beaches. It is a pity that January does not apply to the swimming season, but there will be time to visit the historical monuments in color and style. Traces of prehistoric times are overlapped by certificates of the Board of Carthage, Rome and Mavrov-Conquerors.

Portugal in January

Portugal competes with Spain and Italy not only with warm weather during the winter, but also attractions. Mixing European and South American cultures gives the country a unique color. The warmer in Portugal in January - on the island of Madeira + 18-19 ° C. Other Portuguese possessions in the Atlantic Ocean - Azores archipelago, but in winter there is foggy and rainy. But the snow on azorch does not fall out at all.

Rest at European resorts is a fairly expensive event, but the journey in January will cost tourists by 20-40% cheaper.



Theoretically, this Portuguese island does not belong to Europe, it is on another plate, but we will close your eyes. Madeira in January will surprise you not only by air temperature - and + 25 ° C, but also the water temperature in the ocean: + 19 ° C. Weather Island is determined by the flow of Gulf Stream. The climate is one of the most soft in the world.

On Madeira, it is easily accessible by plane from Lisbon. An excellent opportunity to make a combined tour, but get ready for rainy in the Portuguese capital.

Madeira landscape - mountainous. The highest point is peak-ruliv (1862 m). The average temperature in winter + 16 ° C. The north-west of the island is more cloudy, within the limits of fun a little bit. The city can be inspected using excursion buses - yellow and red. Hotel Rooms Choose on high floors, a chic ocean view opens from there. Hotels 4 stars often have their own pools, because the resort is considered year-round.

Madeira Island

Among traditional entertainment is a walk around the market, lunch in a fish restaurant and a trip to the funicular to a tropical garden on Monta Mountain.

Madryanskaya cuisine offers excellent meat and fish dishes with local wine. In the center of Funchal there is an ancient winery, where you can stock up the Madeira prepared according to the old technologies.

By the way, the port of Islands in Funchal takes cruise ships, following Europe to the Caribbean Islands.

Is it warm in Italy in January?

For walks on the streets of Italy, the wardrobe will have to be selected separately for each city. The warmest region in January - Sicily: + 15 ° C (at night + 9 ° C). At this time on the mainland in Naples + 13 ° C during the day (+ 5 ° C at night). Winter evening in Sorento will delight the same temperature. Winter in the south of Italy - soft.

For comparison: in Rome + 11 ° C, wind and humidity, in Venice + 6 ° C and flooding, in Milan is cool, + 6 ° C, in Florence + 9 ° C.

In the winter months, the rental prices are reduced by 15-30%, it is easier to find free parking, and the sights are free from the crowd of tourists.


Sicily Island Winter

On the Italian island of Sicily, the sun shines 330 days a year. Warm sweaters need only if you want to go to the mountains. (Two ski resorts are located on Etna and one volcano - near Palermo). Soft climate and warm weather (15-20 ° C) are ideal for hiking and dating attractions.

Sicily in January is covered with lush vegetation. Start blossoming with white and pink color almond trees. The area is interesting to its rockist-hormy relief and the highest current European volcano - ethny, around which the natural reserve spread.


The sights of Island Sicily are not inferior to the ancient monuments of the continental part of the country. Sicily has its own architectural style - Sicilian Baroque, there is its own valley of temples.

After the capital of Palermo, the main cities of Sicily - Messina, Syracuse and Katanya. Palermo is founded by the Phoenicians, Syracuse and Messina - immigrants from Greece. Kathana is interesting to buildings built from basalt and frozen lava volcano ethna.

Every city is unique on the island, for example, the handsome resort of Taormina continues to fascinate creative personalities and representatives of Bohemia.


Warm January in Europe

In this article, we did not mention Malta, Cyprus and Greece - they also differ in warm winter weather. Resistant to rain travelers have an excellent opportunity to combine holidays in the mountains with a countryside inspection with local cuisine and homemade wine tasting. Fresh greenery and fragrant citrus silent to January will surprise tourists unfamiliar with a soft winter of Southern Europe.

