How to draw San's from Andernetal

In this lesson, it will be shown step by step, how to draw Sansa from the Andernate Pencil. The phased instruction will help you to portray the picture of the Andernetail on paper on your own.

The first thing we draw is, of course, the usual circle. It will be the basis of Sansa's head from the Andernetail.

Как нарисовать Санса из Андертейл

We add a line that snews his jaw.

Как нарисовать Санса из Андертейл

We wash an excess line and inside this figure draw the face of Sansa from Andernetal - a pencil make an outline of eyes, nose and mouth.

Как нарисовать Санса из Андертейл

Sans will have in the jacket, so we draw a fluffy collar under your head.

Как нарисовать Санса из Андертейл

Add four lines down, it will be a frame for a jacket.

Как нарисовать Санса из Андертейл

Draw pockets on a jacket of Santa from Andernetal.

Как нарисовать Санса из Андертейл

Next - sleeves and hood.

Как нарисовать Санса из Андертейл

Now you will need to draw shorts, as well as the bony legs of Sansa.

Как нарисовать Санса из Андертейл

Do not forget to try the character Anderteil shoes.

Как нарисовать Санса из Андертейл

In order for the drawing to be interesting, we draw all sorts of details - folds, a laughter, and then paint the pennies with a character Sans.

рисунок Санса из Андертейл

I hope you were interested and fun to draw with me! Other lessons on the site should also need you.

Step 1. Let's start with some guides. This is a head, torso and facial guidelines. When it is done, go to step two.

Step 2. Now we will draw the shape of the head and face in a more detailed or certain way.

Step 3. Next, draw your eyes with one to be wide open, and the other is closed. Next, draw your nose and then his smile that also shows her teeth. Add some sluts on the face and crack on the skull.

Step 4. Let's start with a jacket further. It is also the shape of the body. Add to collar, jacket and shapes, then draw a tie or scarf, together with pockets.

Step 5. We will draw the coat of arms, followed by hands. Add lines to make skeleton's hands.

Step 6. Finally, draw your legs and feet, which are located in the form of shoes. Add detailing lines on my pants and you all made and ready to start erasing your errors and guides.

Step 7. Here is a row of art people. Just color in Sans from Undertale and show another person you know your drawing.

Hi, friends, you are on the channel " Figures Yulki. ", let's draw Sansa from the game from the game with me today - one of the alternative universes under Undertale.

Как нарисовать Санса из Dusttale.

We will draw a black liner, you can take a gel handle or pencil. Let's start drawing eyes and nose, then head, hood and sweater.

You can draw with me step by step, in this video I draw in more detail and tell.

Unfortunately, I also blinded the phone and I could not write the moment of coloring, I had to show the ready picture, I hope you can paint it yourself.

Thank you for being with me and read to the end. Peace and good to your home and to new meetings.

How to draw Anderteil

UNDERTALE is an American video game that has become particularly popular in 2016. The main story is: a child gets into the world of dungeons. He will return home, but on the way the hero will meet many obstacles, monsters and other opponents. I must say, the game Undertale can rightly be considered very successful. So let's learn how to draw mertelli.

The content of the article:


One of the key characters in the Undertale game is Sans - a chunky mile skeleton with a wide smile. It is low height, dressed in the sweatshirt, black shorts and sneakers. Our hero loves to joke, interested in science and science fiction. Agree, a fairly interesting character, so it is worth understanding how to draw Sansa from the Andernetail.

Let's start with the damn face. One eye will be completely black, the second is with a small pupil. A character with a typical black triangle for a skeleton. And do not forget about the branded smile "in 32 teeth."

Then add oval faces. It is quite peculiar, in the form similar to the eight.

Now depicting the torso in a quilted jacket.

And legs in shorts and sneakers. Shorts will be long slightly below the knee.

Collect our drawing. Since Sans is a skeleton, we will leave it white. Only the only eye will glow green. What is the clothes, the jacket will make blue, shorts are black, and the shoes are pink.

On this drawing can be considered completely completed.


Chara is one of the Human Champion of the Undertale game, which, depending on the selected scenario at different stages of the game. This is a pretty girl with brown hair, dressed in striped pants and a warm sweater. The girl is rightfully considered one of the key characters, so it will be useful to learn how to draw Char from the Andernetail.

At the first stage, we draw the head of our heroine: round oval faces, small eyes-buttons, a cute smile and a blush on the cheeks.

Then I will depicting the neck and lush, short-sided hair.

Then draw the body. Chara - Pretty Cornic, low, but very cute girl in a striped sweater and tight pants.

Add colors. As it was said, hair and pants girls make brown, sweater - green with beige. And the blush on the cheeks will make bright pink.

All, now the drawing is over.


In the Undertale game there are quite a lot of characters. A very curious monster can be called the leader of the Royal Guard and the Boss of the Waterfall - Andayna. Outwardly, he resembles a fish - his ears resemble the refigble fins, and the color of his skin blue. He is dressed in armor, one eye is closed by a bandage. An ominous smile disappears from his face - she is familiar with everyone who decided to learn how to draw characters from Andernetail.

Let's start with the face. Show an elongated eye, dressing and toothy, stretched in an angry mouth smile.

Then Dvorisu, the webbed ears, the tail and the elements of the armor covering the neck and shoulders.

Then give the case. It is also enclosed in the plastic armor - for fear of enemies.

It remains to trim the legs and arms destroyed in the lats. In one hand, the monster holds a long spear with a sharp tip.

Now color the villain. Armor make gray, steel colors. The skin of the character will be bright blue, except the tail on the head, eyelid and contour of the ears - they will make them red. The bandage will be black.

All, we coped with the task - Andayine is drawn.


Flowers typically symbolize tenderness, sophistication, femininity. But not in the Undertale game. In the world, the dungeon lives a monster Flauja, which, despite the similarity with the flower, may well ask the heat in an inexperienced player. It is on his example that we will learn how to draw Anderteil in stages. I will show the character in two versions - "good" and "evil."

Let's start with a more pregnant option. Initially, you will show a round face like smiley.

Then around the circle will add five wide petals.

And long curved stem.

After that, we will make the stem green, but petals and face yellow.

The second option will look more interesting, although frightening. Let's start, too, from the face, but this time it will be evil, with a squirrel smile and extreme eyebrows.

How to draw Sansa from Dusttale.

На следующем этапе добавим толстый стебель с изгибом.

И раскрасим все: стебель — зеленым, лепестки и мордочку Флауи — желтым.

Теперь наш растительный монстрик полностью готов. Он получился довольно симпатичным. Хотя увидеть такое «чудо» в своем цветочном горшке захочет далеко не каждый.

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