Warm winter - find for excursions lovers. Capture a unproduced jacket with you, make sure that you will provide a heater, and traveling to historical places free from tourists will be remembered for a long time.

Article author: Olga Morozova

Other news and articles on topics

Top hot directions, where in January 2021 can be soaked at the warm sea. Excellent beach vacation guaranteed!

In January, in the midst of winter, I already really want the summer! That is why I flew to warm tropical countries every year every year. This review is based on my experience and plans for the future. I tell about interesting and hot exotic directions and separately talking about countries where you can go without a visa and where it is cheap to rest.

Coronavirus and quarantine . In this review, it is not described about where you can fly abroad now, but simply about the best beach directions for this time of year. See the current list of open countries. The cost of rest in the review is indicated for last year. When the borders open, we are waiting for similar or even lower prices. Look also, where it is better to relax in the winter in Russia - we know a lot of great places!


Thailand is Country No. 1 for those who want to relax in January 2021 at sea. We went to relax in Tai for three times and just return. We love him for excellent yarn and nature, nice climate, low prices and delicious food.

Where to go . In Pattaya cheaper food, housing and tours, but beaches and nature on Phuket better. Choose where to go - in Pattaya or Phuket.

Weather. In January, in Thailand the best beach holidays and excellent weather conditions. The sun shines, the water in the sea +26 ... + 28 ° C, the air temperature is about + 30 ° C. Sometimes short-term rains are going, and the evenings are slightly cool, to + 22 ° C. Find out about the weather in Thailand in winter >>

Things to do. Take a walk on excursions to the temples, to national parks and reserves, do diving, snorkeling, kayaking, ride on the yacht. In Taue, holidays are bright and with a big sweep. In addition to the European New Year, in January, the day of children and the Chinese New Year are celebrated - with carnival processions and colorful shows.

Tours in Thailand →

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Beach rest in January in Thailand
Amazing Banana Beach on Phuket with a minimum of people, clean sea and sand, lack of infrastructure and picturesque views.

India (Goa)

Where can I relax in January 2021 at sea inexpensive? Go to the beaches of India!

Weather. In January in Goa - the best beach holiday. The weather is excellent: day air temperature + 30 ° C, at night + 20 ° С, water temperature in the sea + 26 ° С. A lightweight breeze blows from the sea, raising small waves. Find out about the weather in Goa in January >>

Things to do. Popular entertainment - Elephant riding, excursions in the ancient cities and temples, youth trans parties. In January, several public holidays are marked by lush parades.

Where to go. North Goa prefers young people - there prices are lower and stormy nightlife. Respectable tourists choose the privacy and the peace of southern Goa.

Learn about the best hotels 3 *, 4 * and 5 * in Goa.

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Where to relax on the sea in january
Cola Beach not far from Agronda, Goa. Photo: Viraj Rajankar / unsplash.com.

Sri Lanka

You can relax to the sea in January 2021 on Ceylon. We traveled over the island for a whole month - we really liked it. Nature there - just space!

Weather. In January, it is relatively nezharko: during the day on the coast +27 ... + 30 ° C, the sea + 28 ° С, the evenings are warm + 24 ° С, but the mosquitoes interfere with the walks. Rains are rare and short. Weather on Sri Lanka in January >>

Things to do. Most of all, Nature was impressed by Ceylon: we went to safaris and looked at whales - it is quite inexpensive and very exciting. Be sure to go to the mountains, in Ella's village is a paradise on Earth. Take a surfing or fishing surfing or fishing. In Ratnapure, you can go down to the mines and see how sapphires are mined. On the island a lot of excursions: for tea plantations, in an elephant nursery and a turtle farm, on the sacred Mount of Adam and to Buddhist temples.

Tours on Sri Lanka →

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Rest in January at sea
Curry on Sri Lanka - a delicious dish!


Many believe that the best beach vacation in January 2021 should be sought in the Caribbean, for example, in Mexico. We spent last January in Cancun and were very surprised by what a wonderful climate! Much fresh and more pleasant than in the tropics of Asia. And the sea there is simply unmatched, no worse than in the Maldives. In general, I boldly recommend. In addition, I was convinced that I could relax in Mexico in Mexico.

Weather. Heat and sunny: During the day +27 ... + 30 ° C, at night +19 ... + 21 ° C, water temperature in the sea + 24 ° C. The precipitates are little and fall out usually at night.

Things to do. Here you can see dolphins and giant sea turtles, and coral reefs are considered one of the world's largest. Tourists inspect volcanoes, caves, seats, Maya pyramids and colonial architecture.

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Where to go to relax on the sea in January
On the coast of the Caribbean in Cancun.


Cuba is another country, where in January 2021 heat and you can relax by the sea. We traveled to Cuba last year, we met a new year there and stayed in full delighted with the country - be sure to read the link, what is so good Cuba and why every traveler is worth visiting there.

Weather. Drops tropical wet heat, dry and warm air. Day + 27 ° C, at night +16 ... + 20 ° C, water in the sea + 25 ° C. The rains are rare. The best beach holiday in January is on the Caribbean coast with its warm cozy coves, since strong winds sometimes interfere with a comfortable swimming at the Atlantic. Find out about the weather in Cuba in January >>

Things to do. Active water entertainment: diving, parasailing, skating on scooters and bananas flying on paragliding. Travel on excursions to Havana and Trinidad, taste the Cuban rum and cigars. In January, Cubans are noisy and fun celebrating the New Year and the Day of Liberation.

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Beach rest in January
Retro car in Old Havana.


An unusual direction where you can relax on the sea in January 2021 - the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, in Africa. Rest here is not at all cheap. The most island is suitable for romantic agents and fans of water sports. Learn more about your holiday in Mauritius >>

Weather. In January, cyclones are reigning, which bring abundant short-term precipitation and increased humidity up to 80%. Most often rains go in the afternoon. Nevertheless, the air temperature confidently holds at + 30 ° C, the water in the ocean + 27 ° С, but in the mountains a little colder.

Things to do. In January, except for a beach holiday, you can enjoy surfing, kiting, diving and deep-sea fishing. In Mauritius there are unique bays, lagoons, volcanoes, waterfalls and sugar plantations. Visit the national parks and reserves and observe exotic animals and birds.

Tours to Mauritius →

Weather on beach holidays in January
Mauritius (Photo: unsplash.com / @petefogden)

Where to go in january without a visa

Where else can you relax well from the warm sea in January 2021? Here is a list of suitable directions where you can go without a visa or simplified entry:

Especially hot from these areas recommend Vietnam and Philippines - beautiful places! In the Maldives we were this year: the beaches there, of course, ideal, but the days for five it becomes a little boring.

List of all visa-free countries

Where to relax in January 2021

How to buy a burning tour >>

Below I will list the country where you can go to rest in January 2021 abroad. We present the current prices for two tours with departure from Moscow:

Keep in mind that in Turkey, Greece, in Cyprus in January can no longer swim in the sea - too cold. But in the winter there are few tourists, it's nice to ride on the excursions, and no one has canceled the spa and pools. In the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, warmer, but also not too hot. In the rest of the countries from the list is significantly warmer, but fly further, therefore prices for tours above.

Search hottest tours

where to go in January to rest abroad
Beach with Marine Stars Rush Wem. Fukuok Island, Vietnam.

First photo: unsplash.com / Matheus Frade.

The choice of countries where you can go in January and get into the summer, quite large. These are mainly exotic countries and Asian directions. While in Russia, there is a silent and frost in Russia, in other corners of the world are full of places where you can swim in the sea and soak on the snow-white sandy beach under the rays of the sun.


This country will suit those who want to sunbathe on the beach, and is not configured to visit excursions. The departure is better planned after January 7, since by this time the cost of tours is below 25% compared with prices for the New Year holidays.

Features of the weather

In Thailand, the very warm sea, if compared with other popular resorts. In January, it warms up to +30 ° C.

  • Air temperature + 28-32 ° C day and up to 22 ° С at night.
  • The average temperature of the water + 26-29 ° C.
  • The visa is drawn up at the airport, if you are going for a period of no more than 15 days.
  • The cost of the tour with accommodation and food - from 78000 rubles.

What interesting can be viewed in January

On the territory of the Kingdom of January - the peak of the season, and the beaches are full of tourists. Developed infrastructure attracts travelers from all countries of the world, especially married couples with children, elderly travelers and people who prefer comfort and beach holidays.

Features of rest

Not all regions of Thailand offer excursion program. The country of umbrellas is held annually in Pattaya, the night market is working in Pattaya.

Pros: Warm sea, well-developed infrastructure, many entertainment.

Of the minuses, a long flight can be distinguished, a fairly high cost of tours, the language barrier is unusual nutrition and the numerous of tourists, especially in the peak of the season.


It is from January that the season of typhoons and rains stop in the country, and for tourists there is an exotic direction of the beach holiday.

Features of the weather

  • Air temperature - up to +28 ° C.
  • The temperature of the water is not higher than +25 ° C
  • Tour cost - from 74 600 rubles.
  • In the Philippines, Russian citizens visa for short visits are not needed.

What interesting can be viewed in January

The Philippines will delight travelers in many sights, beautiful nature, rice terraces. You will see a "scandalous" coconut palace, which was built by the arrival of Pope Roman, visit Kavasan's waterfalls and Fort San Pedro.

Features of rest

The island state is famous for colorful resorts. Most of the hotels are scattered along the islands, the buildings resemble bungalows. The stunning architecture will not leave anyone indifferent.


  • You do not have to get used to unusual food, tourists are offered European cuisine.
  • Good nature locals.
  • Almost everywhere they speak English.
  • Beautiful snow-white beaches with clean water, unlike Thailand.
  • Many hotels offer their services for every taste - you can fall asleep and wake up the noise of waves.
  • Safety and lack of crime in the country.
  • Free toilets.
  • Very few insects.
  • There are practically no traffic jams on the roads.
  • Low prices for services, products and entertainment.

Cons recreation: Cool Sea, Bad Internet, lack of own culture from the Philippines People, Zaigaznost on the roads due to the use of cheap fuel.


The country has replaced Egypt to some tourists and firmly holds the 3rd place in the ranking of popular tourist destinations. For connoisseurs of beach holidays, we have recommendations to go to the south - in Fukuok, Phantiet, Keha, Vungtau, Muin.

Features of climate

Preferably dry and sunny weather, sometimes come rain. The climatic conditions of the northern and central region are distinguished by raininess, where the sediments can go 10-12 days. Consider this if you plan a short-term vacation in Vietnam.

  • Air temperature + 23-26 ° C.
  • Water temperature + 21-23 ° C.
  • The visa is drawn up at the airport when staying on the territory of the state up to 2 weeks.
  • Tour cost - from 98000 rubles.

Recommendations for tourists

Be extremely attentive when moving the street - in Vietnam you can observe non-compliance with the rules of the road. Normal communication with local residents is hampered by the Language Barrier.

Pluses of rest: Vietnam has a very clean streets. Here you can eat delicious fruits without restrictions. The sea is always warm. Very friendly atmosphere.

Cons: a small number of outlets, the difficulties of acquiring goods, since there are no price tags on most products.


If you love heat and carry it well, then choose the state of Goa, where the temperature reaches +35 ° C in the shade and is considered the norm. Earlier, this state was associated with informal movements and subculture. Now the yarn in this part of India is especially popular, which is facilitated by excellent natural conditions and reasonable prices for average travelers.

Weather Features Winter

In January, it is sunny and warm, precipitation is not observed.

  • Transparent sea water is heated to + 26-28 ° C.
  • Air temperature during day + 32.9 ° C, at night + 22.6 ° C.
  • The presence of a visa is required.
  • Tour cost - from 43,000 rubles.

What to do in January

Diving lovers can explore the underwater world during the winter months, a lot of educational centers for beginners. The following entertainment are popular: walking under sail, parachute flights, water bikes and skis.

At the Indian resorts practiced riding on elephants. Cognitive excursions are organized with local attractions: Dudhasagar waterfall, Pandava Cave, Bondl Reserve. It is recommended to go to the garden of the spices and the park of living butterflies. You can go to the jungle and ride there on SUVs.

The connoisseurs of architecture will be interesting to visit Vasco da Gama and Panji.

Meals: In addition to sharp and spicy dishes, tourists can taste specific, more familiar dishes for Europeans.

Features of rest in India

Pros: spread English. Beaches are wide and clean. There are many attractions and all opportunities for a full holiday. These are positive aspects.

Cons recreation: peculiar food, bad Internet, you need to design a visa in advance.

From January 1 to January 8, the Yoga Festival is held on the beach, in early February, a two-week pop festival, bit and jazz music takes place. Respectable tourists choose calm and solitude of South Goa. North prefers young people. There are low prices and night entertainment are well organized.

Costa Rica

Rest in this country will like lovers of wildlife. In general, Costa Rica is very similar to the tropical reserve with exotic butterflies, rare birds and animals. There are about 120 volcanoes in the country. Their gender slopes are covered with unique vegetation.

Features of rest

Tourists go here in search of tropical exoticism, the ability to make tours of wild jungle to play water sports and soak on sandy beaches.


Climate subequatorial. In Costa Rica, there is a variety of weather conditions in different locations. In winter, frosts even occur in the mountainous area, and in lowlands the air temperature year-round is + 27-33 ° C.

  • Air temperature during the day to +32.2 ° C, at night +22 ° C.
  • Water temperature +28 ° C.
  • The presence of a visa is required, it is issued within 1-3 business days. Visa-free finding on the territory of the country is allowed to citizens having a Schengen visa or a visa from Canada and the United States. They can be located in the country within a month.
  • The cost of the tour for two on the program "All Inclusive" for two - from 113,000 rubles.

What to watch

Main Attractions: Tropical Parks, Underwater Caves, Archeology Monuments, Picturesque Natural Objects, Mountain Valley, Waterfalls. Costa Rica resembles a huge national park with numerous fortresses, museums and cathedrals.

Most metropolitan hotels offer excursion routes across the country, including in force volcanoes. Some beaches are designed for active nightlife, among them - Khako and Punta Peon.

The country will not suit for travelers with a limited budget. All entertainment here are designed for rich tourists, prices grow every year.

Dominican Republic

The fabulous country invites tourists who can afford a vacation cost from 150,000 rubles. The peak of the season begins in January and continues until March. Snow white beaches are one of the most beautiful worlds.

Features of rest

This is a favorite vacation spot for diving lovers. You can visit three national parks with a lot of exotic animals, reptiles and birds. Tourists have a great opportunity to go to the neighboring islands and ride on the jeeps on safari.

At night, on all resorts, Dominicans are parties with dancing. Range on yachts on maritime expanses.

Features of the weather

  • Air temperature + 28-30 ° C.
  • The average temperature of water + 26-27 ° C.
  • The presence of a visa is optional.
  • The minimum cost of the "burning" tour - from 136,000 rubles.

Pros and cons rest

Tourists attract visa-free regime, perfect sandy beaches, amazing nature of nature, everywhere the system "All Inclusive", which is very convenient.

Of the minuses, high prices can be allocated that wealthy travelers can afford, and expensive excursions. The significant event of January - the day of independence with the carnival.

Sri Lanka

The homeland of tea and the world cradle of Buddhism offers a good rest on the sea in January. From the best resorts, you can celebrate Hikkadawu, Waddow, Bentot, Trincomal, Negombo, Unawatun and others. Sri Lanka has a well-developed infrastructure and decent beaches.

Features of the weather

  • Air temperature on the coast + 27-30 ° C. In the evening - up to +24 ° C. Mosquitoes prevent walks.
  • Water temperature +28 ° C.
  • The presence of a visa is required.
  • Tour cost - from 88000 rubles.

Features of rest


  • Warm ocean.
  • Simplicity of visa: at the airport or online way.
  • Unforgettable natural landscapes.
  • Mature attractions.

Cons recreation:

  • Dear tour, especially in early January.
  • The obsessive local population.
  • Long flight.


The paradise islands almost never disappear from the top 10 spa recreation rating due to the ideal climate. If you prefer the calm ocean, it is recommended to visit Maldives in the second half of January.

Features of the weather

January opens the "dry season". The complete absence of precipitation weather forecasters do not guarantee, but a month can be a few rainy days. In January, the direction changes, under the action of which humidity decreases to 75-80%.

  • Air temperature + 29-31 ° C.
  • Water temperature + 27-28 ° C.
  • The presence of a visa is not required if the trip is less than 30 days.
  • The cost of the tour starts from 171,000 rubles.

Pros and cons rest

The islands are offered a warm ocean, the perfect marine climate, snorkeling and diving.

Cons for active tourists are the advantage of a beach holiday. There is a minimum of entertainment, a peculiar kitchen. There are strict rules regarding wearing clothes and manner of behavior, if you decide to visit the capital of this island state of Male and Islands, where the local population lives.


Freedom Island attractive for tourists with rest on the banks of the Caribbean. Sometimes strong winds interfere with comfortable swimming. Therefore, some tourists prefer the lounge area near the pools. It is more convenient for resting here than by the sea. The main priorities are clean sandy beaches, saturated with exotic underwater world, holiday atmosphere and fun.

What to watch

Fans of virgin nature can "invade" the islands of Los Canaryos archipelago, located near the southern coast of Cuba. In Havana, one of the main attractions is the Cathedral and La Real Fuers Castle. The past of the country is captured in the Museum of the Revolution and Memorial José Marty. At the disposal of tourists - more than 50 most interesting museums.

In a cigarette factory, not only to observe the production process, but also to participate in it, and the manufactured products made are allowed to pick up with them. You can go on a tour of Matanzas and see San Severino Castle, Square and Chapel.

Features of the weather

Rain on Cuba is rare. January is considered the coolest month of the year. Sometimes in the winter there comes a "cold front", and then it immediately becomes colder to 5-10 degrees.

  • Air temperature Day to +27 ° C, at night + 16-20 ° C.
  • Water temperature +25 ° C.
  • The presence of a visa for recreation is optional if you do not plan to be in the country more than 1 month. A visit to Cuba with other purposes requires a visa.
  • The cost of the flight begins from 37,000 rubles. In the system "Aeroflot".

What to do in Cuba in winter

In January, the new year and the day of liberation is celebrated in Cuba. Holidays are noisy and fun. You can go on excursions to Havana and Trinidad, ride on scooters and bananas, flying to Paraglider, to do diving and parasailing.


From the end of December, rich inhabitants of the United States, tired of cold and serness, are beginning to come to Mexico. For the new year, there are so many people that "Apple has nowhere to fall." Around the middle of January, the resort life is in normal. This period will be the best time to visit Mexican resorts.

Features of the weather

  • Air temperature + 26-29 ° C.
  • Water temperature + 24-28 ° C.
  • The cost of the tour begins from 117,000 rubles.
  • The presence of a visa is not required, it is enough to issue an electronic permission to enter the country.

Features of rest in January

If you prefer a beach holiday, choose the resorts of the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean. Here the whole month is preserved comfortable weather, and water is warmer than on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Acapulco is considered the warmest place in Mexico.

Pros: a large excursion program, a sufficient number of resorts, excellent climatic conditions.

The cons rest is in bulky prices focused on American tourists, despite the low standard of living in the country, problems with the language. In Mexico, a peculiar kitchen and an insufficiently developed organization of excursions, despite the great opportunities.

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